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Tue Jan 6 10:22:11 PST 2004

Brett Glass said:
> At 12:44 AM 1/6/2004, jsd at wrote:
> > > It's Limbaugh who's hateful. As well as deserving of the other
> > > epithets you mention above.
> >
> >Rather than discuss the merits or disadvantages of Limbaugh,
> >your own vehemence is EXACTLY the reason why it is inappropriate
> >to let too much political commentary poison the atmosphere
> >in FreeBSD.
> Exactly. The concern is not that Limbaugh is on the political
> left or on the political right but that he is hateful and
> vindictive. He derides others and their viewpoints. THIS is why
> he has no place in FreeBSD.
Again, you seem to talk past my statement.  It is NOT Limbaughs
opinions, or even his style, that make him wrong for FreeBSD.
His subjects are OFF TOPIC for FreeBSD and unnecessarily motivates
emotional discussion on divisive subjects.  You are a poster
child for the reason why CURRENT political commentators' opinions
aren't appropriate for FreeBSD.  Your own vehement reaction is equally
felt by those who dislike other people on the "list" (but perhaps
kept their criticizing comments to themselves.)  Instead
of creating an opt-in or opt-out list, it is best to expunge all
*divisive* CURRENT political commentary.  This isn't justified
by truth or dishonesty by the commentator, but because of the
unnecessarily negative and off-topic doctorinare responses to
diverse opinion.

is obviously a poor choice for such discussion.

Justifying removal IS NOT because of dislike of an individual
style.  The removal is justified because the subjects are
OFF TOPIC, and encourage alot of overly partisan ranting.  If I
liked Al Franken, and found that someone was getting-off on
hateful talk against him, started because of some of his quotes
being included in FreeBSD, then I'd suggest removing Al's
commentary.  This isn't because of agreement/disagreement
with Al, but it is because of the silly and divisive responses.

I didn't suggest 'removal' because I agreed with/disaggreed with
Rush, Michael Moore, Al Franken, etc...  It is because of the
(somewhat immature) reactions to the mention of the political

You might not like straightforward criticism as a style, I might
not like subversive, occult or dishonestly portrayed
divisiveness.  We can find all kinds of opinions on these
matters, and it is VERY MUCH BEST to avoid CURRENT POLITICAL
hate speech seems to be stimulated too easily, and it has
NO BENEFIT for the FreeBSD project (IMO).

The list of people that I provided (only a partial list,
and only meant as examples):

Al Franken, Michael Moore, Janeane Garafolo, Sean Hannity,
Dr Laura, Neil Boortz, Alan Colmes, James Carville etc...

Are all generally equally off topic.  It isn't wrong to be
intolerant of, or embracing of their ideas, but their subjects
are mostly off topic for FreeBSD.


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