kern/81978: [ PATCH ] if_vlan didn't pass the ALLMULTI to the parent interface

Dan Lukes dan at
Sat Jul 2 02:43:50 GMT 2005

> 	The 'if_detach' of if.c should notify the ip_mroute module about 
> destroying of interface so ip_mroute code can safely deinitialize 
> interface and remove references to it from it's internal structures.
> 	We need something similar to carp_ifdetach(ifp) function of carp module which is called from if_detach.

	BTW, if_detach invoke the ifnet_departure_event event. So we can
register for this event to be informed about interface detach.

	I submitted separate PR for this. See i386/82882 (unfortunatelly i type 
incorrect category - it should be kern/82882 of course)


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