Current problem reports

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Mon Dec 15 11:38:53 PST 2003

Current FreeBSD problem reports

The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
     A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.

a - analyzed
     The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.

f - feedback
     Further work requires additional information from the
     originator or the community - possibly confirmation of
     the effectiveness of a proposed solution.

p - patched
     A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or
     confirmation from originator) are still open.

s - suspended
     The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information
     or resources.  This is a prime candidate
     for somebody who is looking for a project to do.
     If the problem cannot be solved at all,
     it will be closed, rather than suspended.

c - closed
     A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated,
     documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.

Critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [1998/07/12] kern/7264   gibbs       Buslogic BT 950 scsi card not detected
o [1998/11/25] kern/8861   mdodd       under heavy (multi interface) traffic ep0
s [1999/06/05] kern/12041  n_hibma     Crashes on startup if Zip drive is switch
f [1999/06/25] kern/12395  gibbs       Buslogic SCSI cards (BT948) time out unde
f [2000/01/17] misc/16157  green       "fire" screensave kills network performan
o [2000/03/27] kern/17620  jhay        Digi/570i sync driver (if_ar.c) causes sy
o [2000/05/09] misc/18466  jwd         install via nfs or ftp media silently tru
o [2000/05/17] misc/18641  paul        FreeBSD V4.0 crashes when using ifconfig 
f [2000/05/29] kern/18874  tjr         32bit NFS servers export wrong negative v
o [2000/06/13] kern/19247  threads     uthread_sigaction.c does not do anything 
o [2000/07/12] gnu/19882   obrien      ld does not detect all undefined symbols!
o [2000/07/30] i386/20308  yokota      vidcontrol VESA_800x600 causes a kernel p
f [2000/07/31] kern/20310  groudier    Symbios 53c875j drivers don't work
o [2000/08/05] kern/20429  yokota      setting flags 0x1 in atkbd0 locks keyboar
o [2000/08/28] kern/20895  groudier    sym driver doesn't work for SYM53C895A
f [2000/09/04] misc/21025  msmith      BTX loader 1.00 gets 1Gb of memory from B
f [2000/09/04] i386/21042  mdodd       Keyboard driver problems with PS/2 Model 
o [2000/09/12] kern/21220  msmith      mlx0: I/O error - attempt to write beyond
o [2000/09/14] kern/21272  wpaul       USB interrupts seem to be turned off
f [2000/11/03] bin/22595   brian       telnetd tricked into using arbitrary peer
o [2000/11/20] gnu/22972   obrien      Internal Compiler Error
o [2000/11/25] misc/23103  fenner      <math.h> lacks many ISO C99 features (NAN
f [2000/11/27] i386/23145  brian       pppoe-test-program panics the server
a [2000/12/14] kern/23547  msmith      only one logical device on Mylex AcceleRA
s [2001/01/30] kern/24740  cy          filesystem corruption CFP1080 CAM SCSI ca
o [2001/03/20] kern/25950  obrien      Bad drives on asr look zero-length and pa
o [2001/03/24] kern/26048  obrien      4.3-RC:  SMP and asr driver don't work to
o [2001/04/13] kern/26549              IPsec policies for more than one pair of 
f [2001/05/03] kern/27059  groudier    (symbios) SCSI subsystem hangs under heav
a [2001/05/10] kern/27250  bp          unionfs filesystem panics in large number
f [2001/05/11] kern/27275              kernel bug ?
o [2001/07/14] kern/28966  pirzyk      math libraries in linux emulation do not 
o [2001/07/15] ports/28995 max         deMime produces blank line in header part
o [2001/07/24] misc/29200  dcs         Syntax errors in /boot/device.hints cause
o [2001/08/18] kern/29844  standards   [PATCH] setpgrp does not behave as manual
o [2001/08/18] kern/29847  n_hibma     USB usbd_probe_and_attach() is broken and
o [2001/09/04] ports/30331 portmgr     Conflict between MAKEFILE var
a [2001/09/24] i386/30802  gibbs       repeat of i386/22760. Adaptec SCSI contro
o [2001/09/27] bin/30869               dump does not dump all files of a filesys
s [2001/09/29] kern/30921              ACER mechanic ps/2 keyboard don´t work an
o [2001/10/04] kern/31042  murray      Device name conflict
o [2001/10/14] misc/31266  cjc         System can be crashed with "ls -al /flopp
o [2001/10/15] bin/31304   joe         fix crunchgen to work with more contrib-k
o [2001/10/17] conf/31327              Fixes and improvements for rc.diskless* s
a [2001/10/31] i386/31671  doc         4.4 installer hangs at " Mounting root fr
o [2001/11/16] bin/32040   brian       4.4-Release "set mtu" in ppp is broken wi
f [2001/12/11] kern/32713  joe         usb mouse detaches from hub and doesnt re
a [2001/12/22] i386/33089  murray      GENERIC bloat causes 'make world' to brea
p [2001/12/27] gnu/33262   mp          gdb does not handle pending signals corre
o [2002/01/07] bin/33670   dwmalone    default inetd install allows for unlimite
o [2002/01/16] kern/33951  threads     pthread_cancel is ignored
o [2002/01/18] bin/34028   brian       userland ppp
o [2002/01/19] kern/34067  n_hibma     Reproducable crash on usb ugen
o [2002/01/19] kern/34071              pcn-driver is sort-of-broken in 4.5RC2 (a
o [2002/01/30] kern/34470  bde         Modem gets sio1  interrupt-level buffer o
f [2002/02/26] kern/35354              4.4/4.5 FreeBSD causes hard lock after 20
o [2002/03/01] kern/35466  imp         xe driver can not read CIS tuples
o [2002/03/06] i386/35615  sound       ES1978 Maestro 2E sound card locks up mac
o [2002/03/09] conf/35726  net         Won't let me use ifconfig on the interfac
o [2002/03/29] kern/36504              crash/panic vm_object_allocate under file
f [2002/04/07] i386/36850  joe         Page Fault using ppp with USB Modem
o [2002/04/14] kern/37064  imp         System hangs when removing wire of NIC D-
o [2002/05/13] bin/38058   brian       ppp alters IP header length field 40 -> 4
o [2002/05/14] kern/38070              4.6-PRERELEASE panics on resume on Fujits
f [2002/05/23] i386/38459  mux         Intel SB82558B NIC won't initialize prope
o [2002/05/23] i386/38484              probe freeze
o [2002/05/24] conf/38518              combination of pr-27087 and pr-36911 (2) 
a [2002/05/26] gnu/38594   kan         Fortan program don't link post gcc-3.1
o [2002/05/28] bin/38676               change request for pw command
o [2002/05/30] misc/38748  qa          FreeBSD 4.5 Keyboard problem cannot insta
o [2002/06/03] kern/38872              nfs code ignores possibility of MGET(M_WA
o [2002/06/08] kern/39043              Corrupted files on a FAT32 partition
o [2002/06/13] i386/39234  jhb         SMP 4.6-RC freezes during boot (Fujitsu-S
f [2002/06/15] misc/39341  joe         ppp + USB modem problem
o [2002/06/19] kern/39524              smbfs with nge NIC causes kernel panic
o [2002/06/29] kern/40003              Panic on boot w/4.6 and 4.6-stable from 6
o [2002/07/05] bin/40215   wpaul       NIS host search not terminate
o [2002/07/14] misc/40575  qa          Kern.flp boot floppy error
o [2002/08/05] bin/41350               vnconfig: apparent off-by-one bug
o [2002/08/07] kern/41402              kernal panics
f [2002/08/07] kern/41417  luigi       3Com xl0 drivers generate a kernel panic
o [2002/08/07] misc/41425              adding new cpu types to
f [2002/08/08] i386/41437  qa          sysinstall 4.6 RELEASE - hang
o [2002/08/10] ports/41513 tobez       lang/perl5.8 - "make test" destroys perl 
a [2002/08/13] bin/41647   bms         ifconfig doesn't accept lladdr along with
o [2002/08/16] kern/41717  bms         Memory Leak in FreeBSD
o [2002/08/16] i386/41723              Copying files to filesystem causes "integ
a [2002/08/18] kern/41765  rwatson     UDP socket remains connected after error
p [2002/08/19] misc/41792  tjr         lseek after ftruncate fails
f [2002/08/21] i386/41860  qa          sysinstall rel. 4.5 and 4.6 hangs
o [2002/08/22] java/41913  java        JniHandler and ChannelUn Errors
f [2002/08/26] kern/42030  bms         panic when zebra works on detaching tun i
o [2002/08/26] i386/42046              System crashes with
o [2002/08/29] i386/42173  sound       Sony VAIO FXA 53 (or FXA 679 in Mexico) w
o [2002/08/30] kern/42198              Kernel panics or system hangs up with big
f [2002/08/30] misc/42221  qa          Signal 11 core dumped when fetchin index
f [2002/08/30] kern/42235              system panics with "worklist_remove: item
p [2002/09/09] kern/42580  robert      kernel crash when starting ISC 3.2 X11 bi
p [2002/09/14] bin/42772               usr.bin/make: patch to stop a fork bomb
o [2002/09/15] kern/42796              NCR/SYM 53C825 driver detects scsi cdrom 
f [2002/09/18] ports/42921 nork        archivers/rpm/work/rpm-3.0.6/lib/rpmlead.
s [2002/09/18] kern/42937  bms         panic when ARP cache uses up all mbufs
o [2002/09/27] bin/43434               New option to 'dmesg' which allow to disp
o [2002/09/29] i386/43491              microuptime () went backwards
o [2002/10/02] misc/43576  imp         Problem with wi driver and Lucent Orinoco
o [2002/10/02] kern/43614              Installation Hangs at "md1: Malloc disk" 
o [2002/10/03] kern/43625  imp         Wi(4) driver hangs after long data transf
o [2002/10/05] kern/43713              during install, mounting root from ufs:/d
o [2002/10/11] kern/43954              nfs-blocked process can't return or be in
o [2002/10/17] kern/44198  njl         Toshiba PDR-M25 camera/umass
o [2002/10/21] kern/44336              NFSv3 client broken - security problem wi
o [2002/10/25] misc/44471  qa          4.6 install writes MBR even when specifie
o [2002/10/28] kern/44569              Kernel crash
o [2002/10/30] kern/44744              VN devices can hang system FreeBSD v4.5
o [2002/11/01] bin/44808               opiepasswd makes bad seed for existing us
o [2002/11/04] kern/44884  imp         pcic is broken in current
o [2002/11/17] i386/45383              Failed installation FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE a
o [2002/11/21] kern/45568  gibbs       ahc(A19160) pci parity error
o [2002/12/02] kern/45910  emoore      unable to use amr device
o [2002/12/08] i386/46113              busspace bug
f [2002/12/20] kern/46392  grog        kernel, vinum, umount, changing user mode
o [2002/12/23] kern/46490  silby       xl driver generates lots of interrupts wi
f [2002/12/23] i386/46506  joe         Crash Before Initialization of Printer? o
o [2002/12/26] kern/46537              amr(4) hangs system on -CURRENT or make p
o [2003/01/08] kern/46865              kernel panic on SuperMicro 6012-8P box
o [2003/01/08] bin/46866               NIS-based getpwent() falsely returns NULL
f [2003/01/14] bin/47044   gshapiro    Sendmail "Can't assign requested addresse
o [2003/01/17] kern/47167              5.0 RC 3 (and 2) has 1 second uptime on T
o [2003/01/21] i386/47295              kernel panic during FreeBSD 5.0 installat
o [2003/01/22] bin/47384   qa          sysinstall ignores intended destination d
o [2003/01/27] bin/47538               tar buggy on memory disk partitions
o [2003/01/27] kern/47544              iir does not detect direct access drives
o [2003/02/05] i386/47989              5.0-RELEASE install CD kernel panic
s [2003/02/06] kern/48028              panicstr: union: missing upper layer in w
o [2003/02/06] kern/48029              Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel
o [2003/02/07] kern/48039              Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel
o [2003/02/08] kern/48092              Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel
o [2003/02/08] kern/48100              Fatal panic in vm_map_lookup_entry ...
o [2003/02/10] kern/48166              panic: pmap_new_proc: u_map allocation fa
o [2003/02/14] i386/48274              FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE doesn't work on Toshi
o [2003/02/16] bin/48341   qa          Sysinstall deletes mbr although it should
o [2003/02/17] kern/48369              ext2fs no-go in FreeBSD 5 (regression ove
o [2003/02/25] kern/48667              FreeBSD hangs
o [2003/02/25] kern/48691              kernel panics on ASUS A7N266-VM Motherboa
a [2003/03/02] kern/48849  joe         Maxtor XT5000 causes panic in boot
o [2003/03/13] i386/49978              installation problem on Acer Altos G300
o [2003/03/23] kern/50216  ipfw        kernel panic on 5.0-current when use ipfw
o [2003/03/23] kern/50229              FreeBSD detects laptop drive geometries i
o [2003/04/24] i386/51338  sound       random system hangs; system hangs because
o [2003/04/30] bin/51628               ypmatch doesn't match keys in legacy NIS 
o [2003/05/03] kern/51742              ffs_vfree: freeing free inode
o [2003/05/16] ports/52346 obrien      Portupgrade of bash-2.05b.004 fails with 
o [2003/05/22] kern/52585  luigi       Kernel panic with ipfw2 and syncookies
f [2003/05/22] i386/52593  mdodd       Kernel panic when starting apm
o [2003/05/25] i386/52668  i386        AIC7902 problem when large data transferr
f [2003/05/27] kern/52718  jeffr       changes to kern_umtx.c causes panic in ca
s [2003/05/27] kern/52745              Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel
o [2003/06/01] i386/52835  pdeuskar    em driver does not work with mobile-chips
o [2003/06/03] kern/52916  grog        vinum causes panic after start/stop/... c
p [2003/06/06] kern/53004  das         union_lookup returning . (0xbc332e90) not
o [2003/06/07] kern/53010              FreeBSD-CURRENT cannot use 2940 UW on SNI
o [2003/06/11] kern/53195  rwatson     Easily reproduceable mac_lomac panic
o [2003/06/11] i386/53203  i386        "BTX halted" when attempting install of 5
o [2003/06/15] kern/53350              fill up a malloc md-disk on 5.1-R causes 
o [2003/06/17] kern/53416              kmem_map too small after around 12 hours.
o [2003/06/17] kern/53433              heavy i/o on GBDE partition on SMP locks 
o [2003/06/22] i386/53620  i386        Kernel panics / reboots during install of
o [2003/06/25] ports/53742 sobomax     /usr/ports/print/freetype2 fails to insta
o [2003/06/28] ports/53874 ports-bugs  /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base isn't wor
s [2003/07/08] kern/54211  rwatson     Seeing other uid with kern.file sysctl.
o [2003/07/08] ports/54230 ports-bugs  fsck_ext2fs is broken (unable to perform 
o [2003/07/13] java/54463  glewis      Apparent bug in jdk13
f [2003/07/16] kern/54549              panic on install on Dell 600sc
o [2003/07/18] kern/54616  thomas      System hangs writing CD-Rs with "atapicam
o [2003/07/18] kern/54626  imp         Some PC Cards cause NEWCARD to panic on c
o [2003/07/29] kern/55028              The broken FAT12 filesystem causes system
o [2003/07/30] ports/55039 sada        Japanese fonts are not visible with mozil
o [2003/08/01] ports/55147 openoffice  Openoffice build failure
a [2003/08/14] kern/55587  joe         null dereference in usbdi.c: usb_transfer
o [2003/08/25] kern/55975  thomas      ATAPICAM- READ_6(0x08) fails for ATAPI ta
o [2003/09/03] kern/56381              panic: page fault in fifo_close() ...
o [2003/09/05] bin/56502               initstate() causes memory corruption on L
o [2003/09/07] kern/56583  thomas      panic at writting DVD-RAM after ATAng
o [2003/09/09] kern/56659              ACPI trouble on IBM ThinkPad X31
o [2003/09/14] kern/56873  qa          system hangs on boot at Buslogic device
o [2003/09/16] i386/56933  i386        kernel panic vm_page_remove
o [2003/09/16] i386/56937  i386        system panic during high network load
o [2003/09/18] kern/56973              SCSI errors from on-board Adaptec (AIC7xx
o [2003/09/20] kern/57036              No media detected by 3c905b-tx on 4.9-rel
o [2003/09/20] i386/57043  i386        ar driver with 2 port PCI card locks up w
o [2003/09/22] i386/57097  i386        Promise Ultra 100 TX2 causes lockup on SM
o [2003/09/24] kern/57156              GEOM-related panic while boot on latest -
o [2003/09/28] bin/57315   so security hole in 4.x base system'
o [2003/09/28] bin/57321   markm in 4.x base system has a cross-sit
o [2003/09/28] ports/57336 mbr         FrontPage publishing failure with mod_fro
p [2003/09/29] kern/57344  bms         KMEM exhaustion from cloned routes
o [2003/09/29] kern/57369  sos         4.9-PRERELEASE panic during ata probe
o [2003/09/30] i386/57398  i386        Current fails to install on mly(4) based 
o [2003/10/01] kern/57453              if_kue hangs boot after warm boot if firm
p [2003/10/01] i386/57480  i386        Removing very large files using rm doesn'
o [2003/10/05] kern/57603  alex        new bktr driver: freeze on SMP machine
o [2003/10/05] kern/57606  thomas      ATAng: Can't write CD media on 5.1-CURREN
o [2003/10/05] i386/57632  i386        Dell PowerEdge 4300 is allergic to FreeBS
o [2003/10/07] kern/57730  darrenr     ipl.ko should be compiled with IPv6 funct
o [2003/10/08] ports/57731 perky       lang/python port build failure on RELENG_
o [2003/10/08] kern/57736  darrenr     IP Filter IPv6 accounting bug
o [2003/10/08] bin/57738   darrenr     [PATCH] ipmon IPv6 packet total size mis-
o [2003/10/10] kern/57829  njl         ACPI problems (Battery, Mouse probe)
o [2003/10/10] kern/57832              softdep_deallocate_dependencies: dangling
o [2003/10/12] i386/57881  i386        ripping audio CDs causes kernel panic
f [2003/10/15] kern/58107  sos         -CURRENT fails to detect ATA devices
o [2003/10/16] kern/58139              -CURRENT panics on Thinkpad A31p while co
s [2003/10/18] kern/58228  sos         atacontrol rebuild always panics
s [2003/10/18] kern/58230  sos         ata raid crashes in g_down
o [2003/10/21] kern/58353              Can't burn DVD media with Pioneer DVR-106
o [2003/10/22] kern/58391  grog        Trap 12 with heavy disk load on ide vinum
o [2003/10/23] ports/58443 ports-bugs  mod_perl2 not upgrading properly
o [2003/10/24] i386/58493  i386        machine page faults for no apparent reaso
o [2003/10/25] ports/58514 sumikawa    net/zebra based software BGP routers may 
o [2003/10/25] ports/58531 ports-bugs  multimedia/mplayer: bktr input doesn't wo
o [2003/10/26] kern/58587  sos         ATAng 5.x pio underrun dispite code preve
o [2003/10/27] ports/58602 ports-bugs  web2ldap-0.10.4 doesn't work on FreeBSD 5
f [2003/10/28] kern/58652              kernel boot fails with pcf device
o [2003/10/31] ports/58779 demon       rrdtool doesn't install vital part
o [2003/10/31] kern/58787  peter       panic: pmap_enter: attemped pmap_enter on
o [2003/11/02] ports/58853 portmgr - MASTER_SITE_SUBDIR grouping
o [2003/11/03] kern/58899  luigi       [fix] ipfw2 ipsec history option not work
p [2003/11/04] bin/58912               dump fails on big directories with nodump
f [2003/11/05] kern/58985              -CURRENT kernel hangs on booting after re
o [2003/11/07] kern/59043              Memory leak when reading from ATAPI/CAM D
o [2003/11/09] bin/59095               tar(1) process hangs in endless loop
o [2003/11/09] kern/59103              Serious data corruiption reading compact 
a [2003/11/12] kern/59211  tjr         System crashes when moving files from NWF
o [2003/11/13] i386/59253  i386        ata device reset hangs if device is dead
o [2003/11/13] kern/59260              Panic by integer divide fault in Thinkpad
o [2003/11/14] kern/59290  joe         [PATCH] attaching more than one of the sa
o [2003/11/16] ports/59360 ports-bugs  port logjam2 does not compile
o [2003/11/19] ports/59493 portmgr     The ports system doesn't or can't honor N
f [2003/11/22] kern/59594              I/O operations freeze system when perform
o [2003/11/25] i386/59683  i386        panic signal 12 4.9-STABLE - frequent cra
o [2003/11/25] kern/59687              Broken USB with 5.x on ASUS A7V8X-X
o [2003/11/25] kern/59688              panic: _sx_xlock (GEOM topology): xlock a
o [2003/11/26] amd64/59713 amd64       <fxp0 timeout by great datatransfer, DMA-
o [2003/11/26] kern/59719              FreeBSD 4.9 Crashes on SuperMicro with SM
o [2003/11/27] kern/59728              Qlogic adapter DMA setup failure with PAE
o [2003/11/29] kern/59792              5.2-BETA: softupdates enabled on / kills 
o [2003/11/29] ports/59805 ports-bugs  www/rt3: problem with RT 3.0.7 on FreeBSD
o [2003/12/01] kern/59868  sos         GEOM of ad0 is not detected properly sinc
o [2003/12/01] misc/59876              APM suspend/resume broken with FreeBSD 5.
o [2003/12/01] kern/59878              vinum panics 5.1 system
f [2003/12/01] ports/59882 osa         x11/xlockmore broken after 5.06
o [2003/12/01] i386/59895  i386        system hangs from disk IO errors
o [2003/12/02] i386/59897  i386        problems with swap-pager with great datat
o [2003/12/02] i386/59898  i386        pxe boot: BTX halted
o [2003/12/03] kern/59923  sos         High I/O on second or 3rd IDE drive cause
o [2003/12/04] ports/59946 ports-bugs  [fix] multimedia/mplayer: bktr input not 
o [2003/12/04] kern/59962              libc error when using nis passwd.adjunct
o [2003/12/07] kern/60025              using DVD ROM causes a panic
o [2003/12/09] kern/60094              NVIDIA drivers + SMP causes hard lock up
o [2003/12/11] kern/60149              Unmount operation is permitted inside jai
o [2003/12/11] kern/60153              Kernel no longer boots due to lost interr
o [2003/12/11] kern/60163              ATA failed to mount data track of CD-EXTR
o [2003/12/11] ports/60170 ports-bugs  x11-clocks/xalarm (3.06) can fail in Dece
o [2003/12/12] kern/60175              5.2-RC: disk errors cause panic in softup
o [2003/12/14] ports/60237 ports-bugs  Maintainer update: net/adasockets
o [2003/12/15] i386/60249  i386        Undefined reference to arp_ifinit while l
o [2003/12/15] kern/60250              [patch] rl(4) driver incorrect reset TX d

267 problems total.

Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
s [1996/12/30] kern/2325               quota.user enlarged, no boot on 2.2-BETA
o [1997/02/19] kern/2768               ktrace(1) -i dumps corrupted trace data
a [1997/04/01] bin/3170    sheldonh    vi freaks and dump core if user doesn't e
o [1997/05/06] bin/3524    imp         rlogin doesn't read $HOSTALIASES for non-
o [1997/06/28] misc/3980   peter       access via NFS fails during mount-operati
o [1997/07/02] kern/4012   peter       2.2-RELEASE/Digital UNIX NFSv3 0 length f
f [1997/07/17] kern/4115   peter       SunOS NFS file has wrong owner if creator
o [1997/07/30] kern/4194   peter       kernel pci driver for Digital 21041 Ether
o [1997/08/12] kern/4284   paul        le0 goes OACTIVE after some time
s [1997/10/01] bin/4672                rdist does not do hard links right when t
o [1997/10/16] kern/4782               Under certain conditions, several krsh's 
o [1998/01/27] kern/5587   des         session id gets dropped
o [1998/02/28] kern/5877   kbyanc      sb_cc counts control data as well as data
a [1998/04/07] kern/6238   cg          Sound-driver patch for MAD16 (OPTi 928,92
a [1998/05/06] bin/6536    peter       pppd doesn't restore drainwait for tty
s [1998/06/23] bin/7033    gad         Same process notified multiple times
o [1998/06/24] i386/7057   mdodd       3Com 3C509 locks up, or has >1000ms rtt u
o [1998/07/12] i386/7266   yokota      PSM detection failure with Linksys consol
s [1998/08/10] kern/7556   hm          sl_compress_init() will fail if called an
o [1998/09/30] gnu/8099    obrien      [patch] some bugs in cpio
o [1998/11/10] bin/8646    peter       Implement rlogind -a option
f [1998/11/20] kern/8778   gibbs       Buslogic BT948 in 2 boxes upgraded from S
f [1998/11/25] bin/8865    dwmalone    syslogd hangs with serial console
o [1998/12/21] kern/9163   adrian      [patch] squid does not join a multicast g
s [1999/01/07] bin/9379                pppd does not go through all interfaces l
o [1999/01/13] kern/9478   assar       support for running a script from kldload
s [1999/02/06] kern/9927   gibbs       the ahc driver doesn't correctly grok swi
o [1999/02/15] kern/10107              interlock situation with exec_map and a p
o [1999/03/02] bin/10353   jon         ypserv gets segmentation violation
o [1999/03/09] bin/10510               Remote cvs botches commits on occassion
o [1999/03/16] bin/10633   fenner      [patch] tcpslice timezone problem and upd
a [1999/03/24] kern/10778  ru          "ipforward_rt" is not cleared when routin
o [1999/03/30] kern/10870  eivind      Kernel panic when writing to write-protec
a [1999/04/08] misc/11024  mtm         getpwnam(3) uses incorrect #define to lim
o [1999/05/04] kern/11490  yokota      VESA+VM86+Splash == unstable system
o [1999/05/05] misc/11525  dwmalone    [PATCH] Networking patches to increase # 
o [1999/05/13] kern/11697  tegge       Disk failure hangs system
o [1999/05/18] i386/11773  yokota      mouse works at setup time.  Under X it go
o [1999/08/14] kern/13141  se          Multiple LUN support in NCR driver is bro
o [1999/09/10] bin/13691   fenner      tcpslice cannot extract over 2GB part of 
s [1999/09/16] conf/13775              multi-user boot may hang in NIS environme
s [1999/09/17] i386/13787              lnc driver isn't really the lnc driver
o [1999/09/26] misc/13978  peter       a write to last column bug appears since 
o [1999/09/27] kern/13997  rwatson     RLIMIT_NPROC works unadequately for jails
s [1999/10/04] i386/14135  doc         lpt1 nolonger exists after 3.2-RELEASE
o [1999/10/14] i386/14334  imp         AHA-1542A not supported by FreeBSD 3.x ("
o [1999/10/26] kern/14549  mdodd       3C509 broken in 3.3
o [1999/10/27] kern/14566  yokota      Non-kernel programs have little/no contro
a [1999/11/04] kern/14712  iedowse     root has access to NFS mounted directorie
s [1999/11/12] kern/14848  murray      Frame Relay support, corrected
a [1999/11/12] misc/14856  billf       ftp stalls on FreeBSD 3.3 (CDROM) tested 
o [1999/11/17] i386/14946  mjacob      rmt - remote magtape protocol
s [1999/12/14] kern/15478              incorrect utmp/wtmp records update upon c
o [1999/12/17] kern/15542              de suddenly stops working
o [1999/12/23] misc/15662  markm       [PATCH] perl5 Sys::Hostname fails if no P
f [1999/12/26] kern/15707  bms         bad trap in mprotect
o [2000/01/01] kern/15825              Softupdates gets behind, runs the system 
o [2000/01/02] i386/15845  imp         Driver for RealTek 8029
f [2000/01/03] bin/15877   tobez       Perl 5.00503 interpreter crashes with a s
o [2000/01/12] kern/16090  mdodd       No buffer space available
a [2000/01/22] kern/16299  tmm         nfs.ko can be unloaded when nfsd is runni
o [2000/02/08] kern/16587  cg          Can't record with newpcm & CS4236 (AW35/P
o [2000/02/10] kern/16644              Bad comparsion expression in bpf_filter.c
o [2000/02/21] conf/16879  tanimura    Sound drivers seem to be using shared irq
o [2000/02/23] conf/16948  qa          Sysinstall/disklabel: bad partition table
o [2000/02/25] misc/16991  jhb         booting install disk and USB
s [2000/03/01] misc/17108              SecureRPC not supported in mount_nfs comm
o [2000/03/10] misc/17310  wpaul       NIS host name resolving may loop forever
o [2000/03/16] kern/17422  bde         4.0-STABLE: top: nlist failed
o [2000/03/20] kern/17504  ken         Another Micropolis Synchronize Cache Prob
f [2000/03/20] misc/17517  mbr         100/10baseT card resets under load
s [2000/03/21] conf/17540              NIS host lookups cause NFS mounts to wedg
f [2000/03/21] kern/17542  greid       random static with GUS PnP
o [2000/03/24] misc/17584  groudier    fatal SCSI error with a Symbios 53c875 co
o [2000/03/28] alpha/17637 billf       misconfigured syscons bell causes panic o
o [2000/03/29] i386/17662  gibbs       cam_xpt.c incorrectly disables tagged que
o [2000/03/31] i386/17713  gibbs       MAKEDEV and /stand/sysinstall goofups wit
o [2000/04/04] i386/17800  bde         [PATCH] problem with statclock initializa
o [2000/04/12] kern/17961  n_hibma     Fatal Trap 12. Page fault while in kernel
o [2000/04/14] kern/18012  adrian      vnode_free_list corruption, "free vnode i
o [2000/04/17] misc/18065  mdodd       FREEBSD 4.0 crashes on boot Compaq Prolia
f [2000/04/23] i386/18185  gibbs       Adaptec 3950U2 errors during boot/probe
o [2000/04/24] kern/18200  mdodd       3com 3c509b recognized twice during boot
o [2000/05/02] kern/18345  cg          sbc / pcm not fully recognizing AWE64
o [2000/05/02] kern/18348  yokota      <simultaneous push for 3-button emulation
s [2000/05/15] kern/18558  silby       3COM 905B realy realy slow when using mul
s [2000/05/17] kern/18639              [PATCH] le driver doesn't work with DEPCA
a [2000/05/19] bin/18678   peter       Bug in libz
s [2000/05/20] kern/18704              GLOB_ERR not handled correctly by glob()
s [2000/05/22] bin/18742   mike        times.allow field parsed incorrectly
f [2000/05/22] kern/18757  jlemon      [PATCH] fxp driver doesn't enable flow co
o [2000/06/13] i386/19245  obrien      -fexpensive-optimizations buggy (even wit
o [2000/06/18] kern/19363              Do allow processes know about their file 
s [2000/06/20] kern/19402              Signals 127 and 128 cannot be detected in
s [2000/06/20] bin/19405   markm       telnetd sends DO AUTHENTICATION even if a
o [2000/07/02] kern/19654  mbr         20 dc ports in one machine (5x 4port card
o [2000/07/03] kern/19672              contigmalloc1() oddity for large alignmen
s [2000/07/07] bin/19773   markm       [PATCH] telnet infinite loop depending on
o [2000/07/09] kern/19814  emulation   Oracle8i installer triggers problem in th
s [2000/07/12] kern/19875              A new protocol family, PF_IPOPTION, to ha
o [2000/07/13] kern/19909              Problem with NFS client in 4.0-STABLE
p [2000/07/17] misc/19994  fenner      sscanf() fails on 64-bit operations
o [2000/07/18] kern/20016  threads     pthreads: Cannot set scheduling timer/Can
s [2000/07/18] docs/20028  doc         ASCII docs should reflect <emphasis> tags
o [2000/07/19] kern/20040  msmith      Toshiba 2775 hangs after pcib0 driver is 
o [2000/07/25] misc/20172              byacc 1.9 fails to generate $default tran
o [2000/07/27] kern/20234  green       panic(): lockmgr: pid 259, not exclusive 
o [2000/07/29] conf/20282  qa          sysinstall does not recover some /etc fil
f [2000/07/31] kern/20335  yokota      S3Trio64V+ is detected as CGA by syscons
p [2000/08/02] bin/20373               Setting breakpoints in shared objects bro
o [2000/08/08] ports/20490 perky       Termios timeout parameters, VMIN, VTIME, 
f [2000/08/09] i386/20507  yokota      Mouse freezes in 4.0-release after some u
o [2000/08/10] misc/20521  mjacob      /etc/rmt several problems
o [2000/08/10] kern/20523  bde         Support for PCI multiport cards for sio d
o [2000/08/13] kern/20572  marcel      cannot safely remove COMPAT_43 from the k
o [2000/08/14] kern/20609              panic: vm_fault: fault on nofault entry, 
o [2000/08/15] bin/20633               fdisk doesn't handle LBA correctly
f [2000/08/17] kern/20689  groudier    Newbusified version of ncr driver does no
o [2000/08/18] kern/20708  imp         Adaptec 1542 ISA SCSI Controller not dete
f [2000/08/22] bin/20779   assar       junk pointer error causes kpasswd to fail
o [2000/08/26] misc/20861  threads     libc_r does not honor socket timeouts
o [2000/08/28] gnu/20912   mp          gdb does not recognise old executables.
o [2000/08/30] bin/20952   des         ftpd doesn't honor account expiration tim
o [2000/08/31] kern/20958  mdodd       ep0 lockup with ifconfig showing OACTIVE
o [2000/09/07] misc/21089              vi silently corrupt open file on SIGINT w
o [2000/09/11] kern/21209  groudier    scsi ncr driver installs instead of scsi 
o [2000/09/14] gnu/21260               buffer overrun in uux
o [2000/09/14] ports/21264 markm       tn3270 port receives segmentation fault
a [2000/09/15] kern/21304  mbr         dc0 watchdog timeouts on NetGear FA310TX
s [2000/09/18] misc/21384  greid       pcm driver has static in recorded audio
o [2000/09/19] misc/21406              freebsd's bootinst or booteasy overwrites
o [2000/09/21] kern/21461  imp         ISA PnP resource allocator problem
o [2000/09/21] kern/21463  emulation   Linux compatability mode should not allow
f [2000/09/27] bin/21603   green       Can't change user passwords on 4.1.1-STAB
o [2000/09/28] kern/21642              Compaq Netelligent 10/100 card (TI Thunde
o [2000/10/02] ports/21714 ports-bugs  audio problem with games/nil
o [2000/10/05] kern/21771  murray      Fix for sppp and Cronyx drivers update
a [2000/10/06] kern/21808              [patches] msdosfs incorrectly handles vno
o [2000/10/15] misc/21998  green       ident only for outgoing connections
o [2000/10/19] kern/22142  cjc         securelevel does not affect mount
o [2000/10/25] bin/22291               getcwd() fails on recently-modified NFS-m
o [2000/10/30] kern/22417  gibbs       advansys wide scsi driver does not suppor
o [2000/11/05] bin/22614   billf       pam_ssh dumps core
o [2000/11/13] kern/22826  emulation   Memory limits have no effect in linux com
o [2000/11/14] bin/22846   net         Routed does not reflect preference of Int
o [2000/11/15] kern/22862              ncr probe fails with CACHE TEST FAILED: ?
