conf/138672: ISO 3166 call Taiwan a wrong name, please call Taiwan "Taiwan" as before.

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Tue Oct 27 13:50:04 UTC 2009

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Subject: Re: conf/138672: ISO 3166 call Taiwan a wrong name, please call Taiwan "Taiwan" as before.
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 21:34:08 +0800

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 There's no need to flame anyone; the problem can be solved in a
 civilized manner.
 I don't know if anyone's still following this PR, but I'd like to add
 As remko@ mentioned earlier:
 > We try to make the world as best as possible for everyone
 > unfortunatly this is not possible in this case; there will
 > always be people sad because of the current line, no matter
 > whether we will change this.
 I believe that reverting back to "Taiwan" would probably end this
 dispute, since it is a better option in my opinion.
 As far as I know, many users of FreeBSD in Taiwan have been pissed of by
 the use of "Taiwan, Province of China." However, no one has complained
 about the name "Taiwan" yet. The people who have submitted followups
 either have 1) a neutral status or 2) would like to see "Province of
 China" removed. Therefore, changing the name back to "Taiwan" would
 probably keep everyone happy.
 If there are any users who support the addition of "Province of China,"
 I urge them so speak up. If no one does, then there isn't a justified
 reason to keep "Province of China" attached.
 Denny Lin
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