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Bill Moran wmoran at
Tue Sep 2 18:11:29 PDT 2003

Brett Glass wrote:
> At 11:41 AM 9/2/2003, Gary W. Swearingen wrote:
>>One thing that Qt has going for it is that the Qt people offer cash
>>money terms in addition to the GPL's cross-licensing terms, if you
>>want to avoid GPL infection.
> Actually, GPL/commercial dual licensing is a very raw deal for the
> company that's attempting to sell the commercial licenses. They've
> set themselves up to compete with a version of their own code that
> has no commercial value... because end users can get it free of 
> charge. It's not exactly a good idea to destroy the commercial value
> of your product and then try to sell it.

Nonsense.  There are a number of companies that are making a go at it
with that model.  Look at Adobe with the free Acrobat viewer.  How
about MySQL for goodness sakes?  Redhat may not be the richest company
in the world, but they're riding out a lousy economy.

That just seemed like a really outrageous statement to me.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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