o [2000/11/18] i386/22944              isa_dmainit fails on machines with 512MB 
a [2000/11/18] kern/22947  jon         IBM 10/100 EtherJet Cardbus (Xircom X3201
o [2000/11/25] bin/23098   ambrisko    If installing on a serial console, enable
o [2000/12/08] kern/23400  guido       IPsec transport mode precludes filtering 
o [2000/12/12] kern/23515              get error in messages system log "Dec 11 
o [2000/12/13] kern/23535  imp         4.x kernels seem to no longer support Ada
o [2000/12/14] misc/23561  emulation   Linux compatibility mode does not support
o [2000/12/26] bin/23866   dwmalone    patch for pointing out current date
o [2001/01/02] kern/24032  markm       rndcontrol and pccardd use of interupt ha
o [2001/01/03] kern/24059  n_hibma     USB support broken in SMP kernel
o [2001/01/04] kern/24070  n_hibma     uhci USB driver disables port on reatachi
o [2001/01/04] kern/24074  mdodd       Properties of token-ring protocol must be
o [2001/01/05] kern/24085              syncing on shutdown leaves filesystem dir
o [2001/01/06] docs/24125  wes         connect(2) can yield EWOULDBLOCK/EAGAIN
o [2001/01/12] bin/24271               dumpon should check its argument more
o [2001/01/16] misc/24391              cannot kill amd after interface disappear
o [2001/01/19] bin/24461   pirzyk      Being able to increase the YP timeout wit
o [2001/01/19] bin/24472   threads     libc_r does not honor SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVT
s [2001/01/23] misc/24590  standards   timezone function not compatible witn Sin
o [2001/01/25] kern/24629              ng_socket failes to declare connected dat
o [2001/01/25] bin/24632   threads     libc_r delicate deviation from libc in ha
o [2001/01/25] misc/24641  threads     pthread_rwlock_rdlock can deadlock
o [2001/02/09] kern/24982  iedowse     stack gap usage
o [2001/02/10] i386/24997              /boot/loader cannot handle extended dos p
o [2001/02/11] ports/25007 max         telnetx problem on 4.x
o [2001/02/12] kern/25038  murray      dhcp client could not set hostname on boo
o [2001/02/13] kern/25067  adrian      able to mount a pathname > 80 char. but u
o [2001/02/14] kern/25093              4.2-STABLE does not recognize PCNet-ISA+ 
o [2001/02/19] kern/25213  peter       Bus abstraction interface doesn't allow p
o [2001/02/21] kern/25248  bde         sys/user.h needs sys/param.h, but doesn't
f [2001/02/21] kern/25261  gibbs       ahc0 no active SCB errors when booting of
o [2001/02/21] ports/25272 rse         Using lang/eperl as cgi/nph binary execut
s [2001/02/23] bin/25337   rwatson     dmesg -a should be restricted
o [2001/02/28] bin/25461   qa          sysinstall's fdisk and disklabel don't wo
o [2001/03/03] kern/25511              ioctl(fd, FIONREAD, &c) on a FIFO (not PI
o [2001/03/05] bin/25542   standards   /bin/sh: null char in quoted string
o [2001/03/13] kern/25781              Statclocks cannot be disables on ServerWo
p [2001/03/15] bin/25826               nfsd -t -h adr1 -h adr2 doesn't work
o [2001/03/16] misc/25851  qa          Security hole in anonymous FTP setup scri
o [2001/03/17] bin/25886               cgetset(3) doesn't get cleared when switc
o [2001/03/19] bin/25929   qa          Can't use MAKEDEV in fixit mount
o [2001/03/22] kern/25986  silby       Socket would hang at LAST_ACK forever.
o [2001/03/22] misc/26002  n_hibma     Poor read/write performance on uhci USB c
o [2001/03/22] kern/26013  joe         Linksys (rev 3) USB 100TX NIC causes infi
o [2001/03/26] bin/26093   markm       pam_unix rejects authenticating accounts 
a [2001/03/27] kern/26142              Unlink fails on NFS mounted filesystem
o [2001/03/28] kern/26171  emulation   not work Linux-emulator, but hi is work i
o [2001/03/31] i386/26261              silo overflow problem in sio driver
o [2001/04/02] bin/26307   threads     libc_r aborts when using the KDE media pl
o [2001/04/03] kern/26309              PPPoE client panics in kernel - fxp probl
o [2001/04/03] misc/26320  alfred      mountd breaks IRIX automounter
a [2001/04/05] gnu/26362               "cvs server" doesn't honour the global --
o [2001/04/08] kern/26430  cg          -CURRENT panics on cat /dev/dsp or cat /d
o [2001/04/10] misc/26486              setnetgrent hangs when netgroup contains 
o [2001/04/12] kern/26506              sendto() syscall returns EINVAL in jail e
o [2001/04/25] bin/26842   dd          dump with h flag takes a very long time
a [2001/04/25] bin/26869   sheldonh    vi(1) crashes in viewing a file with long
o [2001/04/27] misc/26897  qa          4.3R sysinstall fails to create swap part
a [2001/05/10] kern/27262              process won't be terminated after CPUTIME
o [2001/05/20] kern/27474              Interactive use of user PPP and ipfilter 
p [2001/05/21] kern/27522  des         linprocfs:/proc/stat does not handle SMP 
s [2001/05/22] kern/27543  pirzyk      /proc/cpuinfo does not handle SMP hosts
o [2001/05/23] docs/27605  doc         Cross-document references (<olink>)
o [2001/05/27] kern/27694  cg          Panic in csa(4)
f [2001/05/29] i386/27729  qa          the ls120 device "afd" does not show up u
a [2001/06/05] misc/27893  sos         can't burn audio cds on LG CD-RW CED-8083
o [2001/06/05] misc/27896              Error in /etc/exports invalidates entire 
o [2001/06/09] kern/27995              src/sys/pci if_pcn.c revision 1.21 resp. 
o [2001/06/12] misc/28095              [PATCH] pax may descend into directories 
o [2001/06/12] ports/28102 ports-bugs  Recent changes to 4.3-STABLE break arla-0
o [2001/06/14] ports/28155 portmgr     DESTDIR is used incorrectly in bsd.port.m
o [2001/06/15] kern/28173              Problem with Touchpad on Inspiron 5000e
o [2001/06/16] bin/28221   eric        dialog(1) segfaults (due to the bug in li
o [2001/06/17] bin/28223               su doesn't look at login.conf all the tim
o [2001/06/17] bin/28224   yar         ftpd doesn't honor invalid shelll in logi
o [2001/06/20] bin/28311   des         ftpd and sshd do not honor expired pw ent
a [2001/06/24] ports/28398 mita        japanese/dvi2ps cannot find
o [2001/06/26] bin/28424               mtree fails to report directory hierarchy
o [2001/06/29] misc/28508              problems with backup to Tandberg SLR40 st
o [2001/07/04] kern/28692  cg          ICH sound driver hangs kernel
o [2001/07/06] kern/28768              The system doesn't get connects on one of
o [2001/07/07] bin/28798   mikeh       mail(1) with a pager (more) requires fg/C
o [2001/07/07] i386/28802  joe         3com Performance Pro modem conflicts with
o [2001/07/09] kern/28840  gibbs       Possible interrupt masking trouble in sys
o [2001/07/09] bin/28852   cracauer    behavior of /bin/sh with -e option looks 
f [2001/07/11] ports/28889 lioux       mail/qpopper 4.0.3 error: Insufficient ro
o [2001/07/12] i386/28928  wpaul       dual starfire nic doesn't seem to work (a
o [2001/07/16] bin/29026   pb          traceroute -s option allows any IP addres
o [2001/07/18] i386/29067  sound       Yamaha OPL3Sa2 pcm/pnp bug
o [2001/07/19] ports/29098 jedgar      p5-Mysql port references wrong directory 
f [2001/07/23] kern/29170  ru          ARP request fails after "bad gateway valu
o [2001/07/26] bin/29253   ru          natd forgets about udp connections
o [2001/08/01] i386/29375  qa          the disk editor used by /stand/sysinstall
o [2001/08/01] i386/29377  imp         pccard hangs during probe when returning 
o [2001/08/03] kern/29421              Update a file with mmap will cause mtime/
o [2001/08/04] kern/29465  sound       Can't probe NeoMagic 256AX audio chip.
f [2001/08/11] kern/29626              ifconfig causes kernel panic in 4.4-PRERE
o [2001/08/13] kern/29686  jlemon      kevent EV_ADD EVFILT_WRITE does the wrong
o [2001/08/14] ports/29704 bp          Imagemagick Identify utility crashes when
o [2001/08/15] bin/29725   dwmalone    [PATCH] Fixed segmentation fault in simpl
o [2001/08/17] bin/29808               ypserv dumps core in yp_find_db
o [2001/08/17] i386/29809  rsm         pb Xircom Eth Card with Freebsd 4.4RC1 : 
o [2001/08/19] i386/29882  peter       stable 4.3 kernel compile fails for multi
o [2001/08/20] bin/29903               ypbind loses connection to NIS master and
o [2001/08/23] kern/29983  imp         Problem with "TI PCI-1250 PCI-CardBus Bri
o [2001/08/24] kern/30049  imp         [f: 4.4] Bad iomem assigned in some cases
o [2001/08/27] kern/30125              btx/bootloader dumps very often if serial
o [2001/08/30] kern/30223              Using /usr/share/examples/kld/cdev, testc
o [2001/08/30] kern/30230              md cannot
o [2001/08/31] bin/30235               /usr/sbin/portmap cannot listen to localh
o [2001/08/31] kern/30241  gibbs       System crash w/err: AHC0; AHC_INTR - refe
o [2001/09/02] i386/30276              CPUTYPE=486 built on a CPUTYPE=p3 WORLD b
o [2001/09/04] bin/30310               top does not show CPU usage
o [2001/09/06] misc/30373  joe         Logitech IFeel Optical USB mouse does not
o [2001/09/06] conf/30399              Have Fortran use the CPUTYPE variable
o [2001/09/10] kern/30482              calcru calls printf while holding a spin 
o [2001/09/10] alpha/30486 alpha       AlphaServer DS10 floppy access is broken
o [2001/09/10] alpha/30487 alpha       Floppy access on AlphaServer DS20 solid l
o [2001/09/10] ports/30490 sobomax     yacc in world does NOT fully respect TMPD
f [2001/09/10] kern/30502  joe         panics if logitech joystick usb attached 
o [2001/09/15] misc/30590              /etc/hosts.equiv and ~/.rhosts interactio
o [2001/09/15] kern/30592  roam        [PATCH] panic: static sysctl oid too high
o [2001/09/17] kern/30630  fenner      Failure to check for existence of interfa
o [2001/09/21] kern/30712              fatal kernel trap during ufs_rename
o [2001/09/25] kern/30820  sound       PCM sound fails
o [2001/09/26] bin/30837   qa          Sysinstall doesn't set the schg flag on t
o [2001/09/30] kern/30948              ls'ing mounted brand new floppy locks up 
o [2001/10/01] kern/30958  rwatson     QUOTA with 0 bytes in quota.user hangs up
f [2001/10/01] bin/30966   fenner      TCPdump repeating on Radius accounting pa
o [2001/10/01] kern/30971  peter       NFS client modification time resolution i
f [2001/10/02] ports/30993 iedowse     xxgdb cannot open source file
s [2001/10/04] kern/31047              Linux programs do not dump core in linux 
o [2001/10/07] kern/31102  wpaul       lge + Pentium III data transmission probl
o [2001/10/18] misc/31363  qa          sysinstall "partition editor" silently co
o [2001/10/21] kern/31398  cg          newpcm does not play back the tail of sou
o [2001/10/26] ports/31511 obrien      g++30 produces binaries which SIGBUS when
o [2001/10/30] conf/31631              "MAC address" can't be acquired properly.
a [2001/10/31] kern/31659  joe         USB controller driver will die after some
o [2001/10/31] bin/31661   threads     pthread_kill signal handler doesn't get s
o [2001/11/01] bin/31692               2872-or-less-byte ftp binary transfer fro
o [2001/11/03] kern/31746              failed connect(2) seems to cause problems
f [2001/11/05] kern/31768  darrenr     Use of fastroute in IPFilter reboots the 
o [2001/11/05] kern/31790              problem with NFS and jail()
o [2001/11/07] ports/31819 jmz         ports/ispell install doesn't work
o [2001/11/07] bin/31835   mbr         dhclient doesn't close FD's before spawni
s [2001/11/09] ports/31893 des         gnats-3.113.1 conflicts with /usr/bin/sen
o [2001/11/12] kern/31940              nge gigabit adapter link reset and slow t
o [2001/11/14] kern/31979              Setup and boot locks Compaq Armada E500 l
f [2001/11/17] java/32063  znerd       patch for /usr/ports/java/linux-jdk about
o [2001/11/17] bin/32072               setuid w/o immutable flag
o [2001/11/18] kern/32098              semctl() does not propagate permissions
a [2001/11/19] kern/32118  mbr         21143 with dc driver will not select 10ba
o [2001/11/19] ports/32121 x11         XFree86-4-Server: xf86cfg 4.1.0 writes ba
o [2001/11/20] kern/32124  imp         Cannot set 128 bit wep key on prism2 (wi0
o [2001/11/23] kern/32226              time of day clock runs fast (approx twice
o [2001/11/23] ports/32234 tobez       Perl ports not $LOCALBASE clean
o [2001/11/26] bin/32295   threads     pthread dont dequeue signals
o [2001/11/27] kern/32338              Network to disk write performance low und
o [2001/11/28] kern/32353              if kern.maxproc > 512  sybase ASE 11.9.2(
o [2001/11/29] bin/32374               vi -r doesn't work, file contained unexpe
o [2001/12/08] bin/32619   des         libfetch does not use RFC 1738's definito
o [2001/12/10] kern/32668  peter       NFS directory removal problems manifested
f [2001/12/10] bin/32686   wosch       locate command dumps a core file with bro
o [2001/12/11] ports/32700 ports-bugs  net/arla: inode changes for large
o [2001/12/11] kern/32716  joe         system hangs when running vid (usb webcam
o [2001/12/11] bin/32717   brian       ppp(8) change mss to wrong size
f [2001/12/12] bin/32791   ru          FreeBSD's man(1) utility vulnerable to ol
o [2001/12/13] kern/32797              Problem with IPX and netgraph(4)
o [2001/12/13] kern/32809              yet another panic while syncing disks aft
f [2001/12/21] kern/33074  joe         USB printer support does not detect print
o [2001/12/21] ports/33080 ume         gkrellmvolume interferes with the ability
o [2001/12/22] kern/33085  jlemon      Samba's NMBD cannot find alias interface
o [2001/12/24] kern/33138              pnp problem in 4.3, 4.4, 4.5
o [2001/12/26] kern/33201              net/net_osdep.c:if_name is broken
f [2001/12/26] misc/33213  ume         rarpd fails to init IPv6 enabled interfac
o [2001/12/30] kern/33344              memory leak in device resource config loa
o [2001/12/30] misc/33370  qa          Post configuration issue
o [2002/01/02] kern/33464              soft update inconsistencies after system 
o [2002/01/03] bin/33515               amd incorrectly handles multi-homed nfs s
o [2002/01/04] kern/33532  sound       Playing audio on some soundcards with pcm
o [2002/01/04] kern/33535              invalid kernel diagnostic while writing d
f [2002/01/04] gnu/33551               cvs chokes on OpenBSD repositories
f [2002/01/07] kern/33653              DSL PPPoE connection error on 4.5-PRERELE
o [2002/01/07] misc/33672  sheldonh    telnetd and mount_mfs signal handlers cal
o [2002/01/09] kern/33738              argv == NULL is not handled correctly by 
o [2002/01/13] kern/33833  luigi       Correct kernel config for 4.4-RELEASE is 
f [2002/01/13] kern/33839  joe         usb0: host controller halted (involving A
o [2002/01/15] ports/33927 ports-bugs  ja-dvipdfm port requires texmf/dvips/base
o [2002/01/15] docs/33929  doc         Section 15.15 of the FreeBSD Porter's Han
o [2002/01/16] kern/33940              quotactl allows compromise gid-quotas
o [2002/01/16] kern/33974  sound       Can not record anything with emu10k1 on 4
o [2002/01/17] kern/34017              The siginfo_t passed to the signal handli
o [2002/01/18] kern/34020              programs fail that poll(2) on fifos
o [2002/01/18] bin/34030               miibus.ko can be loaded into the kernel w
s [2002/01/20] i386/34092              reboot hangs the system (IBM PC Server 31
o [2002/01/21] gnu/34128               sdiff "e" doesn't work with some editors
o [2002/01/23] kern/34205  njl         detect USB memory device, But can not use
o [2002/01/24] gnu/34246   joe         CVS doesn't rebuild CVSROOT/options
o [2002/01/25] i386/34267  semenu      FreeBSD hangs and reboots when overloaded
o [2002/01/25] bin/34269   fenner      tcpdump -v incorectly identifies packets 
o [2002/01/25] misc/34270              man -k could be used to execute any comma
f [2002/01/26] kern/34306  gibbs       4.5-RC panics on boot with half-supported
o [2002/02/01] i386/34536  threads     accept() blocks other threads
o [2002/02/01] kern/34544  joe         Kernel crash on fclose() of /dev/kbd1 whe
o [2002/02/02] misc/34568              turning printer on and off hangs the comp
o [2002/02/04] kern/34619              TCP - FINs with different sequence number
p [2002/02/06] bin/34682   fenner      scanf/sscanf doesn't understand %lld
o [2002/02/09] kern/34765  darrenr     Unloading the ipl.ko module will panic th
o [2002/02/10] kern/34801  darrenr     TCP window size bug (afflicting IP Filter
o [2002/02/10] bin/34811               sh: "jobs" is not pipeable
o [2002/02/11] misc/34842              VmWare port + NIS causes "broadcast storm
o [2002/02/17] kern/35061  joe         After printing to HP Deskjet 656c USB pri
o [2002/02/19] misc/35116              keyinfo reports root's keyinfo
o [2002/02/20] kern/35136  luigi       VLAN & bridging & MTU
o [2002/02/22] bin/35214   obrien      dump program hangs while exiting
o [2002/02/25] bin/35307   standards   standard include files are not standard c
o [2002/02/25] misc/35310  des         SSHing with expired password does not bri
o [2002/02/26] misc/35350              Can't boot on ASUS TXP4
o [2002/02/26] kern/35351  sound       emu10k1: no posibility to record sound. K
o [2002/02/26] ports/35353 green       cfs strips eighth bit of file name on "ou
o [2002/02/27] kern/35396              poll(2) doesn't set POLLERR for failed co
o [2002/02/28] kern/35399              poll(2) botches revents on dropped socket
o [2002/02/28] kern/35429              select(2)/poll(2)/kevent(2) can't/don't n
o [2002/02/28] kern/35442              Problem transmitting runts in if_sis driv
o [2002/03/03] misc/35506              innetgr() doesn't match wildcard fields i
f [2002/03/03] kern/35511  bms         sis(4) multicast filtering doesn't pass s
o [2002/03/07] bin/35622   threads     sigaltstack is missing in libc_r
f [2002/03/07] kern/35645  bms         Layer 2 switching using default router of
o [2002/03/07] misc/35662              send-pr and/or web pr query system screws
o [2002/03/08] kern/35669              NFSROOT breaks without a gateway
s [2002/03/08] docs/35678  doc         docproj Makefiles for web are broken for 
f [2002/03/08] kern/35691  mbr         Realtek NIC driver does not work with Rea
o [2002/03/09] kern/35703              /proc/curproc/file returns unknown
o [2002/03/10] kern/35756  joe         USB reattach of Sony DSC-S75 fails, USB s
o [2002/03/11] misc/35774              [SECURITY] Suboptimal auditing possibilit
o [2002/03/12] bin/35842               rm -f nonexistent file successful but rm 
o [2002/03/13] bin/35843   maxim       [PATCH] MD5 auth implemented in routed is
o [2002/03/13] gnu/35878               /usr/bin/strip resets ABI type to FreeBSD
o [2002/03/13] conf/35880              rc files could be a bit more jail friendl
p [2002/03/15] bin/35921   jon         Wrong path reduction of dot-dot paths in 
o [2002/03/15] bin/35925               fixit floppy cannot be mounted on USB dri
a [2002/03/16] kern/35985  re          swap double mount
o [2002/03/16] kern/35986              Wrong bpf-header preceading packet when u
o [2002/03/17] i386/36003              Cyclades Cyclom YeP causes panics on Free
p [2002/03/17] kern/36038  bp          sendfile(2) on smbfs fails, exposes kerne
o [2002/03/19] misc/36086  trhodes     Kerberos Problem/Handbook wrong/Followup 
o [2002/03/20] kern/36147              bogus irq 7 message being issued
o [2002/03/21] docs/36168  doc         -pthread/_THREAD_SAFE docs missing in gcc
o [2002/03/22] kern/36219              poll() behaves erratic on BPF file descri
o [2002/03/28] kern/36415  roger       the bktr driver incorrectly handles the s
a [2002/03/28] i386/36451  roger       (sys/dev/bktr) Japan IF frequency is inco
o [2002/03/29] kern/36482              Multiport starfire card (sf/ukphy) doesn'
o [2002/03/29] conf/36508  qa          installation floppy bug (See description)
o [2002/03/29] i386/36517              sis driver can't map ports/memory for Net
o [2002/03/31] kern/36566              System reboot with dead smb mount and umo
o [2002/04/05] kern/36784              Can't fcntl(fd, F_SETFL, ...) on a pseudo
o [2002/04/07] ports/36846 ports-bugs  fxtv 1.03 freezes the system when $LANG=d
o [2002/04/07] bin/36867               games/fortune: add FORTUNE_PATH env var, 
o [2002/04/08] ports/36879 mbr         emulators/vmware2 freezes and reboots sys
o [2002/04/08] conf/36911  qa          installation floppies miss autoload file
o [2002/04/09] bin/36926               send-pr destroys PR if emacs interrupt ch
o [2002/04/09] i386/36943              reboot hangs on Tyan Thunder K7 with SMP
o [2002/04/11] misc/36999              2 Default Routes Created
o [2002/04/11] ports/37006 dirk        cdrecord in sysutils/cdrtools does not wo
o [2002/04/14] kern/37057              Problem with rlimits on filesystem mounte
o [2002/04/15] kern/37109              Kernel refuses to assign unused IP to tun
o [2002/04/18] i386/37240              EtherExpress16 not probed at boot
o [2002/04/19] kern/37261  luigi       kernel is not linking without "device eth
o [2002/04/21] kern/37326  roger       smbus/bktr crash when omitting "device ii
o [2002/04/22] bin/37343               portmap TCP binds strangeness
o [2002/04/22] ports/37361 ports-bugs  installing gcc30 port breaks devel/gettex
o [2002/04/23] misc/37399              rsh does not work from Win 2k to freeBSD
o [2002/04/24] kern/37436              accept dead loop when out of file descrip
o [2002/04/24] kern/37441              ISA PNP parse problem
o [2002/04/24] kern/37443              incorrect move pointer in environment str
o [2002/04/26] i386/37482  sound       Weird behaviour under relatively slow loa
o [2002/04/27] kern/37502              NFS client ignores mtime.tv_usec for open
o [2002/04/28] i386/37523              lock for bios16 call and vm86call
o [2002/04/29] misc/37585  qa          System hangs on install at probing device
o [2002/04/30] misc/37586  qa          newfs failing in 5.0-DP1 initial install
o [2002/04/30] kern/37589  imp         Kernel panics upon resume from zzz on my 
o [2002/05/01] kern/37635  joe         USB ufm driver using major 200, although 
a [2002/05/01] kern/37656  robert      Linux emulator 'Invalid Argument' error i
o [2002/05/03] misc/37710  murray      LAN interface in wrong state after attemp
f [2002/05/05] misc/37775              netsmb/smb_subr.c needs opt_global.h in S
o [2002/05/08] misc/37863              Configuration of X corrupts screen, and i
o [2002/05/09] kern/37889              kernel panic when writing to a FAT32 part
o [2002/05/12] kern/38011  rsm         Fatal Trap 12 using Xircom CE2 in IBM 760
a [2002/05/12] java/38018  znerd       ports/www/jakarta-tomcat4: make passing o
a [2002/05/12] java/38020  znerd       ports/www/jakarta-tomcat4: stop tomcat vi
o [2002/05/14] kern/38095  bp          vlan not supported with fxp
f [2002/05/16] kern/38166  gad         ipv6_gateway_enable="YES" breaks lpd
o [2002/05/17] ports/38212 knu         XFree86-4 and portupgrade get dependencie
o [2002/05/24] kern/38495              soreceive fails to maintain invariant on 
s [2002/05/24] kern/38527              /dev/random does not obey O_NONBLOCK flag
o [2002/05/25] kern/38549  threads     the procces compiled whith pthread stoppe
o [2002/05/25] kern/38554              changing interface ipaddress doesn't seem
o [2002/05/26] misc/38582  qa          sysinstall sets newfs flag after changing
o [2002/05/27] ports/38602 ports-bugs  x11-wm/tvtwm is confused about PREFIX
o [2002/05/27] bin/38609   qa          Sysinstall should know the size of the va
o [2002/05/27] kern/38632  imp         Loss of connection with wi cards
o [2002/05/30] i386/38731              Freebsd doesn't support ( pdc20276 / Raid
f [2002/05/30] kern/38736  joe         kernel panic during memory stick removal
o [2002/05/30] kern/38752              rn_walktree_from not halting at the right
o [2002/05/31] bin/38765   peter       CVS Daemon Vulnerability in 1.11.1p1
o [2002/06/01] kern/38794  sound       ESS Solo driver truncates output
o [2002/06/01] kern/38795  sound       kldunload of snd_ess, snd_sb16, snd_sb8 p
f [2002/06/02] misc/38835  qa          sysinstall always installs crypto
o [2002/06/04] kern/38894              Dell PowerEdge 4600 PCI Bus scan problems
o [2002/06/04] kern/38906              calcru: negative time of
o [2002/06/05] bin/38918               edquota breaks silently when quota-marked
o [2002/06/07] kern/38983              Kernel fails to access disk
f [2002/06/10] misc/39104  sos         The disc in your drive looks more like an
o [2002/06/11] ports/39148 cy          screen consumes 100% when run
o [2002/06/11] ports/39149 ume         ports/mail/cyrus-imapd: cyradm causes per
o [2002/06/11] ports/39151 trevor      acroread5 install fails
o [2002/06/11] kern/39185              core dump binary in single user mode
o [2002/06/13] kern/39233              NonConforming IPsec implementation from F
o [2002/06/13] kern/39252              Syscons doesn't support 8-bit control cha
o [2002/06/13] kern/39260  sound       pcm0 locks on boot, Compaq Presario 1920
o [2002/06/15] kern/39329              '..' at mountpoint is subject to the perm
o [2002/06/15] kern/39331  dwmalone    namei cache unreliable for __getcwd()
o [2002/06/16] kern/39388  groudier    ncr/sym drivers fail with 53c810 and more
o [2002/06/18] ports/39479 cy          Binary version of screen-3.9.11_1 in port
o [2002/06/19] i386/39507              FreeBSD can't boot: BTX halted problem
s [2002/06/19] i386/39536              FreeBSD default bootloader does not load 
o [2002/06/20] i386/39604              Install failure on HP Pavilion 310n - Una
o [2002/06/21] i386/39633              Errors reported in schistory.c in syscons
s [2002/06/22] ports/39660 portmgr     add ${PKGNAMEPREFIX} to (DOCS|EXAMPLES)DI
o [2002/06/23] ports/39760 jedgar      ports/math/rcalc is too old and contains 
o [2002/06/24] conf/39763              Can't get a correct MAC address for MELCO
o [2002/06/24] ports/39788 mharo       building proftpd in ports ignores WITH_MY
o [2002/06/24] i386/39802              iBCS2 emulation fork process core dumps
f [2002/06/24] kern/39805  joe         4.6R install panics with umass0 device co
o [2002/06/25] bin/39849               /sbin/restore fails to overwrite files wi
f [2002/06/26] conf/39887  matusita    /stand/sysinstall doesn't set sendmail_en
o [2002/06/26] bin/39896               netmask 0xffffff00 no longer works in /et
f [2002/06/27] bin/39918   brian       Userland PPP - CHAP and PAP are swaped
o [2002/06/27] bin/39922   threads     [PATCH?] Threaded applications executed w
o [2002/06/27] kern/39928  imp         wi0 timeouts and hangs the system while s
a [2002/06/27] kern/39937  bms         ipstealth issue
o [2002/06/27] bin/39940               /usr/sbin/periodic sends thousands of ema
o [2002/06/29] misc/40001  grog        vinum showing -2 drives after removing se
o [2002/06/30] kern/40044              SMP kernel fails to boot on DELL 610
o [2002/07/01] i386/40073  rsm         Xircom Realport Ether doesn't work in Tos
o [2002/07/02] kern/40122  sound       Device pcm stopps booting Kernel 4.6
o [2002/07/02] i386/40132              Enabling the joystick interface on es137x
o [2002/07/03] kern/40139  darrenr     ipfilter issue
o [2002/07/03] ports/40167 bp          mars_nwe does not report disk full errors
o [2002/07/04] misc/40206              Can not assign alias to any POINTOPOINT i
o [2002/07/05] bin/40219               [apm] apm breaks removable media
o [2002/07/05] bin/40227               CVS client doesn't upload new files creat
o [2002/07/06] misc/40260  qa          sysinstall hangs up detecting devices (No
f [2002/07/06] i386/40274              "fxp: device timeout" errors during heavy
o [2002/07/06] bin/40278               mktime returns -1 for certain dates/timez
o [2002/07/07] bin/40282               /bin/kill has bad error checking for comm
o [2002/07/09] kern/40394              if_tap driver hard coded permission check
a [2002/07/11] bin/40466               pax may not handle correctly some tar arc
o [2002/07/11] bin/40471   des         chpass(1) -a option broken in CURRENT
o [2002/07/14] kern/40558              UDP6 sockets do not receive responses of 
o [2002/07/14] kern/40561  jlemon      TTCP does not work with IPv6
o [2002/07/14] kern/40574  sound       NeoMagic soundcard detection on Gateway S
o [2002/07/15] ports/40610 jmz         Latex build "cannot find Hyphenation patt
o [2002/07/16] bin/40656   qa          patch: sysinstall: scripted deletion of s
o [2002/07/16] ports/40672 ports-bugs  wsoundserver defaults to using esound and
o [2002/07/19] kern/40766  imp         NEWCARD freeses system while card inserti
o [2002/07/19] kern/40787              page fault while in kernel mode
o [2002/07/19] kern/40792  joe         signals lead to data loss on device ugen
o [2002/07/22] ports/40886 ache        www/apache13: pkpkg_delete apache-1.3.26_
o [2002/07/22] kern/40895              wierd kernel / device driver bug
o [2002/07/23] i386/40945              FreeBSD can not support IBM ServeRAID4Lx 
o [2002/07/25] i386/40972              Stallion Multiport Serial Driver .
