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Soeren Straarup xride at x12.dk
Fri Apr 22 11:18:25 PDT 2005


On Fri, 22 Apr 2005, Felix Cohen wrote:

> Hey,
> 	My name is Felix Cohen, and I am a researcher at Bath University,
> England. I am currently undertaking research to investigate the
> relationships between motivation and other factors on F/OSS developers
> and users.
> 	To this end, we have put a questionnaire online for developers to fill
> in. It is <a
> href="http://www.bath.ac.uk/~ps2fac/Research/questionnaire.html
> ">here</a> . Please complete the form honestly. All results will be
> anonymised, and the final research will be published on the website.
> 	Thanks,
> Felix

Could you please clearify the political questions.
Cause i didn't understand them. English is not my first language.

But yes there should in the form of democracy be politics in OSS,
fx like FreeBSD with core team and other teams. But politics from
countries should not influence OSS (that is the ideal idea).

That is my two pennies..

Best regards Søren Straarup

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