kern/74977: dcons.ko requires KDB support

Ulrich Spoerlein q at
Mon Dec 13 00:43:23 PST 2004

On Mon, 13.12.2004 at 07:49:14 +0900, Hidetoshi Shimokawa wrote:
> > >Fix:
> > Remove those two 'echo defines' from the Makefile, rebuild the module,
> > dconschat(8) starts working! :)
> > I don't know if this is the right fix however. Is KDB needed on the
> > _client_ to debug the _servers_ Kernel via dconschat?
> You don't need dcons(4) on the host system.
> dcons(4) is necessary only on the target system.

Then I'm doing something wrong. dconschat only worked, when dcons is
loaded on host system. (Target System has loaded dcons and dcons_crom)

% fwcontrol
2 devices (info_len=2)
node           EUI64          status
   1  20-00-00-00-04-00-52-cf      0
   0  35-4f-c0-00-35-67-98-30      1
% dconschat -t 35-4f-c0-00-35-67-98-30
[dcons disconnected (get crom failed)]

And nothing ever happens.
Strange, now I've loaded both dcons and dconscrom on the host system,
but the above message still appears. When I tried yesterday, dconschat
started working after I loaded dcons on the host. Weird.

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