o [2002/07/26] kern/41007              overfull traffic on third and fourth adap
o [2002/07/29] kern/41125  adrian      squid-2.4.STABLE7 loop on poll() - SMP ke
o [2002/07/29] ports/41128 ports-bugs  dns/dnrd: recv_addr init wrong and 512 by
o [2002/07/29] i386/41138  silby       vr0 locks up on one hub, OK on another
o [2002/07/31] kern/41216              Get "NFS append race" error
o [2002/08/01] misc/41242              periodic scripts make unwarrented assumpt
o [2002/08/03] bin/41297   mp          {t,}csh backquote/braces expansion bug
f [2002/08/04] bin/41327   jon         skey decrementing but not authorizing wit
o [2002/08/04] misc/41331  threads     Pthread library open sets O_NONBLOCK flag
o [2002/08/07] bin/41410               /bin/sh bug on expanding $? in here-docum
o [2002/08/07] bin/41435   mbr         dhclient writes lease file that it can't 
o [2002/08/11] i386/41569              silo overflow
o [2002/08/13] kern/41632  luigi       bridging when one interface has no carrie
o [2002/08/16] kern/41720              if_nge_load=YES make system not bootable
o [2002/08/16] kern/41740  grog        vinum issues: page fault while rebuilding
o [2002/08/18] i386/41757  qa          sysinstall 4.6.x unstable
f [2002/08/19] bin/41776   bms         mrouted doesn't route multicast packets
o [2002/08/19] bin/41777               /etc/periodic/daily/100.clean-disks remov
o [2002/08/20] docs/41824  murray      LANG is not documented in setlocale(3)
o [2002/08/21] kern/41850  qa          sysinstall fails to create root filesyste
o [2002/08/22] kern/41881  julian      ng_device was not MFCed for 2 months
o [2002/08/22] bin/41908               make: $? not always set
o [2002/08/23] i386/41930              declaration clash for ffs() and ${CXX}
o [2002/08/23] conf/41935              PPPoE problem with 3com device - 3c12
o [2002/08/24] kern/41966              audio/play:  sblive, can cause "Device bu
o [2002/08/25] bin/42004               quota and rpc.statd are still IPv4 only, 
o [2002/08/27] kern/42089  phk         ntp_gettime returns time in wrong scale
o [2002/08/27] bin/42093               ypbind hangs on NIC with the lowest scope
o [2002/08/28] misc/42115  luigi       PicoBSD: fix build script for 4.6-STABLE
p [2002/08/30] kern/42216  rwatson     simultaneous multiple server network fail
o [2002/09/02] kern/42352              Impossible to set RCV timeout on a socket
p [2002/09/02] bin/42356               uudecode -o doesn't work if piped
o [2002/09/04] bin/42407               ppp(8) IPV6CP fails
o [2002/09/05] kern/42457              Hack to allow Linux Matlab to exit
o [2002/09/06] bin/42484   jmallett    ps: uprocp documented but not implemented
o [2002/09/07] ports/42516 openoffice generate wrong WM_LOCALE_N
o [2002/09/07] i386/42539              Fatal Trap 12 resulting from Conner Perip
o [2002/09/08] kern/42564  sound       record bug with emu10k1 driver
o [2002/09/08] kern/42578              Using PCI serial cards (puc) in SMP machi
o [2002/09/09] kern/42621  imp         Dell Inspiron 5000e hangs when using Orin
o [2002/09/10] kern/42638  sound       CS4326/4327 (MSS) buggy output playing 11
f [2002/09/10] ports/42647 linimon     port misc/pybliographer does not configur
o [2002/09/11] kern/42652              error deleting r/o (by windows) files on 
o [2002/09/11] bin/42658   markm       recompile /usr/src/libexec/telnetd and lo
o [2002/09/12] ports/42713 wjv         biology/emboss : problems building EMBASS
o [2002/09/13] gnu/42726   cvs         cvs -R pserver & val-tags: story continue
o [2002/09/13] kern/42727  bms         [PATCH] Wrong MTU in need-frag ICMP using
o [2002/09/13] ports/42729 obrien      bash manpage has /bin/bash as location fo
o [2002/09/13] misc/42748  joe         USB on hardware list does not work
o [2002/09/13] i386/42750              Fdisk makes no difference between FAT32, 
o [2002/09/13] docs/42762  doc         ppp.8 has no description of $env and ~use
a [2002/09/14] ports/42777 openoffice  OpenOffice install fails
o [2002/09/14] ports/42783 steve       open-motif port doesn't compile
o [2002/09/14] i386/42784  imp         pcmcia 16bit network card removal locks a
o [2002/09/15] misc/42801              FreeBSD freezes when opening cuaa0 with a
o [2002/09/15] i386/42806              VLANs do not work with fxp + catalyst as 
o [2002/09/20] kern/42983  imp         wi0 sporadically freezes the system for 1
o [2002/09/20] kern/43151              Panic 20 seconds after resume
o [2002/09/21] bin/43223   pirzyk      getnetby{name|addr} broken for DNS lookup
o [2002/09/23] ports/43301 steve       mwm confused by mouse events following up
o [2002/09/24] bin/43337   des         fetch: -s fails if -4 or possibly other o
o [2002/09/25] kern/43352  luigi       ipfw aborts processing file/pipe when del
f [2002/09/25] i386/43366  joe         Cannot format media in USB floppy devices
o [2002/09/28] www/43454   www         Packages hard to find, often missing
o [2002/09/28] kern/43462  joe         copying files from olympus C-4040 digital
o [2002/09/29] bin/43501               getpwnam, getpwuid fail when linking agai
p [2002/10/01] alpha/43567 robert      strtod() core dumps
f [2002/10/02] kern/43580  njl         QUIRK: PhotoClip USB Camera
o [2002/10/02] bin/43592               mktime rejects dates at the start of dayl
o [2002/10/02] kern/43599              Balloc did not check mallocated pointer i
a [2002/10/02] kern/43605  luigi       enabling polling in the kernel causes pag
o [2002/10/04] misc/43674              Able to bypass expired password
o [2002/10/08] standards/43837wollman     PKST (pakistan daylight time) changed fro
o [2002/10/09] conf/43851              Colorado backup unit
o [2002/10/09] i386/43852              4.7-RC "device timeout" problem
a [2002/10/09] kern/43885  ken         USB CDROM does not work with vmware 2.x
o [2002/10/10] kern/43887  threads     abnormal CPU useage when use pthread_mute
o [2002/10/11] java/43924  glewis      writing from JAVA to a pipe sometimes han
o [2002/10/11] bin/43930               ldconfig calls bcopy with wrong size
o [2002/10/11] kern/43953              Backport of BMC5703 drivers
o [2002/10/12] kern/43984              rp driver does not support multiple PCI c
o [2002/10/12] bin/43993   joe         /usr/sbin/usbd does not handle an usb eve
a [2002/10/13] kern/44030              VNode/Swap troubles
o [2002/10/15] kern/44087              fatal kernel trap when ifconfig a inet6 i
o [2002/10/15] kern/44126              lnc network hungup at large traffics on V
o [2002/10/16] kern/44130              Enabled apm hangs up FreeBSD kernel on i8
s [2002/10/16] misc/44148              installworld in 4.7-STABLE does not insta
f [2002/10/17] i386/44178  sound       kldload of snd_emu10k1 locks system
f [2002/10/17] ports/44192 edwin       joe
o [2002/10/18] kern/44202              -stable rp driver does not work with mult
o [2002/10/19] conf/44263  imp         Intel AnyPoint II Wireless Card Unrecogni
p [2002/10/19] misc/44268  ache        [PATCH] FreeBSD is missing lt_LT.ISO8859-
o [2002/10/21] kern/44355              After deletion of an IPv6 alias, the rout
o [2002/10/23] kern/44417  luigi       ipfw layer2 rules are not checked for eth
o [2002/10/26] i386/44497              NIC Lags?
s [2002/10/26] bin/44504   mp          tcsh-6.12.00's "source" command ignore co
o [2002/10/26] kern/44512  sound       pcm driver generates static half the time
o [2002/10/26] kern/44514              X11 mouse pointer disappears upon suspend
o [2002/10/27] bin/44518   yar         ftpd does not show OPIE OTP challenge
o [2002/10/27] bin/44519   yar         ftpd.conf(5) contains references to ftpd(
o [2002/10/28] gnu/44564   peter       [PATCH] Aborted cvs session causes an end
o [2002/10/28] bin/44567   darrenr     ipfstat does not show IPv6 accounting inf
o [2002/10/28] misc/44578              getnetgrent fails to read NIS netgroup ma
o [2002/11/02] ports/44835 knu         portupgrade vs. docproj dependencies
o [2002/11/03] kern/44867              Frequent hard hangs on ASUS P4T-E/P4S-533
o [2002/11/05] kern/44936              ng_pppoe: relay session identifier does n
o [2002/11/06] bin/44995               /usr/bin/limits thinks sbsize is number, 
o [2002/11/06] kern/45013              locking warnings in CURRENT
o [2002/11/06] kern/45014  pdeuskar    VLAN tag on frames received via em(4) are
o [2002/11/06] kern/45023              flexlm does not run with linux-base-7, st
o [2002/11/09] gnu/45168               Buffer overflow in /usr/bin/dialog
o [2002/11/12] ports/45234 ports-bugs  timidity++ portupgrade problem, removes s
o [2002/11/13] bin/45272               dump/restore problem
o [2002/11/14] docs/45303  doc         Bug in PDF DocBook rendering
o [2002/11/15] kern/45322              Panic on resume (zone: entry not free)
o [2002/11/15] kern/45324              Re: 4.7 kernel does not find aha1
o [2002/11/17] kern/45373  mckusick    softupdate / fs damaged after loss of pow
o [2002/11/18] bin/45397   nectar      Telnet dumps core when MAKE_KERBEROS5=yes
o [2002/11/18] kern/45403  imp         Cannot install -CURRENT via pccard networ
o [2002/11/18] ports/45417 ports-bugs  everybuddy installs modules in wrong plac
o [2002/11/19] bin/45478   tjr         /bin/sh coredump
o [2002/11/20] i386/45525  imp         Dell Inspiron 7000 does not recognize PC-
o [2002/11/20] bin/45529               hexdump core-dumps with certain args [PAT
o [2002/11/21] i386/45558              mdconfig and msdosfs make fs writes hang
o [2002/11/21] i386/45565  qa          sysinstall: write error, filesystem full
f [2002/11/21] kern/45579  joe         Panic from USB stack after device detach
o [2002/11/24] kern/45673  sound       PC98 internal CS4231A is mis-detected to 
o [2002/11/24] kern/45679  sound       Cannot record except 8bit-mono with CS423
o [2002/11/24] kern/45682  sound       Sometime failed to record/play with CS423
o [2002/11/25] kern/45713  emoore      If you use the amr driver, it is impossib
o [2002/11/25] bin/45721   darrenr     ipfilter's flags and icmp-type processing
o [2002/11/25] bin/45723               ls(1)'s wrong behaviour with not searchab
o [2002/11/25] kern/45733              file descriptor flags and socket flags ou
o [2002/11/26] i386/45773              Softboot causes autoconf failure on Broad
o [2002/11/26] kern/45777              crashdump issue with too-small dumpdev
o [2002/11/27] ports/45805 ports-bugs  security/sfs does not build on Alpha
a [2002/11/29] docs/45833  trhodes     nsmb.conf man page
o [2002/12/02] kern/45913  imp         WaveLan driver problems with latest -CURR
o [2002/12/03] ports/45972 tobez       lang/perl5: Perl system() calls will hang
o [2002/12/04] bin/45990   dwmalone    top dumps core if specific errors in pass
o [2002/12/04] bin/45995   markm       Telnet fails to properly handle SIGPIPE o
o [2002/12/05] i386/46017              smb mounts break /etc/periodic/weekly/310
o [2002/12/06] kern/46036              inaccurate timeouts in select(),nanosleep
o [2002/12/09] kern/46152              Panic in adw dumping to tape
o [2002/12/10] kern/46176  joe         umass causes kernel panic if device remov
o [2002/12/11] i386/46194              5.0-RC1 kern floppy load fails on AMD K6-
o [2002/12/11] www/46195   doc         man page kadmind(8) not found at www.Free
o [2002/12/12] kern/46226  darrenr     5.0-RC1 ipfilter module [ipl.ko] fails to
o [2002/12/13] kern/46239              posix semaphore implementation errors
o [2002/12/13] misc/46245  sound       AC'97 is not supported on ABIT BW7
o [2002/12/17] ports/46322 tobez       lang/perl5 - string '0' (zero) is not con
o [2002/12/17] ports/46338 ports-bugs  security/cyrus-sasl 1.5.27_7 mysql_verify
o [2002/12/18] bin/46352               Open file descriptors and signal handling
o [2002/12/19] i386/46371  joe         USB controller cannot be initialized on I
o [2002/12/20] conf/46401  dougb       [PATCH] /etc/rc.d/named doesn't create ch
o [2002/12/22] i386/46484              System panics upon configuration of bge N
o [2002/12/25] ports/46530 ports-bugs  x11-toolkits/gtkada links against unexist
o [2002/12/26] kern/46551              cbb driver hangs on Sony Vaio
o [2002/12/26] ports/46554 tobez       fix a regex bug dealing with utf8 strings
o [2002/12/27] kern/46557  ipfw        ipfw pipe show fails with lots of queues
o [2002/12/28] kern/46576              FreeBSD 4.6 broke linux emulation install
o [2002/12/29] kern/46618  joe         USB (UHCI/ICH3) PALM connect/disconnect/c
f [2002/12/29] kern/46619  njl         Installation hangs on IBM Thinkpad T23
f [2002/12/31] i386/46646  sound       snd_emu10k1.ko halting the system
a [2002/12/31] kern/46647  silby       Failure to initialize MII on 3Com NIC res
o [2003/01/01] bin/46676   ru          [PATCH] restricts domain of ta
o [2003/01/02] misc/46694  imp         Getting DUP packets when in Promiscous mo
o [2003/01/03] kern/46736  sound       ISA audio CS4232 (HP Omnibook 5000C) work
o [2003/01/03] ports/46741 ports-bugs  PVM-POV fails trying to locate file/folde
o [2003/01/04] bin/46761   hmp         buffer overflow by strcpy() in natd's arg
p [2003/01/09] misc/46902  tjr         Error with mount_smbfs and 15 Char Netbio
o [2003/01/10] ports/46964 ports-bugs  Failure when running "make install" on ex
o [2003/01/11] ports/46985 sobomax     port x11-toolkits/py-wxPython broken on -
f [2003/01/12] kern/47005  joe         OHCI USB not noticing device detachments 
s [2003/01/14] ports/47061 ports-bugs  Conflicting system headers by build of gr
o [2003/01/16] kern/47152              pseudo-device ef in kernel does not creat
o [2003/01/19] i386/47236              Console missing during bootup on Sony Pic
o [2003/01/19] i386/47243  sound       Onboard CMedia CMI8738 playback noise
o [2003/01/20] ports/47245 znerd       daemonctl scribbles over log file when si
f [2003/01/20] kern/47255              5.0-RELEASE install boot floppies hang wi
o [2003/01/20] kern/47279              IBM 370 hangs on reboot
o [2003/01/20] kern/47286              device probing not verbose when using boo
f [2003/01/21] ports/47303 wjv         Update biology/p5-bioperl to latest relea
o [2003/01/22] kern/47352  sound       pcm/ac'97, dsp device busy
f [2003/01/23] ports/47405 lev         scribus could not save russian letters an
o [2003/01/24] i386/47449              Thinkpad 755CD floppy boot fails
f [2003/01/24] kern/47451  qa          5.0 GENERIC(sysinstall CD) locks during b
f [2003/01/24] kern/47452  grog        df(1) reports filesystem empty when it is
o [2003/01/28] kern/47586              [PATCH] fix information-leak (mounts) in 
o [2003/01/29] kern/47628  trhodes     msdosfs file corruption fix
o [2003/01/29] i386/47647              init died with signal 6
o [2003/01/29] kern/47648              creating alias on ethernet interface caus
f [2003/01/31] ports/47713 lioux       multimedia/ffmpeg - "make deinstall reins
f [2003/01/31] ports/47768 ports-bugs  print/ghostscript-afpl gv (3.5.8_1) can't
f [2003/02/01] i386/47787  markm       new 5.0 system without perl fails buildwo
f [2003/02/02] ports/47807 knu         ruby-bdb1 fails to install
f [2003/02/02] kern/47813  bms         pseudo-device gre doesn't appear to work 
o [2003/02/03] ports/47842 cy          security/tripwire fails to build under CU
o [2003/02/04] kern/47920              if ng_pppoe switches to nonstandard mode 
o [2003/02/04] kern/47937              hw.ncpu and kern.smp.cpus duplicate same 
o [2003/02/05] kern/47939              5.0-Current freezes when bktr device is o
f [2003/02/05] ports/47942 lioux       qmail-tls MASTER_SITES and naming convent
o [2003/02/05] i386/47951              rtld in will livelock in some circu
o [2003/02/05] alpha/47952 alpha       DEFPA causes machine check with V5.0-rele
o [2003/02/07] kern/48033              FFS superblock flags are being ignored?
o [2003/02/07] kern/48062  mckusick    mount -o snapshot doesn't work on +100GB 
o [2003/02/09] kern/48116              Support for Synaptics touchpad
o [2003/02/09] kern/48117              SMP machine hang during boot related to i
o [2003/02/09] ports/48130 kris        games/falconseye can't save games or bone
a [2003/02/10] kern/48156              Bug in procfs(5) closed in jail.
o [2003/02/11] gnu/48183               [patch] gdb on a corefile from a threaded
o [2003/02/11] kern/48198              Non-jailed users can kill processes owned
o [2003/02/13] bin/48271               bug with find's -delete option
f [2003/02/14] kern/48279              Brooktre878 (bktr) may cause freeze
o [2003/02/15] kern/48316              File size limit on NTFS filesystems
o [2003/02/16] misc/48325              /etc/periodic/security/100.chksetuid does
o [2003/02/16] kern/48338  sound       pcm audio driver hogs /dev/dsp?.?
o [2003/02/16] ports/48346 dwcjr       samba-devel port thinks 5-CURRENT is SVR5
o [2003/02/16] kern/48359  joe         SiS 5597/8 USB + uscanner breakage
o [2003/02/17] bin/48378   brian       [PATCH] User-PPP MTU/MRU - LCP Problem
o [2003/02/17] kern/48393  mckusick    ufs2 snapshot code bugs
p [2003/02/18] bin/48424               Integer overflow in cksum(1) and sum(1) f
o [2003/02/18] kern/48425              Tape drive EOT handling problems in 4.7
o [2003/02/19] misc/48461  murray      $EDITOR on the fixit CD is wrong.
o [2003/02/19] docs/48472  doc         Documentation unreadable.
o [2003/02/22] kern/48560              Panic in if_vlan.c on CURRENT
o [2003/02/23] kern/48614              VESA VGA modes for syscons lock up machin
o [2003/02/24] bin/48648   des         FreeBSD 5/PAM: incorrect handling of spac
o [2003/02/26] kern/48715  thomas      atacontrol detach panics system when ATAP
o [2003/02/26] bin/48730   sos         burncd does not handle signals and causes
o [2003/02/26] java/48737  znerd       java/jdk13-doc - 5572 files missing from 
o [2003/02/27] kern/48741  darrenr     ipnat corrupts packets on gre interface w
o [2003/02/27] kern/48752              freeze when installing 5.0 Release
o [2003/02/27] kern/48758              kldunload if_{nic} can cause kernel panic
o [2003/02/28] kern/48777              vidcontrol modes not restored on vt switc
o [2003/03/01] ports/48803 kde         KDE 3.1 (kxkb) break XKB configuration an
o [2003/03/02] bin/48856   threads     Setting SIGCHLD to SIG_IGN still leaves z
o [2003/03/02] bin/48865               Dumps made on FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE are unr
o [2003/03/03] misc/48881              [PATCH] The influence of /etc/start_ifnam
o [2003/03/05] kern/48952  joe         uscanner0 hangs
o [2003/03/05] bin/48958   standards   The type 'bool' has different sizes for C
o [2003/03/07] kern/48996              Fatal trap 12 with incoming traffic from 
o [2003/03/08] kern/49040              problem mounting root; ffs_mountroot can'
f [2003/03/09] bin/49048               [patch] ctm(1) does not check parent dire
o [2003/03/09] ports/49056 trevor      Festival fixes for newer GCCs [PATCH]
o [2003/03/10] bin/49087   threads     Signals lost in programs linked with libc
o [2003/03/11] kern/49102  julian      Resident set size calculation broken in 5
o [2003/03/13] misc/49984  des         openSSH crashes while password based auth
o [2003/03/15] ports/50042 mbr         ports/www/mod_frontpage causes Bad System
o [2003/03/16] ports/50062 knu         portupgrade does not process directives f
f [2003/03/17] ports/50083 lioux       qpopper 4.0.5 tarball file permissions do
a [2003/03/20] kern/50149  joe         Using Alcatel SpeedTouch results in "usb0
o [2003/03/25] kern/50298              unlimited usage of AGP memory make system
o [2003/03/27] kern/50348  joe         On usb.ko unload usb and usbN devices are
p [2003/03/28] bin/50384   robert      pkg_version -v core-dumps when no package
o [2003/03/29] ports/50417 phoenix     www/mozilla-firebird does not respect /us
o [2003/03/29] ports/50418 phoenix     www/mozilla-firebird file "unix.js" links
o [2003/04/02] kern/50541  scottl      raidframe does not work
o [2003/04/03] kern/50574  mbr         dc driver incorrectly detects ADMtek chip
o [2003/04/05] kern/50621              panic while TCP6 bind()
f [2003/04/07] kern/50683  jhb         fxp broken
o [2003/04/07] ports/50694 lioux       mail/qmail-ldap edit mismatch causes CLEA
a [2003/04/08] bin/50733   threads     buildworld won't build, because of linkin
o [2003/04/08] kern/50741  scottl      "wiring down SCSI devices" as described i
p [2003/04/10] bin/50770   tjr         popen in libc_r not threadsafe
o [2003/04/10] ports/50795 ports-bugs  misc/solfege does not function
o [2003/04/11] kern/50827              [PATCH] no sane record locking on *nix.  
s [2003/04/11] ports/50844 ports-bugs  MPlayer fails to build on Alpha
s [2003/04/12] kern/50856              kernel panic if mounting /tmp as mfs with
o [2003/04/12] i386/50887              MBR on kern.flp fails Compaq MBR validati
o [2003/04/13] bin/50912   dwmalone    Small syslogd & postfix incompatibility a
o [2003/04/14] kern/50943              kernel panic to initialize NIC (Intel Pro
o [2003/04/14] kern/50947  darrenr     BUG: port eq 25 does not work anymore (po
o [2003/04/15] ports/51007 dirk        sysutils/cdrtools: cdda2wav rips glitches
p [2003/04/17] misc/51085  ache        FreeBSD is missing ja_JP.eucJP locale.
o [2003/04/17] ports/51089 lioux       net/dctc refuses to connect to any hub
o [2003/04/18] ports/51128 ports-bugs  It is not possible to build security/drwe
o [2003/04/18] www/51135   www         Problems with the mailing-lists search in
o [2003/04/18] ports/51140 jedgar      No documentation for the port databases/d
o [2003/04/18] kern/51145  sound       Audio Slows during Heavy I/O
o [2003/04/18] misc/51146  qa          Incorrect error message when configuring 
o [2003/04/19] bin/51171               /bin/sh has only 32-bit arithmetics that 
o [2003/04/21] standards/51209standards   [PATCH] add a64l()/l64a/l64a_r functions 
o [2003/04/21] kern/51243              Deadlock via syscons
o [2003/04/21] bin/51253   dwmalone    syslogd crashes.
o [2003/04/22] kern/51274  ipfw        ipfw2 create dynamic rules with parent nu
o [2003/04/22] ports/51281 tobez       lang/perl5: broken way of upgrading perl5
o [2003/04/23] kern/51308  sound       Creative SB32 doesn't work under CURRENT
o [2003/04/23] kern/51309              rl driver problem on large file transfers
o [2003/04/23] kern/51332  njl         QUIRK: BNCHMARK DLT1 requires SA_QUIRK_1F
o [2003/04/23] ports/51334 edwin       [New Port] devel/ZendOptimizer 2.1.0a
f [2003/04/24] kern/51341  ipfw        ipfw rule 'deny icmp from any to any icmp
o [2003/04/24] kern/51352              panic: malloc(M_WAITOK) in interrupt cont
o [2003/04/25] misc/51409              us.emacs.kbd doesn't have 'boot'
o [2003/04/27] ports/51455 billf       core dump when exiting ethereal
o [2003/04/28] ports/51539 tobez       lang/perl5: dual perl installation breaka
o [2003/04/29] kern/51583  tjr         [PATCH] allow to work with devices and so
o [2003/05/02] kern/51685              Unbounded inode allocation causes kernel 
o [2003/05/02] ports/51711 ports-bugs  /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base will not 
o [2003/05/02] ports/51714 ports-bugs  emulators/linux_base port fails to instal
o [2003/05/05] bin/51827               getaddrinfo() is broken with numeric serv
s [2003/05/06] bin/51892   des         can't ssh after su to different local use
f [2003/05/07] bin/51927   bms         routed(8) fails to use multicast with IFF
o [2003/05/07] ports/51946 jedgar      grub port looking for /dev/rfd0
o [2003/05/07] bin/51949   threads     thread in accept cannot be cancelled
o [2003/05/08] kern/51982              sio1: interrupt-level buffer overflows
a [2003/05/11] ports/52068 openoffice  portupgrade of editors/openoffice .org-1.
o [2003/05/11] ports/52079 ports-bugs  vmware3 hangs when nmdm(4) is used as COM
a [2003/05/11] ports/52087 openoffice  error while building japanese/openoffice
s [2003/05/12] kern/52110              FS corruption when using unionfs
o [2003/05/12] kern/52128              Unable to floppy install on Toshiba Libre
o [2003/05/14] kern/52260              sys/net/if.c:if_detach in FreeBSD4 forget
o [2003/05/16] kern/52331  groudier    4.7 to 4.8-REL upgrade: SCSI disks on sym
o [2003/05/16] bin/52343               NIS login problem on the server
o [2003/05/18] i386/52392  i386        Password lengths over 8 chracters are ign
o [2003/05/19] bin/52433               lines in /etc/group longer than 1024 char
o [2003/05/19] kern/52445              Kernel panics when mounting floppy on MFS
o [2003/05/20] kern/52490              ^T'ing a zombie causes 'calcru: negative 
o [2003/05/21] i386/52556  i386        Syskonnect SK9843SX, sk driver, MII not d
o [2003/05/22] kern/52561              5.1-BETA install fails on Dell PowerEdge 
o [2003/05/22] i386/52581  i386        Boot loaders reading more than one sector
o [2003/05/23] ports/52602 ports-bugs  security/ident2 port segfaults when retur
o [2003/05/23] i386/52610  i386        MSI "655 max" (MS-6730, SiS 655/963) MB A
o [2003/05/24] i386/52638  i386        SCSI U320 on SMP server won't run faster 
o [2003/05/27] i386/52724  njl         crashes apparently due to a ACPI problem
o [2003/05/27] bin/52743               /etc/ppp/ppp.linkup instability issues
o [2003/05/28] kern/52756              4.8 RELEASE installer(generic kernel) sta
o [2003/05/30] kern/52817  threads     top(1) shows garbage for threaded process
o [2003/05/30] kern/52818              vm_fault() calls vput() on shared-locked 
o [2003/05/31] i386/52822  i386        5.1-BETA2 problems with named/syslogd/if_
o [2003/06/04] kern/52935              occasional panic in ip_input with IPSEC
o [2003/06/04] kern/52936              Huge writes to nfs exported FAT filesyste
o [2003/06/05] kern/52962  imp         discrepancy between ifconfig and wicontro
p [2003/06/05] standards/52972standards   /bin/sh arithmetic not POSIX compliant
o [2003/06/05] i386/52975  i386        CPUTYPE=k7 results in non-functional /boo
o [2003/06/07] kern/53008              [PATCH] genwakecode generates errornously
o [2003/06/10] i386/53137  i386        background fscking causing ffs_valloc pan
o [2003/06/11] bin/53201   re          buildworld 5.1-RELEASE on 4.8-STABLE fail
o [2003/06/13] ports/53290 lioux       Adds russian charsets to `mail/spamoracle
o [2003/06/15] kern/53334              
o [2003/06/16] i386/53382  i386        Repetable panics in ffs_vget() on Prolian
o [2003/06/17] ports/53414 ports-bugs  port security/amavis-perl open filedescri
o [2003/06/17] bin/53434               pw disallow a password including space.
o [2003/06/18] kern/53447              poll(2) semantics differ from susV3/POSIX
f [2003/06/18] kern/53481  bms         5.1R does not recognise xl0 at every star
o [2003/06/19] ports/53504 knu         pkgdb -F causes ruby to fail (can not all
s [2003/06/19] ports/53508 lofi        security/newpg: gpgsm dumps core (while i
o [2003/06/20] standards/53554standards   interval timers not cleared in fork()
a [2003/06/20] kern/53566  mbr         IBM Eserver (245 || 345) + ServeRaid 5i i
o [2003/06/21] bin/53606   roberto     ntpdate seems to hang system
o [2003/06/24] sparc64/53670sparc64     pthreads implementation on 5.1-Release sp
o [2003/06/27] bin/53839   qa          sysinstall disklabel editor fails on post
o [2003/06/27] kern/53847              software hang
o [2003/06/27] www/53862   www         -CURRENT ports symlink busted
o [2003/06/30] kern/53920              sluggish TCP connection
o [2003/06/30] kern/53927  imp         wi0: device timeout problem with PRISM 2.
o [2003/06/30] kern/53940  imp         Some WiFi devices cannot connect to hosta
o [2003/06/30] i386/53948  i386        console="comconsole" in loader.conf cause
o [2003/07/01] kern/53987              smbfs can't access to files with symbol ¿
o [2003/07/02] i386/54033  i386        Disk lockup.
o [2003/07/02] kern/54049  sound       Sound driver reports device busy and show
f [2003/07/03] bin/54066   njl         ACPI repeating error messages at boot tim
o [2003/07/03] ports/54067 mbr         www/mod_auth_mysql_another fails to build
o [2003/07/04] bin/54097               Non-local yppasswd -d broken in 5.1-CURRE
o [2003/07/06] ports/54156 dougb       Add foomatic and cups support to print/hp
o [2003/07/07] kern/54188              [PATCH] touchpad doesn't work on some Ace
o [2003/07/07] misc/54189              DNS resolver should resolve hostnames wit
f [2003/07/08] ports/54234 ports-bugs  gnu-radius fails to build on 4.8-STABLE
o [2003/07/09] kern/54248              nge/vlan: kernel panic
o [2003/07/09] ports/54256 mita        japanese/vflib: fix dependency on japanes
o [2003/07/09] kern/54295              [PATCH] ng_rfc1490(4) does not support Ci
o [2003/07/10] kern/54309  silby       TCP Packet of 64K-1 crashes FreeBSD4.8
o [2003/07/10] gnu/54317   sobomax     tar with very large packages and portinst
f [2003/07/10] kern/54331  robert      shutdown() on a socket registered in a kq
o [2003/07/11] bin/54401               [patch] pppstats prints 0 for absolute va
o [2003/07/12] standards/54410standards   one-true-awk not POSIX compliant (no exte
o [2003/07/12] ports/54412 ade         USE_LIBTOOL_VER overwrites autoconf-PATH
o [2003/07/12] ports/54424 knu         portupgrade ignores ALT_PKGDEP
o [2003/07/13] ports/54435 lioux       [PATCH] multimedia/libdvdread dvdcss_crac
o [2003/07/13] bin/54446               pkg_delete doesn't honour symlinks, portu
o [2003/07/15] kern/54495  njl         ACPI problem on Compaq Evo N620c
o [2003/07/15] i386/54501  i386        Promise Ultra133 TX2 does not work proper
o [2003/07/15] bin/54517   mbr         dhclient core dumps on negative ip addres
o [2003/07/16] ports/54546 openoffice  OpenOffice-1.0.3_2 build fails: autoconf.
o [2003/07/19] ports/54647 ports-bugs  Updated gsfonts 6.0 disables printing in 
o [2003/07/20] kern/54673              'stli' driver requires unavailable COMPAT
o [2003/07/21] kern/54705  sound       codec timeout during read of register 26 
o [2003/07/22] i386/54756  i386        ACPI suspend/resume problem on CF-W2 lapt
o [2003/07/23] i386/54781  i386        ACPI prevents psm to detect on Compaq Evo
o [2003/07/23] ports/54783 mbr         [PATCH] ftp/proftpd: fix for mysql41, MOD
o [2003/07/25] bin/54854               cvs pserver sig11 crash on 4.8-R
o [2003/07/25] ports/54855 lioux       PATCH: fix multimedia/mjpegtools divx too
o [2003/07/26] kern/54881  njl         New device/vendor ID and quirks for iRive
p [2003/07/27] bin/54959               tr utility has a bug in ISO8859-2 locale
o [2003/07/28] bin/54969               rcp '-r' option patch or MFC request
o [2003/07/28] ports/54970 ports-bugs  emulators/linux_base Port Makefile "dange
o [2003/07/28] conf/54971  mtm         /etc/rc.d/mountcritermote requires ldconf
f [2003/07/28] ports/54972 ports-bugs  net/simicq compilation error
o [2003/07/29] kern/55018              [patch] Digiboard PC/Xem fails to initial
o [2003/07/30] ports/55036 lioux       [Update] Port: mail/qmail (add Maildir++ 
o [2003/07/30] kern/55081              contigmalloc API semantics inadequate ---
o [2003/07/31] ports/55136 lioux       qmail-ldap uses old qmail-ldap patch, por
f [2003/08/01] ports/55164 openoffice  openoffice fails to compile
o [2003/08/01] kern/55175  alfred      LOR in select and poll
f [2003/08/02] ports/55186 kde         Doxygen 1.3.1 build fails on Alpha
o [2003/08/03] ports/55216 ade         devel/{automake,autoconf}: Wrong code in 
o [2003/08/05] gnu/55278               Externs on implicit declarations
o [2003/08/05] kern/55279              miibus/if_ed static/dynamic confusion
o [2003/08/05] i386/55290  i386        please MFC the PR:22971 (LinuxEmu; Implem
o [2003/08/05] kern/55297              kernel panic after running XFree86
o [2003/08/06] ports/55331 portmgr     Port security check (`security-check' tar
o [2003/08/07] bin/55346               /bin/sh eats memory and CPU infinitely
o [2003/08/07] bin/55349               Amd mixes up symlinks in it's virtual fil
o [2003/08/08] bin/55366   grog        [patch] vinum makes /dev/vinum with wrong
o [2003/08/08] kern/55379              kernel crashes randomly
o [2003/08/10] bin/55448               dbm_nextkey() misbehaves after dbm_store(
o [2003/08/10] gnu/55452               gzip doesn't handle large files
o [2003/08/11] bin/55457               GDB gets confused debugging libc_r thread
o [2003/08/12] ports/55493 portmgr     Add ability to automatically install *.in
o [2003/08/13] docs/55526  blackend    Update the branches pic and ascii art for
o [2003/08/13] kern/55542              [patch] discard oversize frame (ether typ
o [2003/08/13] i386/55555  i386        system freezes with access to /dev/ums0
o [2003/08/13] i386/55561  i386        SMbus and I2C don't attach when loaded as
f [2003/08/13] ports/55563 openoffice  openoffice doesnot build on both stable a
o [2003/08/15] i386/55603              unable to reboot when system runs from My
o [2003/08/15] ports/55611 ports-bugs  Clamav port package build fails on 5.x wh
o [2003/08/15] i386/55614  i386        machine freezes - goes on after key press
o [2003/08/15] i386/55615  i386        machine freezes - goes on after key press
o [2003/08/15] kern/55617  ports-bugs  Accessing an nsmb-mounted drive via a smb
o [2003/08/16] bin/55634               Add IGNORE_PRINTCAP option to mergemaster
o [2003/08/16] ports/55650 obrien      update vim to tcl/tk 8.4
o [2003/08/17] i386/55661  njl         ACPI suspend/resume problem on ARMADA M70
f [2003/08/20] kern/55727  bms         rl(4) not working in recent 4.8-STABLE: w
o [2003/08/20] sparc64/55773jake        Conversion from long to long double is br
o [2003/08/20] kern/55784              Kernel Panic [with trace] in using netgra
o [2003/08/20] i386/55793              Flaky behavior of DC when initializing a 
o [2003/08/20] kern/55810              Error: bundle_Create: ioctl(TUNSIFMODE): 
o [2003/08/20] kern/55822              No ACPI power off with SMP kernel
o [2003/08/20] misc/55823              em(4) interfaces (Intel Gigabit) are mute
o [2003/08/20] bin/55829               __stderrp not defined in (compa
o [2003/08/21] ports/55844 mharo       PATCH: fix analog crash by linking agains
o [2003/08/21] bin/55846               <sys/systm.h> and <sys/types.h> conflict 
p [2003/08/21] misc/55853              [patch]Fix ascii compatible problem in zh
o [2003/08/23] kern/55890              Error: bundle_Create: ioctl(TUNSIFMODE): 
o [2003/08/23] i386/55908  i386        perl process stuck in pipewr (no pipe bei
o [2003/08/24] i386/55930  i386        partly configured serial port freezes sys
o [2003/08/24] kern/55934  grog        kernel panics while restoring into vinum 
o [2003/08/24] misc/55945              Typo in share/misc/pci_vendors file
o [2003/08/24] bin/55947               printf(1) mishandles \0
o [2003/08/24] ports/55948 ports-bugs  install of ports/emulators/linux_base fil
o [2003/08/25] bin/55956               passwd chat script not backward compatibl
o [2003/08/25] kern/55960              IO to PATA drives on Promise SATA150 TX2p
o [2003/08/25] conf/55964              sshd: HostBasedAuthentication does not se
o [2003/08/25] bin/55965               sshd: problems with HostBasedAuthenticati
o [2003/08/26] conf/55991              sshd: problems with HostBasedAuthenticati
s [2003/08/26] kern/55993              getcwd() breaks on unionfs mounted direct
o [2003/08/26] kern/56008  scottl      ps shows L flag erroneously with certain 
o [2003/08/26] ports/56011 ports-bugs  bonnie++ doesn't do large files
o [2003/08/26] kern/56024  njl         ACPI suspend drains battery while in S3
o [2003/08/27] conf/56031  luigi       ipfw hangs on every invocation
o [2003/08/29] bin/56147               FreeBSD/NetBSD /bin/sh mishandles positio
o [2003/08/29] ports/56157 ports-bugs  [patch] x11/nvidia-driver build broken
o [2003/08/29] bin/56166               /usr/bin/script exits prematurely if STDI
o [2003/08/30] ports/56205 nork        www/mod_php4 won't install
o [2003/08/31] kern/56233              IPsec tunnel (ESP) over IPv6: MTU computa
f [2003/09/02] ports/56329 petef       Update: mail/maildrop to 1.6.0 + LDAP mak
o [2003/09/02] kern/56339              select() call (poll() too) hangs, yet cal
o [2003/09/02] ports/56359 ports-bugs  new port: www/adzap2squirm
a [2003/09/03] ports/56363 perky       The graphics/py-opengl port is broken
o [2003/09/03] misc/56372  njl         acpi don't work on TYAN tiger100 M/B
o [2003/09/03] kern/56394  njl         ACPI sleep delay causes system reboot on 
o [2003/09/04] docs/56456  blackend    Initial import of the ro_RO.ISO889-2 doc/
o [2003/09/04] kern/56461  kris        FreeBSD client rpc.lockd incompatible wit
o [2003/09/05] ports/56487 x11         Upgrading Xfree86-clients from ports over
o [2003/09/05] bin/56500               rpc.lockd needs to use reserved ports
o [2003/09/05] ports/56511 mharo       ProFTPd port does not install docs for op
o [2003/09/07] ports/56567 ports-bugs  mail/spamass-milter fails in configure st
o [2003/09/08] kern/56605              da driver can reference a NULL pointer
o [2003/09/09] kern/56632              MTIO incorrect mt_fileno status after MTE
o [2003/09/09] ports/56660 ports-bugs  new slave port www/mod_jk-apache2
o [2003/09/09] ports/56661 ports-bugs  modify port mod_jk2 to build mod_jk2 2.x
o [2003/09/09] ports/56662 ports-bugs  new slave port www/mod_jk2-apache2
o [2003/09/10] kern/56675              Syncer "giving up" on buffers and ext2 fi
o [2003/09/11] ports/56694 gioria      fix port: misc/p5-Locale-Msgcat
o [2003/09/12] bin/56732               ifconfig fails if interfaces are being cr
o [2003/09/13] ports/56744 mich        ports/x11/aterm Makefile breaks DELETE an
o [2003/09/13] bin/56748               [PATCH] rc.subr: jail devfs handling brok
o [2003/09/13] kern/56759              System freezes when writing CD Advansys S
o [2003/09/13] kern/56760              System hangs at boot with adaptec 1542
o [2003/09/14] kern/56871              dd can't write variable length data block
o [2003/09/15] kern/56889              MODE_SENSE_BIG timeout hanging boot if CD
o [2003/09/15] docs/56894  trhodes     umass man page: "mount -t msdos" instead 
o [2003/09/15] standards/56906standards   Several math(3) functions fail to set err
o [2003/09/16] ports/56926 adrian      [PATCH] www/squid: update to 2.5
o [2003/09/17] kern/56944              4.8 cannot boot on Intel Server Board SE7
s [2003/09/18] kern/56988              system panic with doubled up unionfs
o [2003/09/19] kern/57015              [patch] Asus wl-100 (pcmcia wifi) support
o [2003/09/20] i386/57040              ar driver with PCI card locks up when run
o [2003/09/20] kern/57044              sysctl -a panics, kern.disks shows detach
a [2003/09/20] ports/57047 portmgr     Ports fail to detect threads libraries on
o [2003/09/21] kern/57051  sound       snd_cmi -> snd_emu10k1 hang
o [2003/09/21] ports/57056 ports-bugs  libsm and libsmutil not installed -> fail
o [2003/09/22] kern/57085  njl         umass0 problems, with Sony Vio/USB memory
o [2003/09/22] kern/57100  bms         disable hardware checksums when using bri
f [2003/09/23] ports/57126 ports-bugs  molden port broken
a [2003/09/23] ports/57130 cy          Xalarm port does not compile under -CURRE
o [2003/09/23] ports/57134 tobez       lang/perl5: BSDPAN can't be disabled
s [2003/09/24] kern/57174  sos         4.9-PRERELEASE panic: ata_dmasetup: trans
o [2003/09/24] kern/57195              mount_mfs -i 512 => panic?
