VIA 694 integrated ATA controller troubles.

Kirill Pisman kpisman at
Mon Jan 5 01:50:21 PST 2004

 I got some troubles with VIA 694 integrated ATA controller on FreeBSD
5.2-RC (cvsuped from  releng_5_2 few days ago).Attached device is 40Gb
Seagate Barracuda ATA 4, and when ata mode is active (it is by default)
i got mesages like ad0:warning:UDMA ICRC ERROR . This is not cable and
not a controller physicaly - ths machine is works normaly under WinXP
when device is switched into PIO4 there is  no troubles. Also there is
some troubles with geometry detection of this disk.With ATA enabled
machine is not stops normaly - "gave up with * buffers"

 This machine is not up now, and there is some troubles with getting of
dmesg & other from it. If this is new trouble, or in any other case if
this info is needed i will send it. And of cource i will be happy to see
any sorces of info about this trouble or troubles like this.

Kirill Pisman

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