updated architectural feature chart

Dan MacMillan flowers at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jun 11 19:46:47 GMT 2004

You know, Johnny Cash came up with the solution to this particular problem a
long time ago.

By the way, that was hilarious!


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On Fri, Jun 11, 2004 at 12:42:00AM -0400, Daniel Eischen wrote:

> > I got a 24U rack from a salvage shop for $10.  Bought three
> > shelves for the non-RM machines for $80 or so.  Works great.  :)
> Now that's what I'd love.  We got dozen's of 19" racks at work,
> but they're not a pen or pencil.  You try and take one home,
> someone will notice :(

Oh, come now, that's not the enterprising spirit we want here. That sounds
like defeatism! Have you *tried* stealing one of the racks? I bet if you
went up to your manager and said "I'm going to steal one of the racks after
work tonight" he wouldn't believe you. If he does, convince him he should
have one too, and get him to help you take two racks out of the building
that night.

If somebody should notice, make up a story about some shifty-looking bikers
hanging around near the back door the previous day. If you get caught, tell
them it was all your boss' idea, and you were told if you didn't help him
steal a rack, he was going to have you fired. And that he's been sexually
harrassing you.

End result - shiny rack in your home.

Paul Robinson
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