TCP/IP issue

George Dew gdew at
Tue Jan 27 16:16:56 PST 2004

I'm sorry to bother you, but I've tried a lot of places and I'm not sure
where to look for the answer.

I've done a number of FreeBSD installations over the past two years.  I've
replaced about 10-20 Windows file servers with FreeBSD running SAMBA.  I've
also installed a number of FreeBSD servers running MySQL/Apache for web
applications.  I'm telling you this only so that you know that I'm not a
complete novice when it comes to FreeBSD.

However, I just did an installation on an older machine that is giving me
some problems.  The machine has an older motherboard with a sis900 NIC.  The
sis900 is configured as, with a default gateway of (identified in /etc/rc.conf).  The DNS servers belong to the
appropriate ISPs (identified in resolv.conf).  There are several Windows
workstations on the network starting at - that
are receiving dynamic IP addresses from the Linksys router at

The problem is this.  The BSD box can ping the Windows workstations
(W98-Win2K) at,, so on, but
it cannot pint (the default gateway).  What makes it even more
strange is that even though the BSD machine can pint, the
Windows machine (Win2K) at cannot ping the BSD box at

Do you have any advice as to where I might be able to find the answer to

I'd really appreciate any help, and I appreciate your taking the time.



George Dew
Response Networking Inc.
support at

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