About you article in Senator Santorum

Evans, Anthony MASR (NSAGAETA N2) EvansA at nsa.naples.navy.mil
Thu Nov 6 10:25:13 PST 2003

I read your article in the Senator Santorum and i would like to point out
one thing. In on part you referred to Art 15 of the UCMJ (Commanding
Officer's Non-Judicial Punishment) you also said that this is a courts
marshall. That would be Art 16. The whole point of NJP is just that Non
Judicial. Which mens there are no judges or lawers just the commanding
officers the accused and his chain of command and if the need be a
complainant if there was an assault or fight etc. Pease read both articles i
mentione above as I am sure you will see that i am correct.

                        V/R    Anthony K. Evans  MASN   USN

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