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Mon Apr 7 11:09:15 UTC 2008

Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
p kern/70096   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] full msdos file system causes corrup
o ports/122327 roam       [patch] ftp/curl - update to 7.16.4
o ports/122328 perky      [patch] ftp/py-curl - update to 7.16.4

3 problems total.

Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
f ports/14048  des        [patch] emulators/doscmd -r doesn't work
s bin/19773    markm      [PATCH] telnet infinite loop depending on how fds are 
a bin/21089               [patch] vi(1) silently corrupts open file on SIGINT wh
o kern/21998   kmacy      [socket] [patch] ident only for outgoing connections
s kern/22417   gibbs      [adw] [patch] advansys wide scsi driver does not suppo
s i386/22944   alc        [vm] [patch] isa_dmainit fails on machines with 512MB 
o bin/23098               [sysinstall] [patch] if installing on a serial console
o kern/26486   remko      [libc] [patch] setnetgrent hangs when netgroup contain
o docs/27605   doc        [patch] Cross-document references (<olink>)
o bin/29725    dwmalone   [picobsd] [patch] fixed segmentation fault in simple_h
o conf/30399   brueffer   [] [patch] Have Fortran use the CPUTYPE vari
s bin/31304               [patch] fix crunchgen to work with more contrib-kind o
o conf/31631              [pccard] [patch] "MAC address" can't be acquired prope
o kern/34842   ceri       [nis] [patch] VmWare port + NIS causes "broadcast stor
o kern/35442   net        [sis] [patch] Problem transmitting runts in if_sis dri
o kern/36415              [bktr] [patch] driver incorrectly handles the setting 
p bin/36867    edwin      [patch] games/fortune: add FORTUNE_PATH env var, so po
o gnu/36926    bugmeister [patch] send-pr destroys PR if emacs interrupt charact
s kern/37441   davidxu    [isa] [patch] ISA PNP parse problem
o i386/37523   davidxu    [i386] [patch] lock for bios16 call and vm86call
o kern/39252              [syscons] [patch] syscons doesn't support 8-bit contro
s threa/39922  threads    [threads] [patch] Threaded applications executed with 
o conf/41777              [patch] /etc/periodic/daily/100.clean-disks removes li
o docs/41824   murray     [patch] LANG is not documented in setlocale(3)
o misc/42115   luigi      [picobsd] [patch] fix build script for 4.6-STABLE
o kern/44202              [rp] [patch] -stable rp driver does not work with mult
o gnu/44564    peter      [PATCH] Aborted cvs session causes an endless loop in 
o bin/44808               [PATCH] opiepasswd makes bad seed for existing user
o bin/45529               hexdump core-dumps with certain args [PATCH]
o bin/46676    ru         [PATCH] restricts domain of tags commands
f kern/47628   bde        [msdosfs] [patch] msdosfs file corruption fix
o bin/48183    marcel     [patch] gdb on a corefile from a threaded process can'
o conf/48325              [patch] /etc/periodic/security/100.chksetuid doesn't w
s kern/50827              [kernel] [patch] [request] add sane record locking
o kern/51274   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw2 create dynamic rules with parent 
s kern/51341   remko      [ipfw] [patch] ipfw rule 'deny icmp from any to any ic
o kern/51583              [nullfs] [patch] allow to work with devices and socket
o bin/54401               [patch] pppstats prints 0 for absolute values in range
p kern/55018   andre      [digi] [patch] Digiboard PC/Xem fails to initialize wh
a kern/55542   andre      [de] [patch] discard oversize frame (ether type 800 fl
o kern/57631   jhb        [agp] [patch] boot failing for ALi chipsets
o kern/58687   deischen   [libc] [patch] gethostbyname(3) leaks kqueue file desc
p docs/60679   trhodes    [patch] pthread(3): pthreads documentation does not de
p bin/61587    delphij    [sysinstall] [patch] installation problem, disklabel c
o kern/61960   sos        [ata] [patch] BigDrive support for PC-98 architecture 
a kern/62278              [nfs] [patch] NFS server may not set eof flag when rea
o kern/64196              [kernel] [patch] remove the arbitrary MAXSHELLCMDLEN
a kern/64816              [nfs] [patch] mmap and/or ftruncate does not work corr
p bin/64990    stefanf    [patch] /bin/sh unable to change directory but current
o kern/65901              [smbfs] [patch] smbfs fails fsx write/truncate-down/tr
o kern/66029              [crypto] [patch] MD5 alignment problem on a TriMedia p
o kern/66960              [fdc] [patch] filesystems not unmounted during reboot 
o usb/69006    usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Apple Cinema Display hangs USB ports
o i386/70531   i386       [boot0] [patch] boot0 hides Lilo in extended slice
s bin/71290    des        [PATCH] passwd cannot change passwords other than NIS/
o bin/71602               [PATCH] uninitialized "len" used instead of "slen" wit
o kern/73004              [loader] [patch] PXE loader malfunction in multiple PX
o kern/73224              [ndis] [patch] Lock order reversal in ntoskrnl_timerca
o sparc/73413  trhodes    [libkse] [patch] pthread (libkse) library is broken on
o bin/74127               [patch] patch(1) may misapply hunks with too little co
o kern/75122   silby      [netinet] [patch] Incorrect inflight bandwidth calcula
o bin/75258               [patch] dd(1) has not async signal safe interrupt hand
o docs/75711   keramida   [PATCH] opendir(3) missing ERRORS section
o kern/76126              [nfs] [patch] 4.11 client will send a NFS request to r
o kern/76893              [cam] [patch] Fatal divide in booting processes with B
o i386/76944   i386       [busdma] [patch] i386 bus_dmamap_create() bug
o kern/77181   mckusick   [newfs] [patch] newfs -g largevalue, mkdir, panic
s kern/77195   darrenr    [ipfilter] [patch] ipfilter ioctl SIOCGNATL does not m
p usb/77940    imp        [quirk] [patch] insertion of usb keyboard panics syste
o kern/77982              [lnc] [patch] lnc0 can NOT be detected in vmware 4.5.2
o gnu/78161               [patch] gzexe(1): typo in gzexe
p kern/78179   alc        [vm] [patch] bus_dmamem_alloc() with BUS_DMA_NOWAIT ca
o kern/78987   scottl     [udf] [patch] udf fs: readdir returns error when it sh
p usb/79140    imp        [patch] WD Firewire/USB Combo hangs under load on USB 
s kern/79339              [kernel] [patch] Kernel time code sync with improvemen
f kern/80266   rwatson    [ipx] [patch] IPX routing doesn't work
o usb/80361    usb        [umass] [patch] mounting of Dell usb-stick fails
o kern/80694              [kbd] [patch] atkbd looped on Acer TravelMate 2701LC
o kern/80742   wkoszek    [pecoff] [patch] Local DoS in sys/compat/pecoff (+ oth
o docs/80843   philip     [patch] psm(4): Suggested fix for psm0 / handle driver
o kern/80853              [ed] [patch] add support for Compex RL2000/ISA in PnP 
o usb/80862    usb        [patch] USB locking issues: missing some Giant calls
o kern/80932   jfv        [em] [patch] Degraded performance of em driver
o kern/80980              [i386] [patch] problem in "sys/i386/include/bus.h" cau
s kern/81147   net        [net] [patch] em0 reinitialization while adding aliase
o usb/81308    imp        [ugen] [patch] [2] polling a ugen(4) control endpoint 
o conf/81882              [patch] missing terminal definition for wy120 in termc
o kern/82491              [bootp] [patch] bootpd shouldn't ignore requests
o bin/82720               [patch] Incorrect help output from growfs.c and mkfs.c
o kern/82919   thompsa    [bridge] [patch] Bridge configuration update will cras
o bin/83336               [patch] libc's parse_ncp() don't check malloc/realloc 
o bin/83338               [patch] libc's getent() don't check for malloc failure
o bin/83340               [patch] setnetgrent() and supporting functions don't c
p bin/83344    matteo     [patch] Improper handling of malloc failures within li
o bin/83348               [patch] Improper handling of malloc failures within li
o bin/83349               [patch] improper handling o malloc's failures within l
o bin/83359               [patch] improper handling of malloc failures within li
o bin/83364               [patch] improper handling of malloc failures, bad prin
o kern/83368              [ipx] [patch] incorrect handling of malloc failures wi
o kern/83426              [libvgl] [patch] improper handling of malloc failures 
o kern/83464   geom       [geom] [patch] Unhandled malloc failures within libgeo
o kern/83504              [kernel] [patch] SpeedTouch USB stop working on recent
o usb/83756    usb        [ums] [patch] Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 4.0A doe
o kern/84202              [ed] [patch] Holtek HT80232 PCI NIC recognition on Fre
o kern/84411   philip     [psm] [patch] psm drivers adds bad buttons for Synapti
o kern/84799              [fdc] [patch] can't read beyond track 0 on fdc (IBM th
o kern/84861   thompsa    [ipw] [patch] still can't get working ipw(4) with adho
o kern/85137   des        [pseudofs] [patch] panic due to sleep with held mutex
o kern/85266              [xe] [patch] xe(4) driver does not recognise Xircom XE
o kern/85320              [gre] [patch] possible depletion of kernel stack in ip
o kern/85493   imp        [ed] [patch] OLDCARD can't probe ed driver
o usb/86767    usb        [umass] [patch] bogus "slice starts beyond end of the 
o kern/86944              [nfs] [patch] When I use FreeBSD with NFS client, clos
o kern/87506              [vr] [patch] Fix alias support on vr interfaces
o bin/87792               [patch] very bad performance of cp(1) via NFS, possibl
o kern/88045   jhb        [nve] [patch] 6.0rc1: nve0: device timeout (51)
o bin/88215               [patch] syslogd(8) does not pass cleanly parameters to
f ports/89308  apache     [patch] www/mod_accounting crash on request_timeout
o bin/89410               [PATCH] sh(1) missing \u interpolation and bug/fix in 
s kern/89528   jail       [jail] [patch] impossible to kill a jail
o kern/89660   le         [patch] [panic] due to g_malloc returning null in gv_d
o kern/89752   dwmalone   [bpf] [patch] bpf_validate() needs to do more checks
o kern/89784   phk        [devfs] [patch] 6.0-RELEASE panics when applying `type
o kern/89876              [txp] [patch] txp driver doesn't work with latest firm
o kern/89878              [pccard] [patch] pccard.c:pccard_safe_quote() unsafe
p usb/90162    imp        [usb] [patch] Add support for the MS Wireless USB Mous
o kern/90815              [smbfs] [patch] SMBFS with character conversions somet
s conf/90863   dougb      [patch] 6.0 boot: name resolution broken for daemon st
o kern/90973   thompsa    [net] [patch] if_bridge does not handle arp for own ad
o usb/91538    usb        [ulpt] [patch] Unable to print to EPSON CX3500
o conf/91732              [patch] 800.loginfail: fix log message grep expression
o kern/91954              [libpam] [patch] Proposed enhancement for pam_krb5: "o
o bin/92074               [patch] top(1) aborts in redzone
o kern/92092              [iicbus] [patch] Panic if device with iicbus child is 
o kern/92675              [fxp] [patch] fxp(4) unable to recover from occasional
o kern/92786   sos        [ata] [patch] ATA fixes, write support for LSI v3 RAID
o bin/92839    roberto    [ntp] [patch] contrib/ntp PARSE buffer overrun
o gnu/93566               [patch] sort(1): numeric sort is broken on multi-byte 
o bin/93603               [patch] restore(8) fails if /tmp fills
o bin/93776               [crypto] [patch] SHA256_Update / SHA512_Update fail to
o kern/93942              [vfs] [patch] panic: ufs_dirbad: bad dir (patch from D
o kern/93998              [libstand] [patch] panic in libstand when closing raw 
o kern/94669   pjd        [vfs] [patch] Panic from Failed Removable Media Mount
p usb/94742    imp        [umass] [patch] umass driver does not recognise YANO e
o kern/94772              [fifo] [patch] FIFOs (named pipes) + select() == broke
s kern/94863              [bge] [patch] hack to get bge(4) working on IBM e326m
o kern/95084   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] IPFW2 ignores "recv/xmit/via any" (IPFW
o kern/95339              [libexec] [patch] rtld is thread-unsafe. fixes for dlo
o kern/95368              [kernel] [patch] Test for race between callout_drain()
f ports/95584  perky      [patch] A port's "USE_ZOPE=yes" overrid
o kern/95661              [pci] [patch] pci_pci still not correct for initializi
o kern/96030              [bfe] [patch] Install hangs with Broadcomm 440x NIC in
o conf/96247   matteo     [patch] 550.ipfwlimit reports logs even if log size is
f kern/96393              [libz] [patch] assembler implementations for libz on i
o kern/96840              [libc] [patch] getgrent() does not return large groups
o bin/97499               [patch] one of sshd_config(5) options does not work
o kern/97951   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw does not tie interface details to 
o kern/98091   scottl     [mfi] [patch] Makefile style of mfi kernel module brok
o kern/98167   multimedia [sound] [es137x] [patch] ES1370 mixer volumes incorrec
o conf/98758   rc         [jail] [patch] Templatize 'jail_fstab' in /etc/rc.d/ja
o conf/98846   rc         [jail] [patch] Templatize 'jail_rootdir' in /etc/rc.d/
o kern/98962   remko      [ata] [burncd]: [patch] writing >1 session on ATAPI CD
o kern/99188   andre      [tcp] [patch] FIN in same packet as duplicate ACK is l
s bin/99693    antoine    [patch] add magic(5)/file(1) support for FreeBSD 6.1 d
o kern/99979              [patch] Get Ready for Kernel Module in C++
o kern/100425             [sbni] [patch] sbni drivers does not work under 5.x
o docs/100803  jhb        [patch] the man page about ithread is expired.
o bin/100914              [tftpd] [patch] libexec/tftpd: write access control
o kern/101274  yongari    [sk] [patch] SysKonnect Yukon initialization bug on K8
o kern/101453  des        [linux] [patch] linprocfs disallows non-zero file offs
f usb/102096   usb        [patch] usbd(8) does not handle multiple devices in on
o kern/102210             [ar] [patch] reboot system makes rebuilding array read
o kern/102211  sos        [ar] [patch] detach raid member and reboot will cause 
o kern/102390             [pppd] [patch] kernel pppd don't using pam
o kern/102471  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] add tos and dscp support
o bin/102510              [patch] diff(1) should not follow symlink in recursive
o bin/102638   matteo     [patch] sysinstall(8): custom dist set always install 
o bin/102834              [patch] mail(1) hangs on the sigsuspend system call in
o kern/102956  rink       [linux] [patch] Add partial support for SO_PEERCRED in
o kern/103059             [bce] [patch] "Error mapping mbuf into TX chain!" (ten
o kern/103454  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] add a facility to modify DF b
o kern/104389  geom       [geom] [patch] sys/geom/geom_dump.c doesn't encode XML
o bin/106431   sos        [patch] atacontrol(8): Inform user of ata RAID5 acting
o bin/106545              [patch] update euro currency in units(1)
p usb/106565   imp        [ums] [patch] ums(4) does not work if the mouse defaul
o kern/106722  glebius    [net] [patch] ifconfig may not connect an interface to
p usb/107101   imp        [umass] [patch] Quirk for Denver MP3 player
o usb/107248   usb        [umass] [patch] scsi_da.c quirk for Cowon iAUDIO X5 MP
p usb/107495   imp        [cam] [patch] Fix long wait before WD My Book 250GB (U
o usb/107924   usb        [patch] usbd(8) does not call detach
p usb/108097   imp        [usbgen] [patch] ADMtek 851X USB-to-LAN adapter
o i386/108139  i386       [patch] System hangs after /sbin/shutdown
o misc/108215             [boot] [patch] bug in fsread in sys/boot/common/ufsrea
p bin/108368   pav        [patch] tip(1) coredumped when 'du' capability is used
o kern/108390             [libc] [patch] wait4() erroneously waits for all child
o ports/108413            [patch] net/vnc does not works.