o [2003/09/25] kern/57206              softdep_lock locks against itself, causin
a [2003/09/26] java/57235  znerd       Fix pkg_add permission problem in tomcatX
o [2003/09/26] bin/57255   joe         usbd and multi-function devices
o [2003/09/26] i386/57258  i386        4.9Beta won't boot if a USB mouse is conn
o [2003/09/27] kern/57273              PATCH, fix usb keyboard repeat problem
o [2003/09/29] kern/57348  imp         Inserting PC-CARD hangs laptop
o [2003/09/29] kern/57380              Connections are reset by the kernel witho
o [2003/09/30] bin/57401   mbr         amd sets wrong permissions on mount point
o [2003/09/30] bin/57414               /usr/bin/script fails silently if stdin i
o [2003/09/30] ports/57415 knu         portupgrade can't be run in the backgroun
o [2003/10/01] bin/57456               Telnet encryption gets out of sync
o [2003/10/01] ports/57465 emulation   kldunload rtc.ko causes a panic; yet it's
o [2003/10/01] misc/57466              dialog(1) does not read stdin, breaks sub
a [2003/10/01] kern/57479  bms         FreeBSD Not in compliance with RFC 1122, 
o [2003/10/01] bin/57484   bms         routed not ignoring cloned routes
o [2003/10/03] misc/57539              [Patch] Unable to installworld on multipl
o [2003/10/03] ports/57552 ports-bugs  cannot install www/frontpage: pkg_create:
o [2003/10/03] bin/57554               sh(1) incorrect handling of quoted parame
o [2003/10/04] i386/57578  njl         ACPI problems on IBM T20 GE86
o [2003/10/05] kern/57631              Boot failing for ALi chipsets, patch atta
f [2003/10/06] ports/57644 ports-bugs  [PATCH] changing CFLAGS and CPUTYPE respe
o [2003/10/06] i386/57673  i386        Odd/dangerous disklabel behaviour on 5.0 
o [2003/10/06] ports/57685 ports-bugs  New Port: emulators/geepee32, the only GP
o [2003/10/07] kern/57722              uidinfo list corruption
o [2003/10/08] kern/57760              IPsec policy on inbound trafic is not enf
o [2003/10/09] ports/57790 ports-bugs  cdparanoia triggers kernel panic
o [2003/10/09] ports/57793 ports-bugs  New port: sysutils/ng_ipacct, Netgraf net
f [2003/10/09] ports/57800 ache        Probable non-64bit-cleanness of unrar
o [2003/10/09] kern/57818              4.9-RC panics when kernel is built with a
o [2003/10/10] kern/57827              Connections are reset by the kernel witho
o [2003/10/10] bin/57833               PATCH: ps cannot change title for keyword
o [2003/10/10] ports/57854 ports-bugs  Port java/jboss3 is dependent on but does
o [2003/10/12] ports/57897 ports-bugs  Portupgrade of mplayer to latest version 
o [2003/10/12] kern/57908  darrenr     'return-rst' does not work for ipv6 in ip
o [2003/10/13] kern/57945  jmg         [patch] Add locking to kqueue to make it 
o [2003/10/13] ports/57956 ports-bugs  New port: java/eclipse-pmd plugin
o [2003/10/13] kern/57961              kmem_malloc(65536): kmem_map too small: 2
o [2003/10/13] misc/57973              KDE freezes on startup with ATI RADEON 90
o [2003/10/13] bin/57975               include/xmmintrin.h defines __v4si twice
o [2003/10/13] kern/57985              [patch] Missing splx in ether_output_fram
o [2003/10/14] docs/58033  doc         [PATCH] getenv(3) manpage doesn't state t
o [2003/10/14] ports/58059 ports-bugs  port math/ploticus needs GCC 3.x to compi
o [2003/10/15] ports/58090 adrian      [PATCH] www/squid: update to 2.5-STABLE4 
o [2003/10/16] kern/58154  mckusick    Snapshots prevent disk sync on shutdown
o [2003/10/17] kern/58169              panic: vnode_pager_getpages: unexpected m
o [2003/10/18] bin/58195               /bin/sh sometimes run endless loop inside
o [2003/10/20] ports/58270 ports-bugs  ports/mail/popd returns broken line
a [2003/10/20] ports/58286 nork        pstoedit port will not build with gcc-3.3
o [2003/10/20] kern/58287  darrenr     ipnat map protocol specification broken
o [2003/10/21] bin/58326               nss users cannot send mail via /usr/bin/m
o [2003/10/22] ports/58406 tobez       lang/perl5: use.perl port does not handle
o [2003/10/23] i386/58458  i386        ATAPI-CDROM DMA Support on ALi Aladdin V 
o [2003/10/23] ports/58461 ports-bugs  Version 1.26 of sys/cdio.h breaks build o
o [2003/10/24] ports/58482 ports-bugs  net/poptop changed default PPP from /usr/
o [2003/10/24] ports/58498 kde         kdelibs links against -pthread on -CURREN
o [2003/10/24] bin/58504               /etc/periodic/daily/100.clean-disks trave
o [2003/10/25] java/58524  java        new port: java/jmf - Java Media Framework
o [2003/10/26] ports/58567 grog        [PATCH] benchmarks/rawio has a bug in com
o [2003/10/26] i386/58580  i386        After sysinstall, F2 fails; wrong device 
o [2003/10/26] kern/58581              System call hang 5.x triggered by gnunetd
o [2003/10/28] kern/58649  joe         [patch] USB CD-R writing patch
o [2003/10/28] ports/58655 mp          A replacement patch is necessary for comp
o [2003/10/29] kern/58677              FreeBSD 5.1-p10 can be remotely locked (c
o [2003/10/29] bin/58687               gethostbyname leaks kqueue file descripto
o [2003/10/29] ports/58701 lioux       qmail upgrade via ports doesn't preserve 
o [2003/10/30] i386/58718  i386        need to remove battery before booting lap
o [2003/10/30] ports/58724 ports-bugs  `www/mod_perl' install MAN3 pages on in s
o [2003/10/30] i386/58749  i386        lock order reversal with heavy IO on ar0 
o [2003/10/30] kern/58752  grog        vinum panics on create/resetconfig
o [2003/10/31] ports/58791 portmgr     GNU INFO related settings in Mk/bsd.port.
o [2003/11/01] i386/58826  i386        reboot on an IBM PC Server 315 merely hal
o [2003/11/02] kern/58831              panic: vinvalbuf: flush failed
o [2003/11/02] conf/58832              /etc/rc.d/ipsec starts not in time
o [2003/11/02] bin/58850   trhodes     Recent sysinstall changes wipes out
o [2003/11/03] i386/58870  i386        page fault in kernel mode with ifconfig a
f [2003/11/03] kern/58888              4.9-RELEASE installation fails (xl causes
o [2003/11/04] ports/58920 ports-bugs  lang/php4 compiles with unexcpected libs
o [2003/11/04] kern/58927              Verification of reverse path in ip_fw2.c 
o [2003/11/04] kern/58930              Page fault when unplugging Alcatel Speedt
o [2003/11/04] kern/58941  rwatson     acl under ufs2 doesn't handle disk corrup
o [2003/11/04] ports/58943 ports-bugs  [PATCH] changed their distribu
o [2003/11/04] bin/58951               Some problems with 4.9-RELEASE installati
o [2003/11/05] i386/58953              [patch] detect NetMOS-based six serial po
o [2003/11/05] kern/58967              Kernel kills processes in spite of cputim
o [2003/11/05] misc/58971  joe         bug in libusbhid descriptor parser code.
o [2003/11/05] kern/58991  grog        vinum does not build
f [2003/11/06] ports/58998 ports-bugs  [PATCH] Update security/drweb to 4.30
o [2003/11/06] java/59021  java        Mk/ MASTER_SITE_APACHE_JAKAR
o [2003/11/07] bin/59042   grog        Vinum fails to initialise on hardware dri
o [2003/11/08] kern/59062  wpaul       nge0 swaps vlan tag bytes.
o [2003/11/09] ports/59072 dwcjr       net/samba-devel doesn't work without libi
o [2003/11/09] ports/59088 ports-bugs  Security problem in nvi-perl port
o [2003/11/09] kern/59098              Integrated sound card not working in Free
o [2003/11/10] kern/59116              mount_ntfs of a Windows 2000-formatted fs
o [2003/11/10] kern/59158              -CURRENT from 20031108 will not install o
f [2003/11/11] kern/59172  bms         Zebra interface route causes kernel panic
o [2003/11/11] kern/59183  imp         wi problems with wi_cmd
o [2003/11/11] kern/59185              4.9-RELEASE kernel panic (page fault)
o [2003/11/11] i386/59192  i386        ATA drive not spotted with SCSI drive
o [2003/11/11] kern/59203  imp         Panic with wi and newcard
o [2003/11/12] ports/59230 lioux       gstreamer-plugins Makefile depends on lib
p [2003/11/12] kern/59233  matk        patch to soundcard.h to include an ioctl 
f [2003/11/13] bin/59247               CURRENT build world compile errors under 
o [2003/11/13] kern/59248              4.9-RELEASE, ACPI Panic with Dell Latitud
o [2003/11/13] kern/59251              Failure of 4.8-RELEASE/4.9-RELEASE/5.1-RE
o [2003/11/13] kern/59277              Sound not working - /dev/dsp* not found
o [2003/11/14] kern/59296              Serial Line Noise Causes System Hang in L
o [2003/11/14] i386/59298  i386        Can't render anything with Blender / RADE
o [2003/11/15] kern/59303  grog        vinum crashes kernel if concurrent revivi
o [2003/11/15] kern/59306  matk        patch to augment /dev/sndstat to show whi
o [2003/11/15] ports/59310 phantom     ports/java/jdk14 fails: no dir .../j2dsk-
o [2003/11/16] kern/59349              patch to including locking for es137x sou
o [2003/11/16] ports/59359 roger       portupgrade of gnomemeeting-0.98.5 fails
o [2003/11/18] bin/59417               ps -o rtprio does not work
o [2003/11/18] ports/59444 ports-bugs  New port: print/tipa, a package that prov
o [2003/11/19] kern/59456              fdescfs stat / compress creates only empt
o [2003/11/19] ports/59495 ports-bugs  gscmxx depends on p5-Image-Size at run ti
o [2003/11/20] ports/59499 ports-bugs  [patch] textproc/xerces-c2: openFile func
o [2003/11/20] i386/59503  i386        kernel routines and drivers don't recogni
o [2003/11/20] ports/59535 obrien      shells/bash2 must be dynamically linked t
o [2003/11/20] misc/59536  re          [PATCH] Release Builds fail with DOMINIMA
o [2003/11/21] bin/59552               Patch to support the C++ DSO Object Destr
o [2003/11/22] docs/59587  doc         rewriting examples (part of documentation
f [2003/11/22] i386/59593              SSHD uses 8-char user password for authen
o [2003/11/23] ports/59615 roger       cannot compile openh323
f [2003/11/24] bin/59638   des         passwd(1) does not use PAM to change the 
o [2003/11/24] kern/59652              cannot redirect kernel output to serial c
o [2003/11/24] kern/59659              em driver cannot handle VLANs
o [2003/11/24] kern/59660              em driver cannot handle MAC address chang
o [2003/11/26] i386/59701  i386        System hungup, after resume from suspend.
o [2003/11/26] kern/59707              IPFW2 verrevpath not working right for TC
o [2003/11/26] ports/59710 lev         `www/mod_perl' generate wrong man pages e
o [2003/11/26] amd64/59714 amd64       device timeout and ad0: WARNING - WRITE_D
o [2003/11/27] ports/59741 ports-bugs  [maintainer update]Fix Potential security
o [2003/11/28] kern/59747              usb dead after resume
o [2003/11/28] bin/59777               ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: potential username enu
f [2003/11/29] ports/59801 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] www/caudium-devel: update to
o [2003/11/29] kern/59803              Wrong detection of/panic with Edimax USB 
o [2003/11/30] ports/59856 trevor      Missing library in www/linux-mozilla
o [2003/12/01] ports/59873 sergei      new port: ftp/wzdftpd - modular, fast and
s [2003/12/01] misc/59890  bugmeister  send-pr database is spam harvested
o [2003/12/02] kern/59896              trm driver is not in GENERIC
o [2003/12/02] misc/59910  jkh         memory leak in setlocale routine
o [2003/12/02] kern/59912  bms         mremap() implementation lacking
o [2003/12/04] ports/59944 obrien      make install in editors/vim port fails
o [2003/12/04] i386/59945  i386        nullfs bug: reboot after panic: null_chec
o [2003/12/04] i386/59959              machine can not reboot itself with Mylex 
o [2003/12/05] gnu/59971               assertion "strncmp (repository, current_p
o [2003/12/06] bin/59988               undocumented panic with large malloc-back
o [2003/12/06] ports/59990 dwcjr       [PATCH] net/samba: register popt dependen
o [2003/12/06] ports/59993 ports-bugs  databases/mysql-connector-java requires J
o [2003/12/06] bin/59995               various fixes to ppp dumping core
o [2003/12/06] ports/59997 znerd       /usr/local/bin/ant ignores USE_JAVA setti
o [2003/12/07] kern/60029              5.2-RC will not boot with empty LS-120 dr
o [2003/12/08] kern/60050              Toshiba/3Com 3CXM056-BNW: Open Causes Int
o [2003/12/09] ports/60081 ports-bugs  x11/nvidia driver should install in to /b
o [2003/12/09] ports/60083 phantom     Unsafe use of getaddrinfo in jvm 1.4.2-p5
f [2003/12/09] ports/60084 pav         [MAINTAINER] lang/pike74: set machine cod
o [2003/12/10] kern/60109  jmg         [PATCH] Fix isochronous request handling 
o [2003/12/10] ports/60125 anholt      up-to-date graphics/libglut port fails to
o [2003/12/11] ports/60135 ports-bugs  clamav startup failure: unable to create 
o [2003/12/11] i386/60154  i386        ipfw core (crash)
f [2003/12/11] ports/60161 trevor      Linux emulator (linux_base-8-8.0_3) doesn
o [2003/12/11] conf/60169              System install panics when using softupda
o [2003/12/12] ports/60182 ports-bugs  clamav doesn't build on 4.x WITH_MILTER
o [2003/12/13] ports/60207 wes         [Update] Port: SpamAssassin
o [2003/12/13] kern/60217              EHCI controller halts when USB 2.0 device
o [2003/12/13] kern/60221              ATA system freezes during heavy loads
o [2003/12/14] kern/60226              ichsmb driver doesn't detects SMB bus on 
o [2003/12/14] kern/60235              some /dev-entries missing for newly auto-
o [2003/12/14] ports/60245 knu         new ruby16-shim-ruby18 bug in included re
o [2003/12/14] bin/60246               [PATCH] mergemaster does not warn for obs
o [2003/12/14] kern/60247              mutex problems in geom_io
o [2003/12/15] kern/60251              [Patch] Fix visualization of bridge versi
o [2003/12/15] docs/60252  doc         Continuous re-installations for FreeBSD n
o [2003/12/15] ports/60259 ports-bugs  [UPDATE] net/p5-OAI-Harvester from 0.9,1 
o [2003/12/15] ports/60275 ports-bugs  PORTVERSION is wrong
o [2003/12/15] kern/60276              Kernel panic when plugginh in USB storage
o [2003/12/15] ports/60277 ports-bugs  mail/getmail - update from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1

1206 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
f [1995/01/11] i386/105    standards   Distributed libm (msun) has non-standard 
s [1995/09/26] kern/742                syslog errors accessing Mac hard disks [p
s [1995/11/20] kern/831                one minor complaint about the kernel visu
a [1996/01/30] bin/981     fenner      clnt_broadcast() is not aware of aliases
a [1996/07/07] bin/1375    eivind      Extraneous warning from mv(1) [PATCH]
s [1996/10/13] misc/1791   tegge       syslimits.h does not allow overriding def
s [1996/11/22] bin/2090                clients may bind to FreeBSD ypserv refusi
s [1996/12/02] bin/2137    tegge       vm statistics are bad
s [1996/12/27] kern/2298               Support for DSR/DCD swapping on serial po
o [1997/01/10] bin/2442                setusershell()/endusershell() missing
a [1997/02/02] bin/2641    wpaul       login_access.c doesn't work with NIS by d
s [1997/02/15] misc/2745   fenner      PR querry web form doesn't sort correctly
o [1997/03/10] bin/2934    cracauer    sh(1) has problems with $ENV
f [1997/05/16] bin/3608    jkoshy      Telnet in linemode will break apart long 
o [1997/06/24] kern/3944   paul        if_le doesnt receive ether multicast pack
o [1997/07/18] bin/4116                Kerberized login as <user>.root fails to 
s [1997/07/26] bin/4172    des         suggest reconnection option added to fetc
s [1997/07/28] kern/4184   bms         [PATCH] minor nits in sys/netatalk
o [1997/08/13] i386/4300   msmith      The initial timeout on open("/dev/lpt0"..
o [1997/08/29] kern/4413               No way to unmount a floppy that goes bad 
o [1997/08/29] bin/4419                man can display the same man page twice
o [1997/08/29] bin/4420    jmallett    find -exedir doesn't chdir for first entr
o [1997/09/03] bin/4459    bde         No prototype for moncontrol(3) and monsta
o [1997/09/25] bin/4629    grog        calendar doesn't print all dates sometime
o [1997/09/28] misc/4646   qa          Can't fixit with an NFS-mounted CD.
o [1997/10/05] bin/4696                ping hangs on certain unresolvable hosts
o [1997/11/13] bin/5031    gad         lpr does not remove original file if -s i
s [1997/11/28] bin/5173                [PATCH] restore ought to deal with root s
s [1997/11/30] i386/5182   bde         [PATCH] A patch support high speed serial
s [1997/12/14] bin/5296                slattach fails creating pidfile with ioct
o [1997/12/22] kern/5362   peter       mount incorrectly reports / as an NFS exp
o [1998/01/11] bin/5483                Login(1) clears utmp entry
o [1998/01/26] kern/5577   bde         Unnecessary disk I/O and noatime ffs fixe
o [1998/01/31] bin/5609    gad         lpd cannot send long files to HP's JetDir
o [1998/02/10] bin/5712    mikeh       /bin/chio code cleaup and option added
o [1998/02/14] bin/5745    nik         [PATCH] Add /usr/local/share/mk to defaul
f [1998/03/28] bin/6161    assar       2.2.6 kerberos servers are awfully visibl
p [1998/03/31] kern/6184               No error if resulting file pos in lseek i
o [1998/04/18] conf/6346   joe         Kernel version strings need to relate to 
s [1998/05/17] kern/6668   babkin      [PATCH] new driver: Virtual Ethernet driv
s [1998/05/29] bin/6785                place for all the default dump flags
s [1998/06/01] kern/6820   jesper      cd9660_mount NULL pointer deref for no CD
o [1998/06/22] ports/7023  portmgr     bsd.port.(%|subdir.).mk patches for size 
a [1998/07/01] bin/7136    markm       kerberized telnetd doesn't use gettytab %
s [1998/07/10] misc/7232   qa          Suggestion for FreeBSD installation dialo
o [1998/07/10] kern/7234   yokota      keyboard problems during login immediatel
o [1998/07/12] bin/7265                A warning flag is added to ln(1).
o [1998/07/15] bin/7287                Incorrect domain name for MAP_UPDATE in m
a [1998/07/19] bin/7324    mtm         Suggestions for minor modifications to ad
s [1998/08/13] conf/7606               [PATCH] NIS Makefile.dist: NOPUSH replace
s [1998/08/22] kern/7722               Changes to acct format
s [1998/09/08] bin/7868                [almost patch]Morse Code Fixups
f [1998/09/16] misc/7946               ccdconfig gives confusing error when give
o [1998/09/18] bin/7973    gad         lpd: Bad control file owner in case of re
o [1998/10/03] misc/8133   markm       [patch] bug in telnetd (Kerberos IV)
o [1998/10/19] kern/8376   tjr         CLOCK_VIRTUAL not implemented
o [1998/10/27] i386/8474               repquota does not pick up NIS information
a [1998/10/28] bin/8479    dd          Final \'s in /etc/exports did not work in
f [1998/10/30] kern/8498   dwmalone    Race condition between unp_gc() and accep
o [1998/11/27] i386/8867   qa          /stand/sysinstall core dumps (signal 11) 
a [1998/12/18] bin/9123                pax can't read tar archives that contain 
f [1998/12/28] misc/9220   ache        nvi: catalog: mistake in Russian error me
s [1998/12/29] bin/9233                gmp's mpq_add and mpq_sub are buggy
a [1999/01/05] bin/9333    jkoshy      timestamp dump's progress
o [1999/01/19] kern/9570   dfr         ed(4) irq config enhancement
o [1999/01/22] kern/9619               Restarting mountd kills existing mounts
o [1999/01/25] kern/9679               fix for uninterruptible open in portal fi
a [1999/01/28] bin/9770    jmallett    An openpty(3) auxiliary program
o [1999/01/29] i386/9777   cg          Generic AD1816 sound suport in Luigi's pc
o [1999/02/01] bin/9868                Patch to add "date -a"
o [1999/02/01] kern/9869               When using macros out of function, they s
o [1999/02/11] bin/10030   markm       Kerberized telnet fails to encrypt when a
o [1999/03/02] bin/10358   yar         ftp(1) has problems with long pathnames
o [1999/03/15] bin/10611               timed enhancement
o [1999/03/17] kern/10641  groudier    Default sync rate in ncr SCSI driver is s
o [1999/03/19] gnu/10670   peter       cvs doesn't allow digits in local keyword
o [1999/03/19] kern/10673  wpaul       Non-ASCII chars on serial console with Re
o [1999/04/11] bin/11085               Per-host configuration for syslog.conf
f [1999/04/13] bin/11114   tjr         make(1) does not work as documented with 
o [1999/04/16] i386/11165              IBCS2 don't work correctly with PID_MAX 9
o [1999/04/23] kern/11293  brian       FreeBSD's PPP implementation of LQM appea
o [1999/04/23] bin/11294               direct logging to other hosts (no local s
o [1999/05/19] kern/11789  obrien      ELF machine definition missing for ARM
o [1999/06/03] kern/12014  alfred      Fix SysV Semaphore handling
o [1999/06/06] gnu/12046   markm       Perl subsystem does not install all tutor
o [1999/06/07] kern/12071  fanf        [PATCH] large scale IP aliasing
o [1999/06/08] i386/12088  imp         Enhancement to ed driver for Linksys 10/1
o [1999/06/21] conf/12324  qa          Sysinstall's fdisk partition editor is mi
o [1999/07/06] kern/12543  dg          [PATCH] cumulative error counters for fxp
o [1999/07/07] bin/12545   peter       kldload(8) should be more sensitive to er
o [1999/07/25] bin/12801               nvi infinite recursion with options "left
f [1999/08/05] i386/12993  gibbs       "ahc0: Data Parity Error Detected during 
o [1999/08/09] bin/13042               make doesn't handle wildcards in subdirec
o [1999/08/11] bin/13068   billf       Don't stamp out score files!
o [1999/08/12] bin/13108               authunix_create_default includes egid twi
a [1999/08/13] bin/13128   cy          pkg_delete doesn't handle absolute pathna
o [1999/08/21] bin/13309   billf       Fixes to nos-tun
o [1999/08/22] misc/13326              additional timeval interfaces for <sys/ti
o [1999/08/26] bin/13397               nvi mishandles tags files under certain c
o [1999/09/02] kern/13546  se          Too-verbose output from PCI probe at boot
o [1999/09/02] bin/13550   markm       If no PATH is defined when calling Sys::H
s [1999/09/19] kern/13843  ken         da driver does not support 'CDIOCEJECT' i
s [1999/09/21] bin/13869               man program saves multiple cached copies 
o [1999/09/21] bin/13882   pirzyk      mount -p is missing the quota options
o [1999/09/24] i386/13936  qa          No clear indictaion of how much space to 
o [1999/09/30] i386/14048              ``doscmd -r'' doesn't work
o [1999/10/06] kern/14166  roger       AVER TVPhone
o [1999/10/07] ports/14182 portmgr     Patch: add plist target
o [1999/10/13] bin/14318   qa          sysinstall upon install has some counter-
o [1999/10/15] kern/14356  grog        vinum and ``some processes would not die;
f [1999/10/27] kern/14561  ken         ioctl (fd, CDIOCEJECT, (void*) 0) doesn't
s [1999/10/27] kern/14562  ken         ioctl() codes should be provided for ejec
o [1999/10/28] kern/14584  babkin      Proposition for improved file permissions
o [1999/11/01] kern/14646              kern.boottime affected by APM suspend/res
a [1999/11/03] docs/14682  gad         lprm(1) unaware of lp(1) Environment Vari
o [1999/11/03] bin/14697   grog        Exploitable buffer overflow in Vinum (Fre
o [1999/11/08] ports/14783 jmz         mgetty 1.1.12 always sets clocal
o [1999/11/11] ports/14824 wosch       no '\0' at the end of buffer
o [1999/11/12] kern/14841  adrian      IEEE 802 encapsulation for arp on etherne
o [1999/11/16] bin/14925               getsubopt isn't poisonous enough
f [1999/11/20] conf/15010              "client" firewall configuration kills inc
o [1999/11/21] conf/15038  qa          In sysinstall, easy to not notice that se
o [1999/11/25] kern/15095  jlemon      TCP's advertised window is not scaled imm
o [1999/11/29] misc/15168              Adding tracklist support to fdformat
o [1999/12/01] misc/15205  billf       Addition to /usr/games/random
o [1999/12/10] bin/15410               edquota -p copies current usage as well a
o [1999/12/12] kern/15436              syscons extension: "propellers"
p [1999/12/13] bin/15458               sort(1) doesn't sort correctly in some ca
o [1999/12/14] bin/15480               Change-request for /usr/src/usr.sbin/cdco
o [1999/12/15] ports/15495 portmgr     Add "addsum" target to
o [1999/12/15] bin/15497               NIS does not deal well with comments
f [1999/12/21] kern/15608  scsi        acd0 / cd0 give inconsistent errors on em
o [1999/12/21] i386/15619  peter       standard pppd doesn't authenticate users 
o [1999/12/28] conf/15748  qa          sysinstall - upgrade
o [2000/01/02] kern/15838  trhodes     Conversion tables in msdosfs_conv.c are b
o [2000/01/03] misc/15876  small       PicoBSD message of the day problems
o [2000/01/10] kern/16021              To support SMP on NEC PC98, call mp_probe
o [2000/01/11] conf/16076  markm       [PATCH] pam_ssh examples for /etc/pam.con
o [2000/01/18] kern/16195  rwatson     16-bit uid/gid struct in sys/ipc.h
o [2000/01/23] bin/16316   dwmalone    Enhancement: allow .fakeid to be a named 
o [2000/01/24] kern/16339  alc         vm/vm_page.h PQ_L2_SIZE options too limit
f [2000/01/24] ports/16343 portmgr cannot override make.conf.
a [2000/01/25] java/16347  znerd       Inconsistencies between Java ports
o [2000/01/30] bin/16480   adrian      locked accounts and adduser
o [2000/02/08] conf/16584  qa          Hostname field too small during install (
o [2000/02/14] kern/16713  grog        Vinum: some processes would not die; ps a
o [2000/02/16] kern/16765  bde         Add support for mark/space parity
o [2000/02/18] kern/16815              Cannot "rm -rf" for not-existed file on r
o [2000/02/19] misc/16830  markm       PAM-related error messages on -current
o [2000/02/21] bin/16880               [PATCH] pw(8) hardcodes directory creatio
o [2000/02/24] misc/16969  yokota      /kernel: psmintr: out of sync (0000 != 00
o [2000/02/26] kern/17003              dscheck() overzealously protects labels o
o [2000/02/28] kern/17058  mjacob      SCSI tape driver can't drive devs that ca
o [2000/03/01] docs/17104  hmp         gethostbyname(3) contains a reference to 
s [2000/03/01] kern/17109  darrenr     fastroute crashes for lo0 udp
o [2000/03/04] misc/17185  peter       main ncurses headerfile is installed as c
o [2000/03/05] conf/17207              disktab support for Fuji-MO
o [2000/03/09] bin/17289   gad         [PATCH] wrong permissions on /var/run/pri
o [2000/03/13] bin/17363               crontab(1) leaves files in /var/cron/tabs
o [2000/03/14] misc/17377  brian       "Checking for rejected mail hosts:" gives
o [2000/03/14] kern/17385              Support for IIT's "XC87SLC-33" numeric pr
o [2000/03/16] kern/17425  nsouch      [PATCH] fix two small printing errors in 
o [2000/03/18] ports/17479 portmgr PARALLEL_BUILD
o [2000/03/22] bin/17546   qa          Sysinstall does not let you configure NIS
o [2000/03/27] bin/17623               date(1) -v doesn't handle time changes (D
o [2000/03/29] bin/17679   wpaul       wicontrol should take multiple args on co
p [2000/03/30] conf/17699  ache        Support for dutch keyboards in the consol
o [2000/04/02] kern/17751  wpaul       rl driver loaded as module when it alread
o [2000/04/05] kern/17819  adrian      Build ports on nfs & union mount panics k
o [2000/04/10] kern/17907  cg          Audio record levels are too low
o [2000/04/13] conf/17993  obrien      improving on the default /etc/
o [2000/04/19] bin/18100               update to src/usr.bin/from/from.c for mul
s [2000/04/20] bin/18114   ken         msps from iostat is wrong
o [2000/04/22] i386/18154              [PATCH] Add cpu class and features flags 
o [2000/04/28] kern/18271  jake        simplelock: klds not portable across UP a
o [2000/04/28] kern/18289              CPU Time exceeded delivered multiple time
o [2000/04/29] kern/18293  mikeh       lack of versapad mouse wheel emulation
o [2000/04/30] bin/18319               "dump" fails with "cannot reopen disk: in
o [2000/05/01] bin/18326   dwmalone    no /usr/libdata/lint/llib-lc.ln
o [2000/05/01] bin/18337   yokota      New screen saver for FreeBSD
o [2000/05/11] misc/18496              Possibly a problem between curses.h/runet
o [2000/05/11] bin/18498   jhb         allowing ELF_VERBOSE in /etc/make.conf
o [2000/05/11] kern/18503              check for error return from vfs_allocate_
o [2000/05/16] bin/18587   brian       /etc/security: improove the dmesg diff ou
o [2000/05/21] bin/18715   dec         Changes to /etc/defaults/rc.conf, /etc/rc
o [2000/05/21] bin/18738   tg          /usr/bin/doscmd reports a 286 while booti
s [2000/05/23] bin/18773   matusita    Merge ports/japanese/less to src/contrib/
s [2000/05/24] ports/18800 green       security/cfs ports installation fix
o [2000/05/25] misc/18824  threads     gethostbyname is not thread safe
o [2000/05/28] gnu/18857   peter       Enable GSSAPI in CVS if available
o [2000/05/30] kern/18909  dwmalone    select(2) timeout limited to 100000000 se
o [2000/06/03] bin/18992   brian       log packets blocked by filter rules
o [2000/06/03] misc/18997  markm       Kerberos5 CFLAGS needed
o [2000/06/19] misc/19391  emulation   Evilness with Linux Terminus, causes X to
o [2000/06/20] misc/19406              setenv() allocates memory which is not fr
o [2000/06/26] kern/19535  adrian      procfs_rlimit tidyup
s [2000/06/28] conf/19573  des         Dot Files for Optional Shells
o [2000/06/30] ports/19594 trevor      update port:  qrash
o [2000/07/01] bin/19635               add -c for grand total to df(1), like du(
o [2000/07/02] gnu/19642   kbyanc      patch to merge OpenBSD changes to patch(1
o [2000/07/03] bin/19683   green       mount displays incorrect mount point on f
a [2000/07/03] kern/19686  yokota      splash screen fails
o [2000/07/05] kern/19720  kbyanc      more sysctl signed-ness patches
o [2000/07/07] kern/19756              Inability to use linux extended partition
o [2000/07/07] bin/19772               df output wrong for union-mounts
o [2000/07/08] kern/19782  dirk        mkisofs 1.12.1 (i386-unknown-freebsd4.0) 
f [2000/07/09] misc/19798  cg          4DWAVE doesn't work.
