gnu/77818: GDB locks in wait4() when running applications

Seán C. Farley sean-freebsd at
Sun Jul 3 00:48:38 GMT 2005

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Subject: Re: gnu/77818: GDB locks in wait4() when running applications
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 22:26:41 -0500 (CDT)

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 I finally compiled Zsh with debugging and got the following trace.  I
 ran it by the following line:
 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=3D/tmp/libc SHELL=3D/bin/sh gdb /usr/local/bin/zsh
 Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
 0x281a9efb in sigsuspend () from /lib/
 (gdb) where
 #0  0x281a9cfb in sigsuspend () at sigsuspend.S:2
 #1  0x280e07dc in signal_suspend (sig=3D20, sig2=3D2) at signals.c:367
 #2  0x280b92e8 in waitforpid (pid=3D11195) at jobs.c:1120
 #3  0x280a3dda in getoutput (cmd=3D0x8060e5c "uname -s", qt=3D1) at exec.c:=
 #4  0x280e2a0c in stringsubst (list=3D0xbfbfe7c0, node=3D0xbfbfe7d0, ssub=
      asssub=3D0) at subst.c:189
 #5  0x280e2378 in prefork (list=3D0xbfbfe7c0, flags=3D6) at subst.c:74
 #6  0x280a0886 in addvars (state=3D0xbfbfe880, pc=3D0xbfbfe7c0, export=3D0)
      at exec.c:1614
 #7  0x2809ec5d in execsimple (state=3D0x1) at exec.c:802
 #8  0x2809edb7 in execlist (state=3D0xbfbfe880, dont_change_job=3D0, exitin=
      at exec.c:855
 #9  0x2809eb9a in execode (p=3D0x80608e0, dont_change_job=3D0, exiting=3D0)
      at exec.c:775
 #10 0x280b3a8a in loop (toplevel=3D0, justonce=3D0) at init.c:165
 #11 0x280b58b8 in source (s=3D0xbfbfe950 "/root/.zshenv") at init.c:1043
 #12 0x280b5b1c in sourcehome (s=3D0x280f458d ".zshenv") at init.c:1088
 #13 0x280b54e7 in run_init_scripts () at init.c:937
 #14 0x280b63da in zsh_main (argc=3D1, argv=3D0xbfbfeac0) at init.c:1262
 #15 0x08048583 in main (argc=3D1, argv=3D0xbfbfeac0) at ./main.c:93
 I hope this can help find the problem.
 sean-freebsd at
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