portupgrade system destruction? SOLVED

Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Wed Jan 5 02:33:34 GMT 2005

Kris Kennaway wrote:
>>>>I have a few dedicated servers at a hosting company (about 3 hours drive 
>>>>time away).  On one of the systems I ran a 'portupgrade -arR' this 
>>>>morning, and then disconnected (I ran it in a screen session). About an 
>>>>hour later, I realized I could not log in anymore via ssh.  Seems that I 
>>>>can connect, but my passwords fail (permission denied).  I can't FTP in, 
>>>>or check mail with any username/password combos.  Even my preshared SSH 
>>>>keys do not work.  When connecting via POP, I get this message:
>>>>Connected to hostname.
>>>>Escape character is '^]'.
>>>>/usr/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libc-client4.so.8" not found
>>>>Connection closed by foreign host.
>>>>Can anyone help me figure out what may have gone wrong?
>>>Probably you're 1) using an ssh port instead of the base system
>>>version, and 2) the portupgrade stalled or exited somewhere in between
>>>updating a library it depends on and updating the port itself (ditto
>>>for pop).  System upgrades can be dangerous when you don't have a
>>>fallback plan :-)
>>Is ssh a port by default in 4.10?  I thought it was in the base os.. How 
>>would that explain my ftp access problems too?  Seems like they would 
>>not be tied..
> No.  Something unexpected has clearly happened..maybe your system ran
> out of swap space?

For those that are curious - what happened was the night before, I 
installed a new port, but needed to change $PREFIX to a user's home area 
to set the port up in that particular spot.  As expected, that went 
uneventfully. The next morning,  I decided to do a portupgrade - and 
promptly went about cvsupping my ports, bla bla, and then doing a 
portupgrage -arR.  However - I never unset the $PREFIX variable, so each 
port was being removed from the main system area, then the new port was 
being installed in a users' home area.  Bash was one of the first to be 
done, which explains the login errors (/usr/local/bin/bash was removed 
from /etc/shells, and it was replaced with 
/home/username/usr/local....bash, so my shell in the passwd file no 
longer was in /etc/shells file).  The portupgrade continued until some 
point when it basically killed itself off.

I'm now recovering pieces of the installed packages.



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