o bin/108656              [patch] Segfault of sshd(8) for unknown user when priv
o bin/108743              [patch] who(1): IPv6 addresses truncated to maximum IP
o docs/109008  csjp       [patch] add summary of kern/48198 to jexec(8)
o kern/109232  imp        [sio][patch] ibufsize calculation wrong causing data l
o kern/109251             [re] [patch] if_re cardbus card won't attach
o kern/109277             [pppd] [patch] : kernel ppp(4) botches clist reservati
o bin/109521              [patch] chio(1): 'chio return' breaks on non-voltag ch
p usb/110122   imp        [ugen] [patch] usb_interrupt_read does not respect tim
o kern/110249  kmacy      [kernel] [patch] setsockopt() error regression in Free
o docs/110253  doc        [patch] rtprio(1): remove processing starvation commen
o kern/110392  scottl     [hptmv] [patch] hptmv very old and missing important f
o usb/110856   usb        [ugen] [patch] interrupt in msgs are truncated when bu
o usb/110988   usb        [umass] [patch] Handling of quirk IGNORE_RESIDUE is um
o kern/111537  kmacy      [netinet6] [patch] ip6_input() treats mbuf cluster wro
s gnu/112215   obrien     [patch] gcc(1): "gcc -m32" attempts to link against 64
o bin/112336              [patch] install(8): install -S (safe copy) with -C or 
o conf/112558             [patch] /etc/periodic/daily/200.backup-passwd poor han
o kern/112658  fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs and caching problems (resolves b
p docs/112935  doc        [patch] newfs_msdos(8): document 4.3g limit on files w
o kern/112984             [drm] [patch] Xorg 7.2 locks up with AIGLX enabled on 
o conf/112985             [patch] rc start-up scripts broken after X11R6 symlink
o bin/113239              [patch] atrun(8) loses jobs due to race condition
o kern/113398             [libc] [patch] initgroups fails rather than truncates 
p kern/113548  oleg       [dummynet] [patch] system hangs with dummynet queues
o kern/113825             [patch] [libc] [ggated] Fix -STABLE build with -fno-st
p usb/113964   imp        [ucom] [patch] kernel panic when dropping a connection
o ports/114167 portmgr    [PATCH] - ignoring major numbers in LIB_DE
o usb/114310   usb        [libusb] [patch] [panic] USB hub attachment panics ker
o kern/114331             [crypto] [patch] VIA padlock freesession bug
o kern/114451             [nfs] [patch] prevent NFS server possible crash
o kern/114646             [firewire] [patch] firewire0: device physically ejecte
o kern/114714  net        [gre][patch] gre(4) is not MPSAFE and does not support
o bin/115174              [patch] growfs(8) needs zero-writing for safe filesyst
o kern/115371  imp        [cardbus] [patch] Device removal leaves resource datab
o bin/115406              [patch] gpt(8) GPT MBR hangs award BIOS on boot
s ports/115461 clement    [patch] - Create packages for apache mod
o kern/115524  dfr        [rpc][patch] Lockd fails to set RPC authentication for
o kern/115572  geom       [gbde] [patch] gbde partitions fail at 28bit/48bit LBA
o kern/115631             [libc] [patch] [request] make dlclose(3) atexit-aware
o kern/115801  sos        [ata] [patch] Writing of crash dumps is unreliable
o bin/115946   des        [libpam] [patch] not thread-safe
o bin/115960   des        sshd's X11 forwarding broken on IPv6 only machine [pat
o kern/116077  net        [ip] [patch] 6.2-STABLE panic during use of multi-cast
o kern/116538             [fdc] [patch] reintroduce FD_NO_CHLINE flag for fdc(4)
o kern/116608             [panic] [patch] [msdosfs] msdosfs fails to check mount
o bin/116610   pf         [patch] teach tcpdump(1) to cope with the new-style pf
p docs/116680  brueffer   [patch] fwohci(4): Documentation mistake: CXD1947 _not
o kern/116745             [iscsi] [patch] iscsi_initiator.ko is missing the depe
o kern/116837  net        [tun] [panic] [patch] ifconfig tunX destroy: panic
o bin/116849              [patch] dump(8) fails to dump UFS filesystems when nul
o usb/116947   usb        [ukbd] [patch] enable boot protocol on the USB keyboar
o kern/117234  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw send_pkt() and ipfw_tick() don't s
o kern/117510             [sys] [patch] sys/cdefs.h lacks support for PCC
a conf/117555  dougb      [patch] NIS-dependent services cannot start if ypbind 
o bin/117830              [patch] who(1) no longer displays entries for folk log
o bin/118069   thomas     [PATCH] camcontrol should be able to leave device spec
o ports/118104 multimedia [PATCH] multimedia/vlc - volume bar position almost in
o bin/118123              [patch] chat(8) has infinite recursion bug
o usb/118140   usb        [ucom] [patch] quick hack for ucom to get it behave wi
o bin/118144   des        [patch] pam_lastlog doesn't check return values in pam
o kern/118153             [sysvshm] [patch] "semprt" can be invalid after wakeup
o kern/118320  pjd        [zfs] [patch] NFS SETATTR sometimes fails to set file 
p kern/118370  thompsa    [if_ndis] [patch] if_ndis - fix a scanning problem of 
o usb/118391   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Add uscanner ID for Epson CX4800
p kern/118439  thompsa    [if_ndis] [patch] if_ndis - fix a panic when ndis_atta
o kern/118447  sos        [ata] [patch] Troublesome DMA modes with VIA Apollo VP
o bin/118636              [sysinstall] [patch] [request] remove requirement for 
o bin/118723              [patch] od(1)/hexdump(1) truncates last partial repeat
o kern/118737             [cpufreq] [patch] Panic due double free within detach 
o docs/118902  doc        [patch] wrong signatures in d2i_RSAPublicKey man pages
o bin/119014              [patch] IPv6 addresses cause sockstat(1) to run column
p kern/119144  scottl     [iir] [patch] spontaneous iir(4) crash in probe phase
o usb/119201   usb        [cam] [patch] Quirks for Olympus FE-210 camera, LG and
o ports/119204 openoffice [patch] editors/ v2.3 loops when file 
o kern/119298             [xfs] [patch] 7-Stable/sys/modules/xfs fails to make f
o kern/119530  jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueue/kevent causes fatal trap 12
o ports/119540 krion      [patch] x11/xterm: make ^T work by default (backport)
o amd64/119591 amd64      [amd64] [patch] time_t on 64-bit architecture
o kern/119767  jfv        [em] [patch] if_em fix for systems without msix suppor
p threa/119920 deischen   [patch] fork broken in libpthread
o usb/120017   usb        [ehci] [patch] CS5536 (AMD Geode) USB 2.0 quirk
o ports/120133 miwi       [patch] Update security/VuXML to contain recent Postgr
o amd64/120202 amd64      [amd64] [patch] [panic] kernel panic at start_all_aps,
p bin/120208   rwatson    [patch]: gzip(1) cannot preserve utimes() because it f
p kern/120233  antoine    [libc] [patch] [request] FreeBSD is missing fcntl() op
o kern/120304  net        [netgraph] [patch] netgraph source assumes 32-bit time
o ports/120355 mm         [patch] net/smbldap-tools: smbldap-useradd don't copy 
o kern/120483             [ntfs] [patch] NTFS filesystem locking changes
o ports/120506 skv        [patch] devel/bugzilla with mysql depends problems
o kern/120533             [bce] [patch] Multicast not accepted on bce devices
o kern/120858  scottl     [patch] [cam] panic: ufs_dirbad with CLARiiON CX3-40
p kern/120915  jhb        [de] [patch] GENERIC does not boot: if_de is broken
f bin/121146              [patch] adduser(8) produces defective blowfish cipher 
o kern/121156  multimedia [pcm]: [PATCH] Turn on inverted external amplifier sen
o bin/121243   des        [patch] passwd(1) patch for usage with PAM/LDAP
o bin/121359              [patch] ppp(8): fix local stack overflow in ppp
o usb/121474   usb        [cam] [patch] QUIRK: SAMSUNG HM250JI in LaCie usb hard
o kern/121743  piso       [netinet] [patch] ipfw in-kernel nat loses fragmented 
o usb/121755   usb        [ohci] [patch] Fix panic after ohci/uhub cardbus devic
f ports/121884 lippe      [patch] Update MASTER_SITES (3 ports
o kern/121899             [ataraid] [patch] Drive detached from Intel Matrix RAI
o ports/121923 kuriyama   [patch] net/relayd unbreak on amd64 and sparc64
f ports/122187            [patch] security/ipsec-tools failed build on FreeBSD 7
o bin/122282   dougb      [patch] mergemaster(8): check the presence of fstab's 

300 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
a bin/1375     linimon    [patch] Extraneous warning from mv(1)
s kern/2298               [sio] [patch] [request] support for DSR/DCD swapping o
s kern/4184    rwatson    [netatalk] [patch] minor nits in sys/netatalk
s bin/5173                [patch] [request] restore(8) ought to deal with root s
o bin/5745     nik        [PATCH] Add /usr/local/share/mk to default make(1) sea
o bin/7265                [patch] A warning flag is added to ln(1).
o bin/7868                [patch] morse(6): Morse Code Fixups
o bin/8867                [sysinstall] [patch] /stand/sysinstall core dumps (sig
o kern/9570    dfr        [ed] [patch] ed(4) irq config enhancement
o kern/9679               [portalfs] [patch] fix for uninterruptible open in por
a kern/11024   mtm        [patch] getpwnam(3) uses incorrect #define to limit us
o kern/12014   alfred     [sysvipc] [patch] Fix SysV Semaphore handling
s kern/12071   fanf       [net] [patch] new function: large scale IP aliasing
o i386/12088   imp        [ed] [patch] ed(4) has minor problem with memory alloc
o kern/12543              [fxp] [patch] cumulative error counters for fxp(4)
s bin/13309               [patch] Fixes to nos-tun(8)
f kern/13326   kmacy      [headers] [patch] additional timeval interfaces for <s
s kern/13997   rwatson    [jail] [patch] RLIMIT_NPROC works unadequately for jai
f conf/15010              [patch] rc.firewall: "client" firewall configuration k
o bin/15168               [patch] Adding tracklist support to fdformat(1)
o bin/15205               [patch] Addition to random(6)
o bin/15480               [patch] [request] make cdcontrol(1) easier to use
o bin/15619    peter      [patch] standard pppd doesn't authenticate users with 
o kern/15838   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] Conversion tables in msdosfs_conv.c 
f kern/16021   imp        [i386] [patch] To support SMP on NEC PC98, call mp_pro
o kern/16644   dwmalone   [bpf] [patch] Bad comparison expression in bpf_filter.
o bin/17289    gad        [PATCH] wrong permissions on /var/run/printer
o kern/17425              [ppbus] [patch] fix two small printing errors in ppbus
o kern/17504              [cam] [patch] Another Micropolis Synchronize Cache Pro
o kern/18271              [patch] simplelock: klds not portable across UP and SM
o kern/18293              [psm] [patch] lack of versapad mouse wheel emulation
s kern/19363              [kernel] [patch] allow processes know about their file
s kern/19535              [procfs] [patch] procfs_rlimit tidyup
o bin/19837    ambrisko   [sysinstall] [patch] run Fix It floppy from serial por
o bin/20501               [patch] extra flag to dump to offline autoloaders at E
o conf/21675              [patch] Better and more disktab entries for MO drives
a kern/21807   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] Make System attribute correspond to 
o conf/23063   net        [PATCH] for static ARP tables in
o kern/23546   multimedia [snd_csa] [patch] csa DMA-interrupt problem
o bin/23562    markm      [patch] telnetd doesn't show message in file specified
o kern/24435              [libdisk] [patch] changing slice type causes Auto-part
o bin/24485               [PATCH] to make cron(8) handle clock jumps
s bin/25278               [patch] bs accepts -s -c but not -sc
s bin/25477               [pam] [patch] pam_radius fix to allow null passwords f
f stand/25777  standards  [kernel] [patch] atime not updated on exec
o kern/26323              [ufs] [patch] Quota system creates zero-length files
o kern/26562              [lpt] [patch] /dev/lpt0 returns EBUSY when attempting 
o kern/26787              [patch] sysctl change request
o bin/27306    marcel     [patch] hw watchpoints work unreliable under gdb(1)
a gnu/28189               [PATCH] fix for detecting empty CVS commit log message
o conf/28236              [PATCH] iso-8859-1_to_cp437.scm doesn't contain some u
o kern/29355   mux        [kernel] [patch] add lchflags support
o bin/29363    gad        [PATCH] newsyslog can support time as extension
s kern/29423              [request] [patch] new feature: kernel security hooks i
o kern/29698   emulation  [linux] [patch] linux ipcs doesn'work
a docs/30008   doc        [patch] French softupdates document should be translat
o kern/30052   mbr        [dc] [patch] dc driver queues outgoing pkts indefinite
s ports/30331  portmgr    [patch] Conflict between MAKEFILE variable
s kern/30422              [patch] new function: add WDT hardware watchdog driver
o bin/30542               [PATCH] add -q option to shut up killall
f bin/30661    alfred     [rpc] [patch] FreeBSD-current fails to do partial NFS 
o conf/30812              [patch] giant termcap database update
o conf/30929   usb        [usb] [patch] use usbd to initialize USB ADSL modem
o conf/30938              [patch] Improving behavior of /etc/periodic/daily/110.
o kern/31201              [libdisk] [patch] add free_space(chunk) to libdisk
o kern/31890              [syscons] [patch] new syscons font
o kern/31981              [libc] [patch] (mis)feature in getnetent parsing -- co
o bin/32680    bz         [jail] [patch] Allows users to start jail(1) by hostna
o bin/32808    dwmalone   [PATCH] tcpd.h lacks prototype for hosts_ctl
s docs/33589   doc        [patch] to to post process .tex files.
