kern/134584: [panic] spin lock held too long

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Wed Jul 29 06:30:09 UTC 2009

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Subject: Re: kern/134584: [panic] spin lock held too long
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 08:29:49 +0200

 > On Mon, 27 Jul 2009 22:00:05 GMT barbara wrote:
 >  b>  In the meanwhile I\'ve rebuilt my kernel adding WITNESS, KDB, DDB =
 >  b>   Is this what you need?
 >  b>  I\'m not able to work with the debugger. I suppose I have to type =
 the comm=3D
 >  b>  ands you asked (ps, show alllocks) when it\'s panicking and the de=
 bbugger =3D
 >  b>  starts and write down the output with pen and paper, am I corrent?=
  Or is =3D
 >  b>  there a way to redirect or dump the output somewhere?
 >  b>  Sorry, I\'ll try reading the chapter in the dev. handbook and I wi=
 ll try t=3D
 >  b>  o do my best, but please, tell me if you have some suggestions.
 > You can use `capture on\' command in ddb to record all ddb output to th=
 > capture buffer. Then you will be able to extract it from core after reb=
 > running:
 > ddb capture print
 > Also, as it is desktop pc, I suppose you are running X. Then on panic d=
 > console will be unreachable. In this case you can use textdump(4) facil=
 ity to
 > script commands you would like to run automatically on panic. Something=
 > this:
 > ddb script \'kdb.enter.panic=3Dcapture on; show pcpu; show allpcpu; bt;=
  ps; show \\
 >  locks; show alllocks; show lockedvnods; alltrace; call doadump; reset\=
 > Please note, alltrace output is rather large and might not fit to captu=
 > buffer. To be sure all output is stored in the buffer you can increase =
 > value of debug.ddb.capture.bufsize sysctl.
 > See ddb(8) and textdump(4) for details.
 Thank you very much!
 Now I hope my box will panic soon :)

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