o [2000/07/10] kern/19827  yokota      psm flag bit9(NOIDPROBE) doesn't work cor
o [2000/07/10] misc/19837  ambrisko    Run Fit it floppy from serial port
o [2000/07/14] kern/19913  des         add SYN+FIN counter
o [2000/07/15] kern/19966              new syscons screensaver
o [2000/07/20] bin/20054   yar         ftpd: rotating _PATH_FTPDSTATFILE losts x
o [2000/07/24] misc/20139  msmith      Simple typo in src/share/examples/ppi/ppi
o [2000/07/24] misc/20166  billf       Corrections & additions to games/quiz/dat
o [2000/07/26] bin/20204   ps          more doesn't handle 8-bit characters prop
o [2000/07/27] kern/20214  dec         kernel routing bug for nexthop is routed 
a [2000/07/28] ports/20270 ade         libtool needlessly runs ldconfig after in
o [2000/07/29] kern/20297  cg          Joystick is not enabled with es1370 based
o [2000/07/31] misc/20326  marcel      [PATCH] installkernel fails if DESTDIR is
s [2000/07/31] misc/20333  des         ftp login fails on unix password when s/k
o [2000/08/01] kern/20352  yokota      Configuring a synaptics touchpad
o [2000/08/02] ports/20359 demon       New port: www/Apache-mod_perl_guide
f [2000/08/02] bin/20371   mbr         dhclient inserts bogus configurations
o [2000/08/03] kern/20384  n_hibma     Phase errors with Zip650 CD on USB
o [2000/08/03] kern/20389  ken         "device pass" required for CD ripping
o [2000/08/03] bin/20391   jhb         sysinstall should check debug.boothowto s
o [2000/08/04] kern/20410              sio support for high speed NS16550A, ST16
o [2000/08/09] bin/20501   mjacob      extra flag to dump to offline autoloaders
a [2000/08/10] ports/20520 olgeni      New port: lang/mercury
o [2000/08/10] docs/20528  trhodes     sysconf(3) manpage doesn't mention posix.
o [2000/08/10] kern/20529  wpaul       gigabit cards fail to link
o [2000/08/11] i386/20537  msmith      HP NetRAID controller error when rebootin
o [2000/08/16] i386/20660  wpaul       if_wi provides 802.11 src and dst, not et
o [2000/08/21] bin/20742   ps          Weird problem with 'more' on 4-1-STABLE
o [2000/08/23] bin/20799   peter       top's problem
o [2000/08/23] i386/20803  mdodd       ep0 driver finds additional "shadow" ep c
o [2000/08/23] kern/20804              deadlocking when using vnode disk file an
o [2000/08/26] bin/20881               There's no reason not to build DNSsec-DSA
o [2000/08/27] bin/20889   dwmalone    syslogd.c still uses depreciated domain A
o [2000/08/28] bin/20908   qa          /stand/sysinstall too limited in selectio
o [2000/08/29] misc/20920  yokota      window(1) interferes with screensaver
o [2000/08/30] bin/20944   ru          natd enhancements, default config file an
o [2000/09/02] bin/21008   gad         Fix for lpr's handling of lots of jobs in
o [2000/09/04] docs/21024  bde         pow() ERANGE bug
o [2000/09/05] misc/21070  marcel      default setting of ${SUP} in
o [2000/09/06] bin/21080   mjacob      dump doesn't use eject tape device correc
o [2000/09/09] kern/21156  yokota      [PATCH] inconsistency in scmouse vs xterm
o [2000/09/12] kern/21222              wrong behavior of concurrent mmap()s on N
o [2000/09/12] kern/21229              Proper value for vfs.nfs.access_cache_tim
o [2000/09/16] bin/21312               more incorrectly redraws screen on xterm 
o [2000/09/16] bin/21315               Shells often behave oddly when executing 
o [2000/09/24] bin/21519   standards   sys/dir.h should be deprecated some more
f [2000/09/26] bin/21570   dougb       [PATCH] Add -r option to /usr/bin/mail, q
s [2000/09/30] bin/21659               Berkeley db library is statically compile
o [2000/10/01] i386/21672  obrien      AMD Duron Rev. A0 reports incorrect L2 ca
o [2000/10/01] misc/21675              Better and more disktab entries for MO dr
o [2000/10/04] bin/21751   ken         libcam's cam_real_open_device() may lose 
o [2000/10/04] kern/21754  n_hibma     Sound stops working when NetGear USB Devi
o [2000/10/05] bin/21766               [PATCH] add -s (skip) flag to head(1)
o [2000/10/05] kern/21768  rwatson     shouldn't trailing '/' on regular file sy
a [2000/10/06] kern/21807              [patches] Make System attribute correspon
o [2000/10/07] docs/21826  wollman     ARP proxy feature lacks documentation
o [2000/10/09] kern/21859  fanf        Allow the syncer to be slowed down
o [2000/10/14] conf/21994  qa          Config of Anonftp (at install) always cre
o [2000/10/16] bin/22033   iedowse     [PATCH] to pw(8) to allow encrypted passw
s [2000/10/16] bin/22034               nfsstat lacks useful features found in So
o [2000/10/18] misc/22073              xonsole: couldn't open console
o [2000/10/21] bin/22182               vi options noprint/print/octal broken
o [2000/10/21] misc/22190  threads     A threaded read(2) from a socketpair(2) f
o [2000/10/21] bin/22198               inet_ntop may set errno to ENOSPC and nee
o [2000/10/26] conf/22308              mounting NFS during boot blocks if host m
s [2000/10/27] bin/22351   green       sed(1) fails with backslash on buffer bou
o [2000/10/30] ports/22412 taoka       two extraneous ports and one name change
o [2000/10/31] bin/22442   greid       [PATCH] Increase speed of split(1)
o [2000/11/02] ports/22550 cy          Patch for comms/conserver for log file ro
o [2000/11/04] bin/22612   schweikh    crontab -e failures
o [2000/11/09] bin/22730   fenner      tcpslice doesn't handle long file offsets
o [2000/11/14] docs/22861  dd          newsyslog man page is misleading and inco
o [2000/11/15] kern/22868              getsockname may return an incorrect addre
o [2000/11/15] misc/22873  markm       Perl's core'h conflicts with ncurses.h
o [2000/11/17] misc/22914              bootinst messages are not updated
o [2000/11/23] conf/23063  ru          [PATCH] for static ARP tables in rc.netwo
o [2000/11/24] bin/23082   dwmalone    ntpd has only one reference-clock parser 
o [2000/11/27] misc/23148              getopt(3) works non-intuitively?
o [2000/11/29] bin/23178               'talk' not doing right thing
o [2000/11/29] bin/23180               Certain KOI8 characters are treated as "w
o [2000/12/01] bin/23204               length of salt in crypt() is not the same
o [2000/12/02] bin/23233   kris        Reincorporate /usr/bin/error in the FreeB
a [2000/12/03] bin/23254   fenner      yacc accepts bad grammer
o [2000/12/05] kern/23304  standards   POSIX clock_gettime, clock_getres return 
o [2000/12/05] kern/23314              aic driver fails to detect Adaptec 1520B 
a [2000/12/09] conf/23402  qa          sysinstall upgrade ought to check partiti
p [2000/12/11] bin/23472   mp          gdb weirdness on programs compiled with -
o [2000/12/13] kern/23520  sound       sb0 old style audio support in 4.2-RELEAS
o [2000/12/13] misc/23539  marcel      make installworld from nfs mounted /usr/s
o [2000/12/14] kern/23546  tanimura    [PATCH] csa DMA-interrupt problem
o [2000/12/15] i386/23562  markm       telnetd doesn't show message in file spec
o [2000/12/18] bin/23635   mike        [PATCH] whois enhancement - smarter whois
o [2000/12/24] ports/23822 trevor      mtree entries for German X11 man pages
a [2000/12/28] bin/23912   sheldonh    underflow of cnt in vs_paint() by O_NUMBE
o [2001/01/04] bin/24066   mp          gdb can't detach from programs linked wit
p [2001/01/07] misc/24132  mp          gdb output is wrong (same as #13427 ?)
f [2001/01/07] kern/24141  sound       emu10k1 has trouble playing non-44.1KHz s
o [2001/01/10] ports/24214 portmgr     [PATCH] verbose 'make index'
s [2001/01/12] ports/24299 ports-bugs  New port sysutils/tpconfig: configure the
o [2001/01/16] bin/24390   standards   Replacing old dir-symlinks when using /bi
o [2001/01/18] bin/24435   qa          Changing slice type causes Auto-partition
o [2001/01/20] bin/24485               [PATCH] to make cron(8) handle clock jump
o [2001/01/21] misc/24513  peter       new options for pppd
p [2001/01/21] conf/24515  dougb       Fix for find(1) warning in /etc/rc
o [2001/01/22] kern/24528              Bad tracking of Modem status
o [2001/01/23] bin/24592   cjc         dmesg.boot Gets Overwritten without Reboo
o [2001/01/26] alpha/24663 alpha       Console output gets scribbled into /var/l
o [2001/01/30] ports/24749 ports-bugs  mysql323-server pkg-install script doesn'
o [2001/01/31] bin/24757   yar         ftpd not RFC compliant
o [2001/02/01] docs/24786  doc         missing FILES descriptions in sa(4)
o [2001/02/03] kern/24827  yokota      Erratic Intellimouse Explorer in 4.1 and 
a [2001/02/05] docs/24869  hmp         Some text elf.5 is duplicated
o [2001/02/05] kern/24882              ktrace not syncing .out file before panic
o [2001/02/06] misc/24907  qa          Options screen at MenuMedia menu problem
o [2001/02/07] ports/24940 linimon     net/scotty3: problem with Tnm::icmp echo 
o [2001/02/08] bin/24953   green       adduser ignores passwd_format in
o [2001/02/08] kern/24959  jesper      proper TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK compatibility
o [2001/02/08] i386/24963              perfmon(4) doesn't work on SMP systems
o [2001/02/09] ports/24983 nobutaka    Emacs ports have misleading names
o [2001/02/11] bin/25013               mv(1) cannot move unresolvable symlinks a
o [2001/02/11] bin/25015               cp: options -i and -f do not work as docu
o [2001/02/11] kern/25018              lstat(2) returns bogus permissions on sym
o [2001/02/13] bin/25070   gad         newsyslog(8) should send signals only onc
o [2001/02/13] bin/25085   msmith      mlxcontrol utility fails silently if devi
o [2001/02/15] misc/25109              Fujitsu MO device MCC3064AP  could't be c
o [2001/02/19] misc/25218  peter       mailwrapper invokes sendmail when resourc
o [2001/02/21] bin/25273               add fs type feature to vnconfig(8) to all
f [2001/02/22] bin/25278   dd          bs accepts -s -c but not -sc
o [2001/02/22] alpha/25284 alpha       PC164 won't reboot with graphics console
o [2001/02/26] kern/25386  cg          Incorrect mixer registers (line & synth) 
o [2001/02/27] kern/25445              kernel statistics are displayed in wrong 
o [2001/03/01] bin/25477   billf       pam_radius fix to allow null passwords fo
o [2001/03/02] ports/25490 wosch       [PATCH] fix various bugs in stat(1)
p [2001/03/02] misc/25499              buffer paste functionality from keyboard
o [2001/03/04] kern/25521              Laptop with FreeBSD4.2 freezes in battery
p [2001/03/04] conf/25527  trhodes     `man ldconfig' does not reflect its behav
o [2001/03/06] ports/25576 x11         XFree86-4 port installs manual pages with
s [2001/03/07] bin/25598   yar         patch to let ftpd output message when cha
s [2001/03/09] bin/25627               Cannot append hash after .elif in Makefil
o [2001/03/12] kern/25733              mismatch between error reporting in smbus
o [2001/03/12] bin/25736               ac -d option probrem with overdays logon
f [2001/03/13] kern/25777              atime not updated on exec
o [2001/03/14] gnu/25794   markm       [PATCH] make perl use a decent random num
o [2001/03/15] conf/25829              IPSec config in doesn't allow 
o [2001/03/16] kern/25866              more than 256 ptys, up to 1302 ptys.
o [2001/03/18] kern/25909              4.x kernel freezes on P3-Asus CUSL2-C mot
o [2001/03/18] kern/25910  cg          Kernel sound driver may die if a program 
f [2001/03/22] docs/26003  rwatson     getgroups(2) lists NGROUPS_MAX but not sy
o [2001/03/22] bin/26005               MIME quoted-printable encoding added to v
a [2001/03/22] docs/26006  jeff        Changing zone(9) man page
p [2001/03/22] kern/26016  iedowse     VMWare is crash on SMP machine
o [2001/03/23] misc/26035  sound       System hangs when playing mp3 on PCI Maes
o [2001/03/28] ports/26192 kiri        apel appeared both in xemacs/site-package
o [2001/04/01] kern/26277              ppc driver doesn't work with port 0x3BC p
o [2001/04/02] docs/26286  chris       *printf(3) etc should gain format string 
o [2001/04/03] kern/26316              Booting FreeBSD on VMware2 with 2 or 3 et
o [2001/04/03] misc/26323              Quota system create zero-length files
o [2001/04/03] kern/26324              Defaults for NFS mounts over TCP are slow
a [2001/04/04] kern/26348  hm          [pcvt] scon -s, page fault in HP mode
o [2001/04/04] bin/26359               [PATCH] a minor nit in how netstat detect
o [2001/04/06] bin/26375   markm       PAMized su allows non-wheel members to su
o [2001/04/09] kern/26454  cg          mixer volume settings on Maestro-2E (Diam
o [2001/04/09] bin/26468               pkg_delete clears dependencies after runn
o [2001/04/10] conf/26488  dougb       incomplete named sandbox information
s [2001/04/13] docs/26532  des         ".Ql ?" becomes "`'?" through nroff (and 
a [2001/04/13] kern/26534  ipfw        Add an option to ipfw to log gid/uid of w
o [2001/04/13] kern/26547  ambrisko    "lnc" problem with shared memory mode wit
o [2001/04/13] i386/26562              /dev/lpt0 returns EBUSY when attempting t
o [2001/04/14] kern/26584              kernel boot messages aren't logged correc
o [2001/04/16] kern/26618  iedowse     unmount(2) can't unmount a filesystem who
p [2001/04/17] misc/26646  ache        srand() provides only 8-bit table
o [2001/04/17] misc/26658  grog        update to src/usr.bin/calendar/calendars/
o [2001/04/18] bin/26686               Freeze at boot from 4.3-RC4 floopies - US
o [2001/04/18] misc/26695              CHANGE REQUEST: kill(all) -l output
o [2001/04/22] kern/26787  dd          sysctl change request
s [2001/04/23] bin/26803   des         Fix fetch to allow FTP puts in '-o' & all
o [2001/04/24] i386/26812  peter       old bootstrap /sys/i386/boot/... still in
a [2001/04/25] bin/26854   sound       Better fix for ESS Technology Maestro-2E 
o [2001/04/26] misc/26879  darrenr     mkfilter not installed, yet referred to v
o [2001/04/28] bin/26919   qa          sysinstall' fdisk can ONLY set bootable f
o [2001/04/29] docs/26943  doc         [patch] description of :C modifier is mis
o [2001/04/30] i386/26994  obrien      AMD Athlon Thunderbird not known to ident
o [2001/05/01] kern/27008              kernel function sysbeep(xxx, 0) does prod
o [2001/05/04] java/27075  sobomax     Port java/javavmwrapper installs no man p
o [2001/05/04] java/27079  sobomax     Improvements for javavmwrapper?
o [2001/05/06] bin/27163   cracauer    sh trap TSTP () deadly hangs
f [2001/05/07] bin/27188   jon         fix of rsh non-interactive mode behaviour
o [2001/05/08] i386/27216  qa          Can not get to shell prompt from serial c
o [2001/05/09] kern/27232              On NFSv3 mounted filesystems, stat return
o [2001/05/10] bin/27258               getty didn't check if if= isn't empty
o [2001/05/11] bin/27268               fdisk does not recognize Linux extended p
o [2001/05/11] kern/27269              Cannot mount linux extended (logical) par
o [2001/05/12] bin/27281               vidcontrol(1) does not have error codes
f [2001/05/12] bin/27283   brian       netstat -i missing IPv4 input packet coun
o [2001/05/13] i386/27306  mp          hw watchpoints work unreliable under gdb
o [2001/05/14] bin/27319   obrien      df displays amd pid processes
o [2001/05/17] kern/27403              lpt driver doesn't handle flags anymore
o [2001/05/18] kern/27429              'dependant' is a misspelling
o [2001/05/20] misc/27471              Linux emulation is missing code needed to
o [2001/05/20] bin/27483   qa          make sysinstall ask for the keymap at ins
o [2001/05/23] kern/27571  bp          Changing policy of shadowing files and di
o [2001/05/23] bin/27604               change truncate to support low case size 
o [2001/05/25] misc/27633              Mapping for serbian keyboards, follows IS
o [2001/05/26] kern/27660              Kernel does not return error if adding du
o [2001/05/27] bin/27687               fsck wrapper is not properly passing opti
o [2001/05/27] bin/27697   assar       trouble compiling libroken
o [2001/06/01] misc/27829              pax's uid/gid cache is read-only
a [2001/06/02] docs/27833  cjc         No man page for locate.rc
o [2001/06/02] kern/27835              execve() doesn't conform to execve(2) spe
s [2001/06/02] docs/27843  alex        [PATCH] make.conf WITH_* variables aren't
o [2001/06/04] misc/27872  qa          "Load Config" (sysinstall) hangs Compaq D
o [2001/06/07] alpha/27930             NE2000 not supported on FreeBSD Alpha 4.x
o [2001/06/07] alpha/27933 alpha       Time jitter under load on FreeBSD 4.3 alp
a [2001/06/07] ports/27936 mi          Update /usr/ports/deskutils/xmdiary 3.0.1
o [2001/06/08] bin/27972               losing information with talk
a [2001/06/11] conf/28081  murray      /stand/sysinstall errs out if /cdrom/ alr
o [2001/06/13] ports/28121 netchild    New port: misc/k3d, 3D modelling and anim
o [2001/06/13] ports/28138 perky       python os.statvfs module is not functiona
a [2001/06/15] gnu/28189               [PATCH] fix for detecting empty CVS commi
o [2001/06/16] kern/28206  bp          UMAPFS module should depend on NULLFS - p
o [2001/06/17] misc/28236              [PATCH] iso-8859-1_to_cp437.scm doesn't c
o [2001/06/18] misc/28255  small       picobsd documentation still references ol
s [2001/06/18] kern/28260  standards   UIO_MAXIOV needs to be made public
o [2001/06/20] kern/28297              change request for sys/i386/conf/NOTES
o [2001/06/21] bin/28333               rtprio/idprio setuid problems
s [2001/06/22] i386/28346  n_hibma     USB ethernet dongle detach requires "ifco
o [2001/06/23] bin/28364               lex(1) generated files fail to compile cl
o [2001/06/23] ports/28365 wosch       Typical use of devel/portcheckout breaks 
p [2001/06/27] misc/28455              GNU readline should be updated to 4.2
o [2001/06/28] misc/28494  n_hibma     ugen usable only from "attach" or by usbd
o [2001/06/30] docs/28555  trhodes     [PATCH] style(9) isn't explicit about boo
o [2001/06/30] kern/28566  bp          Mount_null loopbacks can hang startx temp
o [2001/07/01] bin/28620   ru          xinstall has no way to pass options to st
o [2001/07/02] ports/28644 jmz         Make error when rebuilding xdvi
o [2001/07/03] ports/28678 wosch       portcheckout doesn't allow flexible build
o [2001/07/07] bin/28789               /usr/bin/last does not filter for uucp co
o [2001/07/07] ports/28803 cy          ports/comms/conserver does not support ##
o [2001/07/10] ports/28887 sergei      [PATCH] sandbox for httptunnel!
o [2001/07/10] kern/28888  mbr         Acer 8000 NIC not detected correctly
o [2001/07/11] misc/28890              merge.c compares int i against size_t siz
o [2001/07/14] bin/28972   dwmalone    gamma returns same result as lgamma
o [2001/07/14] i386/28975  mjacob      RocketPort problems
o [2001/07/14] misc/28980              Fujitsu/Siemens Lifebook E-6540 stalls wh
o [2001/07/18] bin/29062   markm       krb4 and krb5 multiply defined version sy
o [2001/07/19] misc/29077  imp         At loading notebook pccardd not correctly
o [2001/07/20] misc/29103              make (1) dump core while processing ^C fr
o [2001/07/21] bin/29119               menu of fdisk editor in 4.3R does not lis
o [2001/07/22] ports/29154 nik         TeX resource settings from MAKE_ENV in pr
o [2001/07/23] conf/29167  imp         rc.pccard doesn't check /var/run/pccardd.
o [2001/07/23] kern/29169  mjacob      FC loop that 'goes away' never times out 
o [2001/07/25] ports/29223 ume         cyrus-imapd and postfix master.8 manpage 
o [2001/07/25] kern/29233  sound       VIA 82C686 AC97 codec gets probed as 'chi
o [2001/07/26] docs/29245  doc         top(1) manpage doesn't understand SMP
s [2001/07/28] misc/29292  sos         The functional addtion to burncd(8)
f [2001/07/29] alpha/29299 alpha       FreeBSD 4.3 Alpha + Tekram SCSI adapter p
o [2001/07/29] misc/29312  sound       Using mixer on pcm misbehaves with onboar
f [2001/07/29] kern/29318  mjacob      Exabyte 8200 needs SA_QUIRK_1FM and SA_QU
o [2001/07/31] kern/29355  mux         [patch] lchflags support
o [2001/08/01] bin/29363   gad         [PATCH] newsyslog can support time as ext
o [2001/08/03] kern/29423              [PATCH] kernel security hooks implementat
o [2001/08/07] bin/29516   markm       telnet from an non FreeBSD host still use
o [2001/08/07] misc/29529  dcs         Boot prompt "?" command doesn't list "boo
f [2001/08/08] kern/29538  joerg       Mounting /dev/fd0 never completes
o [2001/08/09] bin/29581   nectar      proposed gethostbyXXXX_r() implementation
o [2001/08/11] kern/29621  n_hibma     Missing man page for ulpt
a [2001/08/13] ports/29691 portmgr     New port variable USE_COMPAT_LIB - bsd.po
o [2001/08/14] kern/29698              linux ipcs doesn'work
o [2001/08/15] kern/29727              amr_enquiry3 structure in amrreg.h (amr d
f [2001/08/16] kern/29777  n_hibma     kernel uscanner.c contains wrong vendor a
a [2001/08/17] docs/29807  trhodes     [PATCH] XFREE86_VERSION is undocumented
f [2001/08/18] bin/29850   markm       ftpd.c doesn't check via PAM/pam_acct_mgm
o [2001/08/19] conf/29870              rc.diskless2 uses /usr/sbin/mtree before 
o [2001/08/20] misc/29893  qa          suggestions for 4.4 sysinstall
o [2001/08/20] bin/29897   markm       pam_unix patch, which uses loginclass pas
a [2001/08/20] kern/29915  bms         kernel panics on interaction with mlock a
o [2001/08/21] ports/29929 ports-bugs script chokes on calculated 
o [2001/08/22] bin/29961   ru          A4 paper size for groff knob for /etc/mak
a [2001/08/23] docs/30008  doc         This document should be translated, comme
o [2001/08/24] kern/30052  mbr         dc(4) driver queues outgoing pkts indefin
f [2001/08/27] ports/30148 ade         devel/libtool: shared libs with compaq-cc
f [2001/08/28] kern/30160              Kernel panic when flash disk is removed a
o [2001/08/29] misc/30186              getaddrinfo does not handle incorrect ser
o [2001/08/29] kern/30200  yokota      Bug in psm in 4.4-RC
f [2001/08/29] i386/30206  mdodd       PS/2 server 85 can't boot kern.flp
o [2001/09/03] conf/30301              Default printcap "mx" config too small
o [2001/09/04] misc/30320  n_hibma     USB mouse does not work after return'ing 
o [2001/09/04] bin/30321               strftime(3) '%s' format does not work pro
o [2001/09/05] bin/30360               vmstat returns impossible data
o [2001/09/06] bin/30392               sh: incorrect value of $? in here-documen
o [2001/09/07] misc/30412              rtdl/dlopen() fails to merge common varia
s [2001/09/07] kern/30422              WDT hardware watchdog driver & daemon
o [2001/09/07] bin/30424               Generalization of vipw to lock pwdb while
o [2001/09/08] docs/30442  trhodes     remove broken referemce to gettime(9) fro
p [2001/09/08] docs/30443  trhodes     remove broken reference to kerberos(1) fr
o [2001/09/09] i386/30461  sound       no audio cd with cmi8330
o [2001/09/09] bin/30464   threads     pthread mutex attributes -- pshared
f [2001/09/09] bin/30471   brian       periodic script output to a file always a
o [2001/09/11] misc/30517  qa          using sysinstall with install.cfg has no 
o [2001/09/12] bin/30542               [PATCH] add -q option to shut up killall
o [2001/09/13] kern/30570  joe         boot loader don't reacts on USB keyboard 
o [2001/09/16] kern/30608              kern.ps_showallproc=0 doesn't limit queri
p [2001/09/17] kern/30634  kbyanc value incorrect for UDP socke
o [2001/09/18] bin/30654   gad         Added ability for newsyslog to archive lo
f [2001/09/18] bin/30661   alfred      FreeBSD-current fails to do partial NFS f
a [2001/09/20] bin/30685   cjc         Patch for usr.bin/hexdump
o [2001/09/20] i386/30700  sound       Applications cannot synchronize sound usi
o [2001/09/22] ports/30732 obrien      bash2 - pkg-plist fix and sample files ad
a [2001/09/22] bin/30737   murray      sysinstall leaks file descriptors on rest
o [2001/09/23] ports/30754 ports-bugs  x11/dgs port overwrites a number of files
o [2001/09/23] ports/30777 portmgr     add a 'make pkg-plist' make target in por
o [2001/09/25] bin/30812               giant termcap database update
o [2001/09/25] bin/30819               /bin/mv results in warnings when /bin/cp 
o [2001/09/26] bin/30854               bootpd/bootpgw change - skip ARP modifica
o [2001/09/26] misc/30857              intr_machdep.c allows access out of array
o [2001/09/26] i386/30860              While install after "Mounting root from u
o [2001/09/27] bin/30863               bootpd/dovend.c Win95 compatibility impro
o [2001/09/27] docs/30873  doc         ``ip'' man page does not specify byte ord
o [2001/09/30] ports/30929 ports-bugs  [net/pppoa] use usbd to initialize USB AD
o [2001/09/30] conf/30938              Improving behavior of /etc/periodic/daily
o [2001/09/30] kern/30951              Optimize page queue scan on miss of speci
o [2001/10/01] alpha/30970 alpha       Ensoniq 1371 (Creative chipset) does not 
o [2001/10/04] bin/31034   dwmalone    regularly add original address logging fo
o [2001/10/04] kern/31048  des         linprocfs:/proc/meminfo cannot handle mul
p [2001/10/04] bin/31052   fenner      Traceroute needs update
o [2001/10/07] docs/31109  doc         replace gif images w/ png ones due to pat
o [2001/10/10] bin/31199               tunefs error is incorrect when enabling s
o [2001/10/10] bin/31201               [patch] add free_space(chunk) to libdisk
o [2001/10/15] misc/31297  yokota      New screen blanker module for syscons
o [2001/10/18] i386/31353              'shutdown -p' does not work on SMP Tyan T
o [2001/10/19] misc/31380              NFS rootfs mount failure message too cryp
o [2001/10/20] bin/31387               When getuid()=0, mailwrapper should drop 
o [2001/10/21] i386/31427              minor incorrect code in sys/i386/i386/pma
o [2001/10/22] bin/31432               umount(8) and unmount(2) don't corespond 
o [2001/10/22] kern/31445  sound       cat > /dev/audio fails for sound
a [2001/10/23] kern/31455  n_hibma     [PATCH] ohci driver probrem when send dat
o [2001/10/23] kern/31456              Register number definition for AMD PCnet 
f [2001/10/25] kern/31490              Panic in sysctl_sysctl_next_ls on empy no
o [2001/10/26] kern/31521  cg          pcm0 plays too fast on Intel 82801BA (ICH
o [2001/10/27] i386/31535              Can't reboot system: Tyan Thunder K7+ Dua
o [2001/10/29] bin/31588               change request to allow mount(1) to set t
o [2001/10/29] kern/31624              writev may return undocumented ECONNRESET
o [2001/10/30] ports/31630 jmz         Port se-ispell install the dictionary in 
o [2001/10/30] kern/31647              socket calls can return undocumented EINV
o [2001/11/01] kern/31686  bms         Problem with the timestamp option when fl
o [2001/11/02] kern/31708              VM system / fsync / flushing delayed inde
o [2001/11/05] gnu/31772               New option in dialog(1)
o [2001/11/09] misc/31890              new syscons font
o [2001/11/10] bin/31906               No method available to unwind atexit(3) s
o [2001/11/12] bin/31933               pw can interpret numeric name as userid d
a [2001/11/12] ports/31943 ports-bugs  mysql323-server port hostname look up fai
o [2001/11/14] misc/31981              (mis)feature in getnetent parsing -- comm
o [2001/11/14] bin/31985               New /etc/remote flag for tip to append LF
o [2001/11/14] bin/31987               patch to allow dump(1) to notify operator
s [2001/11/15] i386/32014              ppi locks up system during boot
o [2001/11/15] docs/32020  doc         loader.8 manpage missing tunables
o [2001/11/17] conf/32067              Problems with spanish keyboard in console
o [2001/11/19] conf/32108              Proposed Firewall (IPv4) configuration sc
o [2001/11/20] standards/32126standards   getopt(3) not Unix-98 conformant
f [2001/11/20] misc/32144  murray      unattended install with sysinstall doesn'
o [2001/11/20] ports/32145 jmz         XFree86 doesn't ldconfig itself
o [2001/11/26] conf/32288  qa          After install: /etc/rc complains if crypt
a [2001/11/29] conf/32375  murray      sysinstall doesn't respect User generated
a [2001/11/30] bin/32411               shutdown's absolute-time handling could b
o [2001/12/03] misc/32480              Missing graphic characters in syscons fon
o [2001/12/04] bin/32501               quot(8) is stupid regarding the filesyste
o [2001/12/04] ports/32508 ports-bugs  www/flashplugin-mozilla has malloc bug
f [2001/12/08] misc/32605  nsouch      SMBus driver broken
o [2001/12/09] kern/32652  joe         A new ioctl to uscanner
s [2001/12/09] ports/32653 joe         Added patches to improve USB scanner supp
o [2001/12/09] kern/32659              VM and VNODE leak with vm.swap_idle_enabl
o [2001/12/09] gnu/32661   dd          send-pr uses $LOGNAME for From and Reply 
o [2001/12/10] bin/32667               systat waste too much time reading input
o [2001/12/10] kern/32671  imp         Patch to generate usbdevs.h automatically
o [2001/12/10] kern/32677              pciconf -l opens /dev/pci for read/write 
o [2001/12/10] misc/32680              [PATCH] Allows users to start jails by ho
o [2001/12/13] bin/32808   dwmalone    [PATCH] tcpd.h lacks prototype for hosts_
o [2001/12/13] kern/32812  roger       bktr driver missing tuner for eeprom dete
o [2001/12/14] bin/32828               w incorrectly handles stale utmp slots wi
p [2001/12/16] kern/32912  mp          options misssing TCBHASHSIZE
o [2001/12/17] ports/32936 mharo       ports/security/keyprint only supports S/K
o [2001/12/18] conf/32976  assar       Kerberos5 config files not installed by d
o [2001/12/18] docs/32979  hmp         manpages are not installed for k5admin an
o [2001/12/19] kern/33004  n_hibma     Patch for USB (uhci)
o [2001/12/19] misc/33007  n_hibma     umass device timeout after successive use
o [2001/12/19] misc/33013  cg          mixer does not have treble/bass for Sound
o [2001/12/21] bin/33066   rwatson     sysinstall does not write to new disks as
o [2001/12/22] i386/33097  sound       Crystal 4237b mixer problems
o [2001/12/23] kern/33117              empty struct md_coredump in pcb.h and use
o [2001/12/23] kern/33124  jhb         kthread_create doesnt mark kthreads as kt
s [2001/12/23] bin/33133               keyinit outputs wrong next login password
o [2001/12/25] gnu/33182   mp          gdb seg faults when given handle SIGALRM 
o [2001/12/26] kern/33203              "got bad cookie" errors on NFS client
o [2001/12/29] ports/33320 trevor      print/acroread5 does not install the Nets
o [2001/12/31] conf/33395  imp         better way to use more than one pccard ne
o [2002/01/05] docs/33589  doc         Patch to to post process .
