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> I read your article in the Senator Santorum and i would like 
> to point out
> one thing. In on part you referred to Art 15 of the UCMJ (Commanding
> Officer's Non-Judicial Punishment) you also said that this is a courts
> marshall. That would be Art 16. The whole point of NJP is 
> just that Non
> Judicial. Which mens there are no judges or lawers just the commanding
> officers the accused and his chain of command and if the need be a
> complainant if there was an assault or fight etc. Pease read 
> both articles i
> mentione above as I am sure you will see that i am correct.
>                         V/R    Anthony K. Evans  MASN   USN

Please tell me this was sent to the wrong list because I'm really confused!

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