recording with timestamp

Mark Hittinger bugs at
Sun Feb 10 21:58:45 UTC 2008

Ok here is the function that we would try to tamper with first:

function setupRecorderFile(%file)
if (%file == "") $recorderFileName=File::getNext("recordings\\recording.rec");
else $recorderFileName = File::getNext(%file);

Make a file with this code in it instead and exec it after you get going:

Unfortunately it will ignore the name you put in on your menu.

What this will do is make


see if this actually works.

function setupRecorderFile(%file)
   %name = "recordings\\recording" ;
   %time = string::getsubstr(getword(timestamp(),1),0,5) ;
   $recorderFileName = %name @ %time @".rec" ;


Mark Hittinger
bugs at

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