o bin/33809    mux        [patch] mount_nfs(8) has trouble with embedded ':' in 
o kern/33965              [kbd] [patch] programmable keys of the keyboard (Olida
a bin/34010               [patch] keyinit takes passwords less than 10 chars, bu
o bin/34412               [patch] tftp(1) will still try and receive traffic eve
o bin/34628    portmgr    [pkg_install] [patch] pkg-routines ignore the recorded
s bin/35018    brian      [patch] enhancing daily/460.status-mail-rejects
o bin/35109               [PATCH] games/morse: add ability to decode morse code
o bin/35113               [patch] grdc enhancement: countdown timer mode
o kern/35262              [boot2] [patch] generation of boot block for headless 
o kern/35289              [bktr] [patch] Brooktree device doesnt properly signal
o misc/35542   bde        [patch] BDECFLAGS needs -U__STRICT_ANSI__
o conf/35545              [patch] enhanced periodic scripts: 100.clean-disks, 10
o bin/35886               [patch] pax(1) enhancement: custom time format for lis
o bin/36143               [patch] Dynamic (non linear) mouse acceleration added 
o kern/36170              [an] [patch] an(4) does an_init() even if interface is
o bin/36262               [patch] Fixed rusers(1) idle-time reporting to use min
a kern/36451              [bktr] [patch] Japan IF frequency is incorrect
o bin/36553    gad        [patch] [request] Two new features in newsyslog(8)
o bin/36556               [patch] regular expressions for tcpwrappers
o kern/36902              [libc] [patch] proposed new format code %N for strftim
o kern/36916              [libdisk] [patch] DOS active partition flag lost in li
o bin/37442               [PATCH] sleep(1) to support time multipliers
o kern/37554   jmg        [vm] [patch] make ELF shared libraries immutable once 
o kern/37555              [kernel] [patch] vnode flags appear to be changed in n
o conf/37569   matteo     [PATCH] Extend fstab(5) format to allow for spaces in 
o bin/37844               [PATCH] make knob to not install progs with suid/sgid 
o gnu/37910    bugmeister [patch] make send-pr(1) respect &'s in /etc/{master.}p
o docs/38061   ume        [patch] typos in man pages for faith(4) & faithd(8)
o bin/38168               [patch] [request] installing curses-based versions of 
s kern/38347              [libutil] [patch] [request] new library function abs2r
o docs/38540   blackend   [patch] make application name capitalization consisten
o bin/38727               [patch] mptable(1) should complain about garbage argum
o docs/38982   doc        [patch] developers-handbook/Jail fix
o kern/39201   emulation  [linux] [patch] ptrace(2) and rfork(RFLINUXTHPN) confu
o bin/39463    mtm        [PATCH] Add several options to fingerd
f conf/39505              [patch] automate BUILDNAME variable for releases
o ports/39660  portmgr    [patch] add ${PKGNAMEPREFIX} to (DOCS|EXAMPLES)DIR
o kern/39681              [sysctl] [patch] add hidden kernel boot tunables to sy
o bin/39905               [patch] cleaning sbin/restore code from warnings
o kern/40017              [patch] allows config(8) to specify config metadata di
s kern/40021              [kernel build] [patch] use ld(1) to build kernel with 
o kern/40369              [kernel] [patch] rman_reserve_resource - when "count >
o bin/40597               [patch] add fdisk(8) ability of showing extended parti
o conf/40777              [patch] disktab does not support 2.88MB floppies
s docs/41270   remko      [patch] handbook: confusing directions for kernelconfi
o bin/41271               [patch] non-suid-crontab(8)
o kern/41307              [libalias] [patch] logging of links lifecycle (add/del
o kern/41543   emulation  [patch] [request] easier wine/w23 support
a bin/41583               [patch] assorted mtree bugs
o bin/41674               [patch] iostat(8) column formatting overlaps
p docs/41807   trhodes    [patch] natd(8): document natd -punch_fw "bug"
o bin/41817               [patch] pw(8): pw groupshow doesn't include the login 
o docs/41879   hrs        [patch] cleanup to DOCROOT/share/sgml/freebsd.dsl
o bin/41947               [patch] hexdump(1) unprintable ASCII enhancement
o kern/42274              [kernel] [patch] Convert defined variable into tuneabl
o bin/42336               [PATCH] ISO-fication of /usr/src/contrib/tcp_wrappers:
o kern/42386              [libkvm] [patch] cleaning code from warnings in libkvm
o kern/42387              [librpcsvc] [patch] cleaning code of librpcsvc from wa
o kern/42422              [libc] [patch] dbm_delete returns -1 instead of 1 when
o kern/42429              [libc] [patch] hash_action called with HASH_DELETE doe
o bin/42974               [patch] syslogd(8): add ISO 8601 date format option
o bin/43434               [patch] new option to dmesg(8) which allows to display
o kern/43474              [nfs] [patch] dhcp.* values not set in kenv by bootp c
o conf/43500              [patch] rc.syscons "allscreens" improvements
o kern/43577              [kernel] [patch] [request] new kernel option SHUTDOWN_
o bin/43582               [patch] passwd(1) fails on nonexistent users
o kern/43611              [crypto] [patch] static-ize some symbols in sys/crypto
o kern/43616              [zlib] [patch] static-ize some functions in sys/net/zl
o kern/43716              [puc] [patch] puc driver does not recognize Lava Dual-
o bin/43819               [patch] changed truss(1) output for utrace calls
o docs/43823   doc        [PATCH] update to environ(7) manpage
o kern/43905   jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueues: EV_SET(kevp++, ...) is non-i
o conf/44170   rc         [patch] Add ability to run multiple pppoed(8) on start
o kern/44267              [sio] [patch] One more modem PNP id for /usr/src/sys/i
o kern/44365              [headers] [patch] introduce ulong and unchar types
o conf/44717              [patch] update login.conf and unify login capabilities
o gnu/44984    bugmeister [patch] send-pr(1) can use environmental variable $FRO
o docs/45011   trhodes    [patch] style(9): '->' and '.' don't require spaces
p bin/45193               [PATCH] truss can't truss itself
o conf/45222              [patch] daily rejected mail hosts report too long
o conf/45226   rc         [patch] Fix for, ppp-user annoyance
o bin/45254               [sysinstall] [patch] sysinstall installs things it sho
o bin/45333               [PATCH] New option -r for chown and chgrp
o conf/45704              [PATCH] request to change cp866b font to cp866
o kern/45729              [libexec] [patch] make rbootd transfer the default fil
o kern/45793   antoine    [headers] [patch] invalid media subtype aliases in if_
o kern/46159   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] ipfw dynamic rules lifetime f
o bin/46328    gad        [patch] patch for lpd
o bin/46758               [patch] moused(8) enhancements
o bin/46888    gad        [patch] Add script run hook to newsyslog(8)
o kern/46973              [syscons] [patch] [request] syscons virtual terminals 
o bin/47350               [patch] supports only one ppp profile
o bin/47387               [PATCH] gprof -K still requires "a.out" arg / override
o bin/47540               [patch] Make natd(8) configurable in running state wit
o conf/47566   le         [vinum] [patch] add vinum status verification to perio
o bin/47576               [PATCH] factor(6)ing of negative numbers
o docs/47594   remko      [PATCH] passwd(5) incorrectly states allowed username 
o bin/47815               [patch] stty -all should work.
o docs/47818   doc        [patch] ln(1) manpage is confusing
o docs/48101   doc        [patch] add documentation on the fixit disk to the FAQ
o conf/48133              [patch] /etc/rc: improved vi recovery notification
o kern/48172   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw does not log size and flags
o usb/48342    usb        [usbd] [patch] usbd dynamic device list.
o bin/48443    mtm        [patch] /usr/sbin/periodic executes too many files
o conf/48444              [patch] security.functions: count connection attempts 
o kern/48471   pjd        [jail] [patch] [request] private IPC for every jail
o kern/48599              [syscons] [patch] syscons cut-n-paste logic is broken
o bin/48603               [patch] getopt(1) is broken
o gnu/48638               [libdialog] [patch] some bug fixes in libdialog
s bin/48962    des        [PATCH] modify /usr/bin/fetch to allow bandwidth limit
a bin/49023    gad        [patch] to lpd(8) (printjob.c) to pass source filename
o kern/49039              [sio] [patch] add support for RS485 hardware where dir
o misc/50106              [patch] make 'make release' more flexible behind FWs a
o docs/50211   doc        [PATCH] fix textfile creation
p docs/50248   ceri       [patch] New FreeBSD books
o kern/50310              [libalias] [patch] natd / libalias fix to allow dcc re
o kern/50526              [kernel] [patch] update to #! line termination
p docs/50735   brueffer   [patch] small diff to the developers handbook & outdat
o docs/50773   jmg        [patch] NFS problems by jumbo frames to mention in bge
o kern/51009              [aue] [patch] buggy aue driver fixed.
o bin/51070               [patch] add -p option to pom(6)
s bin/51137               [patch] config(8) should check if a scheduler is selec
o ports/51152  portmgr    [patch] generic SHEBANG_FILES
o conf/51920              [patch] add collation for no_NO.ISO8859-1
s usb/51958    usb        [urio] [patch] update for urio driver
s docs/52071   delphij    [PATCH] Add more information about soft updates into a
o kern/52623              [ex] [patch] IRQ error in driver for the Intel EtherEx
s ports/52706  portmgr    [patch] issues warning if a site is explic
o kern/52725              [PATCH] installincludes for kmods
s ports/52765  portmgr    [PATCH] Uncompressing manual pages may fail due too "a
s ports/52917  portmgr    [PATCH] update default value of CONFIGURE
f kern/52980   mbr        [dc] [patch] dc driver fails to init Intel 21143 Cardb
p kern/53265   imp        [pccard] [patch] Make Sierra A555 work in FreeBSD
o bin/53341               [sysinstall] [patch] dump frequency in sysinstall is a
o stand/53682  le         [PATCH] add fuser(1) utility
o conf/54170              [patch] error from weekly periodic script 330.catman
o bin/54365               [PATCH] add -u option to install(1) for SysV compatibi
o kern/54383   net        [nfs] [patch] NFS root configurations without dynamic 
o kern/54439              [sysctl] [patch] Protecting sysctls variables by given
o docs/54461   kensmith   [patch] Possible additions to Handbook (Basics and Use
o kern/54604   pjd        [kernel] [patch] make 'ps -e' procfs-independent
o conf/55015              [patch] 700.kernelmsg: Security check output enhacemen
o misc/55387              [patch] users LD_LIBRARY_PATH can interfere with mail 
o conf/55470              [pccard] [patch] new pccard.conf entry (I-O DATA WN-B1
o bin/55539               [patch] Parse fstab(5) with spaces in path names
o kern/55835   emulation  [linux] [patch] Linux IPC emulation missing SETALL sys
s ports/55841  portmgr    [patch] Mk/ add routines to use ${PORTSDIR
o docs/55883   kensmith   [patch] handbook advanced-networking/chapter.sgml
o kern/55984   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] time based firewalling support for ipfw
o kern/56250              [ums] [patch] ums(4) doesn't work with MCT based PS/2 
o bin/56648    le         [PATCH] enable rcorder(8) to use a directory for locat
o conf/56934   rc         [patch] rc.firewall rules for natd expect an interface
o conf/56940              [patch] pccard.conf entry for PCET10-CL causes syntax 
o bin/57018    le         [PATCH] convert growfs to use libufs(3)
s bin/57088               [cam] [patch] for a possible fd leak in libcam.c
f kern/57230              [psm] [patch] psm(4) incorrectly identifies an Intelli
o docs/57298   blackend   [patch] add using compact flash cards info to handbook
o docs/57388   doc        [patch] INSTALL.TXT enhancement: mention ok prompt
s bin/57407               [patch] Better NTP support for dhclient(8) and friends
o conf/57517              [patch] add parameter for /etc/periodic/daily/210.back
o kern/57522              [PATCH] New PID allocater algorithm from NetBSD
o bin/57715               [patch] tcopy(1) enhancement
p kern/57976   rwatson    [patch] [request] simple kernel ddb(4) enhancement
o bin/58483               [patch] mount(8): allow type special or node relative 
s kern/58529   dwmalone   [libpcap] [patch] RDWR bpf in pcap.
o bin/58696               [patch] [request] natd(8): add possibility to alter pi
o kern/58803              [kernel] [patch] kern.argmax isn't changeable even at 
o conf/58939   rc         [patch] dumb little hack for /etc/rc.firewall{,6}
o docs/59044   doc        [patch] does not properly handle a sour
o docs/59240   blackend   [patch] handbook update: linux MATLAB
o kern/59289              [bktr] [patch] ioctl METEORGBRIG in bktr_core.c forget
o www/59307    remko      [patch] xml/xsl'ify & update publications page
o conf/59600              [PATCH] Improved us.emacs.kbd mapping
o usb/59698    usb        [kbd] [patch] Rework of ukbd HID to AT code translatio
o bin/59708               [sysinstall] [patch] add sSMTP support for Mail select
o docs/59735   kensmith   [patch] Adding a reference to Icelandic Rsync to mirro
o kern/59903              [pci] [patch] "pci_find_device" returns [only/at] the 
o kern/60307              [pccard] [patch] wrong product id in pccarddevs for Sp
o misc/60352              [patch] buildworld fails in sysinstall if terminfo dat
o kern/60550   silby      [kernel] [patch] hitting process limits produces sub-o
s ports/60558  portmgr    [PATCH] automatically verify GnuPG signat
o kern/60677   multimedia [sound] [patch] No reaction of volume controy key on I
o kern/60697              [pty] [patch] pseudo-tty hack versus telnet race cause
o bin/60834               [patch] ftpd(8) send_data()+oldway: anonymous transfer
o bin/60892               [patch] added -p option to kldxref(8) to allow creatio
o kern/60963              [pecoff] [patch] Win32 Applications abort on PECOFF
p usb/61234    imp        [usb] [patch] usbhidaction(1) doesn't support using an
o bin/61239               [patch] bootp enhancement, places the dhcp tags into t
o kern/61300              [aue] [patch] Enabling HomePNA PHY on aue(4) for HomeP
o docs/61301   doc        [patch] Manpage patch for aue(4) to enable HomePNA fun
s misc/61322              [patch] disallows shell generated flags in 
s i386/61481              [patch] a mechanism to wire io-channel-check to userla
s kern/61497   ups        [kernel] [patch] __elfN(map_insert) bug
o bin/61666    peter      [patch] mount_nfs(8) parsing bug, segmentation fault
a kern/61744   andre      [netinet] [patch] TCP hangs onto mbufs with no tcp dat
f bin/61978               [PATCH] sync src/usr.sbin/setkey/token.l with KAME
o i386/62003   remko      [loader] [patch] make /boot/loader "reboot" code same 
o bin/62077               [patch] Make it possible to abbreviate mixer device na
o kern/62098              [pccard] [patch] Bad CISTPL_VERS_1 and clash on notebo
o kern/63096   csjp       [mac] [patch] MAC entry point for route manipulation
a bin/63197               [patch] tftp Bus error, core dumped
o docs/63570   ceri       [patch] Language cleanup for the Handbook's DNS sectio
f usb/63837    linimon    [uhid] [patch] USB: hid_is_collection() only looks for
o kern/63863   glebius    [netgraph] [patch] [request] implement NGM_ELECTROCUTE
o kern/64114              [vga] [patch] bad vertical refresh for console using R
o kern/64178   jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueue does not work with bpf when us
o bin/64327               [patch] make(1): document surprising behaviour of assi
s kern/64875   standards  [libc] [patch] [request] add a system call: fdatasync(
o bin/65228               [Patch] Allow rup(1) to parse hostnames from a defined
f bin/65258    rc         [patch] [request] save /etc/rc.firewall from changing 
o bin/65306    obrien     [patch] Portability fixes for FreeBSD build utils, par
o kern/65355              [pci] [patch] TC1000 serial ports need enabling
o kern/65627              [i386] [patch] store P3 serial number in sysctl
s ports/65804  portmgr    [PATCH] is gratuitously slow
o kern/66225              [netgraph] [patch] extend ng_eiface(4) control message
o kern/66268   glebius    [socket] [patch] Socket buffer resource limit (RLIMIT_
p docs/66289   brueffer   [patch] lib/libc/gen/ualarm.3 refers to non-existent a
s ports/66342  portmgr    [PATCH] fix ECHO_MSG breakage in java ports
p docs/66343   imp        [patch] unlisted supported card on man page for wi(4)
f bin/66445               [patch] Add options to last(1) to ignore ftp logins (u
o stand/66531  standards  [libc] [patch] _gettemp uses a far smaller set of file
s ports/66566  portmgr    [PATCH] fix build when /usr/obj/usr/ports
o bin/66893               [patch] rpc.yppasswdd(8): Linux NIS clients connecting
o bin/66988               [Patch] apm.c check validation of the returned values
o bin/67231               [patch] pam_krb5 doesn't honor default flags from /etc
s i386/67383              [i386] [patch] do a better job disassembling code in 1
f ports/67436  portmgr    [patch] GNU_CONFIGURE_PREFIX_SUBDIR
o kern/67830              [smp] [patch] CPU affinity problem with forked child p
o kern/68081              [headers] [patch] sys/time.h (lint fix)
o conf/68108              [patch] Adding mac-address /conf selector to diskless 
a kern/68189   bz         [arp] [jail] [patch] arp -a discloses non-jail interfa
o usb/68232    usb        [ugen] [patch] ugen(4) isochronous handling correction
o kern/68311              [patch] it is impossible to override defaults with ker
f kern/68317              [kernel] [patch] on soft (clean) reboots clean dmesg o
p usb/68412    imp        [usb] [patch] QUIRK: Philips KEY013 USB MP3 player
o kern/68459              [vfs] [patch] Patches to mknod(2) behave more like Lin
o bin/68586    dwmalone   [patch] allow syslogd to forward to non-default ports 
f kern/68623              [sf] [patch] sf(4) (Adaptec StarFire) multiple problem
s kern/68692   andre      [net] [patch] Move ARP out of routing table
o bin/68797               [patch] cut(1): fflush after each write if an option i
a kern/68905   secteam    [patch] core dumps are assigned wrong ownership
o bin/69010               [patch] Portability fixes for FreeBSD build utils, par
o bin/69083               [patch] basic modelines for contrib/nvi
o bin/69268               [patch] Fix ndiscvt(8) to warn you if it's going to ge
o bin/69398               [patch] cleartext display of password in login.c
o kern/69650              [patch] make getserv* functions work with nsdispatch
o kern/69730              [puc] [patch] puc driver doesn't support PC-Com 8-port
o docs/69861   doc        [patch] usr.bin/csplit/csplit.1 does not document POSI
o bin/69875               [patch] mlxcontrol(8): `mlxcontrol status <drivename>'
o bin/69986               [sysinstall] [patch] no job control in fixit shell on 
p bin/70182               [patch] fortune -e implementation bug
o bin/70245    ru         [patch] Change to src/release/Makefile to aid document
o usb/70523    usb        [umct] [patch] umct sending/receiving wrong characters
o docs/70583   ceri       [patch] Update freebsd-glossary
o docs/70652   doc        [patch] New man page: portindex(5)
o bin/70756               [PATCH] indent(1) mishandles code that is protected fo
o kern/70810              [pci] [patch] Enable SMBus device on Asus P4B series m
o stand/70813  standards  [PATCH] ls(1) not Posix compliant
o kern/71258   alc        [vm] [patch] anonymous mmappings not always page align
o bin/71613               [PATCH] traceroute(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/tracero
o bin/71616               [PATCH] yp_mkdb(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/yp_mkdb co
o bin/71617               [PATCH] ypserv(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/ypserv code
o bin/71618               [PATCH] timed(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/timed code
o bin/71621               [PATCH] sliplogin(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/sliplogi
o bin/71622               [PATCH] sicontrol(8): cleanup of the usr.sbin/sicontro
o bin/71623               [pcvt] [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pcvt code
o bin/71625               [rpc] [patch] cleanup of the usr.sbin/rpc.ypupdated co
o bin/71628               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/rpcbind code
o bin/71629               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pppstats code
o bin/71630               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pppd code
o bin/71631               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/pppctl code
o bin/71632               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/ndp code
p bin/71659               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/mount_portalfs code
o bin/71660               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/kgmon code
o bin/71661               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/keyserv code
o bin/71664               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/fwcontrol code
o bin/71665               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/dconschat code
o bin/71667               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/bootparamd code
o bin/71669               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/atm code
o bin/71671               [PATCH] cleanup of the usr.sbin/apmd code
o bin/71749               [PATCH] truss -f causes circular wait when traced proc
o conf/71767              [patch] French translations for keyboards keymaps desc
s bin/71773    des        [patch] -c misses some comments
s bin/71855               [patch] making kdump WARNS=6 clean
o conf/71994              [patch] dot.login: login shell may unnecessarily print
o conf/72076              [locale] [patch] German locales use old %d.%m.%y date 
p kern/72217              [netinet6] [patch] Bug in calculation of the parameter
o conf/72277              [patch] update for /usr/share/skel
o kern/72352              [puc] [patch] Support for VScom PCI-100L is missing fr
o kern/72433              [amr] [patch] AMR raid, amrreg.h struct amr_enquery3 a
o conf/72465              [patch] United States International keyboard layout fo
o kern/72585              [syscons] [patch] iso05-8x16.fnt lacks letter q
o bin/72588               [patch] iostat(8) tty stats field concatenation
o bin/72674               [patch] make /usr/bin/whois use SK-NIC's whois server 
p usb/72732    imp        [patch] Kyocera 7135 quirk.