o [2002/01/07] docs/33645  assar       k5list(1) contains many incorrect "klist"
a [2002/01/07] bin/33661               PAP AuthAck/AuthNak parsing problem in pp
f [2002/01/08] kern/33696  mbr         panic: Driver mistake: repeat make_dev("a
o [2002/01/08] kern/33707  sound       ICH (82801AA) cannot be used for mono rec
o [2002/01/09] docs/33724  chern       a very minor documentation error
o [2002/01/09] misc/33736  yokota      Scroll-lock on the console prevents shutd
o [2002/01/09] conf/33753              Intel ICH2 and NVidia device ID updates
o [2002/01/10] bin/33774               Patch for killall(1)
o [2002/01/10] misc/33778  joe         crunchgen enhancements
o [2002/01/12] bin/33809   mux         mount_nfs  has trouble with embedded ':' 
o [2002/01/13] bin/33834   tjr         strptime(3) is misleading
o [2002/01/13] docs/33852  doc         split(1) man page implies that input file
o [2002/01/13] misc/33866              Last Hr, Last ... may be incorrect on mac
o [2002/01/14] docs/33877  doc         Documentet behaviour of SF_flags for non-
o [2002/01/16] bin/33941               /usr/sbin/dev_mkdb dumps core
a [2002/01/16] kern/33963  bde         Messages at the serial IO port device pro
o [2002/01/16] misc/33965              Programmable keys of the keyboard (Olidat
o [2002/01/16] conf/33967              Alternative Italian keymap
o [2002/01/17] ports/33980 ports-bugs  Can't use sgmltools-lite-3.0.0 port
o [2002/01/17] i386/34010              keyinit takes passwords less than 10 char
o [2002/01/21] bin/34146               newfs defaults and vfs.usermount=1 tug at
o [2002/01/22] misc/34171  yar         ftpd indiscrete about unprivileged user a
o [2002/01/23] misc/34195  iedowse     setting the action for SIGCHLD to SIG_IGN
o [2002/01/23] bin/34199   dwmalone    [PATCH] top(1) RES/rss display incorrect
o [2002/01/24] alpha/34232 alpha       rpc.statd throws alignment errors
o [2002/01/24] docs/34239  trhodes     tunefs(8) man page doesn't describe argum
o [2002/01/26] misc/34309  gad         lpd does not garantie that controlfiles b
a [2002/01/26] conf/34316  sheldonh    Uncomment kserver-adm to /etc/services
o [2002/01/27] conf/34355              [PATCH] rc.conf comment misleading (firew
o [2002/01/28] bin/34394   peter       tgetent returns wrong value in libtermcap
o [2002/01/29] misc/34412  maxim       tftp will still try and receive traffic e
o [2002/01/30] ports/34442 znerd       xt, xalan-j, saxon should have the same C
o [2002/01/31] conf/34494  n_hibma     usb configuration problem - usb does not 
o [2002/01/31] bin/34497   grog        calendar(1) does not understand calendars
s [2002/01/31] bin/34498               Error in vi manpage.
o [2002/01/31] bin/34519               pkg_check(8) does not return exit code >0
o [2002/02/01] gnu/34538               mp_set_memory_functions not extern "C"'d 
o [2002/02/03] kern/34591              ICMP bandwidth limiting does not indicate
s [2002/02/04] misc/34621  billf       i have a patch for (lol) /usr/games/fish 
o [2002/02/04] bin/34628   jkh         pkg-routines ignore the recorded md5 chec
o [2002/02/06] kern/34665  darrenr     ipfilter rcmd proxy "hangs".
f [2002/02/06] misc/34673              Second call to select() waits ~100ms befo
o [2002/02/06] bin/34676   mbr         dhclient always in -q quiet mode (PATCH E
o [2002/02/07] gnu/34709               [patch] Inaccurate GDB documentation
o [2002/02/07] ports/34714 ache        unzip(1) breaks filenames in non-ASCII ch
f [2002/02/07] bin/34728   murray      DHCP hostname set as Hexadecimal string
o [2002/02/08] conf/34729  sheldonh    treat smbfs as network file system in /et
o [2002/02/08] kern/34747  njl         Please add USB floppy entry
o [2002/02/09] bin/34759               Phantasia does not accept [enter] key
o [2002/02/09] conf/34776              rc.diskless1 creates insufficiently sized
o [2002/02/10] misc/34788  dwmalone    dmesg issues with console output
o [2002/02/11] bin/34832               /usr/share/man/cat3/setkey.3.gz linked to
o [2002/02/11] bin/34834               "fix" of du(1) and -h
o [2002/02/11] bin/34843   fenner      `tcpdump port echo' filters for port 4 in
o [2002/02/11] kern/34854  sound       /src/sys/dev/sound doesn't work correctly
o [2002/02/12] bin/34874               Netstat output to small
o [2002/02/12] kern/34880  luigi       Impossibility of grouping IP into a pipe 
p [2002/02/14] misc/34935              New locale (Cyrillic Windows Codepage 125
o [2002/02/14] kern/34942  sound       Attempt to play -> "pcm0: play interrupt 
o [2002/02/14] kern/34952  joe         Mouse cursor invisible with USB mice and 
o [2002/02/15] bin/34955   doc         [PATCH] ps(1) is out of touch with realit
o [2002/02/15] kern/34963              identify procs belonging to the same jail
f [2002/02/15] kern/34965              4.4, 4.5 freeze at boot time on ASUS P2B 
a [2002/02/16] docs/35011  doc         There are no commands called "diskless" o
o [2002/02/16] bin/35018   brian       enhancing daily/460.status-mail-rejects
s [2002/02/17] bin/35070               math(3) references section "3m", etc.
o [2002/02/18] i386/35078              Uninitialized pointer dereference in func
o [2002/02/18] i386/35101  chern       cvusupit and other packages won't extract
o [2002/02/19] bin/35109               [PATCH] games/morse: add ability to decod
o [2002/02/19] bin/35113               grdc enhancement: countdown timer mode
o [2002/02/21] misc/35172              Please update am-utils(amd) into newer ve
o [2002/02/21] kern/35175  obrien      ptrace(PT_DETACH, ....) doesn't do signal
o [2002/02/22] docs/35222  doc         mailing list archive URL regexp suboptima
o [2002/02/23] kern/35234              World access to /dev/pass? (for scanner) 
o [2002/02/23] conf/35242              Change to etc/periodic/weekly/330.catman
f [2002/02/23] misc/35245  brian       unwanted stealth behaviour  (inbound icmp
o [2002/02/23] conf/35262              Generation of boot block for headless ope
f [2002/02/23] kern/35269  kris        possible panics with 4:1 filesystem ratio
o [2002/02/24] kern/35289              Brooktree device doesnt properly signal a
o [2002/02/25] kern/35324              Plug and Play probe fails to configure Di
s [2002/02/25] bin/35333               send-pr(1) vim syntax highlighting suppor
o [2002/02/27] ports/35372 ports-bugs  pgp6 ports fails to compile on alpha plat
o [2002/02/27] kern/35377              process gets unkillable (-9) in "ttywai" 
o [2002/02/27] misc/35381              incorrect floating-point display of large
o [2002/02/28] misc/35400  qa          sysinstall could improve manipulation of 
o [2002/03/01] bin/35451               PATCH: pkg_add -r able to save local copy
s [2002/03/01] ports/35459 ports-bugs  portupgrade doesn't clean up dependencies
o [2002/03/04] misc/35542  bde         BDECFLAGS needs -U__STRICT_ANSI__
o [2002/03/04] conf/35545              Enhanced periodic scripts
o [2002/03/05] bin/35568               make declares target out of date, but $? 
f [2002/03/06] i386/35599  murray      install
o [2002/03/06] docs/35608  doc         mt(1) page uses "setmark" without explana
o [2002/03/06] docs/35609  doc         mt(1) page needs explanation of "long era
o [2002/03/06] docs/35612  doc         ps(1) page "state" description doesn't me
o [2002/03/07] kern/35635  sheldonh    [patch] missing dep in libiconv prevents 
o [2002/03/07] ports/35638 markm       tn3270 dumps core unconditionally
o [2002/03/07] ports/35639 max         executable name conflicts: ploticus and s
o [2002/03/07] docs/35642  doc         lo(4) page maybe should document optional
o [2002/03/07] docs/35644  doc         lo(4) page presumes familiarity with prin
o [2002/03/07] docs/35646  doc         cp(1) page needs a "Bugs" section.
o [2002/03/07] www/35647   www         www; combine query-by-number and multi-fi
o [2002/03/07] docs/35648  doc         rc.conf; add note about "flags" to both f
o [2002/03/07] docs/35652  trhodes     bsd.README seriously obsolete
o [2002/03/08] bin/35671               wrong comments in rc.diskless1
o [2002/03/08] docs/35686  doc         blackhole(4) page seems to contradict its
o [2002/03/08] docs/35687  doc         /etc/nsmb.conf missing mention of readers
o [2002/03/08] docs/35696  trhodes     mount_smbfs(8) references a nonexistent n
o [2002/03/09] www/35711   bugmeister  the "gnats page" should move to its own s
o [2002/03/09] bin/35717               which(1)  returns wrong exit status for m
o [2002/03/09] misc/35727              man(1) program should not display (old) d
o [2002/03/10] docs/35732  doc         adduser(8) page has obsolete reference an
f [2002/03/11] misc/35764  nork        Icewm does not display APM status properl
o [2002/03/11] ports/35767 portmgr     make_index script does not deal with syml
o [2002/03/11] bin/35769               w does not correctly interpret X sessions
o [2002/03/13] kern/35846  imp         timeout in wi_cmd 11, machine hangs for a
o [2002/03/14] bin/35886               [patch] Enhancement: custom time format f
o [2002/03/14] bin/35894   bbraun      popen.c in cron won't build without LOGIN
o [2002/03/15] docs/35943  doc         at(1) config files are misplaced in /var/
p [2002/03/15] docs/35951  trhodes     disklabel(8) manual confuses partitions a
o [2002/03/15] docs/35953  doc         hosts.equiv(5) manual is confusing or wro
o [2002/03/17] ports/36020 jmz         Update port: print/musixtex T.98 -> T.104
s [2002/03/18] standards/36076standards   Implementation of POSIX fuser command
o [2002/03/19] misc/36110              dmesg output corrupt if /dev/console is b
f [2002/03/19] ports/36112 portmgr     [PATCH] New feature for whole ports tree:
o [2002/03/19] conf/36118  re          4.5 Upgrade says it won't touch /usr/src,
o [2002/03/20] bin/36136               savecore -z option does not work
o [2002/03/20] misc/36143              Dynamic (non linear) mouse acceleration a
o [2002/03/20] misc/36154  simon       Getting USB mouse to work: usbd and mouse
o [2002/03/21] kern/36170              an(4) does an_init() even if interface is
o [2002/03/24] bin/36262               [PATCH] Fixed rusers idle-time reporting 
o [2002/03/26] alpha/36327 alpha       trap within cvt() while attempting to pri
o [2002/03/26] misc/36359              fxp driver and Intel Pro/100 S NIC (0002B
o [2002/03/27] bin/36374               Patch (against core dumps) and improvemet
o [2002/03/27] misc/36385  luigi       crunchgen does not handle Makefiles with 
o [2002/03/27] misc/36392              cron starts before vi recover, and vi rec
o [2002/03/28] kern/36425              bump up SYS_NMLN in sys/utsname.h
o [2002/03/28] docs/36432  doc         Proposal for doc/share/mk: make folded bo
a [2002/03/28] docs/36447  trhodes     chown(8) manual misdescribes handling of 
o [2002/03/28] docs/36449  doc         symlink(7) manual doesn't mention trailin
s [2002/03/28] gnu/36460               cu(1) program does not work very well.
f [2002/03/29] bin/36477   gshapiro    mailwrapper doesn't handle rmail calls
o [2002/03/29] bin/36501   grog        /usr/bin/calendar can't handle recurring 
o [2002/03/30] bin/36553   gad         Two new features in newsyslog(8)
o [2002/03/30] misc/36556              patch: regular expressions for tcpwrapper
o [2002/03/30] ports/36560 rse         bug fix for the eperl package
f [2002/03/31] kern/36569  njl         umass fails when RiteLink Pocket Disk is 
o [2002/04/01] bin/36626               login_cap(3) incorrectly claims that all 
o [2002/04/01] misc/36646  dwmalone    [PATCH] Top does not work correctly in a 
p [2002/04/02] kern/36682  joe         USB isochroneous transfer doesn't report 
o [2002/04/03] docs/36724  darrenr     ipnat(5) manpage grammar is incomplete an
f [2002/04/03] docs/36726  trhodes     Handbook lacks information about hardware
o [2002/04/03] docs/36727  trhodes     Mail chapter of Handbook is incomplete
o [2002/04/04] bin/36740               make ps obey locale (particularly for tim
o [2002/04/04] bin/36757               EnhancementRequest binary which ought to 
a [2002/04/04] ports/36766 ade         Incompatibility between autoconf, automak
o [2002/04/05] bin/36786               make ps use 24-hour time by default
o [2002/04/06] ports/36832 kuriyama    apache13-* coredumps when using XML::Pars
o [2002/04/07] ports/36849 cy          x11-wm/fvwm-themes fails to switch themes
o [2002/04/08] java/36901  glewis      WITHOUT_X11 Knob for port java/jdk13
o [2002/04/08] bin/36902               [patch] proposed new format code %N for s
o [2002/04/08] misc/36916  qa          DOS active partition flag lost in libdisk
o [2002/04/09] ports/36933 portmgr     [PATHCES] New feature for pkg_create and 
f [2002/04/09] java/36951  glewis      Java (aka 1.3.1-p6-root-020405-00:26) cor
o [2002/04/09] kern/36952              ldd comand of linux does not work
o [2002/04/10] bin/36960   grog        calendar doesn't effect -t option.
o [2002/04/10] kern/36983              CD9660 unicode to utf-8 [hack]
o [2002/04/11] bin/37013               ls directory name output trailing slash d
o [2002/04/13] misc/37034              Fixed maximum character length in EUC
o [2002/04/13] misc/37047  brian       daily_status_mailq_shorten doesn't produc
o [2002/04/14] misc/37073              Few new tips for FreeBSD-tips fortune
o [2002/04/14] bin/37074   bp          [PATCH] Typographical error in output of 
o [2002/04/14] bin/37083               small improvement to talk(1): add clocks
o [2002/04/15] bin/37096               Fixes to fsdb command-line handling [patc
f [2002/04/16] i386/37137  qa          FreeBSD install doesn't recognize version
o [2002/04/16] misc/37160  qa          /stand/sysinstall coredumps when trying t
o [2002/04/16] misc/37161              ext2 linux file system, error handling la
o [2002/04/17] ports/37186 ports-bugs  Dbview contains an error, because of whic
f [2002/04/23] kern/37374  joe         [PATCH] closing ums0 blocks with wmesg uh
o [2002/04/23] i386/37379              /dev/MAKEDEV entry for RocketPort is brok
o [2002/04/23] misc/37380  jhb         boot0 partition list is outdated (patch i
o [2002/04/23] misc/37387  grog        bsdmainutils/calendar Hungarian addon fil
o [2002/04/23] conf/37395  peter       even with NO_SENDMAIL=true, /usr/sbin/sen
o [2002/04/24] bin/37424               nfsstat reports negative values
o [2002/04/24] misc/37434  mbr         dhclient generates pointless log messages
o [2002/04/24] bin/37437               Add HTTP-style support to {vis,unvis}(1).
o [2002/04/24] bin/37442               [PATCH] sleep.c to support time multiplie
p [2002/04/25] bin/37448   obrien      [PATCH] ldd/rtld support for more informa
o [2002/04/25] ports/37462 jmz         dvips is no more available separately fro
o [2002/04/27] ports/37518 grog        gmat port CATALOG needs updating
o [2002/04/29] kern/37554  jmg         [PATCH] Make ELF shared libraries immutab
o [2002/04/29] kern/37555              vnode flags appear to be changed in non-s
o [2002/04/29] misc/37562              Incorrect information in /usr/share/examp
o [2002/04/29] misc/37569              [PATCH] Extend fstab(5) format to allow f
o [2002/04/30] ports/37596 shige       EMACS_PORT_NAME=xemacs21 forks make infin
o [2002/04/30] kern/37600  sound       [Partial PATCH] t4dwave drive doesn't rec
o [2002/04/30] conf/37611              proposed /etc/rc.jails for jail(8) manage
s [2002/05/01] ports/37654 arved       Update textproc/xml4j to 4.0.1
o [2002/05/01] kern/37657  sound       /dev/dsp and /dev/audio skip the first 32
o [2002/05/02] bin/37672               pw(8) prints warnings after successful NI
o [2002/05/02] kern/37675  grog        Page fault when newfs'ing a vinum volume 
o [2002/05/02] bin/37676   threads     libc_r: msgsnd(), msgrcv(), pread(), pwri
o [2002/05/03] java/37711  znerd       New port: Beacon-agent 0.6.3 (Multicast B
o [2002/05/03] java/37712  znerd       New port: Beacon server v0.8.9 (Beacon mu
o [2002/05/03] ports/37713 seanc       AIM Transport doesn't work correctly with
o [2002/05/03] bin/37715               "pkg_info -g package_name_version"  fail 
o [2002/05/03] docs/37719  kensmith    Detail VOP_ naming in a relevant man-page
o [2002/05/03] misc/37732  joe         usbd start in wrong place in /etc/rc in 4
o [2002/05/04] bin/37733               su(1) does not behave the way it is descr
o [2002/05/04] kern/37761  net         process exits but socket is still ESTABLI
s [2002/05/05] java/37771  znerd       New Port: audio/jmax
s [2002/05/07] docs/37843  doc         manual for pthread_setschedparam is wrong
o [2002/05/07] bin/37844   ru          [PATCH] make knob to not install progs wi
o [2002/05/09] java/37904  znerd       New Port: database/isql-viewer (a JDBC 2.
o [2002/05/09] conf/37909  dougb       make distribution DESTDIR=/path -DNO_MAKE
o [2002/05/09] gnu/37910               PATCH: make send-pr(1) respect &'s in /et
o [2002/05/11] ports/37962 markm       ports/lang/gcl does not build
o [2002/05/12] i386/37999  qa          In /stand/sysinstall, 's' selects Options
o [2002/05/13] alpha/38031 alpha       osf1.ko not loaded during boot-time of li
o [2002/05/13] ports/38034 ports-bugs  compaq-cc (under linux-emu) installes man
o [2002/05/13] i386/38055  qa          In Install, Groups (creation) item should
o [2002/05/13] i386/38056  qa          In Install, User (creation)'s "Member gro
o [2002/05/13] misc/38057  qa          "install" document doesn't display correc
o [2002/05/13] docs/38061  ume         Typos in man pages for faith & faithd
o [2002/05/14] ports/38086 rse         eperl does not build CFLAGS recursive err
o [2002/05/14] ports/38090 ade         devel/m4 port PREFIX vs LOCALBASE
o [2002/05/16] docs/38148  trhodes     In manpages "timezone" should be "time zo
o [2002/05/16] kern/38156              quotacheck chokes on user -2
o [2002/05/17] bin/38168               installing curses programs and terminfo d
o [2002/05/18] docs/38225  doc         change "CDROM" to "CD-ROM"
o [2002/05/18] bin/38256               linking pax to pax_{cpio|tar}
o [2002/05/19] ports/38301 kiri        upgrade www/w3-4 to 4.0.47
p [2002/05/19] bin/38303   billf       tftpd -c patch
o [2002/05/20] misc/38347              new library function abs2rel and rel2abs.
f [2002/05/22] ports/38408 wjv         zope-zmysqlda does not run
o [2002/05/22] kern/38419  joe         add name "CanoScanN676U" in uscanner
o [2002/05/22] kern/38429              [PATCH] getgpid and getsid work for proce
o [2002/05/22] kern/38445              Centralized ptrace() permission checking
o [2002/05/23] misc/38452  joe         Logitech USB iFeel: device_probe_and_atta
o [2002/05/23] misc/38468  imp         Write drivers for Intel PRO/Wireless 2011
o [2002/05/23] i386/38477  qa          In sysinstall's Choose Distributions scre
o [2002/05/23] i386/38478  qa          In sysinstall's Choose Distributions scre
o [2002/05/23] i386/38480  qa          sysinstall should prompt for normal users
s [2002/05/24] www/38500   www         gnats web form is overenthusiastic about 
f [2002/05/24] ports/38516 edwin       ICQv7 transport for the Jabber Server
o [2002/05/24] i386/38524              cons25 doesn't support F-keys beyond 12
o [2002/05/25] docs/38540  rpratt      sysinstall application name should be Sys
o [2002/05/25] docs/38556  doc         EPS file of beastie, as addition to exist
o [2002/05/26] misc/38583  qa          sysinstall installs crypto sources when /
o [2002/05/26] ports/38593 portmgr     Third level ports
o [2002/05/27] bin/38610   qa          Sysinstall should be able to mount ISO im
o [2002/05/27] docs/38620  doc         Committers Guide and CVS
o [2002/05/27] kern/38626  luigi       dummynet/traffic shaper: RED: max_th and 
o [2002/05/29] misc/38727              mptable should complain about garbage arg
o [2002/05/29] kern/38730  mikeh       Memorex scrollpro mouse is not fully func
o [2002/05/30] kern/38749  murray      Diskless booting fails with some DHCP ser
o [2002/05/31] docs/38772  doc         firewall_type feature not mentioned on Ha
f [2002/06/01] ports/38800 ports-bugs  update www/roxen to Roxen WebServer 2.2.2
o [2002/06/02] i386/38826              RFE: BootMgr should provide more identify
o [2002/06/02] kern/38828              DPT PM2012B/90 doesn't work
o [2002/06/02] conf/38829              bootblock recompile instructions in handb
p [2002/06/03] docs/38850  keramida    handbook/kernelopts/ should be in Develop
o [2002/06/03] misc/38854  qa          Resetting the sysinstall during setup cau
o [2002/06/03] ports/38876 tegge       devel/linuxthreads: pkg-plist ignores NOP
o [2002/06/05] bin/38931               Cleanup for WARNS=4 of src/games/fortune/
o [2002/06/05] misc/38937              delay between tracks in digital audio dum
o [2002/06/05] bin/38940               Change: an option to *stat to allow supre
p [2002/06/06] ports/38965 kde         [PATCH] kapptemplate fails on FreeBSD
o [2002/06/06] kern/38967  sound       4/22/02 pcm driver merge appears to break
o [2002/06/07] docs/38982  doc         developers-hanbook/Jail fix
p [2002/06/08] docs/39044  tjr         The man page for rot13(6) never mentions 
o [2002/06/08] kern/39047              IPSEC Compression (IPCOMP) broken in tunn
o [2002/06/09] java/39080  sobomax     java/javavmwrapper: Functionality enhance
o [2002/06/10] ports/39095 mharo       ports/net/nttcp and ports/net/ttcp appear
p [2002/06/10] bin/39116   tjr         /usr/bin/printf
o [2002/06/12] conf/39192  sound       [PATCH] Save pcm mixer settings during re
a [2002/06/12] ports/39193 edwin       [maintainer-update] net/papaya update to 
o [2002/06/12] bin/39198               sh aborts on variables with periods
o [2002/06/12] misc/39201              ptrace(2) and rfork(RFLINUXTHPN) confuse 
o [2002/06/12] docs/39213  doc         No rc(4) man page
o [2002/06/13] standards/39256standards   [v]snprintf aren't POSIX-conformant for s
o [2002/06/14] conf/39306              The /etc/rc file should know if is runnin
o [2002/06/15] misc/39347              use of /usr/bin/* utils in /etc/rc.diskle
o [2002/06/15] docs/39348  doc         kenv fetch of hostname requires dhcp/boot
o [2002/06/16] misc/39360  qa          If linux emu is added as a dependency (an
o [2002/06/16] ports/39390 gnome       Make graphics/imlib not depend upon GTK+ 
o [2002/06/17] misc/39425              Auto mounted directory was not found at b
o [2002/06/17] misc/39439              tcopy will not duplicate tapes with block
o [2002/06/18] bin/39463   mtm         [PATCH] Add several options to fingerd
o [2002/06/18] misc/39466              find -xdev hangs on dead NFS mounts (/etc
s [2002/06/18] ports/39476 ports-bugs  profxp will run but when you fxp a file i
f [2002/06/19] conf/39505              automate BUILDNAME variable for releases
o [2002/06/19] kern/39527  dwmalone    getcwd() and unreadable parent directory
o [2002/06/19] docs/39530  doc         access(2) man page has unnecessarily broa
o [2002/06/19] docs/39532  doc         'find' man page should
o [2002/06/20] i386/39574  qa          Error mounting /dev/acd0c on /dist: No su
o [2002/06/20] bin/39576               [PATCH] tail -f for multiple files
p [2002/06/20] bin/39578               add more russian holydays
s [2002/06/20] conf/39580              insecure default settings
o [2002/06/20] java/39600  znerd       New port: jdictionary-ger-hun 1.4 - Germa
o [2002/06/20] java/39603  znerd       New port: jdictionary-eng-ger 1.4 - Engli
o [2002/06/21] ports/39634 ports-bugs  Port pclock unaligned access on alpha
o [2002/06/22] bin/39676   obrien      lukemftpd manual pages fix + examples
o [2002/06/22] kern/39681              hidden kernel boot tunables added to sysc
o [2002/06/24] misc/39772  imp         pccardd is slow to install a PCCARD.
o [2002/06/24] bin/39819   tjr         cleaning bin/sh code from warnings
o [2002/06/24] docs/39824  doc         Various tweaks for doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/bo
o [2002/06/25] misc/39864  robert      hostname instead of IP  in w -n output
o [2002/06/26] bin/39893               setusercontext library call differs umask
o [2002/06/26] bin/39905   johan       cleaning sbin/restore code from warnings
o [2002/06/28] conf/39976              vi recovery halting boot process
f [2002/06/29] ports/40002 wjv         py-4suite: XSLT import error
o [2002/06/29] kern/40017              [patch] allows config(8) to specify confi
o [2002/06/29] kern/40021              [patch] use ld(1) to build kernel with li
p [2002/06/30] misc/40057  bugmeister  send-pr -a flag does not work with -f
o [2002/06/30] kern/40058  imp         lockup on 5.0 DP1 - Xircom X3201 (RealPor
o [2002/07/01] misc/40081  sound       noise in sound output with built-in CMedi
o [2002/07/02] ports/40121 ache        standard www/apache13 port creates sbin l
o [2002/07/02] ports/40124 kris        Patch to wdm to allow long passwords
o [2002/07/02] bin/40127               [PATCH] Add functions for PID-file handli
o [2002/07/03] ports/40163 cy          screen w/o suid and locale
o [2002/07/04] docs/40196  doc         man find does not describe -follow
f [2002/07/06] misc/40273  dougb       some more fortunes
o [2002/07/06] misc/40280  joe         I add uscanner entory
o [2002/07/07] ports/40284 mi          port www/djvuplugin tarball no longer exi
o [2002/07/07] misc/40298              using swapfile as /tmp
o [2002/07/08] kern/40369              rman_reserve_resource - when "count > (en
o [2002/07/09] misc/40378  standards   stdlib.h gives needless warnings with -an
o [2002/07/09] conf/40391  imp         sysinstall with PCCARD<->ISA bridge gets 
o [2002/07/10] docs/40423  doc         Keyboard(4)'s definition of parameters to
o [2002/07/10] docs/40443  doc         Update books/faq/book.sgml for USB .ko's 
o [2002/07/12] ports/40511 sumikawa    update for net/zebra (no-ipv6 option)
o [2002/07/12] kern/40516              ti driver has no buadrate set
f [2002/07/13] bin/40538   dougb       mergemaster fixes and enhancements
o [2002/07/14] conf/40548              list of /etc/defaults/make.conf undocumme
o [2002/07/14] misc/40552              alternate syscons font for iso-07 encodin
o [2002/07/14] ports/40555 steve       x11-toolkits/open-motif requires mkhtmlin
o [2002/07/14] kern/40563              gif driver can clobber route/arp table
f [2002/07/14] bin/40570   mbr         dhclient freeze the whole thing
o [2002/07/14] bin/40572               vipw prints silly message if $EDITOR fail
o [2002/07/14] misc/40577              post-October 2001 Dell Inspiron 2500's (a
o [2002/07/15] bin/40597               add /sbin/fdisk ability of showing extend
o [2002/07/15] bin/40617   brian       /usr/sbin/ppp is not able to bind the nat
o [2002/07/16] misc/40657  joe         Logitech iFeel usb mouse will not attach
o [2002/07/16] ports/40659 dirk        php3 and GD problem
o [2002/07/16] misc/40671  threads     pthread_cancel doesn't remove thread from
o [2002/07/17] misc/40693              the system reboot alone with no reason
a [2002/07/17] ports/40699 portmgr     allow exclude patterns in `make search`
o [2002/07/17] kern/40711  sound       CT5880-C sometimes fails to output sound
o [2002/07/18] kern/40745              Inconsistency between net/if.c and struct
o [2002/07/19] conf/40777              disktab does not support 2.88MB floppies
o [2002/07/21] docs/40851  doc         [PATCH] "mergemaster -p" in UPDATING's "C
o [2002/07/21] conf/40855  murray      psuedo-device bpf need note in LINT and G
a [2002/07/21] ports/40866 jkoshy      sml-nj port CM autoloading compilation pr
o [2002/07/22] ports/40915 billf       Fix pkg-plist for net/ethereal
o [2002/07/23] kern/40919              usage of ucred->cr_uid in sys/netinet/in_
o [2002/07/23] kern/40926  qa          After Upgrading or Clean Installing 4.6, 
o [2002/07/23] kern/40927  sound       sound dies with pcm:play:0 play interrupt
o [2002/07/24] kern/40948  joe         USB HP CDW8200 does not work
o [2002/07/24] bin/40958               apm on Acer TravelMate 351 could not resu
o [2002/07/25] ports/40975 knu         Uncatched coredump of pkg_info while pkgd
o [2002/07/25] bin/40980               du(1)'s -h and -k options interact confus
o [2002/07/26] bin/41012   brian       /etc/periodic/daily/440.status-mailq assu
o [2002/07/27] bin/41060               ready to import gzip 1.3.3
o [2002/07/27] bin/41070               added .warning in make(1) + two fixes
o [2002/07/27] bin/41071               make NO to NO_ transition patch
o [2002/07/28] docs/41089  doc         pax -B option does not mention interactio
o [2002/07/30] bin/41159               new sed -c option to allow ; as a separat
o [2002/07/30] misc/41179              LD_LIBRARY_PATH security checks
o [2002/07/30] bin/41190               in sed, report the { linenum instead of E
o [2002/07/31] misc/41213              top(1) blocks if NIS-related entries in p
o [2002/07/31] misc/41215              console revert back to kbd0 (AT) after KV
o [2002/07/31] kern/41220              [PATCH] Minor sk driver enhancements
o [2002/08/01] misc/41238  qa          problems with FreeBSD installation on a d
o [2002/08/01] conf/41241  murray      sysinstall build uses kbdcontrol keymaps 
o [2002/08/01] misc/41243  joe         USB, getting full desc failed, HID device
o [2002/08/02] ports/41259 ports-bugs  Info directory change for various GNU Ema
o [2002/08/02] docs/41270  doc         confusing directions for kernelconfig cha
o [2002/08/02] bin/41271               Non-suid-crontab.
a [2002/08/03] ports/41282 ports-bugs  New_Ports japanese/stevie-*
o [2002/08/04] bin/41307   ru          libalias: logging of links lifecycle (add
o [2002/08/04] www/41312   cvs         RCS IDs are off-by-one in the NetBSD cvsw
o [2002/08/04] kern/41317  trhodes     reflect kernel building user for sudo-ers
o [2002/08/05] i386/41364  imp         pccard:  NewMedia "Bus Toaster" SCSI card
o [2002/08/06] misc/41379              Cannot browse directory tree on FreeBSD m
o [2002/08/07] ports/41400 ports-bugs  sgmltools-lite update to 3.0.3
o [2002/08/07] kern/41415  joe         Some USB scanner cannot talk to uscanner 
o [2002/08/07] docs/41423  doc         Update FAQ: attrib command for windows du
o [2002/08/09] misc/41490  sound       C-Media 8738 sound card static
o [2002/08/10] bin/41526               symlinked mount points get mounted more t
o [2002/08/11] kern/41543  emulation   Easier wine/w23 support
o [2002/08/11] kern/41555              Add support of VScom titan PCI-800L
f [2002/08/11] bin/41556   obrien      [PATCH] wtmp patch for lukemftpd
o [2002/08/11] misc/41566  obrien      file(1) out of date
p [2002/08/12] standards/41576standards   POSIX compliance of ln(1)
a [2002/08/12] bin/41583               assorted mtree bugs (+fixes)
o [2002/08/14] misc/41674  ken         iostat column formatting overlaps
o [2002/08/17] i386/41743  sound       No sound from SiS630s controller
o [2002/08/17] misc/41744  qa          Cannot stop comat22 from being extracted 
o [2002/08/17] ports/41755 max         Wrong letters in Canna iroha dictionary o
o [2002/08/18] misc/41771              '/etc/ttys' and X
o [2002/08/19] ports/41784 ports-bugs  vmware2 causes panic on recent -current
o [2002/08/19] docs/41791  doc         Documentation formatting error
o [2002/08/19] docs/41807  doc         natd -punch_fw "bug"
o [2002/08/20] misc/41817              pw groupshow doesn't include the login gr
o [2002/08/20] docs/41820  doc         Device driver confusion in Handbook (2.3)
o [2002/08/21] conf/41855              improvment of /etc/rc.diskless2 script
o [2002/08/21] kern/41856              VESA splash screen problems on ThinkPad 2
o [2002/08/21] docs/41879  hrs         cleanup to DOCROOT/share/sgml/freebsd.dsl
o [2002/08/22] bin/41902               [PATCH] Add queue depth to systat -v disk
o [2002/08/22] docs/41919  blackend    MINI kernel for bootfloppy (Handbook p.34
a [2002/08/23] ports/41945 ade does not run ACLOCAL
o [2002/08/23] misc/41947              hexdump(1) unprintable ASCII enhancement 
o [2002/08/23] misc/41949  qa          sysinstall sorts /etc/rc.conf during netb
o [2002/08/25] ports/42018 ports-bugs  pkg_info with PKG_PATH searches through t
o [2002/08/25] i386/42022  qa          sysinstall in non-interactive mode prompt
a [2002/08/27] docs/42058  doc         Documentation: Installing Oracle 8i onto 
o [2002/08/27] kern/42065              kern.ps_showallprocs has no effect on /pr
o [2002/08/27] misc/42084  luigi       PicoBSD's 'netstat -i' reports negative I
o [2002/08/28] ports/42134 ports-bugs  linux-gtk PORTREVISION contaminates other
o [2002/08/29] i386/42162  qa          Installation (sysinstall) crashes, md0c f
o [2002/08/29] misc/42167              du uses linear search for duplicate inode
o [2002/08/29] docs/42182  trhodes     Making Dedicated Mode disks doc out of da
o [2002/08/30] docs/42210  gioria      doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/releng/branc
f [2002/08/30] bin/42213   joe         moused(8) seems to delay some mouse event
o [2002/08/30] bin/42217               libdisk segfaults with 1024 bytes/sector 
o [2002/08/31] kern/42274  jlemon      Convert defined variable into tuneable as
o [2002/09/01] ports/42295 perky       New port: www/webware, Webware for Python
o [2002/09/02] misc/42336              [PATCH] ISO-fication of /usr/src/contrib/
o [2002/09/02] bin/42338   imp         pccard_ether should run ipf -y if ipfilte
o [2002/09/03] misc/42373  mtm         Update to rc scripts to make interface al
o [2002/09/03] bin/42386               cleaning code from warnings in libkvm
o [2002/09/03] bin/42387               cleaning code of librpcsvc from warnings
o [2002/09/03] bin/42388               cleaning code from warnings in libm
p [2002/09/04] kern/42404  emulation   TIOCSCTTY not implemented in linuxulator
o [2002/09/04] bin/42419               syslog enhancement for the nologin shell
o [2002/09/04] misc/42422              dbm_delete returns -1 instead of 1 when t
o [2002/09/04] misc/42429              hash_action called with HASH_DELETE does 
o [2002/09/04] bin/42430               Add -m option to du(1) for compatibility 
o [2002/09/05] kern/42442              problem in idlequeue/debugging mode ?
