conf/62368: 5.2-RELEASE syslog.conf appears to be malformed

Pat Lashley patl+freebsd at
Wed Feb 4 18:38:26 PST 2004

--On Wednesday, February 04, 2004 18:10:07 -0800 "Kline, Erik" <Erik.Kline at> wrote:

>  so when writing scripts that make custom mods to syslog.conf I need to
>  cat >> /etc/syslog.conf something like:
>  !*
>  Is this correct? Thanks for pointing out the section of the man page I
>  didn't quite get down to!

That's certainly one way to do it; but it would really be cleaner
to try to insert the new lines before the first line that starts
with '!' or '#!'.  (Although a strong argument could be made for
appending some sort of 'local mods start here' comment followed
by a '!*' line if you aren't removing or replacing any of the
default entries.)


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