o bin/72793               [patch] wicontrol(8) prints out non-printable chars in
o conf/72901              [patch]: dot.profile: prevent printing when doing an s
p kern/72933   yar        [netgraph] [patch] promisc mode on vlan interface does
a conf/72978              [patch] add danish syscons keymap with accents
o sparc/72998  sparc64    [kernel] [patch] set_mcontext() change syscalls parame
o kern/73328              [patch] top shows NICE as -111 on processes started by
o bin/73337               [nsswitch] [patch] potential invalid free
o conf/73677   rc         [patch] add support for powernow states to power_profi
f kern/73777   emulation  [linux] [patch] linux emulation: root dir special hand
o conf/73786              [patch] added WARNING in spanish to stable-supfile
o i386/73921   i386       [sysctl] [patch] sysctlbyname for machdep.tsc_freq doe
o conf/74004              [PATCH] add fam support to inetd.conf
o bin/74140    roberto    [patch] ntpdate(8): ntpdate does not try all IPs for a
o bin/74178               [patch] grdc(6) - scrolling does not work and "AM"/"PM
o conf/74213   darrenr    [PATCH] Connect src/etc/periodic/security/610.ipf6deni
f i386/74327   i386       [pmap] [patch] mlock() causes physical memory leakage
o bin/74360               [patch] ndiscvt(8) generates a driver which doesn't ma
o kern/74450              [libalias] [patch] enable libalias/natd to create skip
a usb/74453    usb        [umass] [patch] Q-lity CD-RW USB ECW-043 (ScanLogic SL
p usb/74609    imp        [umodem] [patch] allowing cdma modems to work at full 
p bin/74743    antoine    [patch] wctype.c declares static array on stack
o kern/74786              [irq] [patch] Smartlink Modem causes interrupt storm o
p usb/74849    imp        [usbdevs] [patch] Samsung SPH-i500 does not attach pro
p usb/74880    imp        [ucom] [patch] Samsung N400 cellphone/acm fails to ata
f ports/74907  pav        [PATCH] www/mod_perl: cleanups
s kern/74986   jfv        [patch] sysctlize a parameter of if_em's interrupt mod
o kern/75132   jhb        [puc] [patch] add support for the Davicom 56PDV PCI Mo
f kern/75254              [wi] [patch] PRISM3-based adapter ZCOM XI330 doesn't w
o conf/75502              [patch] [locale] Fix LC_NUMERIC and LC_MONETARY for de
o usb/75764    usb        [umass] [patch] "umass0: Phase Error" - no device for 
o kern/75934              [libcrypt] [patch] missing blowfish functionality in p
o gnu/76169               [patch] Add PAM support to cvs pserver
o docs/76333   doc        [patch] ferror(3): EOF indicator can be cleared by not
s kern/76520              [libiconv] [patch] Add new kernel-side libiconv conver
o kern/76539              [dummynet] [patch] ipnat + dummynet on output on same 
o conf/76626              [patch] 460.status-mail-rejects shows destination doma
o usb/76653    usb        [umass] [patch] Problem with Asahi Optical usb device 
o kern/76678   rwatson    [libpam] [patch] Allow pam_krb5 to authenticate no loc
p kern/76710   yongari    [mii] [patch] rgephy does not deal with status properl
o bin/77031               [patch] comm(1) unable to handle lines greater than LI
o kern/77355              [i386] [patch] Detect i*86 subarches for uname
o kern/77841              [libc] [patch] cast away const in getpublickey()
o kern/77913   net        [wi] [patch] Add the APDL-325 WLAN pccard to wi(4)
o kern/78114   phk        [geom] [patch] Solaris/x86 label structures for GEOM (
o docs/78138   doc        [patch] Error in pre-installation section of installat
o bin/78170               [patch] Fix signal handler in bootpd
o docs/78240   doc        [patch] handbook: replace <literal> with <quote> aroun
o bin/78562               [patch] Add numerical sorting option to join(1)
o kern/78646              [libmap] [patch] libmap should canonicalize pathnames 
o kern/78673              [nfs] [patch] nfs client open resets attrstamp ever if
o bin/78728               [patch] ntpd -- noisy when IPv4 or IPv6 interfaces are
o kern/78756              [libc] [patch] src/lib/libc/nls/fr_FR.ISO8859-1.msg fo
o kern/78758   sos        [ata] [patch] Add support for re-sizing ATA disks
o bin/78763    pjd        [patch] [jail] Added jail support to ps(1)
o bin/78768    pjd        [patch] [jail] Added jail support to top(1)
o bin/78785    ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw verbosity locks machine if /etc/rc
s kern/78884              [nfs] [patch] nfs client cache negative lookups
o usb/78984    usb        [umass] [patch] Creative MUVO umass failure
o bin/79008               [patch] add option for pom(6) to specify EPOCH
o i386/79091   i386       [i386] [patch] Small optimization for i386/support.s
p kern/79139   rodrigc    [pci] [patch] Support for more PCIe chipsets
p conf/79196   mtm        [PATCH] configurable dummynet loading  from /etc/
o bin/79228    net        [patch] extend /sbin/arp to be able to create blackhol
o bin/79232               [patch] WARNS6 clean libexec/comsat
o bin/79607    obrien     grok and default to bzip2-compressed manual pages [pat
o ports/79651  clement    [patch] mail/ssmtp: add per-user smtp authentication c
p usb/79725    imp        [usb] [patch] USB device speed is not double-checked
o threa/79887  threads    [patch] freopen() isn't thread-safe
p usb/79893    imp        [umass] [patch] new usbdevs/umass quirks derived from 
p usb/80010    imp        [aue] [patch] add support for the AEI USB to LAN adapt
p kern/80031   rwatson    [coda] [patch] Remove insque/remque from kernel land
o bin/80117               [sysinstall] [patch] smbfs install option for sysinsta
o kern/80269              [libtacplus] [patch] libtacplus tac_get_av_value will 
p bin/80411    kan        [patch] df(1): bin/df/df.c sign errors in calls to get
o conf/80504              [patch] de_DE.ISO8859-1 libc message catalog
o bin/80620    des        [patch] fetch -U does not work
s kern/80642   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw small patch - new RULE OPTION
s bin/80687               [patch] Missing NULL termination after strncpy() in lo
o bin/80732               [PATCH]: getty(8) and telnetd(8) ignore the 'if' optio
o usb/80774    usb        [patch] have "usbd_find_desc" in line with the other "
o kern/80775              [patch] sysctl_handle_string should have a timeout
f kern/80844              [psm] [patch] Increase compatibility of psm driver wit
o usb/80854    usb        [patch] [request] suggestion for new iface-no-probe me
o usb/80935    usb        [uvisor] [patch] uvisor.c is not work with CLIE TH55.
o bin/81035               [patch] boot0cfg emits bogus error
o stand/81287  standards  [PATCH]: fingerd(8) might send a line not ending in CR
o bin/81300               [PATCH] add option to sockstat(1) to always separate
o bin/81495               [patch] hexdump(1) format option does not allow litera
o kern/81588   phk        [kernel] [patch] Devices with SI_CHEAPCLONE flag don't
o bin/81692    sos        [patch] atacontrol(8) support for disk APM and acousti
o bin/81709               [patch] lam accepts -P but not -p
o kern/81803              [ichsmb] [patch] Unsupported ICH6 SMBus controller on 
o bin/81837               [patch] Sort by directories first option for ls(1)
p kern/81987   matteo     [libc] [patch] memory leaks in libc/rpc
o bin/82161               [patch] m4's eval does not handle INT_MIN correctly
o bin/82170               [patch] m4's eval does not work as documented
o bin/82185               [patch] ndp(8) command bug
o conf/82228   roberto    [patch] order parsed ntpdate_hosts in /etc/rc.d/ntpdat
p bin/82287    trhodes    [patch] routed(8): Fix varargs usage, remove non-exist
p usb/82436    imp        [usbdevs] [patch] USL101 Host-to-Host bridge support o
o gnu/82484               [patch] for misleading man cvs
s ports/82661  portmgr    [patch] Add support to filter MASTER_SITES and PATCH_S
o kern/82724   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] [request] Add setnexthop and defaultrou
o conf/82823              [patch] little addon for /etc/periodic/400.passwdless
o bin/83170               [patch] Allow 'install' to compare files by mtime inst
o bin/83358               [patch] improper handling of malloc failures within re
o bin/83361               [patch] Incorrect malloc failures handling within libd
o kern/83424              [libstand] [patch] improper handling of malloc failure
o kern/83451              [libusbhid] [patch] improper handling of malloc failur
o kern/83622              [net] [patch] add network interfaces labeling support
s kern/83697   multimedia [snd_mss] [patch] support, docs added for full-duplex,
o kern/83778              [kame] [patch] JPv6 cannot use Jumbo Frames
o kern/83807   kmacy      [sis] [patch] if_sis: Wake On Lan support for FreeBSD
o stand/83845  standards  [libm] [patch] add log2() and log2f() support for libm
o bin/84041               [PATCH] fix for wall(1) error message
o kern/84215   jail       [jail] [patch] wildcard ip (INADDR_ANY) should not bin
o docs/84265   doc        [patch] chmod(1) manpage omits implication of setting 
o docs/84271   ceri       [patch] compress(1) doesn't warn about nasty link hand
o bin/84298               [patch] allow mount(8) to recognize relative pathnames
o docs/84538   joel       [patch] sk(4) driver supports Marvell 88E800x chip too
o docs/84670   doc        [patch] tput(1) manpage missing ENVIRONMENT section wi
o conf/84752              [patch] 100.clean-disks cleans file systems that don't
o kern/84797              [libutil] [patch] State engine in the libutils propert
o conf/84800   obrien     [patch] setting CPUTYPE=nocona on an Intel system resu
o bin/84911               [patch] ndisgen(8) can't cope with .sys-files that beg
o docs/84955   ru         [patch] mdoc(7) manpage should mention missing documen
o docs/84956   doc        [patch] intro(5) manpage doesn't mention API coverage
o kern/84981              [headers] [patch] header protection for <sys/syscall.h
o kern/85086   wkoszek    [ef] [patch] Locking fixes for ef(4) (+removes mem. le
o docs/85118   doc        [PATCH] opiekey(1) references non-existing opiegen(1)
o docs/85187   doc        [patch] find(1) manpage missing block info for -ls
o i386/85417   i386       [i386] [npx] [patch] Possible bug in ia32 floating-poi
o kern/85648              [net] [patch] provide more specific default network dr
o kern/85650              [libstand] [patch] modifications to tftp-based PXE boo
o kern/85651              [kernel] [patch] debugging code to show entries in eve
o i386/85652   i386       [loader] [patch] deal with out-of-memory errors during
o i386/85653   i386       [i386] [patch] relieve hangs in tight loops in process
o i386/85655   i386       [i386] [patch] expose cpu info for i386 systems
o i386/85656   i386       [i386] [patch] expose more i386 specific CPU informati
o kern/85657              [kernel] [patch] capture and expose per-CPU time accou
s kern/85658   jeff       [sched_ule] [patch] add DDB command, show runq, to sch
o conf/85819   rc         [patch] script allowing multiuser mode in spite of fsc
o gnu/85895               [PATCH] cc -print-search-dirs returns (null)
o kern/85971   jeff       [uma] [patch] minor optimization to uma
s ports/86106  portmgr    [patch] ${CC} should be added to ${MAKE_ENV} when ${US
o docs/86134   blackend   [patch] fix inconsistency in handbook section 9.4 rega
o bin/86148               [patch] dirname(1) doesn't take multiple arguments as 
p usb/86195    imp        [usbdevs] [patch] allow USB Ethernet Adaptor "ELECOM L
o kern/86290   jeff       [kernel] [patch] minor optimizations + cleanup to vrel
o bin/86388               [patch] periodic(8) daily should backup bsdlabel(8) / 
p usb/86438    imp        [patch] Fix for non-working iPod over USB is in NetBSD
a stand/86484  standards  [PATCH] mkfifo(1) uses wrong permissions
o bin/86485               [PATCH] hexdump -s speedup on /dev
o bin/86635               [patch] pfctl: allow new page character (^L) in pf.con
o kern/86957   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw mac logging
o kern/87032   ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw ioctl interface implementation
o www/87119    hrs        [patch] encode copyright and such symbolically
s ports/87420  portmgr    [patch] implementing WITH_OPENLDAP_VER to
o bin/87651               [patch] fsck(8) (on superblock error) tells wrong man 
o conf/87925              [patch] [request] modify output of 405.status_ata_raid
o bin/87966               [PATCH] introduce -A flag for newfs to enable ACLs
o kern/87990              [kernel] [patch] SMP Race Condition in kdb_enter/kdb_e
o bin/88056               [patch] [request] cp(1) could really use Linux's -x op
o kern/88117              [rtld] [patch] support of $ORIGIN in rtld-elf.
