Gary W. Swearingen underway at comcast.net
Fri Nov 14 13:11:47 PST 2003

"abowhill" <abowhill at blarg.net> writes:

> I love FreeBSD, I have followed it for years. But frankly, it's 
> grown a bit stale, from a spectator's viewpoint. The more I 
> learn about progamming the less I seem to respect the crufty 
> old Unix traditions that nobody wants to break.
> Within the past couple of years, I have returned to school 
> and am finishing prereq's to get into a CS program at the 
> University of Washington.

You'll find plenty of people that want to break UNIX traditions while
you're studying there in the Paul Allen Center, the large new CS
building mostly funded by him and the Gates and MSFT.  You'll probably
even see many of them write "Unix" instead of the traditional "UNIX".

http://students.washington.edu/linuxug/meetings.html still has an
announcement for a 23 May 2002 Linux User Group meeting, so if you
still have any desire to rub shoulders with non-MSFT folk, I suggest
that you check out http://www.seabug.org and http://www.gslug.org .

(I know that the UW does use UNIX (one sys admin frequents
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc), but I suspect that it's mostly down in
the huge medical school facilities where reliability is still
respected by some.)

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