bin/83347: [patch] improper handling of malloc failures within libc's vfprintf

Dan Lukes dan at
Mon Dec 17 01:26:44 PST 2007

	Sure ?

	Pointer value of 0 is nothing "magic" for hardware - it's legal to 
write to memory offset 0 unless blocked by explicit configuration. It's 
OS decision to block writes to offset 0. Are you sure it's true for all 
supported platforms ? Yes, I know it's valid for i386/AMD. In advance - 
did you tried in even on platforms that will be supported in the future ?

	In my humble opinion, the one abort() in that special case, even if 
just for sure, has value.

> This situation can only arise if the
> programmer has asked printf() to handle a very long and bizarre series
> of positional arguments after exhausting all available virtual memory,
> so hopefully this won't be a big deal.

	It's normal that exceptions occur rare. Despite of it, the nice 
programmers shall handle it.

	As you just closed the case I understand your don't want discussion 
about it. No problem - you are commiter - it's your sovereign decision.



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