o bin/88252               [patch] units(1) table errors/omissions for troy ounce
o kern/88336              [kernel] [patch] setkey(8) -D fails to report all SAs
o docs/88512   doc        [patch] mount_ext2fs(8) man page has no details on lar
a bin/88538               [patch] tcsh(1) ls-F spacing incorrect.
o bin/88780               [PATCH] Baseline ipmon(8) uses LOG_LOCAL0 syslog, not 
o bin/88821    pjd        [PATCH] IPv6 support for ggate
o conf/88913   rc         [patch] wrapper support for rc.subr
p usb/88939    imp        [usbdevs] [patch] Fix cheapy Myson USB-IDE adapter
o conf/89061   rc         [patch] IPv6 6to4 auto-configuration enhancement
f kern/89305   vwe        [vr] [patch] D-Link NIC with VIA Rhine II, lost of Net
p docs/89325   trhodes    [PATCH] Clarification of kbdmap(5), atkbd(4) and kbdco
o bin/89326               [PATCH] Add pattern matching to login.access(5)
o kern/89553              [bktr] [patch] going from 5.3 -> 6.0 winTV card not pr
o bin/89762               [patch] top(1) startup is very slow on system with man
o bin/89770    des        [patch] pam_krb5 'authentication token failure' in pas
o bin/89799               [patch] Making natd(8) not require a newline at the en
o conf/89870   rc         [patch] [request] make netif verbose rc.conf toggle
o bin/89988               [patch] bootparamd(8) null host support and whoami fix
o kern/89989   jail       [jail] [patch] Add option -I (ASCII 73) PID  to specif
s bin/90082    matteo     [syscons] [patch] curses ACS line graphics support for
o bin/90114               [patch] pw(8) takes strings after option -g for GID 0
o bin/90130               [patch] sysctl(8): print temperature in celsius only w
a conf/90163   dougb      [patch] Easily launch non-forking daemons like logsurf
o bin/90311               [patch] add "eject" to mt(1)
o bin/90384               [patch] chroot patch for sftp-server(8)
o ports/90436  portmgr    [patch] Add a way to handle configuration files to bsd
o bin/90680               [patch] make(1) thinks "^.for.o:" is a directive (".fo
o bin/90687               [patch] side effect of -delete option of find(1)
o bin/90823               [PATCH] cp(1) should use lchflags()
o bin/91034               [patch] minor fix to iostat(8) so that columns line up
o bin/91049               [patch] dump(8): make dumps more rsync-friendly
o bin/91101               [patch] /usr/src/usr.bin/whereis/whereis.c
o kern/91134              [smbfs] [patch] Preserve access and modification time 
o kern/91293   emulation  [svr4] [patch] *Experimental* Update to the SVR4 emula
o bin/91299    yar        [patch] add ftpd(8) SITE SHA256 command
a bin/91316               [patch] pax(1): pax -pe does not preserve times on sym
o kern/91347   rodrigc    [pci] [patch] Add another PCI-e chipset for extended c
o kern/91414   emaste     [kernel] [patch] Polling for devices other than NICs
f kern/91476   gavin      [fdc] [patch] floppy drive doesn't work in MS Virtual 
o usb/91546    usb        [umodem] [patch] Nokia 6630 mobile phone does not work
s kern/91777   darrenr    [ipfilter] [patch] wrong behaviour with skip rule insi
o i386/91871   i386       [boot1] [patch] boot1: jump to 0xf000:0xfff0 instead o
o kern/92238   sos        [ata] [patch] Spurious "atapci1: failed to enable memo
p usb/92306    imp        [quirk] [patch] Support for iRiver U10 USB media playe
o stand/92360  standards  [headers] [patch] Missing TAB3 in kernel headers
o stand/92362  standards  [headers] [patch] Missing SIGPOLL in kernel headers
p usb/92403    imp        [uplcom] [patch] uplcom.c needs new entry for 4.00 rev
o kern/92412              [libexec] [patch] rpc.rstatd reports bogus packets/per
s ports/92434  portmgr    [patch] Mk/ automatic show pkg-message
o conf/92523   rc         [patch] allow rc scripts to kill process after a timeo
o conf/92541              [PATCH] [locale] add ca_AD, ca_FR and ca_IT locales
o usb/92852    usb        [ums] [patch] Vertical scroll not working properly on 
o kern/92880              [libc] [patch] almost rewritten inet_network(3) functi
o gnu/93127               [PATCH] add __FreeBSD_kernel__ to pre-defines
f bin/93172               [patch] cksum(1): uintXX_t style(9) updates
o bin/93309               [rpc.quotad] [patch] rpc.rquotad: group quota support 
o bin/93310    des        [libpam] [patch] pam_unix ignores 'passwordtime' from 
o kern/93331              [kernel] [patch] broken asm in kernel
o misc/93341   phk        [nanobsd] [patch] make more flexibitily for NanoBSD cu
o usb/93389    usb        [umass] [patch] Digital Camera Pentax S60 don't work
p kern/93393   imp        [ed] [patch] Add Micro Research PCMCIA LAN Adapter MR1
o kern/93414   scottl     [aac] [patch] compilation problem in aac_ioctl header
o bin/93473    des        [patch] Let pam_unix(8) use "passwordtime" from login.
o ports/93560  roam       [PATCH] dns/djbdns-ipv6: Update IPv6 patches
o misc/93661              [patch] loader(8): prevent *.4th files and friends fro
o docs/93683   chinsan    [PATCH] some typos in klist(1)
o kern/93705   standards  [headers] [patch] ENODATA and EGREGIOUS (for glibc com
o conf/93815   rc         [patch] Adds in the ability to save ipfw rules to rc.d
o bin/93857               [patch] new utility: kiconv_cs_preload(8): Utility for
o kern/93860   trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch] sectors-per-track limit of MSDOSFS t
o usb/93872    usb        [cam] [patch] SCSI quirk required for ELTA 8061 OL USB
f bin/94032    krion      [patch] Enhancement to pkg_add(1) to add -4 flag to fo
o bin/94052               [PATCH]: Adds option to script(1) to suppress carriage
p usb/94132    imp        [patch] quirk for CENTURY EX35QUAT disk enclosure
s ports/94138  portmgr    [patch] Mk/, Mk/ CPUTYPE cause b
o kern/94273   gnn        [netipsec] [patch] IPIP decapsulation problem in FAST_
p usb/94311    imp        [ugen][PATCH] allow interrupt IN transactions to be af
o kern/94369              [bktr] [patch] Patch to support Leadtek WinFast Tv2000
o www/94423    danger     [patch] XML'ified release todo list
p usb/94439    imp        [patch] Add support for JNC MP3 Player
o kern/94480              [libufs] [patch] bread(3) & bwrite(3) can crash under 
o kern/94519              [libc] [patch] Add UF_HIDDEN file flag; map it to Wind
o bin/94546               [PATCH] Make telnet(1) accept 'host:port' on command l
o docs/94625   doc        [patch] growfs man page -- document "panic: not enough
o ports/94690  ume        [PATCH] Daemons in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ must do "setss
o kern/94830              [nfs] [patch] mount_nfs causes a fatal trap 18 if the 
p usb/94946    imp        [uhub] [patch] code dynamic status size for status cha
o bin/95079               [patch] apply(1) dies when there are two %1 in command
o bin/95082               [patch] ping(1) won't handle large preload patterns
s ports/95085  portmgr    [PATCH]: Add knob to allow for mutually e
o ports/95102  ume        [PATCH] security/cyrus-sasl2 - change authdaemond_path
o kern/95239              [libc] [patch] nftw(3) returns EINVAL for large values
o kern/95277   net        [netinet] [patch] IP Encapsulation mask_match() return
o bin/95698    philip     [patch] moused(8): Software control of sysmouse
p bin/95715               [patch] random(6) busy loop under some conditions
o conf/95754              [patch] Portuguese timedef
o conf/95905   brooks     [PATCH] /etc/rc.d/dhclient doesn't interact well with 
o bin/96018    brooks     [patch] dhclient(8): dhclient broadcasts unicast DHCPR
o bin/96128               [aic7xxx] [patch] Make aicasm WARNS=6 clean
p usb/96133    imp        [scsi] [patch] add scsi quirk for joyfly 128mb flash u
o ports/96147  tegge      [patch] devel/linuxthreads uses pre-install instead of
o stand/96236  standards  [PATCH] [POSIX] sed.1 incorrectly describes a function
o conf/96343   rc         [patch] rc.d order change to start inet6 before pf
o kern/96346              [modules] [patch] disable build of modules that are al
o usb/96381    usb        [cam] [patch] add a quirk table entry for a flash ram 
o kern/96429              [kernel] [patch] kern_linker.c hardcodes "/boot/kernel
o bin/96540               [patch] catman(1) does not deal correctly with hard-li
p usb/96714    imp        [usbdevs] [patch] Update uvisor to support the Fossil 
f kern/96743   yongari    [sk] [patch] broken 32-bit register operations
o conf/96746              [nanobsd] [patch] Configuration changes and README for
o bin/96854    imp        [patch] devd(8) parses events incorrectly in some case
o kern/96974   obrien     [patch] to build FreeBSD kernel with binutils 2.16.92
o kern/96999              [procfs] [patch] procfs reports incorrect information 
o kern/97000              [kernel] [patch] bogus "All threads purged from ugen0.
o bin/97002               [patch] crond(8) fails quietly if /usr/sbin/sendmail i
o kern/97071   jail       [jail] [patch] add security.jail.jid sysctl
o bin/97083               [patch] passwd(1) does not support _PWF_HESIOD
o kern/97153              [patch] When -NO_KERBEROS is set, libcom_err still get
o kern/97329              [nfs] [patch] code simplification
o kern/97377              [ntfs] [patch] syntax cleanup for ntfs_ihash.c
o kern/97381              [fdc] [patch] Patch to add zero-sector and spanned-sid
o usb/97472    usb        [cam] [patch] add support for Olympus C150,D390
p conf/97697   matteo     [patch] rc.conf - jail_<j>_exec_afterstart[0..n]
o kern/97786              [udf] [patch] fs/udf: incorrect timestamps
p kern/98015              [bfe] [patch] bfe(4): double free in error handling pa
f docs/98344   linimon    [patch] An update of the article "Choosing the FreeBSD
o kern/98460              [kernel] [patch] fpu_clean_state() cannot be disabled 
o kern/98618              [libexpat] [patch] src/lib/libexpat is setup for small
o docs/98759   joel       [patch] sbp_targ(4) man page missing reference to devi
o kern/98788              [syscons] [patch] Add sysctl to disallow VT_LOCKSWITCH
o conf/98815              [locale] [PATCH] Add euro symbol to pt_PT locale using
o i386/98932   i386       [i386] [patch] Kernel compilation failed on specific P
o kern/99017   sos        [ata] [patch] FreeBSD versions above 5.3 panic if atap
o kern/99068              [linux] [patch] Linux emulator crashed by java, when c
o gnu/99173               [PATCH] replace gnu patch with a bsd-licensed one.
o kern/99183   lulf       [gvinum] [patch] Gvinum stylefix
o kern/99186   lulf       [gvinum] [patch] Gvinum dumpconfig/setstate/stop imple
o bin/99217               [patch] pam_ssh(8) waits for a wrong ssh-agent PID at 
o bin/99307               [patch] mount_nfs(8) incompatible with zVM VMNFS 3A0
o conf/99328              [patch] updates for src/share/examples/cvsup
o conf/99444   rc         [patch] Enhancement: rc.subr could easily support star
p kern/99500   glebius    [netgraph] [patch] netgraph doesn't honor the monitor 
o bin/99566    jail       [jail] [patch] fstat(1) according to specified jid
o misc/99627              [PATCH] make update & CVSROOT
o kern/99692              [patch] A pl_PL.dvorak keymap for syscons.
o conf/99721   rc         [patch] /etc/rc.initdiskless problem copy dotfile in s
o kern/99758              [pty] [patch] chown/chmod pty slave side in kernel
o kern/99800              [libc] [patch] Add support for profiling multiple exec
o bin/99896    gad        [patch] lpr -r flag has no effect
o stand/99960  standards  [Patch] make(1): Add -p flag
o stand/100017 standards  [Patch] Add fuser(1) functionality to fstat(1)
o i386/100142  i386       [pci] [patch] /dev/smb0 device not available on system
o misc/100322             [tools] [patch] doesn't dump object nam
o bin/100424              [patch] ssh(1): SSH option BindAddress is ignored by o
a bin/100496              [patch] Fix to get rid of the telnet(1) to cisco probl
o ports/100504 skv        [PATCH] databases/p5-Class-DBI: Reduce dependencies
o bin/100535              [patch] cal(1) and ncal(1) do not take into account mu
o bin/100585              [patch] top(1): top -s0 causes load excessive
o conf/100616             [patch] syslog.conf: lines after exclamation point ign
o bin/100732              [patch] make dump(8) utility take modulo 10 of request
o conf/100782             [kbd] [patch] Default keymap to support ALT+Left, ALT+
o bin/100921              [tftpd] [patch] libexec/tftpd: `-w' non-traditional ac
o bin/100956   remko      [patch] support setting carp device state with ifconfi
o kern/101045             [arcmsr] [patch] Updates to arcmsr(4)
o ports/101120 portmgr    [patch] Tell CC and CXX to ports without 
o ports/101161 stas       [PATCH] devel/ocaml-findlib: update to 1.1.2
o kern/101228  embedded   [nanobsd] [patch] Two more entries for FlashDevice.sub
p i386/101379  i386       [i386] [patch] page fault clobbers error code in trap 
p usb/101757   imp        [patch] uhid.4: correct structure field names to match
o usb/101761   usb        [usb] [patch] [request] usb.h: increase maximal size o
o usb/101775   usb        [libusbhid] [patch] possible error in report descripto
o bin/102162              [tftpd] [patch] tftpd(8): Limit port range for tftpd
o bin/102299              [patch] grep(1) malloc abuse?
