bin/75930: Usermount changes owner of mount point to root:wheel

Ceri Davies ceri at
Fri Jan 7 14:50:41 PST 2005

Synopsis: Usermount changes owner of mount point to root:wheel

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State-Changed-By: ceri
State-Changed-When: Fri Jan 7 22:49:06 GMT 2005
This is because root owns the root directory of the mounted filesystem.
I'm afraid the changes would need to be made on the filesystems being
mounted.  Gregory Bond explained this quite nicely in

  The FreeBSD man page for mount(2) hides this a bit with some flowery
  language ("swept under the carpet"), but consider the wording from
  Solaris 2.8 man page:

       The mount() function requests that a removable  file  system
       contained  on  the  block special file identified by spec be
       mounted on the directory identified by dir. The spec and dir
       arguments  are  pointers  to path names.  After a successful
       call to mount(), all references to the file dir refer to the
       root  directory on the mounted file system.

  In other words, this beahviour[sic] is as designed.

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