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>> I thought I would post this as something of a warning.  Using
>> FreeBSD as a primary, non-dual-boot OS means sacrificing.  Here is a
>> partial list of sacrifices, as compared to Microsoft Windows XP:

>> * digital cameras


Actually, my wife couldn't get the manufacturer's software for her
digital camera (re-)installed on her laptop successfully.  (No, I don't
recall if it's XP or what.  It's Microsoft.  I only provide basic
network connectivity for it.)

I plugged the USB connector in to my laptop, whereupon FreeBSD saw a
rather slow SCSI disk.  So I mounted it as an msdos-fs (read-only), and
used tar to pick up everything on the 600+ MB disk, and copy it to a
machine where we could do something useful with the pictures.  :-}

OK; it was a kludge.  However, it had the singular virtue of working.

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