o bin/102394              [patch] ls(1) do not shows inode number symbolic link 
o ports/102414 ume        [PATCH] mail/cyrus-imapd: avoid fopen limit during mbo
o conf/102502  net        [patch] ifconfig name does't rename netgraph node in n
o kern/102540             [netgraph] [patch] supporting vlan(4) by ng_fec(4)
o kern/102549             [bktr] [patch] fix Pixelview PlayTV Pro 2 on bktr
o bin/102609              [PATCH] Add filtering capability to date(1)
o conf/102700  rc         [geli] [patch] Add encrypted /tmp support to GELI/GBDE
o docs/102719  doc        [patch] ng_bpf(4) example leads to unneeded promiscuos
o bin/102747   brian      [ppp] [patch] ppp timer subsystem stops under certain 
o bin/102793   imp        [patch] [request] top(1): display feature of current C
o ports/102946 secteam    [patch] ports-mgmt/portaudit
o usb/103046   usb        [ulpt] [patch] ulpt event driven I/O with select(2) an
p usb/103167   imp        [ehci] [patch] Transcend JetFlash120 memory stick prob
o usb/103418   usb        [usbhidctl] [patch] [request] usbhidctl: add ability t
o conf/103486  rc         [rc.d] [jail] [patch] rc.d/jail: mount fstab after dev
o conf/103489  rc         [rc.d] [jail] [patch] named_chroot_autoupdate doesn't 
o kern/103615  scottl     [aac] [patch] aac(4) update to the last version availa
o bin/103682              [patch] [request] nfsstat(1) should use %u instead of 
p usb/103702   imp        [cam] [patch] ChipsBnk: Unsupported USB memory stick
o kern/103764             [libradius] [patch] libradius aborts server processing
f ports/104029 lioux      [PATCH] net-p2p/mldonkey: don't install rc script with
o bin/104092              [patch] iostat(8): missing blanks in iostat output
o kern/104212             [puc] [patch] support for Kuroutoshikou SERIAL4P-LPPCI
o usb/104290   usb        [umass] [patch] quirk: TOSHIBA DVD-RAM drive (libretto
o usb/104352   usb        [ural] [patch] ural driver doesnt work
o docs/104493  roberto    [patch] Wrong description in ntp.conf(5) (CURRENT and 
o gnu/104533   bugmeister [patch] [request] make send-pr(1) read configuration f
o conf/104549  rc         [patch] rc.d/nfsd needs special _find_processes functi
o bin/104553              [patch] [request] Add login group support to login.acc
o kern/104682  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Some minor language consistency fixes a
s bin/104689   matteo     [patch] [request] powerd(8): add support for limiting 
p bin/104702   des        [patch] Make fetch(1) preserve permissions when overwr
o bin/104731   gad        [patch] missing newline in lpq output
o kern/104738  mlaier     [inet] [patch] Reentrant problem with inet_ntoa in the
o stand/104743 standards  [headers] [patch] Wrong values for _POSIX_ minimal lim
o bin/104746              [PATCH] 'traceroute -e -P TCP' cannot work through a r
o ports/104831 edwin      [patch] A bug in net/dhcpdump when decoding FQDN DHCP 
f bin/104845   antoine    [patch] Build error on contrib/file/magic(5)
o kern/104851             [inet6] [patch] On link routes not configured when usi
o kern/104882             [iicbb] [patch] pvr250 and pvrxxx drivers need iicbb p
o bin/104921   ipfw       [patch] ipfw(8) sometimes treats ipv6 input as ipv4 (a
o kern/105093             [ext2fs] [patch] ext2fs on read-only media cannot be m
o conf/105100             [locale] [patch] no support for lv (latvian) locale
a ports/105122 shaun      [PATCH] net-im/ejabberd: new UID/GID collides with Sam
o conf/105145  rc         [ppp] [patch] [request] add redial function to rc.d/pp
o kern/105330  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] ipfw (dummynet) does not allow to set q
o www/105333   www        [PATCH] Base selection in events in libcommon.xsl does
o bin/105341              [libpam] [patch] [request] pam_krb5: Add minimum_uid/m
o kern/105346  des        [libc] [patch] fcntl(): prevent useless locking with F
o docs/105456  keramida   [patch] overhaul of the security chapter (14)
o ports/105516 obrien     [patch] sysutils/asr-utils needs ASR_COMPAT kernel opt
o conf/105568  rc         [patch] [request] Add more flexibility to rc.conf, to 
o ports/105597 skv        [patch] make ports/net-mgmt/ng_ipacct NanoBSD-friendly
o kern/105604             [bktr] [patch] add support for Pixelview PlayTV Pro 2 
o bin/105614              [patch] setkey(8): Creating NULL encryption ESP SAs wi
o conf/106009  rc         [ppp] [patch] [request] Fix pppoed startup script to p
p bin/106049              [tftpd] [patch] tftpd(8) - improve -w option to suppor
o kern/106255  trhodes    [msdosfs] [patch]: correct setting of archive flag
o ports/106463 ume        [patch] [request] please add audacious support for aud
o ports/106483 portmgr    [PATCH]: embed distfile information in +CONTENTS
o i386/106493  ru         [patch] pxeboot(8) uses /pxeroot instead of /
o usb/106621   usb        [axe] [patch] DLINK DUB-E100 support broken
o bin/106642   dougb      [patch] [request] Allow excluding certain files from m
o kern/106645             [uart] [patch] uart device description in 7-CURRENT is
o kern/106646             [nfs] [patch] Pointer incorrectly cast to ulong
o bin/106734              [patch] [request] bzip2(1): SSE2 optimization for bzip
s ports/106848 portmgr    [PATCH] Mk/ -- Add support to remove locale
o usb/106861   usb        [usbdevs] [patch]: usbdevs update: Add product ACER Ze
o bin/106872              [patch] [request] extattr support for find(1)
o conf/107035  net        [patch] bridge interface given in rc.conf not taking a
o bin/107171              [patch] systat(1) doesn't die when it's xterm is kille
o usb/107243   usb        [cam] [patch] Apacer USB Flash Drive quirk
o usb/107388   usb        [patch] [request] new driver: add utoppy device from N
o bin/107515              [patch] ls(1) bug
o kern/107529             [libexec] [patch] ldd(1) aborts abruptly if a shared l
o stand/107561 standards  [libc] [patch] [request] Missing SUS function tcgetsid
o usb/107665   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] uscanner support for epson stylus DX
o kern/107707  geom       [geom] [patch] [request] add new class geom_xbox360 to
o ports/107816 roam       [patch] The IPv6 patch breaks the location feature of 
o kern/108046  remko      [nve] [patch] missing deviceid(s) in nve
o kern/108133  jmg        [bktr] [patch] bktr driver doesn't recognize Hauppauge
p docs/108142  trhodes    [patch] extattr(2) man page incomplete for extattr_lis
p usb/108427   imp        [patch] quirk: Samsung MP0402H
p bin/108523   trhodes    [patch] daemon(8): support for dropping privileges
p usb/108810   imp        [patch] quirk for I/O Magic USB flash drive "Giga Bank
o kern/108899             [termcap] [patch] termcap update for screen and linux 
s ports/109407 farrokhi   [patch] update port net-mgmt/chillispot to 1.1.0
o bin/109413   jhb        [PATCH] top(1) shows at least 50% idle when hyperthrea
o kern/109416  des        [libpam] [patch] pam_group doesn't check login_group m
a kern/109477  yongari    [vr] [patch] onboard via vt6103 ethernet does not work
o bin/109478              [libc] [patch] adopt reentrant syslog functions from O
o ports/109501 krion      [PATCH] add some configurable vars to mail/exim
o conf/109562  rc         [rc.d] [patch] [request] Make rc.d/devfs usable from c
a ports/109580 glewis     [patch] math/gnuplot does not include whe
o kern/110017             [libexec] [patch] serial port console output garbled
o docs/110061  doc        [PATCH] tuning(7) missing reference to vfs.read_max
o docs/110062  doc        [patch] mount_nfs(8) fails to mention a failure condit
o bin/110068              [patch] rewrite of mdmfs(8) in shell
o bin/110146              [patch] [request] Allow arbitrary gdb(1) options to by
o kern/110199  jmg        [kqueue] [patch] kqueue_register doesn't update the kn
o kern/110284  kmacy      [if_ethersubr] [patch] Invalid Assumption in SIOCSIFAD
o docs/110376  doc        [patch] add some more explanations for the iwi/ipw fir
p usb/110477   imp        [usbdevs] [patch] add Benq 3300U/4300U support to Free
o ports/110533 olgeni     [patch] WITHOUT_NLS support for www/neon and www/sitec
p usb/110681   imp        [ukbd] [patch] multiple keys will be repeated
f kern/110720  kmacy      [net] [patch] [request] support for interface descript
o kern/110797             [puc] [patch] Avlab Technology Inc. PCI IO 4S-850 seri
o bin/110887              [patch] truss(1) missing linux_access syscall descript
s usb/110991   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] QUIRK: Super Top IDE DEVICE (depends
p usb/110992   imp        [uftdi] [patch] Add Tactrix Openport support in uftdi
o kern/110995  kmacy      [loader] [patch] loader wastes space worth symtab size
o kern/111023  sos        [ata] [request] [patch] please expand ata timeouts
o bin/111024              [request] [patch] atacontrol(8): support for stand-by 
o ports/111120 tobez      [PATCH] lang/perl5.8: Provide @INC modification via op
o bin/111226              [patch] Incorrect usage of chflags(2) in FreeBSD utili
o power/111296 ppc        [kernel] [patch] [request] Support IMISS, DLMISS an DS
o ports/111326 shaun      [patch] japanese/lynx: Fix a BROKEN flag and update to
o bin/111493              [PATCH] routed(8) doesn't use multicasts for RIPv2 via
p usb/111710   imp        [patch] [usb] add support for Option GlobeTrotter 3G+
o ports/111909 perky      [patch] comms/py-serial: install docs and examples
o bin/111978              [patch] [request] make syspath list for mount(8) confi
o kern/111990             [pccbb] [patch] system freeze in initialization proces
o misc/112024             [patch] misc fixes to fortunes
p misc/112049             [patch] Fortune typos, around line 57346 of fortunes d
o conf/112081             [NOTES] [patch] network adapter missing in /sys/conf/N
o kern/112179  net        [sis] [patch] sis driver for natsemi DP83815D autonego
p ports/112347 obrien     [PATCH] editors/vim re-enable WITH_TCL
o bin/112379              [patch] [request] lockf(1): on closing stdin, stdout, 
o power/112435 ppc        [nexus] [patch] Update nexus children to use ofw_bus f
o kern/112477  marius     [ofw] [patch] Add support to set the node and type on 
s kern/112544  acpi       [acpi] [patch] Add High Precision Event Timer Driver f
o kern/112554  silby      [kernel] [patch] unp_gc is overly agressive and remove
o bin/112556              [patch]: sysctl(8) needs to fix multi-lineal descripti
o bin/112557   net        [patch] ppp(8) lock file should not use symlink name
o kern/112634             [tty] [patch] tty's driver method t_ioctl() never call
p docs/112650  trhodes    [patch] add flopen(3) to flock(2)'s xrefs
o bin/112673              [patch] pkg_add(1): pkg_add -S leaks the temp dir
p docs/112691  keramida   [patch] mdconfig(8) man page lacks CD image example
o kern/112775             [libmd] [patch] libmd(3) bug for some zero-length file
o bin/112794              [patch] [request] pam_exec(8): allow pam_exec to expor
p bin/112827   rwatson    [patch] [request] chmod-like -f & -v options to chflag
p bin/112920   rwatson    [PATCH]: wrong realpath(1) behaviour
o kern/112938             [headers] [patch] utmp.h is too limiting for modern sy
o usb/112944   usb        [ulpt] [patch] Bi-directional access to HP LaserJet 10
p bin/112955   des        [patch] login(1): add netgroup support back to pam_log
o conf/112997             [patch] Add note about the 'native' mtune option to sh
o bin/113049   fs         [patch] [request] make quot(8) use getopt(3) and show 
o usb/113060   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Samsung printer not working in bidir
o bin/113074              [patch] ppp(8): include <strings.h> for strcasecmp(3)
o ports/113096 edwin      [patch] x11/xorg - manpages broken
f ports/113099 tmclaugh   [PATCH] sysutils/libchk may skip $X11BASE now
o i386/113110  i386       [mk] [patch] i686 is not an alias of pentiumpro on GCC
a amd64/113111 amd64      [Makefile] [patch] Potentially wrong instructions will
o i386/113177  i386       [pci] [patch] Extended PCI Configuration register (>= 
o docs/113194  doc        [patch] [request] crontab.5: handling of day-in-month 
a kern/113218  jkim       [sysvipc] [patch] Overflow in shmget's memory size che
f bin/113230   des        [pam] [patch] const-ify PAM-headers
p bin/113250              [patch] fix calendar(1) -A and -B options
o conf/113265             [patch] Add registered epmd port number to etc/service
p kern/113266  harti      [libgssapi] [patch] Missing handling of mech_type in g
p bin/113275              [patch] regression tests for calendar(1)
p bin/113286              [patch] make output of calendar(1) properly sorted
p bin/113287              [patch] calendar(1) regression test updates after bin/
o gnu/113343              [patch] grep(1) outputs NOT-matched lines (with multi-
p kern/113388  ipfw       [ipfw][patch] Addition actions with rules within speci
o bin/113518              [patch] make(1): Prevent execution when command is a c
o ports/113550 kuriyama   [PATCH] update textproc/expat2 to 2.0.1
o ports/113675 alexbl     [PATCH] audio/mt-daapd: Trouble correction of specific
o bin/113682              [patch] sysinstall(8) warns for invalid geometry which
o bin/113702   krion      [PATCH]: bad output from "pkginfo -g"
o docs/113803  ipfw       [patch] ipfw(8) - don't get bitten by the fwd rule
o bin/113813              [patch] terminating powerd(8) should restore max CPU f
o bin/113838   fs         [patch] [request] mount(8): add support for relative p
o kern/113849             [libdisk][patch] Correction of Sanitize_Bios_Geom for 
o bin/113881              [patch] sysctl(8): Wrong memory usage
o kern/113885  geom       [gmirror] [patch] improved gmirror balance algorithm
o conf/113913             [patch] [requst] new file /etc/periodic/daily/490.stat
f conf/113915  rc         [patch] ndis wireless driver fails to associate when i
s kern/113950  multimedia [sound] [patch] [request] add per-vchan mixer support
o bin/113979   matteo     [patch] sysinstall(8) does not support UFS1 filesystem
o conf/114013  usb        [patch] WITHOUT_USB allow to compil a lot of USB stuff
o kern/114033             [tty] [patch] [request] COMPAT_43TTY: log all deprecat
o bin/114059              [patch] shutdown(8) should fall back to exec reboot/ha
o usb/114068   usb        [umass] [patch] Problems with connection of the umass 
o bin/114081   bz         [patch] ppp(8) should be able to set ethernet address 
p bin/114097   matteo     [patch] [nfs] NFS Abstraction: mountd(8) binding
o conf/114119  rc         [jail] [patch] [request] /etc/rc.d/jail improvements f
o bin/114129   mux        [patch] csup(1) doesn't support authentication
p usb/114154   imp        [PATCH] umass quirk: Samsung YP-U2 USB MP3/Ogg Player
o docs/114184  doc        [patch] [ndis]: add info to man 4 ndis
p bin/114195   gshapiro   [patch] [request] make default mail directory for mail
o ports/114229 nork       [patch] [www/linuxpluginwrapper] libmap.conf-FreeBSD6 
o ports/114231 edwin      [patch] multimedia/audacious-plugins - audacious/plugi
o kern/114291  kmacy      [RFE][modules] [patch] add dynamic module references
o docs/114371  doc        [patch][ipv6] rtadvd.con(5) should show how to adverti
o bin/114465              [patch] [request] script(1): add really cool -d, -p & 
o bin/114468   fs         [patch] [request] add -d option to umount(8) to detach
o kern/114492             [kernel] [patch] device_attach() doesn't unset devclas
f ports/114494 edwin      [patch] port net/freenet6 putenv (-current) doesn't wo
o ports/114598 fjoe       [patch] misc/mc - UTF-8 support
o kern/114605             [ata] [patch] [request] new loader tunable for 80-pin 
p kern/114654  alc        [vm] [patch] make vm_page_max_wired tunnable at run ti
o kern/114847  fs         [ntfs] [patch] [request] dirmask support for NTFS ala 
o kern/114915  net        [patch] [pcn] pcn (sys/pci/if_pcn.c) ethernet driver f
o usb/114916   usb        [umass] [patch] USB Maxtor drive (L300RO) requires qui
o kern/114955  fs         [cd9660] [patch] [request] support for mask,dirmask,ui
o docs/115000  doc        [PATCH] nits and updates to FAQs (part 1)
