Where is FreeBSD going?

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at rinet.ru
Fri Jan 9 15:35:56 PST 2004

On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Doug Rabson wrote:

DR> I've been re-evaluating the current subversion over the last couple of
DR> weeks and its holding up pretty well so far. It still misses the
DR> repeated merge thing that p4 does so well but in practice, merging does
DR> seem to be a lot easier than with CVS due to the repository-wide
DR> revision numbering system - that makes it easy to remember when your
DR> last merge happened so that you don't merge a change twice.
DR> The three main showstoppers for moving FreeBSD to subversion would be:
DR> 1. A replacement for cvsup. Probably quite doable using svnadmin
DR>    dump and load.
DR> 2. Support for $FreeBSD$ - user-specified keywords are not supported
DR>    and won't be until after svn-1.0 by the looks of things.
DR> 3. Converting the repository. This is a tricky one - I tried the
DR>    current version of the migration scripts and they barfed and died
DR>    pretty quickly. Still, I'm pretty sure that the svn developers
DR>    are planning to fix most of those problems. From mailing-list
DR>    archives, it appears that they are using our cvs tree as test
DR>    material for the migration scripts.

For the third point, take a look at

The author uses FreeBSD repository as main test field ;-)

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