o [2002/09/05] misc/42461  mdodd       if_wi_pci.c,if_wi_pccard.c lack device_re
s [2002/09/05] kern/42466              linux: 'ipc' typ=258 not implemented
o [2002/09/05] misc/42467              netstat -s does not include fabricated pk
o [2002/09/05] misc/42468              mount_smbfs incorrectly handled configura
o [2002/09/06] misc/42469              After mounting by mount_smbfs directories
o [2002/09/06] ports/42483 cy          misc/screen problem with editors/vim-lite
p [2002/09/07] ports/42503 kde         kuser tries to create the wrong Mailbox
o [2002/09/08] misc/42558  www produces in
o [2002/09/09] bin/42609               pkg_info -qg doesn't handle missing files
o [2002/09/10] ports/42642 ports-bugs  cfexecd needs symlink, cfexecd, cfservd a
o [2002/09/10] ports/42649 marcel      linux_kdump port for source dirs != /usr/
o [2002/09/11] misc/42663              pw useradd assigns unique UID's to multip
o [2002/09/11] ports/42668 grog        port instant-workstation should be update
o [2002/09/13] bin/42725   dwmalone    Patch for calendar to support Hungarian n
o [2002/09/13] kern/42728  small       many problems in src/usr.sbin/ppp/*  afte
o [2002/09/13] bin/42732   semenu      Seg fault in mount_nfs
o [2002/09/14] i386/42766              Proposal to perform reboot via jump to BI
o [2002/09/14] kern/42769              Boot stalls if the system has a serial co
o [2002/09/15] bin/42803               tconv, tic, captoinfo binaries missing fr
o [2002/09/15] conf/42807  imp         /etc/netstart doesn't run /etc/defaults/p
o [2002/09/18] misc/42934  qa          installation procedure on install floppie
o [2002/09/19] misc/42956              dlclose gives "invalid shared object hand
o [2002/09/19] bin/42974               [patch] ISO 8601 date format option
o [2002/09/19] kern/42977  qa          FreeBSD installer doesn't probe past EISA
o [2002/09/20] ports/42985 tobez       Perl5 port doesn't build automatically on
a [2002/09/20] bin/43139   bms         /sbin/route -host option doesn't always s
o [2002/09/21] kern/43154              tunwrite() does not allocate clusters for
o [2002/09/21] conf/43167              Ability to have vnode based file systems 
o [2002/09/21] misc/43169              caps-lock led doesn't work
o [2002/09/21] misc/43177  markm       Updates and additions to src/games/quiz/d
o [2002/09/22] misc/43262              command 'shutdown -r' (also reboot) cause
f [2002/09/22] ports/43273 portmgr     [patch] make checksum check a
f [2002/09/23] ports/43282 dirk        SONY CD-RW CRX10U don't work with sysutil
o [2002/09/25] kern/43355              idad driver will work if logical drives d
o [2002/09/25] bin/43367               incorrect report from 'who' after 'shutdo
o [2002/09/25] misc/43368              pkg_create fails if target directory does
o [2002/09/25] bin/43372               Broken struct ufs_args in ufsmount.h
o [2002/09/29] misc/43470  blackend    Solid State / x109 article out of date.
o [2002/09/29] bin/43471               `ls -l` shows wrong size for big files (>
o [2002/09/29] misc/43474  murray      dhcp.* values not set in kenv by bootp cl
f [2002/09/29] ports/43484 ports-bugs  Update port net/arla to 0.35.9
o [2002/09/29] misc/43494              wish: resolv.conf created (again) later i
o [2002/09/29] misc/43495              awk - rc/diskless references by full path
o [2002/09/29] misc/43496              touch - rc/diskless references by full pa
o [2002/09/29] misc/43497              mount -t nfs -> crunchgen incompatible
o [2002/09/29] conf/43500              rc.syscons "allscreens" improvements
o [2002/09/30] misc/43539              Cannot mout floppy on Compaq Proliant ML3
a [2002/09/30] ports/43540 arved       Update Port net/cnet 1.7.7 -> 2.0.3
p [2002/09/30] misc/43543  jhb         cdboot does not handle 'relaxed' ISO9660 
o [2002/10/01] java/43565  znerd       jakarta-tomcat41 port breaks upgrades
o [2002/10/01] docs/43569  doc         src/share/examples/worm/README out-of-dat
o [2002/10/02] kern/43577              [PATCH] New kernel option SHUTDOWN_BEEP
o [2002/10/02] bin/43582               passwd(1) fails on nonexistent users
o [2002/10/02] bin/43596               pkg_add does not propogate 'remote' to de
o [2002/10/02] kern/43610              static-ize some symbols in digi driver
o [2002/10/02] kern/43611              static-ize some symbols in sys/crypto
o [2002/10/02] kern/43613              static-ize symbol in smbfs code
o [2002/10/02] kern/43616              static-ize some functions in sys/net/zlib
o [2002/10/03] java/43641  znerd       Port www/orion should log to /var/log
o [2002/10/04] docs/43651  doc         stab(5) incorrectly states to include jus
o [2002/10/04] bin/43675   tjr         uniq prints last, not first of the identi
f [2002/10/04] java/43679  znerd       Error starting jakarta-tomcat41
o [2002/10/05] kern/43716              puc driver does not recognize Lava Dual-6
o [2002/10/07] ports/43771 linimon     LaTeX ports mixed between print and textp
o [2002/10/07] conf/43800  imp         Belkin 10/100 Base-TX PCMCIA card not rec
o [2002/10/07] conf/43805  imp         Asante' FriendlyNet AeroLAN AL1011 802.11
o [2002/10/08] bin/43819               changed truss output for utrace calls
o [2002/10/08] docs/43823  simon       [PATCH] update to environ(7) manpage
o [2002/10/08] misc/43825  qa          please remove object files in source (src
o [2002/10/09] bin/43857   hm          conflicting types in /usr/src/usr.sbin/i4
o [2002/10/09] docs/43861  doc         non-trivial typo in wicontrol man page
o [2002/10/09] ports/43880 ports-bugs  Names of Emacs ports are misleading
o [2002/10/10] misc/43886  markm       local exploitable overflow in rogue
o [2002/10/10] misc/43905              kqueues:   EV_SET(kevp++, ...) is non-int
o [2002/10/10] ports/43911 grog        instant-workstation depend annoyance
o [2002/10/11] kern/43916              Olicom OC-2220 (PC-card) hangs on ifconfi
o [2002/10/11] bin/43938   roberto     ntpd binds to local aliases
o [2002/10/11] docs/43941  doc         Rationale for Upgrade Sequence
o [2002/10/11] java/43947  znerd       Checkstyle port should install checkstyle
o [2002/10/11] ports/43956 edwin       New port: x11-wm/ion-devel
o [2002/10/12] docs/43980  darrenr     ipf(5) missing "gre" keyword
o [2002/10/13] ports/44019 ache        Fixes for ftp/wu-ftpd 2.6.2
o [2002/10/13] docs/44034  trhodes     Multiple sysctl variables are not documen
a [2002/10/14] java/44039  znerd       Request for port: CruiseControl
a [2002/10/14] java/44041  znerd       Generate from an XML file
o [2002/10/14] misc/44044  sound       4.7-R Freezes half the times snd.ko is lo
o [2002/10/14] misc/44058              /dev/ch* is created without group write p
o [2002/10/14] docs/44074  doc         ln(1) manual clarifications [patch]
o [2002/10/15] kern/44098              RealTec-based NIC initialization problem
p [2002/10/15] kern/44121              [PATCH] bogus cast removal in hea driver
o [2002/10/15] misc/44122              tun0 gets a second ip adress after a disc
o [2002/10/16] misc/44150              Diskless kernel may crash, depends on the
o [2002/10/17] conf/44170              Add ability to run multiple pppoed(8) on 
o [2002/10/17] www/44181   www         www "Release Information" organization
o [2002/10/17] bin/44188   qa          cannot install FreeBSD 4.0-4.6 to Compaq 
o [2002/10/17] bin/44200               ftp site keeps sockets open.
o [2002/10/18] bin/44212               Unify 'recursive' options -r and -R
o [2002/10/18] kern/44215              PUC driver support for Moxa C320 Intellio
o [2002/10/18] kern/44218              Init dies during boot after upgrade from 
o [2002/10/18] java/44219  java        Update port: textproc/cocoon to 2.0.3
o [2002/10/18] java/44251  java        Create stylebook port
o [2002/10/18] ports/44252 x11         XFree86-4-Server port removes/overwrites 
o [2002/10/19] ports/44258 obrien      pkg_update ate my Muttrc
o [2002/10/19] kern/44260              LINT does not list pseudo-device tap
o [2002/10/19] i386/44262  tanimura    Problems with nrp driver
o [2002/10/19] kern/44267              One more modem PNP id for /usr/src/sys/is
o [2002/10/19] ports/44273 dwcjr       improved net/samba start script
o [2002/10/19] bin/44277               devinfo is not C++ safe
o [2002/10/19] misc/44286  roberto     /etc/defaults/rc.conf uses the obsolete n
o [2002/10/19] kern/44293  thomas      Unable to access audio CD under Linux emu
o [2002/10/19] ports/44295 linimon     New port: lang/mlton, an optimizing Stand
o [2002/10/20] misc/44307              UTF-8 locales support
o [2002/10/20] bin/44310               make ppp(8) add clients MAC address to al
o [2002/10/21] bin/44329               wish for systat
o [2002/10/21] bin/44343               [PATCH] sbin/fsdb.c
o [2002/10/21] kern/44365              introduce ulong and unchar types
o [2002/10/21] kern/44372  roberto     some kernel options prevent NTP clock syn
o [2002/10/22] misc/44379              libutil: property.c, properties_read() ba
o [2002/10/22] standards/44394alfred      restrict qualifiers missing from sys/sock
o [2002/10/23] docs/44400  doc         ipfw(8) has contradictions in bridged and
o [2002/10/23] standards/44425standards   getcwd() succeeds even if current dir has
o [2002/10/24] java/44432  znerd       Ant-based port installs should use Jikes 
o [2002/10/24] docs/44435  doc         sysctl manpage: add example for tcsh
o [2002/10/24] kern/44439              puc doesn't find all 4 ports on SIIG Cybe
o [2002/10/24] kern/44450  joe         USB support FAILURE for device that was s
o [2002/10/26] misc/44500              AC1001 Gigabit NIC Worked
o [2002/10/28] kern/44580              NFS updates file access time when file is
o [2002/10/29] misc/44587              dev/dpt/dpt.h is missing defines required
o [2002/10/29] docs/44594  doc         Handbook doesn't mention drivers.flp for 
o [2002/10/29] ports/44712 perky       python port doesn't install symlink as 'p
f [2002/10/29] conf/44717  dougb       update login.conf and unify login capabil
o [2002/10/30] i386/44762  sound       sound (ie, not system beeps) stop working
o [2002/11/04] kern/44872              dgb driver update
o [2002/11/04] misc/44894  markm       as a local non-root user and remote it's 
o [2002/11/04] misc/44915  qa          'choose installation media' choose CD-ROM
o [2002/11/04] java/44922  java        JVM crash
o [2002/11/05] gnu/44984               Send-pr can use environmental variable $F
o [2002/11/06] docs/45011  trhodes     style(9): '->' and '.' don't require spac
o [2002/11/07] misc/45026              Can't set next password change date on NI
o [2002/11/08] gnu/45137   peter       [PATCH] CVS 1.11.2 cannot reuse log messa
o [2002/11/09] www/45169   www         suggested update for ports index page on 
o [2002/11/09] kern/45182  sound       fm801.c does not recognize a FM801 based 
o [2002/11/10] bin/45193               [PATCH] truss can't truss itself
o [2002/11/11] ports/45216 joerg       devel/bcc port is incomplete
o [2002/11/11] misc/45222              daily rejected mail hosts report too long
o [2002/11/11] conf/45226  mtm         Fix for, ppp-user annoyance
o [2002/11/11] bin/45229               restore(8) -i: ls reports mising files as
p [2002/11/12] alpha/45240 alpha       pstat -f column headings misaligned on Al
o [2002/11/12] gnu/45246   sobomax     tar --listed-incremental fails for Solari
o [2002/11/12] misc/45254  qa          Sysinstall installs things it should not 
o [2002/11/13] misc/45273              contrib/smbfs: error in examples/dot.nsmb
o [2002/11/14] kern/45285              Support for yet another PCI multiport car
o [2002/11/14] ports/45289 mita        ja-dvi2ps-3.2 does not handle \special co
o [2002/11/14] kern/45293              kevent denies to observe /dev/tty
o [2002/11/16] bin/45333               [PATCH] New option -r for chown and chgrp
o [2002/11/16] ports/45343 ports-bugs  Metamail 2.7 incorrectly patched [PATCH]
o [2002/11/16] ports/45357 jmz         PATCH: textproc/ispell - added bulgarian 
o [2002/11/17] docs/45371  doc         man page for exports lacks information on
o [2002/11/18] ports/45414 portmgr     make update in /usr/ports missing default
o [2002/11/19] bin/45486               Support for human readble (-h/-H) output 
s [2002/11/20] bin/45547   sos         a patch to make burncd handle .wav files.
o [2002/11/21] www/45560   phantom     russian FAQ trouble on
a [2002/11/22] bin/45584   tjr         read builtin function of sh does not read
o [2002/11/22] ports/45596 dwcjr       net/samba v2.2.7 fetch error - maybe a fi
o [2002/11/22] conf/45608  qa          Install should config all ether devices, 
o [2002/11/22] ports/45612 marcel      port devel/linux_kdump does not compile
s [2002/11/22] ports/45613 portmgr     make update doesn't
o [2002/11/23] bin/45659               portmap can not be bound to only loopback
o [2002/11/24] kern/45684              systat -vmstat reports "alternate system 
o [2002/11/24] bin/45701   markm       spelling error in rogue
o [2002/11/25] misc/45704              [PATCH] request to change cp866b to cp866
o [2002/11/25] bin/45729               make rbootd transfere the default file if
o [2002/11/25] standards/45738tjr         sh "unset" built-in violates IEEE Std 100
o [2002/11/26] bin/45749               [PATCH] rm -f in MS-DOS directory
o [2002/11/26] kern/45753              linux-sun-jdk1.4.1 calls SIOCGIFCONF ioct
o [2002/11/26] kern/45785  emulation   Linux WineX seems to require a few new li
o [2002/11/27] kern/45793              Invalid media subtype aliases in if_media
o [2002/11/28] misc/45830              KDC has problems when listening to IPv6 a
o [2002/11/29] misc/45839              [PATCH] Remove some duplicate fortunes
o [2002/11/29] ports/45843 dbaker      sysutils/3dm - needs to detect and create
p [2002/11/30] misc/45874  ache        [PATCH] FreeBSD does not know about ca_ES
o [2002/12/01] bin/45896   dwmalone    setnetgrent() should return error code
o [2002/12/02] ports/45911 ports-bugs  GEOM-related problem sysutils/diskcheckd 
o [2002/12/02] docs/45940  doc         burncd missing info
o [2002/12/03] ports/45963 anders      the mail/majordomo port looks for majordo
o [2002/12/03] kern/45968  des         linprocfs is missing maps
f [2002/12/06] ports/46034 gioria      new ports: databases/mantis
o [2002/12/07] conf/46062  kris        Remove skel from BSD.root.dist.
f [2002/12/07] ports/46077 kbyanc      [patch] fix fetch for emulators/gsnes9x
o [2002/12/07] kern/46080  ipfw        [PATCH] logamount in ipfw2 does not defau
o [2002/12/08] ports/46092 tg          ports/print/acroread on i386 needs Linux 
o [2002/12/08] bin/46107               killall(1) can prematurely kill itself
o [2002/12/08] bin/46110   tomsoft     why does fsck work with / mounted r/o but
o [2002/12/09] standards/46119standards   Priority problems for SCHED_OTHER using p
o [2002/12/09] bin/46123   fenner      PATCH: tcpdump needs -a flag if netmask i
o [2002/12/10] kern/46159  ipfw        ipfw dynamic rules lifetime feature
o [2002/12/10] misc/46163  gad         lpc problem.  Only root can modify despit
o [2002/12/11] docs/46196  doc         Missing return value in (set_)menu_format
o [2002/12/11] docs/46200  doc         fix for ru_RU.KOI8-R/books/porters-handbo
o [2002/12/13] conf/46235  rwatson     Sysinstall NTP servers for Finland requir
o [2002/12/13] i386/46238  dds         [code] Driver for the PCL-724 ISA card
o [2002/12/13] kern/46250  sound       Sound driver not working correctly on SON
o [2002/12/16] docs/46291  doc         correlation between HZ kernel config para
o [2002/12/16] docs/46295  doc         please add information to Nvi recovery em
o [2002/12/16] ports/46317 obrien      ports/editors/vim/files/patch-02 is stale
o [2002/12/17] misc/46328  gad         patch for lpd
o [2002/12/18] kern/46368              MAXDEP in isa/pnpparse.c is too small
s [2002/12/19] bin/46382               ps(1) could use a "repeat" mode
o [2002/12/20] misc/46409              Certain periodic scripts check broken NFS
o [2002/12/20] ports/46414 adrian      squid man page gives wrong location of co
o [2002/12/21] standards/46441tjr         /bin/sh does not do parameter expansion i
o [2002/12/21] i386/46453              [INTERLATIONALIZATION] cons25l2, ISO8859-
o [2002/12/22] ports/46478 jmz         Fix build on -current for graphics/pixmap
p [2002/12/22] ports/46483 trevor      [patch] Fix gcc295 on current/i386
f [2002/12/23] ports/46487 edwin       New port: devel/cbind - Translator for "t
o [2002/12/23] kern/46488  jmg         usb driver do not send detach events on S
o [2002/12/23] standards/46504standards   Warnings in headers
o [2002/12/23] ports/46510 ports-bugs  security/ssh does not correctly store the
o [2002/12/25] ports/46522 sobomax     xtraceroute-0.9.0 fails with "OpenGL not 
o [2002/12/27] misc/46555              enhancements for libradius
o [2002/12/27] kern/46564  ipfw        IPFilter and IPFW processing order is not
f [2002/12/27] ports/46570 ports-bugs  x11/efancylauncher core dump as receiving
o [2002/12/29] ports/46615 demon       new-port: mail/sympa - an electronic mail
o [2002/12/30] conf/46645              [PATCH] rc.shutdown state table saving ha
o [2002/12/31] ports/46655 dwcjr       net/samba beauty fix
o [2003/01/01] misc/46670  qa          5.0-RC2 install leaves CD drawer locked.
o [2003/01/01] bin/46672               dump(8) program gives unnecessary -L warn
o [2003/01/01] kern/46677  joe         Wrong vendor and device defines in ng_ubt
o [2003/01/02] docs/46709  doc         tables in terminfo.5 are broken
o [2003/01/03] kern/46734              joystick driver doesn't allow for anythin
a [2003/01/03] conf/46746  bms         No way to set link addresses through rc.c
o [2003/01/04] misc/46758              moused enhancements
p [2003/01/05] docs/46787  trhodes     compress(1) manpage missing BUGS; other c
o [2003/01/05] docs/46793  doc         DEVICE_POLLING can not be used with SMP, 
o [2003/01/07] bin/46830               Make pkg_add respect prefix for dependanc
o [2003/01/09] bin/46888   gad         Add script run hook to newsyslog(8)
o [2003/01/09] bin/46905   qa          FreeBSD 5.x cannot be installed from mult
o [2003/01/09] i386/46912  johan       chflags nonodump fails
o [2003/01/09] conf/46913  darrenr     ipf denied packets of security run output
o [2003/01/09] docs/46918  trhodes     ipsec(4) does not reference the IPSEC RFC
o [2003/01/10] bin/46925               sysctl -a goes into an infinite loop...
o [2003/01/10] kern/46961              bridging between vlan-interfaces on same 
o [2003/01/11] kern/46973              syscons virtual terminals switching featu
o [2003/01/12] misc/46998  small       [patch] Support PicoBSD source in other l
o [2003/01/12] ports/47002 roam        New port: mail/vodmr - ODMR/ATRN server f
o [2003/01/13] ports/47018 sf          Teach ftp/wget new very useful feature - 
o [2003/01/13] misc/47029  sound       Static and popping with Hercules GameThea
o [2003/01/13] ports/47036 portmgr has bad comments WRT dependen
a [2003/01/14] ports/47068 arved       Update port: devel/bison to 1.875
o [2003/01/14] docs/47085  doc         boot(8) manpage is incomplete according t
o [2003/01/18] misc/47187              [patch] fix printf specifier in src/sys/b
o [2003/01/18] kern/47200  joe         USB port is disabled when Kodak DX4900 is
o [2003/01/18] ports/47203 ade         upgrade of automake to try on the cluster
o [2003/01/18] conf/47204  qa          base + XFree86 install fails -- crypto di
f [2003/01/19] ports/47218 ports-bugs  PostgreSQL client has problems when libbi
o [2003/01/19] i386/47223  hm          [PATCH] pcvt(4), ESC sequences do not cha
o [2003/01/19] bin/47235               top reports inaccurate cpu usage
s [2003/01/19] bin/47237   des         HTTP_PROXY with libfetch stalls at 99%
o [2003/01/20] kern/47274  joe         umodem update to support motorola v66 pho
o [2003/01/21] kern/47311  mdodd       [PATCH] Kernel support for NVIDIA nForce2
o [2003/01/21] misc/47314  qa          Install requires a swap partition.
o [2003/01/21] kern/47349              Fake a sound ioctl (plus linux hook)
o [2003/01/21] bin/47350      supports only one ppp profile
o [2003/01/22] kern/47359  dd          panic after kldunload snp
o [2003/01/22] i386/47376  hm          [PATCH], pcvt(4), COLOR_KERNEL_FG, 2nd ch
o [2003/01/22] bin/47387               [PATCH] gprof -K still requires "a.out" a
o [2003/01/24] java/47448  phantom     linux-blackdown-jdk-1.4.1: syscall mmap2 
o [2003/01/27] bin/47540   ru          Make natd configurable in running state w
o [2003/01/27] bin/47560               tar 'z' option gzip'd output has extra ga
o [2003/01/27] bin/47566   grog        Suggested patch: vinum status verificatio
o [2003/01/27] docs/47575  doc         Clarify requirements for IPFW2 in STABLE
o [2003/01/27] misc/47576              [PATCH] factor(6)ing of negative numbers
a [2003/01/28] ports/47593 nork        Update port: www/elinks
o [2003/01/28] docs/47594  doc         [PATH] passwd(5) incorrectly states allow
o [2003/01/28] bin/47596               daily security run complains if timezone 
o [2003/01/28] misc/47601  ru          Additional subdir targets
o [2003/01/30] kern/47675  njl         usb/umass problems
o [2003/01/30] docs/47690  doc         builtin(1) manpage is wrong about externa
o [2003/01/30] docs/47705  doc         wc(1) manpage has poor explanations.
o [2003/01/31] kern/47731              reboot goes panic each time
o [2003/02/01] kern/47791  imp         Idea for what to do on insert
o [2003/02/02] bin/47815               stty -all should work.
f [2003/02/02] docs/47818  doc         ln(1) manpage is confusing
o [2003/02/02] ports/47834 ports-bugs  mysql-server-3.23.55 upgrade should be mo
o [2003/02/03] sparc64/47845sparc64     4 second daily clock drift
p [2003/02/04] misc/47906  murray      options screen not return previous screen
o [2003/02/04] misc/47908  qa          /stand/sysinstall can't display document 
o [2003/02/04] ports/47913 ume         idled.8 man page conflict in ports mail/c
a [2003/02/05] ports/47957 seanc       ruby-snmp is broken
o [2003/02/05] docs/47991  trhodes     Handbook section on upgrading kernel says
o [2003/02/06] i386/48014  joe         moused fails to correctly identify usb mo
f [2003/02/07] docs/48038  doc         [PATCH] add Tips and Tricks section into 
o [2003/02/07] ports/48052 obrien      Upgrading vim blows away locally-added pl
a [2003/02/07] ports/48059 roam        Nitpicks for the comms/qpage port
o [2003/02/08] docs/48101  brueffer    There's no documentation on the fixit dis
o [2003/02/08] conf/48105              /etc/disktab has incomplete duplication o
o [2003/02/09] misc/48110              change CVSROOT/ to not send m
o [2003/02/10] misc/48133              improvied vi recovery notification
o [2003/02/10] ports/48140 andreas     Update Port: print/apsfilter (conditional
o [2003/02/11] kern/48172  ipfw        ipfw does not log size and flags
o [2003/02/11] conf/48195              /var/db/mounttab error on diskless boot
o [2003/02/12] ports/48214 trevor      Update port: audio/festogi-spanish to 2.0
o [2003/02/12] kern/48216  mike        Linux uname returns wrong hostname inside
f [2003/02/12] ports/48217 linimon     New Port: www/mod_frontpage13 and www/mod
o [2003/02/14] ports/48273 des         FlightGear can only be run once between b
o [2003/02/14] ports/48281 obrien      Patch editors/vim to use fetch instead of
o [2003/02/15] bin/48309               pppoe connections fail to establish if th
o [2003/02/15] bin/48313               [patch] make yacc(1) use getopt(3)
o [2003/02/16] bin/48342   joe         [PATCH] usbd dynamic device list.
o [2003/02/17] ports/48397 jmz         malformed make file in /usr/ports/comms/m
o [2003/02/17] bin/48399               Can't put URL in GECOS phone field
o [2003/02/18] ports/48426 sobomax     [PATCH] digger-vgl does not support conso
o [2003/02/18] ports/48434 obrien      shells/bash2: process substitution broken
o [2003/02/18] bin/48443               /usr/sbin/periodic executes too many file
o [2003/02/18] misc/48444              change to count connection attempts inste
o [2003/02/19] kern/48468  imp         puc driver for Nm9845
o [2003/02/19] ports/48470 nork        [PATCH www/flashpluginwrapper] add helper
o [2003/02/19] kern/48471              Private IPC for every jail. [PATCH]
o [2003/02/22] conf/48566              [PATCH] /etc/defaults/make.conf stales af
a [2003/02/22] conf/48569  trhodes     make.conf misses comments on some options
o [2003/02/23] kern/48599  schweikh    [PATCH] syscons cut-n-paste logic is brok
o [2003/02/23] bin/48603               Getopt is broken. Patch included.
o [2003/02/24] gnu/48638               [PATCH] some bug fixs in libdialog
o [2003/02/25] alpha/48676 alpha       Changing the baud rate of serial consoles
o [2003/02/25] bin/48679               (5.0) xterm termcap/info entry seems prob
o [2003/02/25] ports/48683 nik         'passivetex' port out of date, checksum e
o [2003/02/26] i386/48738  sound       ForteMedia FM801 chipset based sound card
o [2003/02/27] kern/48759  demon       kldstat shows module after unsuccessfull 
o [2003/02/28] docs/48767  doc         wrong key numbers for left/right windows 
o [2003/02/28] conf/48775              iso8859-15 termcap entries needed
o [2003/02/28] bin/48784   yar         No way to disable directory listings in f
o [2003/02/28] ports/48786 wjv         update biology/EMBOSS to the latest relea
s [2003/03/02] ports/48832 linimon     New port: print/foomatic-db-hpijs
o [2003/03/02] kern/48837  mbr         dc cannot handle DC21142/3 PCI/CardBus 10
o [2003/03/03] misc/48870              [PATCH] allow to cancel interface status 
o [2003/03/03] kern/48894              Improvements to the NFS read-ahead heuris
f [2003/03/04] ports/48913 ports-bugs  vtk does not compile with nvidia-drivers 
o [2003/03/04] bin/48914   mike        [PATCH] Add flag to whois(1) to query IAN
s [2003/03/05] bin/48962   des         [PATCH] modify /usr/bin/fetch to allow ba
o [2003/03/06] kern/48976              nwfs.ko oddity
o [2003/03/06] docs/48980  doc         [PATCH] nsgmls -s errors and sect. 3.2.1 
o [2003/03/06] bin/48989   qa          Sysinstall's  partition editor gets confu
o [2003/03/07] i386/49023  gad         Mod to LPD (printjob.c) to pass source fi
o [2003/03/08] kern/49037  sound       ESS Maestro chip misdetected as 'chip2'
o [2003/03/08] kern/49039              add support for RS485 hardware where dire
o [2003/03/10] ports/49076 roam        stunnel logs normal end of connection as 
o [2003/03/10] ports/49082 knu         portupgrade runs slow
o [2003/03/10] kern/49085              jail statfs and mountpoint information le
o [2003/03/10] kern/49086  ipfw        [patch] Make ipfw2 log to different syslo
f [2003/03/12] ports/49955 portmgr     [PATCH] add target to automa
o [2003/03/12] kern/49957  mbr         CRC32 generator should be the common rout
o [2003/03/12] bin/49959   ipfw        ipfw tee port rule skips parsing next rul
o [2003/03/12] misc/49967              Minor fixes to fortunes data
o [2003/03/13] kern/49980              patch to enable ThinkPAD X24 sound device
o [2003/03/13] bin/49983   markm       [patch] Fix bug & improve telnet status o
f [2003/03/14] conf/50000  dougb       ntpdate not ran before (x)ntpd
o [2003/03/15] ports/50022 nik         Port: print/jadetex (update pkg-message)
o [2003/03/15] ports/50039 dwcjr       Samba port fails to compile with winbind 
o [2003/03/15] conf/50040  nectar      Missing $FreeBSD$ in /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf
o [2003/03/16] ports/50044 dwcjr       allow samba to be built automatically
o [2003/03/16] ports/50060 billf       Update port: add GTK+ 2.0 support to net/
o [2003/03/17] ports/50068 linimon     New port: databases/sybase_ase (Sybase AS
o [2003/03/18] misc/50106              Make 'make release' more flexible behind 
o [2003/03/18] i386/50110  joe         Astra 2100U scanner being detected as /de
o [2003/03/18] java/50114  znerd       linux-sun-jdk13 BUILD_DEPENDS not picked 
o [2003/03/19] bin/50118   grog        calendar(1) dumps core if there is ./cale
o [2003/03/20] misc/50154  darrenr     Add /etc/periodic/security/610.ipf6denied
o [2003/03/21] ports/50157 lioux       Gnome-2.2 sound recorder abends with long
p [2003/03/21] misc/50160  ache        sl_SI.ISO8859-2 collation sequence is wro
o [2003/03/22] kern/50201              3ware RAID 5 resulting in data corruption
o [2003/03/23] docs/50211  doc         [PATCH] Fix textfile creation
p [2003/03/24] docs/50248  ceri        New FreeBSD books
o [2003/03/24] ports/50258 portmgr     [patch] refactor /usr/ports/Tools/portbui
o [2003/03/24] ports/50262 tg          lang/py-mx-base (mxDateTime) is broke
o [2003/03/25] bin/50300               Make the loader's use of terminal-control
o [2003/03/25] bin/50310   ru          natd / libalias fix to allow dcc resume i
p [2003/03/26] bin/50328   kris        ctm_smail doesn't handle large deltas wel
o [2003/03/26] bin/50331               Changing uid with pw causes duplicate use
o [2003/03/27] bin/50365               [PATCH] rc.sysctl cannot handle values co
o [2003/03/27] misc/50370  phantom     NLSOWN set to ${SHAREGRP} in <>
f [2003/03/28] docs/50391  doc         Incorrect information in a man
o [2003/03/30] bin/50461               ctm cannot handle the large files current
o [2003/03/30] ports/50466 grog        The benchmarks/rawio port does not seem t
o [2003/04/01] kern/50526              Update to #! line termination
o [2003/04/03] bin/50569               /bin/sh doesn't handles ${HOME}/.profile 
o [2003/04/03] docs/50573  doc         return values for res_query/res_search/re
o [2003/04/04] bin/50613               [PATCH] pppd(8) incorrect CBCP response f
o [2003/04/06] kern/50644  rsm         [PATCH] Update xe driver: multicast, hard
o [2003/04/06] bin/50656               /bin/cp - wrong error on copying of multi
o [2003/04/07] ports/50662 ume         sysutils/gkrellm2 interaction with Metaci
o [2003/04/07] ports/50663 ume         sysutils/gkrellm2 - it is not possible to
o [2003/04/07] docs/50677  doc         [PATCH] update doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/
o [2003/04/07] kern/50687              ioctl(.., CDIOCCAPABILITY, ...) always re
o [2003/04/08] ports/50724 knu         [PATCH] pkg_fetch saves full filename
p [2003/04/08] docs/50735  brueffer    Small diff to the developers handbook & o
o [2003/04/09] bin/50749   ipfw        ipfw2 incorrectly parses ports and port r
o [2003/04/10] docs/50773  doc         NFS problems by jumbo frames to mention i
o [2003/04/10] ports/50799 yoichi      Lisp Packages install directory should no
o [2003/04/11] ports/50813 nork        New port: japanese/mailman
o [2003/04/11] ports/50835 dirk        cdrtools port uses the config path "/etc/
o [2003/04/11] ports/50840 ports-bugs  mail/squirrelmail - Port Docs in wrong lo
o [2003/04/12] ports/50864 trevor      Update audio/festlex-ogi
o [2003/04/12] ports/50866 lioux       [PATCH] Introduce patch to qmail-1.03 to 
o [2003/04/12] alpha/50868 alpha       fd0 floppy device is not mapped into /dev
o [2003/04/12] ports/50869 trevor      Update audio/festvox-abc
o [2003/04/12] ports/50880 roam        Request for (optional) addition of tcplim
p [2003/04/13] bin/50924               "vmstat -f" says "unimplemented" but data
s [2003/04/14] i386/50929              AMD K6-2+ processor is identified incorre
f [2003/04/14] misc/50945  ru          BUG: NOINSTALLLIB isn't honored in all Ma
o [2003/04/14] kern/50948  darrenr     BUG: @0 does not insert at the beginning 
o [2003/04/14] bin/50949               BUG: mtree doesn't honor the -P when chec
o [2003/04/14] bin/50955   ru          [PATCH] natd / libalias support for multi
o [2003/04/14] conf/50956              daily_status_disks_df_flags in /etc/defau
o [2003/04/15] bin/50971               du(1) doesn't understand UF_NODUMP flag
p [2003/04/15] misc/50979  tomsoft     [PATCH] Some spelling corrections in sbin
o [2003/04/15] bin/50988               [Patch] find -size -- express argument in
f [2003/04/15] ports/50992 ports-bugs  ports-bug: devel/kprof
o [2003/04/15] ports/50996 openoffice  editors/ooodict-hu_HU port can moved to h
o [2003/04/15] kern/51009              Buggy aue driver fixed.
