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Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Tue Feb 15 21:16:41 PST 2005

:-D that was a good one...

 > touch woman
touch: woman: Permission denied

Yea ever notice the sexual undertones in unix... touch, finger, mount, 
fsck, fork... :-).

Kevin Kinsey wrote:

> Nikolas Britton wrote:
> ><> Also how come we have a man page for man but none for
> > woman, all I get is "No manual entry for woman"?
> woman(x) is a unique and seperate server; woman(x) has an
> extremely efficient security mechanism and uses a proprietary
> protocol that man(1) doesn't speak.  However, woman(x) is
> generally compiled to translate man(1) commands automatically
> as long as man(1) limits the amount of requests to a reasonable
> level (e.g. don't use the "-a" switch).
> But unless woman(x) is listening on an open socket, man(1)
> can't make a connection.
> Occasionally the client/server (for lack of a better term) relationship
> between man(1) and woman(x) works very well.  In those cases,
> I recommend adoption of the following manual page (after conversion
> from Slowlaris lingo, of course....
> :-D
> Kevin Kinsey
> **************************************************************
> BABY(1)                  USER COMMANDS                    BABY(1)
>     BABY - create new process from two parent processes
>     BABY sex [ name ]
>     /usr/5bin/BABY [ -sex ] [ -name ]
>     The System V version of this command is available with the Sys-
>     tem  V  software  installation  option.  Refer to Installing
>     SunOS 4.1 for information on how to install and invoke BABY.
>     BABY is initiated when one parent process polls another server 
> process
> through a socket connection (BSD) or through pipes in the system V
> implementation. BABY runs at a low priority for approximately 40 weeks 
> then
> terminates with heavy system load. Most systems require constant 
> monitoring
> when BABY reaches its final stages of execution.
>        Older implentations of BABY required that the initiating 
> process not
> be present at the time of completion, In these versions the initiating
> process is awakened and notified of the results upon completion. Modern
> versions allow both parent processes to be active during the final 
> stages of
>          example% BABY -sex m -name fred
>        -sex
>          option indicating type of process created.
>        -name > touch woman
> touch: woman: Permission denied
>          process identification to be attaced to the new process.
>     Successful execution of the BABY(1) results in new process
>     being created and named. Parent processes then typically
>     broadcast messages to all other processes informing them of their
>     new status in the system.
>     The SLEEP command may not work on either parent processes for some
>     time afterward, as new BABY processes constantly send interrupts
>     which must be handled by one or both parents.
>     BABY processes upon being created may frequently dump
>     in /tmp, requiring /tmp to be cleaned out frequently by one
>     of the parent processes.
>     The original AT&T version was provided without instructions
>     regarding the created process; current implementations, regrettably,
>     also suffer from a lack of documentation.
>        cigars(6) dump(5) cry(3)
>        gnoops(1)
>           FSF version of BABY where none of the authors will accept
>           responsibility for anything.
>        baby -sex f -name Cathryn Leigh Beck
>        completed sucessfully at the Grey Nuns Hospital on March 30 at
>        9:59 P.M. after 5 hours of labour. New Mom Chenelle is doing
>        fine, as is the baby, Dad is tickled pink. Both will probably
>        come home sometime on Tuesday. More information can be gotten
>        from Dad by e-mail or when he brings his new little girl by to
>        show her off (should be soon) Celebrations can probably begin
>        in earnest after Dad catches up on all the work he couldn't do
>        this weekend.
> Sun Release 4.1    Last change: Just before I left the hospital last.

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