Less messages to FreeBSD.org lists

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Mon Jan 26 06:30:55 PST 2004

Colin Percival wrote:

> <oxford> It's *fewer* messages, not *less* messages! </oxford>

<manchester> I've just nicked your wallet you toff! </manchester> :-)

>   I'd say that a more useful option would be to add code which
> "pings" a server every day with a request for binary security
> updates.

Oooh.... now we're heading into the realms of Windows Update, and we 
know how badly that can behave at times. As long as it was completely 
optional, in fact something that sits in ports and not base, I'd think 
that would work OK. The problem is, with so many builds out there on so 
many platforms, linked with so many libraries, you can't just dispatch a 
list of MD5s and know a particular item is "broken".

Paul Robinson

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