o misc/115025             [tools] [patch] new flash device for nanobsd's FlashDe
o docs/115065  doc        [patch] sync ps.1 with p_flag and keywords
o usb/115080   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] allow using a Hercules HWGUSB2-54-V2
o kern/115133  scottl     [mpt] [mfi] [patch] Patches to make mfi support LSI SA
o kern/115162  des        [libpam] [patch] [request] Add check for target user's
o kern/115164  des        [libpam] [patch] [request] Add support for the account
o bin/115172   ipfw       [patch] ipfw(8) list show some rules with a wrong form
o kern/115196             [libc] [patch] [request] Implement getgroupmembership(
o docs/115220  remko      [patch] to Handbook Printer Section to Add CUPS Config
p bin/115327   krion      [patch] "pkg_delete -a" causes segmentation fault for 
o bin/115431              [patch] [request] improvement to split(1): add -B swit
o bin/115447              [patch] [request] teach make(1) to respect TMPDIR envi
o bin/115486              [patch] [request] newsyslog(8) -- provide ability to c
o bin/115513              [patch] [request] Add step down/up options to powerd(8
o kern/115547  geom       [geom] [patch] [request] let GEOM Eli get password fro
o amd64/115581 amd64      [Makefile] [patch] -mfancy-math-387 has no effect
a kern/115623             [cardbus] [patch] Xircom CardBus Ethernet II 10/100 Ad
f conf/115751  linimon    [PATCH] etc/rc.d/mdconfig (RELENG_6)
p kern/115755  ipfw       [ipfw][patch] unify message and add a rule number wher
a docs/115774  murray     [patch] Mailing list users aren't warned about public 
o ports/115800 ale        [patch] databases/php5-pdo_sqlite - knob to use shared
o ports/115851 tobez      [PATCH] www/p5-Jifty: update to 0.70824
o usb/115933   usb        [uftdi] [patch] RATOC REX-USB60F (usb serial converter
o usb/115935   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] kernel counterproductively attaches 
o kern/116009  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] Ignore errors when loading ruleset from
o docs/116039  blackend   [patch] remove nodev references from French documentat
o ports/116066 girgen     [patch] Update databases/postgresql-odbc to newest ver
o conf/116071             [patch] loader.conf update some variables
o ports/116083 ahze       [PATCH] graphics/py-opengl: update to
f ports/116120 lippe      [patch] x11-toolkits/gtkdatabox2: update to
f bin/116190   sam        [patch] add syslog support for wpa_supplicant
o bin/116209              [patch] [request] decimal suffix in split(1)
o ports/116219 portmgr    [patch] Add @rmtry to
o stand/116221 standards  [kernel] [patch] [request] SUS issue -- FreeBSD has no
o ports/116236 gnome      [patch] Shoot yourself in the foot fix for www/firefox
o conf/116237             [patch] ugly output of the 405.status-ata-raid if fdes
o ports/116244 portmgr    [patch] - Make USE_DISPLAY more general
o ports/116248 sergei     [PATCH] ports-mgmt/porttools: add -R to cvs update/dif
o i386/116347  i386       [apm] [patch] APM does not suspend USB devices
o conf/116416  mtm        [patch] [request] per-jail rc.conf(5) style configurat
o bin/116425              [patch] [request] ls(1) options for pre-sort of direct
f ports/116567            [PATCH] net/vnc: patch x0vncserver to not give the sel
o usb/116574   usb        [ehci] [patch] Add device ids for ICH8 USB chipsets
o ports/116601 portmgr    [patch] - fail if dependency failed
o bin/116606   sam        [patch] Enable history support in wpa_cli(8)
o ports/116627 clement    [patch] www/apache22: completely shut up rc.d script w
o bin/116643   net        [patch] [request] fstat(1): add INET/INET6 socket deta
o kern/116697  kmacy      [patch] ifconfig's name argument has no efect on /dev/
o stand/116826 standards  [PATCH] sh support for POSIX character classes
o kern/116896  pjd        [patch] Typo in a kassert in GEOM
o bin/116980              [patch] [msdosfs] mount_msdosfs(8) resets some flags f
p ports/116984 dinoex     [patch] www/apache13-modssl missing perl5.8 as RUN_DEP
o usb/117075   usb        [scsi_da] [patch] quirk: USB Samsung YP-U3 MP3
o ports/117078 lippe      [PATCH]: www/* COMMENT, BROKEN, RESTRICTED, NO_PACKAGE
o ports/117080 linimon    [PATCH]: Mk/
o bin/117093   kensmith   [patch] [request] Teach sysinstall(8) to load config f
o usb/117185   usb        [umodem] [patch] Add support for UNION interface descr
p bin/117189   antoine    [patch]  not removing old libraries 
s kern/117190             [sata] [patch] Support ATA ICH7 controller (SATA150 mo
o bin/117191              [patch] - Add files to remov
o usb/117205   usb        [uscanner] [patch] uscanner support for HP ScanJet 447
o kern/117243             [aac] [patch] PCI Ids missing from aac_pci.c
o kern/117257             [syscons] [patch] British English Dvorak keymap for sy
o bin/117277   des        [PATCH] fetch's resume mode doesn't verify that it act
o conf/117323             [termcap] [patch] Missing termcap entry for rxvt-unico
o bin/117339   net        [patch] route(8): loading routing management commands 
o ports/117449 markus     [PATCH] deskutils/kchmviewer - fixed install problem w
o bin/117452              [patch] tftp(1): the fix for PR 103206 was incorrect
p kern/117512  des        [libpam] [patch] document .opieaccess for pam_opieacce
s ports/117518            [PATCH] misc/ipbt - fix BROKEN size mismatch in distin
o bin/117520   mux        [patch] csup not-really-equivalent to cvsup
o usb/117546   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Add MaxStream ZigBee product ID to u
p bin/117564   krion      [patch] pkg_updating: UPDATING parser and displayer
o kern/117578  kmacy      [lo] [patch] lo(4) can be simplified even further
o usb/117598   usb        [uaudio] [patch] Not possible to record with Plantroni
f bin/117603   iedowse    [patch] dump(8) hangs on SMP - 4way and higher.
o ports/117646 jmz        [PATCH] comms/mgetty+sendfax: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o bin/117687              [patch] fstab(5) format cannot handle spaces
o kern/117709  simon      [libcrypto] [patch] Base openssl does not define OPENS
o bin/117733              [patch] [request] allow to tee(1) to sockets, descript
f bin/117751              [patch] [request] Make pw(8) support "-d" argument
o kern/117829  daichi     [unionfs] [patch] can't mount devfs on top of unionfs 
p kern/117836  des        [patch] [request] Extend ktrace/kdump output
p bin/117855   krion      [patch] pkg_updating: minor code cleanups
f ports/117874 bsam       [patch] graphics/ffff: unbreak building with gcc-4.2
o ports/117931 skv        [PATCH] devel/bugzilla2: Update port name after repoco
o conf/117935  rc         [patch] ppp fails to start at boot because of missing 
o usb/117938   usb        [ums] [patch] Adding support for MS WL Natural and MS 
p bin/117944   keramida   [PATCH] [request] add a du(1) -l option to count hardl
o ports/117993 cokane     [patch] [request] misc/cpuid add AMD Miscellanous Feat
o bin/118014   remko      [patch] arp(8): Minor style(9) change to src/usr.sbin/
o ports/118052 linimon    [patch] consolidate tcl* and tk* categories into just 
o bin/118087   dwmalone   [patch] restore(8) complains about "Header with wrong 
o conf/118111             [patch] [request] Add MAC address based interface rena
o bin/118114              [patch] update manctl(8)
o bin/118132              [PATCH] pax(1): broken -s handling of \1, \2 ...
o kern/118135             [ata] [patch] Detect ATA controllers in MacBook3,1
f ports/118159 ijliao     [PATCH] security/cryptopp: update to 5.5.2
o ports/118168 multimedia [patch] multimedia/transcode - Add WITHOUT_X11 and WIT
o bin/118205              [patch] [request] new options -r to pkill(1) a pid aft
o kern/118287             [kernel] [patch] tty write is not always atomic for sm
p bin/118292              [sysvipc] [patch] Add support to remove all msg/shm/se
o bin/118294   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8) can't parse WORD which includes '('
o bin/118295   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8) makes a syntax error when it proces
o bin/118296   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8) can't parse a STRING WORD pattern w
o bin/118297   weongyo    [patch] ndiscvt(8): sort a output format.
o kern/118317             [zlib] [patch] Incorrect gzeof() return value in zlib 
a bin/118325   dougb      [patch] [request] new periodic script to test statuses
f ports/118327 se         [PATCH] Uprade net/SIPp port to new snapshot (bug fixe
o kern/118355  pf         [pf] [patch] pfctl help message options order false -t
p kern/118369  thompsa    [ndis] [patch] ndis - a incorrect definition of struct
o usb/118374   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] support Option GlobeTrotter Max 3.6 
o conf/118385  rc         [patch] [rc] /etc/rc.d/motd doesn't work on custom sys
p kern/118461  antoine    [libutil] [patch] humanize_number(3) incorrectly forma
o usb/118479   usb        [ubsa] [patch] ubsa driver does not recognize AnyDATA 
o usb/118485   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] Logitech Headset Workaround
o kern/118486  dwmalone   [bpf] [patch] change BPF filters without discarding bu
f bin/118488              [patch] pw(8) usershow doesn't print password hashes w
o kern/118493  weongyo    [ndis] [patch] a trivial fix when ndis sets `ndis_reso
a kern/118510  alc        [libc] [patch] munmap(2) doesn't remove all mappings
o kern/118540  kaiw       [elf] [patch] update sys/sys/elf_common.h with new ema
o threa/118544 delphij    [libc] [patch] the "clnt_create" function in "libc/rpc
o ports/118547 x11        [patch] x11/xdm fails with pam_krb5
o bin/118644              [patch] style(9)ify src/usr.bin/calendar
o ports/118673 anholt     [patch] devel/git make patch-while-case conditional
o usb/118686   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] teach usbdevs / ubsa(4) about Huawei
o kern/118713             [minidump] [patch] Display media size required for a k
o kern/118727  net        [ng] [patch] [request] add new ng_pf module
o kern/118739             [cpufreq] [patch] Allow the cpufreq/p4tcc driver to de
o usb/118741   usb        [umass] [patch] Support for Nikon D300 digital camera 
p conf/118770  mtm        [patch] rc.d scripts: print information instead of sil
o bin/118782              [patch] shar(1) sometimes creates broken archives
a kern/118879  net        [bge] [patch] bge has checksum problems on the 5703 ch
o ports/118942 cy         [patch] sysutils/screen print the PID of a session cre
f ports/118970 nemoliu    [PATCH] java/jboss5: update to 5.0.0.Beta3
o kern/118975  net        [bge] [patch] Broadcom 5906 not handled by FreeBSD
p conf/118976             [patch] Turkish locale support for tr_TR.ISO8859-9
o conf/119076  rc         [patch] [rc] /etc/rc.d/netif tries to remove alias add
o ports/119095 brooks     [PATCH] sysutils/ganglia-monitor-core: allow to run mu
o ports/119115 chinsan    [Patch] chinese/ve: use termios, not sgtty
p i386/119126  des        [ichwd] [patch] ICHWD on ICH9 family chip
o usb/119150   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] new usbdevs for CDMA 1xEVDO devices
o i386/119175  i386       [busdma] [patch] Typo in bus_dmamem_alloc()
o ports/119199 danfe      [PATCH] emulators/wine: option to disable CUPS
o kern/119202             [kernel] [patch] Add generic support for disabling dev
o kern/119205             [dc] [patch] Collect various stats regarding dc(4) int
o usb/119227   usb        [ubsa] [patch] ubsa buffer is too small; should be tun
o ports/119275 olgeni     [patch] www/yaws - enable compilation on non-i386
o bin/119305   jail       [jail] [patch] jexec(8): jexec -n prisonname: selectio
o kern/119307  emaste     [queue] [patch] TRASHIT macro blasts list header if RE
o docs/119329  doc        [patch] Fix misleading man 1 split
p kern/119351  des        [ichwd] [patch] add ICH-8M support for ichwd
o kern/119358             [kernel] [patch] SYSINIT_VERBOSE can be more verbose
o bin/119368   krion      [PATCH] pkg_add(1) doesn't keep dependent packages wit
s ports/119449 trasz      [PATCH] emulators/hercules: update to 3.05
o ports/119453 scrappy    [patch] Fix two small flaws in sysutils/bsdstats port
o conf/119464             [patch] [request] Add 'sorted' option to etc/periodic/
a ports/119476 naddy      [PATCH] audio/flac: update to 1.2.1
a ports/119479 naddy      [PATCH] audio/flac123: update for flac-1.2.1
o bin/119483              [patch] vidcontrol(1) misses latest VESA mode (off-by-
p i386/119491  jhb        [i386] [patch] [request] padlock enable for new VIA C7
p docs/119519  trhodes    [PATCH] ports(7): Move `config-recursive' where it bel
o ports/119556            [PATCH] textproc/xerces-c2: Update to 2.8.0
o kern/119575  simokawa   [firewire] [patch] sbp_targ cannot handle multiple CTI
o bin/119589              [patch] powerd(8): default parameter of powerd is unsu
o docs/119594  remko      [patch] Add VMware Fusion to the Virtualization sectio
o kern/119606             [sio] [patch] PCMCIA card not attached to driver
o bin/119610              [patch] config(8): config -x appends unwanted trailing
p bin/119614   keramida   [patch] add regression tests for tr(1)
o usb/119653   usb        [cam] [patch] iriver s7 player sync cache error patch
p docs/119658  keramida   [patch] Add syntax note to loader.conf.5
o kern/119668  scsi       [cam] [patch] certain errors are too verbose comparing
o ports/119679 motoyuki   [PATCH] japanese/mh  for gcc 4.2 on FreeBSD 7.0
p bin/119705   keramida   [PATCH] make iostat(8) a bit smarter about the number 
o ports/119710 sumikawa   [patch] net/netcat - nc command runs BSD nc instead of
o stand/119804 standards  [timedef] [patch] Invalid (long)date format in pl_PL.I
o conf/119874  rc         [patch] "/etc/rc.d/pf reload" fails if there are macro
o ports/119879 portmgr    [patch] Mk/ - add SHA256, MD5, GMAKE an
o ports/119923 demon      [patch] sysutils/ascpu does not work FreeBSD 8.0-CURRE
o usb/119981   usb        [usbdevs] [patch] add support for LOGITEC LAN-GTJ/U2 g
o ports/119997 dougb      [PATCH] dns/bind94: added GeoIP patches
o ports/120031 laszlof    [PATCH] net/ns: update to 2.30
o kern/120057  pf         [patch] Allow proper settings of ALTQ_HFSC. The check 
o kern/120073  remko      [patch] [request] new driver: add support for Meinberg
f ports/120096 obrien     [Patch] vietnamese/vnterm: use termios, not sgtty
f ports/120099 obrien     [Patch] vietnamese/vnelvis: don't use sgtty, but termi
o conf/120113             [patch] Croatian locale support for hr_HR.ISO8859-2
o bin/120114              [patch] sbin/reboot - add features available in Solari
o ports/120118 jylefort   [patch] devel/linux-js: fix for 7.x ABI breakage
o docs/120125  doc        [patch] Installing FreeBSD 7.0 via serial console and 
o kern/120128  attilio    [libc] [patch] __getcwd erroneously returning ENOENT
o kern/120138  jeff       [sched_ule] [patch] steal_thresh may be set a wrong va
o bin/120186   philip     [patch] moused(8) improvement to virtual scrolling
o conf/120194  rc         [patch] UFS volumes on ZVOLs cannot be fsck'd at boot
o ports/120198 doceng     [PATCH] textproc/docproj: Add dependencies for graphic
o kern/120215             [libcompat] [patch] Remove exposure of the sgtty inter
o ports/120223 jylefort   [PATCH] games/flightgear-mb339-pan: unbreak and update
o conf/120228  rc         [zfs] [patch] Split ZFS volume startup / ease ZFS swap
o kern/120232  net        [nfe] [patch] Bring in nfe(4) to RELENG_6
o docs/120248  doc        [patch] getaddrinfo() implementation on FreeBSD 7 is i
p bin/120249   yar        [patch] znew(1) is broken
o bin/120256              [patch] ftp(1): ftp -u URL/<file> <file> returns a -1 
o conf/120263             [patch] 800.loginfail misses relevant security informa
o kern/120270  simon      [openssl] [patch] AES-192 and AES-256 support for HW-a
o ports/120333 perky      [PATCH] lang/io: update to 0.0.2008.01.20
o bin/120336              [patch] Enable temperature ceiling in powerd(8)
o docs/120357  doc        [patch] zone.9 - document also the _arg versions of th
f ports/120370 keramida   [patch] editors/emacs build on arm
o conf/120406  rc         [devd] [patch] Handle newly attached pcm devices (eg. 
