Where is FreeBSD going? (View from the trenches)

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Thu Jan 8 03:18:41 PST 2004

> So it's not surprising the standard response from committer is "submit
> a patch".  This is nothing more than the FreeBSD equivalent of a tetchy
> "If you're so clever, do it yourself".

I'm sorry that you feel that way.  What you see as "do it yourself" I
see as "please make a concrete suggestion".  There are innumerable
"someone ought to do something" suggestions and there are simply
not enough committer-hours to pursue them all.  In fact, there
are not enough committer-hours to pursue all the concrete
suggestions and/or patches, either.

I'll have to admit that I am as frustrated as you are with this
thread.  I have gotten some good suggestions in private email
which I intend to pursue.  What are your own suggestions?

> When -core blow cold on advocacy suggestions from users who feel
> that's the only way they can contribute.

Can you please point to an example of this?

> When a knowledgeable someone with no time on their hands tries to
> pass on some suggestions to a committer and gets shot down in flames. 

Can you please point to an example of this?

mcl, very frustrated

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