o conf/120431  rc         [patch] devfs.rules are not initialized under certain 
f ports/120480            [patch] devel/quilt: RPM dependency should be optional
o kern/120482             [ntfs] [patch] Sync style changes between NetBSD and F
f ports/120489 leeym      [PATCH] devel/cppunit: update to 1.12.0
o kern/120515  acpi       [acpi] [patch] acpi_alloc_wakeup_handler: can't alloc 
o ports/120518 multimedia [PATCH] multimedia/ffmpeg: Respect user using WITHOUT_
o ports/120532 portmgr    [PATCH] - add more recursive-foo targets
p kern/120569  jhb        [bge] [patch] Update dev id's for bge
o usb/120572   usb        [umass] [patch] quirk to support ASUS P535 as umass (a
o i386/120714  i386       [viapm] [patch] viapm driver doesn't work on VIA VT823
o bin/120730   ru         [patch] man(1): support for running on local files, al
o ports/120755 des        [PATCH] sysutils/munin-main: Use fixed UID/GID
o ports/120756 des        [PATCH] sysutils/munin-node: Use fixed GID
o bin/120784              [patch] mount(8): allow mount from fstab with 3rd part
o bin/120813              [patch] grdc(6) off by 500 ms (on average)
o kern/120833             [psm] [patch] try to detect Synaptics touchpad before 
o bin/120870              [patch] truss(1) shows 'pipe' system call as having 6 
o kern/120872             [libkvm] [patch] fstat exit on signal 11
o kern/120884             [bktr] [patch] bktr driver always stores the contigmal
o bin/120891   dwmalone   [patch] enhancement to syslogd(8) - always printing lo
p docs/120945  bms        [PATCH] ip6(4) man page lacks documentation for TCLASS
o bin/120974   philip     [patch] bsnmpd(1) snmp_pf module work incorrect when D
o ports/120983 philip     [patch] devel/p5-SDL update to 2.1.3
o bin/120990   marcel     [PATCH] support "BIOS Boot" partition type in gpt(8)
o conf/120993             [patch] 340.noid -- Add "find -x" capability (don't cr
o bin/120994              [patch] alignment violation in chap module of ppp(8) c
o usb/121045   usb        [uftdi] [patch] Add support for PC-OP-RS1 and KURO-RS
o conf/121064             [patch] Use ASCII characters for box/line characters i
o kern/121073             [kernel] [patch] run chroot as an unprivileged user
o bin/121074   des        [patch] Add RFC2617 digest authentication to fetch(3)
a bin/121093              [patch] pkg_add(1) does nothing and returns zero if ca
o bin/121101   rc         [patch] named(8): named_chroot_autoupdate forgets prot
o kern/121102  acpi       [acpi_fujitsu] [patch] update acpi_fujitsu for the P80
o ports/121104 roam       [PATCH] x11/xvkbd: update to 2.8
o kern/121117             [kernel] [patch] Add S{LIST,TAILQ}REMOVE_NEXT()
o kern/121122  ipfw       [ipfw] [patch] add support to ToS IP PRECEDENCE fields
o ports/121143 markus     [PATCH] audio/cdparanoia: rip multisession CDs correct
o ports/121172 tobez      [patch] lang/perl5.8 - Silence warning about UTF7
o docs/121173  doc        [patch] mq_getattr(2): mq_flags mistakenly described a
o ports/121175 lioux      [patch] x11-themes/kde-icons-dark-glass : update check
o bin/121182              [patch] newfs_msdos(8) should supports devices without
o usb/121184   usb        [uipaq] [patch] add ids from linux ipaq driver (plus a
o docs/121197  doc        [patch] edits to books/porters-handbook
o ports/121230 x11        [patch] ports/x11/xkeyboard-config WITHOUT_NLS support
o ports/121240 ale        [PATCH] Add PECL APC module support to support www/zen
o kern/121242  net        [ate] [patch] Promiscuous mode of if_ate (arm) doesn't
o kern/121276  edwin      [kernel] [patch] let link_elf_error show the name of t
o ports/121342 krion      [PATCH]devel/nasm: update to 2.02
o ports/121357 novel      [PATCH] security/gnutls: Respect if user doesn't want 
o bin/121366              [zfs] [patch] Automatic disk scrubbing from periodic(8
o ports/121395 portmgr    [PATCH] dialog wrapper script for OPTIONS
o ports/121413 portmgr    [PATCH] introduce USE_LZMA for lzma-compr
o ports/121414 danger     [patch] update textproc/sphinxsearch-devel
p bin/121418   antoine    [patch] ruptime(1) does not show correct information
o kern/121421  marcel     [uart][patch]: Tune 16550A FIFO interrupt level via de
o bin/121424              [patch] [ipfw] Rectify ambiguous English in manual
o usb/121426   usb        [patch] [uscanner] add HP ScanJet 3570C
p docs/121490  brueffer   [patch] Multiple typos ("in in") in /usr/src files
o bin/121502              [patch] option -P appears to be broken in restore(8) s
o kern/121504  acpi       [patch] Correctly set hw.acpi.osname on certain machin
o bin/121512              [sysctl] [patch] sysctl(8) should return 1 if the user
o bin/121520   rwatson    [patch]: support for multiple arguments for dirname(1)
o kern/121521  sos        [ata] [patch] add VIA CX700M2 chipset to ata driver
o kern/121522  delphij    [patch] [request] add closefrom() system call
o www/121523   www        [patch] sparc platform info on website is out of date
o www/121525   www        [patch] sun4v platforms page update and rearrange
o www/121526   www        [patch] ppc platform page on website out of date
o www/121527   www        [patch] pc98 platform page on website makes no mention
o www/121528   www        [patch] MIPS platform page on website out-of-date
o www/121530   www        [patch] minor reword on amd64 platform page
o www/121531   www        [patch] alpha platform page on website needs update
o www/121533   www        [patch] ARM platform page on website out-of-date
o bin/121542   krion      [patch] teach pkg_add(1) to accept PACKAGEROOT and PAC
o kern/121559  geom       [patch] [geom] geom label class allows to create inacc
o www/121562   www        [patch] Try to bring Internetworking webpage into the 
o kern/121566  rc         [nfs] [request] [patch] ethernet iface should be broug
o bin/121568              [patch] ln(1): wrong "ln -s" behaviour
f ports/121589 edwin      [patch] www/squidpurge doesn't RUN_DEPEND on squid
o ports/121636 multimedia [PATCH] multimedia/ffmpeg add OPTIONS and improvements
o docs/121648  doc        [patch] add portmaster(8) to man-refs.ent
f ports/121650 wxs        [PATCH] make net/bmon pick up available libraries
o kern/121656             [libc] [patch] telldir issues
o kern/121660  jkoshy     [hwpmc] [patch] hwpmc(4) incorrectly handles PMC sampl
o ports/121670 gnome      [PATCH] Update converters/libiconv to 1.12
o bin/121671              [PATCH] nscd prints needless banner
o ports/121672 wes        [Patch] mail/mimedefang: opt out of clamav use
o ports/121681 portmgr    [patch] unnecessary touches two files in $
o ports/121685 alexbl     [patch] audio/xmms2: dependancy problem with avahi
o ports/121688 kde        [patch] editors/koffice-kde3: several depencancy fixes
f ports/121705 jmelo      [patch] security/pft Update the new MASTER_SITES
o kern/121706  net        [netinet] [patch] "rtfree: 0xc4383870 has 1 refs" emit
f ports/121710 lippe      [PATCH] Add flexible response support to security/snor
o ports/121712 jmelo      [PATCH] audio/abcde: Fix md5(1) call on FreeBSD
o ports/121742 skv        [PATCH] textproc/p5-Pod-Parser: simplify dependency
o ports/121767 infofarmer [patch] Update x11/slock to 0.8
o ports/121771            [patch] Add https support to sysutils/apt
o conf/121783  cperciva   [patch] freebsd-update(8) upgrade overwrites device.hi
p bin/121784   cperciva   [patch] freebsd-update(8) error message on upgrade
o docs/121821  doc        [patch] wpa_supplicant.conf.5 - provide pointer to sam
o ports/121831 farrokhi   [PATCH] net/openbgpd: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
f ports/121834            [patch] lang/lua: split AR into AR/ARFLAGS (for cross 
f ports/121836            [PATCH] sysutils/ezjail: amd64 install problem
o ports/121869 anholt     [PATCH] devel/git: don't remove dirs that are in BSD.l
o ports/121886 demon      [PATCH]www/links: update to 2.1pre33
o bin/121895              [patch] rtsol(8)/rtsold(8) doesn't handle managed netw
o bin/121897              [PATCH] realpath(3) segmentation fault
o ports/121902 jmz        [PATCH] textproc/ispell add OPTIONS
o stand/121921 standards  [patch] Add leap second support to at(1), atrun(8)
f ports/121967 miwi       [PATCH] mail/imapsync: update to 1.249
o ports/121968 laszlof    [PATCH] devel/re2c: update to 0.13.3
o ports/121981 barner     [patch] sysutils/ledit update to 2.00
o usb/122025   usb        [patch] uscanner does not attach to Epson RX620 printe
o conf/122037             [patch] add rsync example for inetd.conf
o bin/122043              [patch] du(1) does not support byte-count-based report
o bin/122070              [patch] crontab(1): Zero out pw_passwd in crontab
p misc/122099  remko      [patch] usbdevs.h missing from in 6.
o ports/122112 skv        [PATCH] math/p5-Math-Random: update to 0.70
o ports/122114 kuriyama   [patch] security/gnupg update to 2.0.9
o ports/122123 clsung     [patch] security/snort not working in inline mode
o ports/122129 miwi       [patch] games/eduke32 : up-to-date snapshot
o bin/122137              [patch] Have crontab(1) use snprintf instead of sprint
o ports/122155 kuriyama   [patch] security/gnupg1 update to 1.4.9
f ports/122160 miwi       [PATCH] devel/pear-Validate update to 0.8.1
o ports/122163 lth        [PATCH] devel/p5-Module-Pluggable: fix dependency
o conf/122170  rc         [patch] [request] New feature: notify admin via page o
o kern/122182             [PATCH] style(9) changes to src/sys/dev/speaker/spkr.[
o ports/122183 sem        [patch]: 3 errors in portupgrade(1) manpage (ports-mgm
o ports/122210            [PATCH] java/bsh: change main category, take maintaine
o ports/122219            [PATCH]textproc/catdoc: fix Tcl/Tk dependency handling
f ports/122220            [PATCH]math/maxima: remove USE_XLIB, fix Tcl/Tk handli
o kern/122270  jail       [jail] [patch] jail numbers keep incrementing
o bin/122271              [patch] usr.bin/xinstall - Add support for -D option (
o ports/122284 araujo     [PATCH] net-mgmt/zabbix: update to 1.4.5
o ports/122285 araujo     [PATCH] net-mgmt/zabbix-agent: update to 1.4.5
o conf/122296             [patch] Remove two tips from freebsd-tips fortune datf
o misc/122300             [release] [patch] SEPARATE_LIVEFS arch dependent set b
o ports/122302 jylefort   [PATCH] x11-themes/bluecurve-themes: Make fetchable ag
o ports/122303 jylefort   [PATCH] x11-themes/cursor-bluecurve-theme: unbreak and
o ports/122317 skv        [patch] Fix dependency list of security/keepassx
o ports/122325 jadawin    [PATCH]math/gsl: update to 1.11
o ports/122348 kuriyama   [patch] Upgrade security/gnupg1 to 1.4.9
o ports/122349 kuriyama   [patch] Update security/gnupg to 2.0.9
o ports/122350 miwi       [patch] Add entry for gnupg 1.4.8 and 2.0.8 to securit
o docs/122351  doc        [patch] update to PF section of handbook
o ports/122391 oliver     [PATCH] graphics/gqview-devel Fix desktop entry
o ports/122392 lme        [PATCH] graphics/gqview Fix desktop entry
o ports/122394 lippe      [patch] polish/libgadu fix for dependent polish/gnugad
f ports/122396 araujo     [PATCH] mail/p5-Mail-SpamAssassin: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o ports/122401 miwi       [PATCH] shells/mksh: Can't open pkg-install: No such f
f ports/122402            [PATCH] security/metasploit: Update to 3.1 [SUMMARIZE 
o bin/122403              [patch] route(8): typo in sbin/route/route.c
o ports/122421 joerg      [PATCH] devel/dwarfdump: version 20080228, no output o
f ports/122432            [PATCH] net-p2p/limewire: update to 4.16.6
s ports/122443 gnome      [PATCH] net/avahi-app: use correct rc script suffix
f ports/122469            [patch] options for devel/viewvc
o docs/122470  doc        [patch] exit status on fetch(1) manual page
f ports/122471            [patch] port devel/cvs2svn
o docs/122476  doc        [handbook] [patch] Misleading doc for adding new users
o conf/122477  rc         [patch] /etc/rc.d/mdconfig and mdconfig2 are ignoring 
o ports/122482 vd         [PATCH]ftp/wget: update to 1.11.1; add some OPTIONS
o ports/122491 miwi       [PATCH] games/qnetwalk: update to 1.3, take maintainer
o ports/122507 miwi       [PATCH]sysutils/ck4up: interim fix for new ruby world 
o ports/122525            [PATCH] lang/see[-devel]: add locking for thread-safet

1281 problems total.

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