o [2003/04/16] bin/51070               add -p option to pom [PATCH]
o [2003/04/16] kern/51074  joe         pointer arithmatic error in ugen.c
o [2003/04/17] kern/51082              FEATURE: More descriptive message on drop
o [2003/04/17] ports/51087 ports-bugs  spamass-milter can not be built with send
o [2003/04/17] bin/51091   fenner      [FEATURE] Add -A (print ASCII) flag to tc
o [2003/04/17] kern/51111  darrenr     ipf doesn't allow outbound IPv6 packets u
o [2003/04/17] kern/51120              MSGBUF_SIZE doesn't work in makefiles
a [2003/04/18] docs/51133  murray      RSH environmental variable not described 
s [2003/04/18] kern/51137              config(8) should check if a scheduler is 
o [2003/04/18] bin/51148               Control the cache size for pwd_mkdb to sp
o [2003/04/19] bin/51151               du hardlinkmatching is slow - fix include
f [2003/04/19] ports/51152 portmgr generic SHEBANG_FILES
o [2003/04/19] bin/51165               Login does not honor .hushlogin
o [2003/04/19] misc/51167  dougb       [PATCH] Makefile for /etc/namedb.
o [2003/04/20] kern/51186  jmg         pointer arithmatic error in ugen.c
o [2003/04/20] ports/51197 eik         New Port: net/rendezvous (Apple's ZeroCon
o [2003/04/21] bin/51205   nectar      openssl in base system is not compiled th
o [2003/04/21] ports/51214 ports-bugs  New port: www/zope-localizer
o [2003/04/21] ports/51215 ports-bugs  New port: www/zope-translationservice
o [2003/04/22] standards/51292standards   [PATCH] add ecvt()/fcvt()/gcvt() function
o [2003/04/22] bin/51296   grog        calendar wrong for dates based on day+-nu
o [2003/04/25] ports/51415 kevlo       Port textproc/xerces-j should be updated 
o [2003/04/25] ports/51424 dirk        www/httrack should be updated to lastest 
a [2003/04/26] ports/51446 trevor      Update port: audio/fest* to last versions
o [2003/04/27] docs/51480  dds         Multiple undefined references in the Free
o [2003/04/28] bin/51488               Compat patch: more(1) allowed filename to
p [2003/04/28] bin/51493               ls usage is missing a few options
p [2003/04/28] misc/51504  ache        New file: src/share/mklocale/
o [2003/04/29] docs/51608  phantom     [PATCH] Add Internet Archive Wayback Mach
o [2003/05/01] ports/51651 kde         KDE 3.1.1a: KProcess' stdout redirection 
o [2003/05/01] bin/51655               savecore needs ${dumpdev} as an argument 
a [2003/05/01] ports/51663 roam        [PATCH] vpopmail-stable fix for using vmo
o [2003/05/02] ports/51693 cy          [PATCH] Unbreak x11-wm/fvwm2-devel
p [2003/05/03] misc/51729  ache        A patch that can make freebsd support zh_
o [2003/05/04] ports/51757 edwin       [REPOCOPY WAITING] Maintainer update: isc
o [2003/05/05] ports/51791 tg          Change-request: shell/pdksh (pdksh-5.2.14
o [2003/05/06] conf/51830  trhodes     new entries in termcap
o [2003/05/06] docs/51845  hmp         [PATCH] catch up getfsstat.2 and statfs.2
o [2003/05/06] kern/51874              Apacer HandySteno should have DA_Q_NO_6_B
o [2003/05/06] docs/51875  doc         atkbd(4) adjustment
o [2003/05/06] docs/51891  doc         DIAGNOSTICS in ed driver manpage don't ma
o [2003/05/06] ports/51900 trevor      [Update Port]: audio/fest* to last versio
o [2003/05/07] misc/51920              Collation for no_NO.ISO8859-1
o [2003/05/07] docs/51921  doc         ls(1) manpage lacks some information abou
o [2003/05/07] ports/51947 mharo       Analog port does not include anlgform.htm
o [2003/05/08] kern/51958  joe         update for urio driver [PATCH]
o [2003/05/09] ports/52006 eik         rsync fails with protocol problems
s [2003/05/09] ports/52016 linimon     New port: lang/harbour - A Clipper-compat
f [2003/05/10] ports/52024 lioux       port multimedia/libdv fails to build
o [2003/05/10] kern/52026  joe         umass driver support for InSystem ISD200
o [2003/05/10] bin/52032   markm       Telnet option contra telnet protocol
o [2003/05/11] docs/52071  doc         [PATCH] Add more information about soft u
o [2003/05/11] bin/52072   maxim       Wrong behaviour of the ftpd when the OOB 
o [2003/05/12] www/52105   phantom     Remove 404s from gallery.xml
o [2003/05/12] ports/52106 phantom     New port: java/javaws: Java Web Start 1.2
s [2003/05/13] ports/52173 portmgr - Modify USE_GETOPT_LONG opti
o [2003/05/13] bin/52190               [Patch] decode more syscalls in truss
o [2003/05/14] i386/52249  i386        [PATCH] Bootmanager shows NTFS partitions
o [2003/05/14] misc/52255  small       picobsd build script fails under FreeBSD 
o [2003/05/14] misc/52256  small       picobsd build script does not read in use
o [2003/05/14] kern/52258  imp         pccard non-functional, repeated "card ins
o [2003/05/15] bin/52271   qa          sysinstall panics in machine with no hard
o [2003/05/15] ports/52272 cy          security/aide: Aide-0.9 complains of "@@e
s [2003/05/15] ports/52303 des         [patch] add knob to databases/gnats to re
o [2003/05/15] ports/52310 jedgar      sysutils/grub does not send a dhcp option
o [2003/05/16] ports/52311 patrick     [ADD MAKE ARGS]:: WITH_GTK And WITH_THREA
o [2003/05/18] i386/52401  i386        5.1-BETA syslogd not recording entries fr
o [2003/05/18] i386/52408  i386        quitting gnome2-2.2.1_1 results in LOR
o [2003/05/18] ports/52415 obrien      missing files in bash2 ports collection
o [2003/05/18] i386/52416  i386        Requesting ethernet driver for Broadcom 4
o [2003/05/18] ports/52420 mita        japanese/xpdf installation terminated whe
o [2003/05/19] i386/52427  i386        DVD replay under MSI "655 MAX" mobo inter
f [2003/05/19] conf/52432  joe         Install: drivers.flp won't load with USB 
f [2003/05/19] ports/52439 lioux       Request: SMTP AUTH for qmail
o [2003/05/19] docs/52448  simon       [patch] Misc man page reference fixes
o [2003/05/20] bin/52469               ppp: Multiple devices using UDP don't wor
o [2003/05/20] bin/52489               [PATCH] ps tpt does not work
o [2003/05/20] ports/52508 adrian      Update port: www/squid (use MANn variable
o [2003/05/20] docs/52514  hmp         Handbook: new chapter about Bluetooth
o [2003/05/21] bin/52517               New functionality for /usr/bin/Mail
f [2003/05/22] bin/52601   mbr         [PATCH] rpc.yppasswdd fails if master.pas
o [2003/05/23] kern/52623              Error in driver for the Intel EtherExpres
o [2003/05/25] docs/52672  doc         Porter's Handbook: couple of corrections
o [2003/05/26] ports/52706 portmgr issues warning if a site is e
o [2003/05/27] kern/52725              [PATCH] installincludes for kmods
o [2003/05/27] kern/52735  njl         Add support for one more type of USB flas
f [2003/05/27] bin/52746               tcsh fails to handle large arguements
f [2003/05/28] ports/52747 sergei      port update - mail/p5-Mail-Ezmlm
o [2003/05/28] kern/52752              [PATCH] SMBus controller on ICH4 not reco
o [2003/05/28] kern/52764              Impossible to build kernel with COPTFLAGS
a [2003/05/28] ports/52765 portmgr     [PATCH] Uncompressing manual pages may fa
o [2003/05/28] ports/52779 fenner      please make rat and sdr use tcl/tk8.3
o [2003/05/29] bin/52782               user ppp dumps core when doing pppctl "sh
o [2003/05/29] ports/52793 dwcjr       Samba 2.2.8a printing woes
o [2003/05/29] kern/52795  joe         uscanner for CanoScan N1220U
o [2003/05/29] ports/52797 lev         devel/subversion does not install any too
o [2003/05/31] ports/52825 lioux       goggles-0.5.5 compile under 5.1-BETA2 fai
s [2003/05/31] bin/52826               Feature Request: Adding Timestamps to pkg
o [2003/06/02] docs/52858  ceri        Add the Bell System Technical Journal to 
o [2003/06/02] ports/52859 dwcjr       Samba 2.2.8a (2.2.8)- broken support for 
f [2003/06/02] ports/52877 ports-bugs  Non-Maintainer-Update: mail/postfix add s
o [2003/06/02] docs/52878  doc         [PATCH] security(7): small clairification
o [2003/06/02] alpha/52882 alpha       fpsetprec/fp_prec_t unsupported on alpha?
o [2003/06/03] ports/52906 roger       vid-1.0.1 from ports does not work with U
o [2003/06/03] bin/52907   phk         [PATCH] more malloc options for debugging
s [2003/06/03] ports/52917 portmgr     [PATCH] update default value
o [2003/06/04] ports/52941 ports-bugs  security/poc card-terminal problems
o [2003/06/04] kern/52943              reproducable system stuck just brefore mu
o [2003/06/04] ports/52946 lioux       Add cdparanoia support to gstreamer-plugi
o [2003/06/04] kern/52960  jmg         kbdcontrol macros don't work when len = 1
o [2003/06/05] i386/52971  i386        bad macro LIST_HEAD in /usr/include/sys/q
o [2003/06/06] kern/52980  mbr         [patch] dc(4) driver fails to init Intel 
o [2003/06/06] kern/53005  njl         USB IntelligentStick SCSI DA quirk
f [2003/06/07] ports/53019 ports-bugs  New Port: irc/kvirc3, an irc client based
o [2003/06/07] kern/53025  joe         [PATCH] ugen does not allow O_NONBLOCK fo
o [2003/06/07] kern/53027  rsm         [CHANGE-REQUEST] Better Entry for Intel P
f [2003/06/08] kern/53067  njl         Add support for the PQI USB Flash Disk
o [2003/06/09] conf/53131  qa          "ALL" could not turn check BOXes ON at pa
a [2003/06/11] ports/53190 lev         update to devel/subversion
f [2003/06/11] ports/53193 linimon     [Patch] unbroke port: math/simpack fix co
o [2003/06/11] conf/53197  re          default tag of RELENG_5_1 standard-supfil
o [2003/06/11] i386/53200  i386        5.1-RC1 SMP kernel boot gags at "APIC_IO:
o [2003/06/12] kern/53264  sound       PCM interrupt not routed on Sony VAIO lap
o [2003/06/12] kern/53265  imp         Make Sierra A555 work in FreeBSD
o [2003/06/13] docs/53271  hmp         the bus_dma man page fails to document al
o [2003/06/13] bin/53288               tail will sometimes display more lines th
o [2003/06/13] docs/53303  doc         mount(2) man page error
o [2003/06/14] docs/53315  doc         [PATCH] remove extraneous whitespace at t
o [2003/06/14] i386/53324  i386        pam_group problems (PAM_RUSER used instea
p [2003/06/14] misc/53327              Important fix for Latin-american keymap
o [2003/06/15] bin/53341   qa          dump frequency in sysinstall is always th
o [2003/06/16] bin/53366   mtm         rc.d/root is trying "mount /" while start
o [2003/06/16] bin/53377               [PATCH] su does not return exit status of
o [2003/06/16] kern/53383              adding Terratec TValue to bktr driver
o [2003/06/17] kern/53417  sound       Bad Recordings on AC97 onboard audio syst
o [2003/06/17] docs/53422  ceri        [patch] rework of parts of Porter's Handb
o [2003/06/17] docs/53424  ceri        [patch] rework of parts of Porter's Handb
o [2003/06/17] docs/53425  ceri        [patch] rework of parts of Porter's Handb
o [2003/06/18] docs/53454  doc         wrong sample code in manpage of wcwidth(3
o [2003/06/18] ports/53466 trevor      [non-maintainer] delete port audio/spiral
o [2003/06/18] bin/53475               cp(1) copies files in reverse order to de
o [2003/06/19] docs/53501  doc         [PATCH] Handbook: update snapshots sectio
o [2003/06/19] kern/53506              Support gzipped modules. (partial patch)
o [2003/06/19] bin/53520               su to another user does not update utmp
o [2003/06/20] bin/53560               logging domain names in wtmp is retarded
s [2003/06/20] ports/53564 perky       [non-maintainer] lang/stackless_python fa
o [2003/06/20] docs/53575  doc         Change to Handbook Section 20.9
o [2003/06/21] docs/53596  doc         Updates to mt manual page
o [2003/06/22] standards/53613standards   FreeBSD doesn't define EPROTO
o [2003/06/22] docs/53621  trhodes     devname(3)'s man page needs an example
o [2003/06/23] ports/53636 ports-bugs  Suggestion for rc.d style startup scripts
o [2003/06/23] ports/53657 tobez       devel/p5-Parse-RecDescent - tutorial/* is
o [2003/06/24] ports/53671 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: net/rude, rude and crude UDP tr
o [2003/06/24] www/53676   simon       [patch] Don't make people contact doc@ fo
o [2003/06/24] bin/53682   standards   [PATCH] add fuser(1) utitity
o [2003/06/25] docs/53732  doc         quota output and man page do not document
o [2003/06/25] ports/53740 ports-bugs  New port: science/fluka - Linux Monte Car
o [2003/06/26] docs/53751  doc         bus_dma(9) incorrectly documents BUS_DMA_
o [2003/06/26] java/53790  znerd       Let tomcat41ctl start java -server
f [2003/06/26] ports/53791 kde         Can't pass CPPFLAGS to configure when WIT
o [2003/06/27] ports/53817 nik         textproc/docbook should include textproc/
o [2003/06/28] bin/53870               C++ undeclares standard math functions li
o [2003/06/28] ports/53878 des         [Port Update]:: games/flightgear & devel/
o [2003/06/29] kern/53897  joe         [PATCH] add EPoX Bluetooth USB dongle to 
o [2003/06/29] bin/53899               mktime gives wrong result in Central time
o [2003/06/29] conf/53901  dd          Suggest MFC of include keyword to config(
o [2003/06/29] www/53906   www         [patch] adds content to alpha plattform p
o [2003/06/30] ports/53923 sergei      New Port: net/sipsak is a SIP test comman
o [2003/06/30] i386/53930  i386        showmount doesnot show nfs exportlist on 
o [2003/06/30] ports/53939 dwcjr       [PATCH] Fix library dependencies in samba
p [2003/06/30] misc/53944              [PATCH] ARMSCII-8 (Armenian) LOCALE and C
o [2003/07/01] ports/53983 ports-bugs  New port: www/exuserfolder, Zope Extensib
o [2003/07/02] ports/54002 lioux       QMTPC patch for qmail-1.03
o [2003/07/02] docs/54009  trhodes     Clarify the location of the splash image 
o [2003/07/02] bin/54026               [patch] Add support for non-standard port
o [2003/07/02] ports/54041 ade         libtool13 (as installed) doesn't recogniz
o [2003/07/02] ports/54048 rse         wml fails
o [2003/07/03] ports/54059 ports-bugs  New port: www/zope-psycopg, database adap
o [2003/07/03] ports/54060 sergei      new port devel/aegis
o [2003/07/03] kern/54078  sound       Sound Plays ~10% Slow
o [2003/07/03] ports/54079 ports-bugs  New port: www/formulator, Formulator for 
o [2003/07/04] kern/54094              [patch] make signedness of kg_nice and ki
o [2003/07/04] ports/54095 ports-bugs  New port: www/parsedxml, ParsedXML for Zo
o [2003/07/04] ports/54096 ports-bugs  Plone port bundled formulator conflicts w
o [2003/07/04] bin/54098   ken         [patch] make camcontrol(8) work if plain 
o [2003/07/05] bin/54123               [patch] fix assignments of getopt() retur
o [2003/07/05] bin/54141               wrong behavour of cu(1)
a [2003/07/06] ports/54161 trevor      security/mcrypt unbrake and update to 2.6
o [2003/07/06] kern/54163              Non-existing Jails in jls?!
o [2003/07/07] conf/54170              error from weekly periodic script
o [2003/07/07] ports/54174 portmgr     clean spaces behind variables out of port
s [2003/07/07] bin/54185   rwatson     UFS2 filesystem ACL flag not enforced
a [2003/07/07] docs/54197  mheinen     Mentioning of devfs is missing in the Ger
o [2003/07/08] ports/54212 lioux       Goggles-0.5.5 compile fails - dvdnav.o un
o [2003/07/08] misc/54220              [PATCH] /usr/src/Makefile has wrong instr
o [2003/07/08] misc/54229              Complete "See also" section for getipnode
p [2003/07/08] docs/54235  ceri        Error in ioctl(2)'s man page: Ioccon.h co
o [2003/07/08] ports/54246 adrian      [PATCH] www/squid: change obsolete config
o [2003/07/09] ports/54250 ade         [PATCH] for devel/automake17
o [2003/07/09] ports/54251 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/zope-xmlwidgets: XMLWidget
o [2003/07/09] ports/54262 tobez       port lang/perl5 doesn't deinstall /usr/bi
o [2003/07/09] ports/54271 ports-bugs  New port: databases/pgbash
o [2003/07/09] bin/54274   ru          udp-proxy support is not implemented in l
o [2003/07/09] bin/54276               pread/pwrite patches for libc db function
o [2003/07/09] ports/54298 ports-bugs  New port irc/kvirc, KVIrc 3.0.0
p [2003/07/10] conf/54334              Tip in freebsd-tips datfile for fortune i
o [2003/07/10] ports/54346 sergei      [NEW Port]:: x11/materm
o [2003/07/10] ports/54352 ports-bugs  Conversion rc.d scripts to RC_NG
o [2003/07/11] bin/54365               [PATCH] add -u option to install(1) for S
f [2003/07/11] ports/54373 petef       [PATCH] mail/qmHandle: update to 1.1.1
o [2003/07/11] docs/54380  doc         [PATCH] document additional perl variable
o [2003/07/11] kern/54383  net         NFS root configurations without dynamic p
o [2003/07/11] ports/54386 sergei      [PATCH] net/libnet: update to 1.1.0
o [2003/07/11] docs/54391  doc         Document that glob(3) respects LC_COLLATE
a [2003/07/11] ports/54406 portmgr     [patch] add two more cases to ports/Tools
o [2003/07/12] ports/54414 ports-bugs  New port: misc/dasher, text entry system 
o [2003/07/12] ports/54421 sergei      [PATCH] net/libnet: update to 1.1.1-RC-00
o [2003/07/13] kern/54439              Protecting sysctls variables by given mut
o [2003/07/13] i386/54451  i386        [patch] i386_{get|set}_ldt manual page is
o [2003/07/13] docs/54461  kensmith    Possible addition to Handbook
o [2003/07/14] misc/54477              Thousands separator for Italian locale
o [2003/07/16] ports/54550 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/zope-FileSystemSite: Enabl
o [2003/07/16] ports/54553 ports-bugs  New port: sysutils/growspd displays growt
o [2003/07/16] ports/54557 sergei      [REPOCOPY] security/gnutls-devel: develop
o [2003/07/16] ports/54563 maho        new ports: sysutils/sge, Sun Grid Engine 
o [2003/07/17] www/54570   www         [patch] add 2 new press articles
o [2003/07/17] www/54572   www         [patch] unbreak b0rked www/en/ports/index
o [2003/07/17] bin/54594               Apply regexps to the entire variable -- a
o [2003/07/17] i386/54595  i386        emu10k1 sound driver locks system
o [2003/07/18] kern/54604              Made 'ps -e' procfs-independent [PATCH].
o [2003/07/18] docs/54610  blackend    [patch] adds route(8) examples to routing
o [2003/07/18] kern/54625  sumikawa    [PATCH] IPv6 stealth forwarding
o [2003/07/19] ports/54631 knu         [PATCH] sysutils/portupgrade: fix pkgtool
o [2003/07/19] bin/54633               whois queries with options for the whois-
f [2003/07/19] ports/54636 ports-bugs  misc/gtktalog: Remove PERL dependancy and
o [2003/07/20] ports/54650 ports-bugs  new port submission - misc/zidrav - file 
o [2003/07/20] kern/54654  njl         Need SCSI CAM quirk for Rovershot digital
o [2003/07/20] bin/54672               [PATCH] fix gcc 3.3 compiler warning for 
o [2003/07/20] docs/54678  doc         [patch] add PACKAGESITE to packages chapt
o [2003/07/20] www/54679   phantom     [patch] add some .at companies to gallery
o [2003/07/20] bin/54683               sh, redundant history
o [2003/07/21] kern/54730              [patch] root can not set arbitrary proces
o [2003/07/21] ports/54732 ports-bugs  New port: www/mod_auth_pam2 (mod_auth_pam
o [2003/07/22] docs/54752  doc         bus_dma explained in ISA section: should 
o [2003/07/22] ports/54760 billf       ethereal 0.9.13 from ports fails to compi
o [2003/07/22] docs/54769  doc         [patch] updates to FAQ
o [2003/07/23] bin/54784               find -ls wastes space
o [2003/07/23] kern/54786  njl         Kernel quirk for FreeDik USB Mini Data Dr
o [2003/07/23] docs/54789  doc         [PATCH] brush up the "New Users" article
o [2003/07/24] docs/54806  doc         [patch] adds fvwm2 to x11-wm
o [2003/07/24] standards/54809standards   pcvt deficits
o [2003/07/24] ports/54812 ports-bugs  New Port archivers/par2cmdline for verify
o [2003/07/24] ports/54814 ports-bugs  New port: hungarian/hunspell version 0.9.
o [2003/07/24] standards/54833standards   more pcvt deficits
o [2003/07/25] kern/54836  njl         Casio QV Digital Camera problems
o [2003/07/25] standards/54839standards   pcvt deficits
f [2003/07/25] ports/54841 ports-bugs  Checksum mismatch on Linux-Realplayer por
o [2003/07/25] ports/54866 lioux       libgnugetopt incompatibility breaks mjpeg
o [2003/07/25] ports/54875 andreas     hpijs loops on fatal error
s [2003/07/25] bin/54878               incorrect divisor in /usr/bin/jot -r
o [2003/07/25] docs/54879  doc         man 1 jot, -r description
o [2003/07/26] kern/54884  mckusick    FreeBSD -stable and -current free space h
o [2003/07/26] bin/54891   ru          libalias/natd and exporting connection-in
o [2003/07/27] bin/54897               [PATCH] -y flag for mount_mfs
o [2003/07/27] conf/54910  mtm         [PATCH] Add rc.conf option to disable vir
o [2003/07/27] ports/54938 grog        [PATCH] using www/squid as proxy (instead
o [2003/07/27] i386/54963  i386        Left over/outdated comment in NOTES
o [2003/07/28] kern/54981  njl         Add support for Lexar 256MB USB drive
o [2003/07/28] ports/54984 ports-bugs  New port: mail/postfixadmin <synopsis ofs
o [2003/07/28] docs/54995  doc         Error in accept(2) man page
o [2003/07/28] docs/54999  doc         Documentation Project Primer doesn't conf
o [2003/07/29] misc/55015              Security check output enhacement (truncat
o [2003/07/29] ports/55030 ports-bugs  [New Port] devel/rapidsvn
o [2003/07/29] misc/55031              getgrent() failure with large groups
o [2003/07/29] java/55032  java        SVr4 emulation interferes with install
o [2003/07/29] kern/55034  njl         ACPI Power Off don't work
o [2003/07/30] ports/55061 nork        Update port: math/plplot
f [2003/07/30] kern/55094  ticso       Intel USB 2.0 unrecognized (partial patch
o [2003/07/30] kern/55097  njl         BUSLink BusDrive Support (umass)
o [2003/07/31] ports/55102 trevor      [Update port] unbreak security/mcrypt and
o [2003/07/31] standards/55112standards   glob.h, glob_t's gl_pathc should be "size
o [2003/08/01] ports/55143 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] math/koctave3: KDEGUI for octa
p [2003/08/01] misc/55146  ache        [PATCH] The termcap entry for screen is o
o [2003/08/01] kern/55159              [patch] puc support for SUN1889 PCI seria
o [2003/08/01] kern/55163              [patch] hide kld system details from jail
o [2003/08/02] ports/55180 perky       [PATCH] for removing configure warning of
f [2003/08/02] ports/55196 ports-bugs  NEW port: math/taucs
o [2003/08/03] docs/55207  doc         [patch] update acroread section & add loc
o [2003/08/03] bin/55215               [PATCH] add wu-ftpd style xferlog format 
o [2003/08/04] ports/55229 ports-bugs  New port: ftp/tnftpd (obsoletes ftp/lukem
o [2003/08/04] ports/55237 anders      sysutils/msyslog uses wrong loging unix s
o [2003/08/04] ports/55258 pav         misc sweeping
o [2003/08/06] docs/55306  doc         [patch] adds filemanagers to desktop appl
f [2003/08/06] ports/55324 pav         /usr/ports/net/ntop port will not install
o [2003/08/06] ports/55333 edwin       [REPOCOPY WAITING] mail/teapop-devel
p [2003/08/07] misc/55341              Adding ko_KR.CP949 locale
o [2003/08/08] ports/55371 ports-bugs  xfig dumps core (unaligned access), if US
o [2003/08/08] misc/55387              users LD_LIBRARY_PATH can interfere with 
o [2003/08/08] gnu/55394               GDB on FreeBSD 4.8: Deprecated bfd_read.
o [2003/08/08] kern/55395  njl         ICH sampling rate changes after resume fr
o [2003/08/08] ports/55401 ache        mod_auth_digest for ports/www/apache13
o [2003/08/08] bin/55408               Fix for VESA_800x600 mode for vidcontrol(
o [2003/08/10] ports/55446 ports-bugs  Update net/xprobe
o [2003/08/11] docs/55458  doc         [patch] add useful content & hints to por
o [2003/08/11] conf/55470              [PATCH] new pccard.conf entry (I-O DATA W
o [2003/08/11] i386/55473  i386        Mouse broken on some AWARD BIOS with ACPI
o [2003/08/11] docs/55482  doc         DUMP has access to block devices in a JAI
o [2003/08/12] ports/55494 portmgr     [patch] ports/Mk/
a [2003/08/12] ports/55515 portmgr     extract perl stuff from into 
o [2003/08/13] i386/55523  i386        AGP support for i82845G
o [2003/08/13] docs/55538  doc         [patch] add screenshots to desktop chapte
o [2003/08/13] bin/55539               [patch] Parse fstab(5) with spaces in pat
o [2003/08/13] ports/55540 ports-bugs  new port: x11-fm/xplore 1.2a file manager
o [2003/08/13] bin/55546               cdcontrol play tr m:s.f interface is part
o [2003/08/14] ports/55590 perky       [PATCH] Compile failure graphics/graphviz
o [2003/08/14] ports/55592 ports-bugs  New port: irc/accutron2000, irc bot
f [2003/08/14] ports/55596 sergei      New port: security/vmap, security scanner
p [2003/08/16] docs/55641  roam        [PATCH] catch up tl(4) with hardware note
p [2003/08/16] docs/55643  roam        [PATCH] catch up aue(4) with hardware not
p [2003/08/16] docs/55645  roam        [PATCH] catch up kue(4) with hardware not
o [2003/08/16] docs/55653  doc         chflags.1 - note that not all tools chfla
o [2003/08/17] kern/55657  njl         PMI usb drive SCSI DA quirk
o [2003/08/17] ports/55669 ports-bugs  emacs20 and emacs21 override each other a
o [2003/08/17] ports/55672 ports-bugs  New port: x11-wm/wmconfig, X window manag
f [2003/08/17] kern/55678  sos         IDE-CDROM not recognised
a [2003/08/17] ports/55683 portmgr     Add USE_PTHREAD_HACK to for s
s [2003/08/18] ports/55699 x11         [PATCH] making x11-servers/XFree86-4-Serv
o [2003/08/20] ports/55760 tobez       [patch] make Perl versions coexist
o [2003/08/20] bin/55788   grog        Growfs does not work on vinum concat volu
o [2003/08/20] misc/55794              Convenience improvement suggestion: clear
o [2003/08/20] kern/55802              Make kernel.GENERIC suitable for diskless
o [2003/08/21] kern/55835              Linux IPC emulation missing SETALL syscal
o [2003/08/21] kern/55838              Dual characters from keyboard in X on Tos
o [2003/08/21] ports/55841 portmgr     [patch] Mk/ add routines to u
o [2003/08/22] kern/55861  trhodes     [PATCH] MSDOSFS patch for dirty flag and 
o [2003/08/22] ports/55866 ade         port devel/libtool13 installs .la files
o [2003/08/22] docs/55883  kensmith    advanced-networking/chapter.sgml
p [2003/08/23] misc/55895              [patch]fix short weekday names in zh_CN.*
o [2003/08/23] ports/55896 ports-bugs  [NEWPORT] www/mozplugger
f [2003/08/23] ports/55904 dinoex      gnustep art backend does not work
o [2003/08/23] conf/55916              Change to /etc/ & /etc/defaults
o [2003/08/24] kern/55917              tun# devices cannot be created in 4.8-STA
o [2003/08/24] ports/55924 ports-bugs  New port: ftp/proma <synopsis ofa the pro
p [2003/08/24] docs/55925  roam        mt, mtio, tcopy  man pages refers to *rsa
o [2003/08/24] misc/55936              send-pr does not set mail envelope from
o [2003/08/24] ports/55944 adrian      www/squid NCSA basic auth problem - PATCH
o [2003/08/25] bin/55980               [patch] rmuser does not remove IPC mechan
o [2003/08/25] bin/55981   luigi       [patch] redundant argument count check in
o [2003/08/25] kern/55984  ipfw        [patch] time based firewalling support fo
s [2003/08/26] ports/56006 des         [PATCH] buffer overflows in databases/gna
o [2003/08/26] i386/56012  i386        [patch] MAKEDEV does not allow creation o
p [2003/08/26] docs/56021  roam        Documentation incorrect for mac in ipfw2
o [2003/08/26] bin/56025               [PATCH] moused when detect USB mouse
p [2003/08/27] docs/56044  roam        missing information in manpage for accept
o [2003/08/27] ports/56067 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] palm/synce-gnomevfs: Gnome VFS
o [2003/08/27] ports/56069 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] palm/synce-trayicon: GNOME tra
o [2003/08/28] ports/56083 billf       Update ethereal to version 0.9.14 and all
o [2003/08/28] ports/56091 ports-bugs  hp220 driver for print/ghostscript-gnu do
o [2003/08/28] kern/56095              Apacer Pen Drive fails to work
o [2003/08/28] kern/56097              Empty vendor string overrides known
o [2003/08/29] ports/56129 ports-bugs  New Port: devel/safestr - Safe C String L
o [2003/08/29] conf/56144              [PATCH] /etc/rc.d/ipmon, /etc/rc.d/ipfilt
o [2003/08/29] kern/56165              if_baudrate is not correct for rl, xl, dc
o [2003/08/30] misc/56206              src/sys/sys/cdefs.h uses PreProcessor var
o [2003/08/30] ports/56219 ports-bugs  new port: sysutils/mapchan, mapchan utili
o [2003/08/31] ports/56225 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] palm/uppc-kmod: USB device dri
o [2003/08/31] kern/56245              Distorted and choppy video with bktr-driv
o [2003/08/31] bin/56249               lukemftpd has two bugs (motd, munged utmp
o [2003/08/31] kern/56250              ums doesn't work with MCT based PS/2 conv
o [2003/08/31] i386/56257  njl         I'm unable to create floppies unless I di
o [2003/09/01] ports/56266 ports-bugs  [new port] net/jffnms - Very advanced net
o [2003/09/01] ports/56275 x11         XFree86-4-Server: xf86config refers to no
o [2003/09/02] ports/56301 knu         portupgrade: -O ineffective
o [2003/09/02] ports/56302 wollman     [PATCH] www/mod_auth_kerb: fix build on -
f [2003/09/02] ports/56307 ports-bugs  [PATCH] esound, sdl support for games/fre
o [2003/09/02] ports/56308 ports-bugs  NEW port math/itl (with LAM support)
o [2003/09/02] bin/56328   luigi       ipfw -c list not working
o [2003/09/02] ports/56356 anders      update port: mail/mboxgrep
o [2003/09/03] kern/56384  njl         ACPI problems on Thinkpad T20
o [2003/09/03] ports/56386 kde         kdebase overwrites kdmrc when installing
a [2003/09/03] docs/56388  dougb       Add/change #include lines for libisc man 
a [2003/09/03] ports/56389 portmgr     [PATCH] port sysutils/pkg_install: fix `m
o [2003/09/03] ports/56392 portmgr     bento reports "share/nls/en_US.US-ASCII" 
o [2003/09/03] bin/56398               new option for daemon(8) -- pidfile [patc
o [2003/09/04] docs/56408  doc         [PATCH] add <filename> around app-default
o [2003/09/04] ports/56411 trevor      [patch]unbreak ports/security/mcrypt
o [2003/09/04] kern/56441              bpf_tap() used incorrectly in bpf
o [2003/09/04] bin/56447               Extend mt command for AIT-2 tape drives
o [2003/09/04] kern/56451              /compat/linux/proc/cpuinfo gives wrong CP
o [2003/09/04] docs/56452  doc         [patch]Add EXTRACT_DEPENDS&PATCH_DEPENDS 
o [2003/09/04] standards/56476standards   cd9660 unicode support simple hack
o [2003/09/05] bin/56480               mixer(8) -s does not list recording sourc
f [2003/09/05] ports/56481 linimon     [patch] fix plist and fetch problems for 
p [2003/09/05] bin/56492   schweikh    [patch] Removal of stray semicolons after
o [2003/09/05] kern/56496  joe         Add support for minolta 5400 usb scanner
o [2003/09/05] conf/56506              A wireless network card is missing in 4.8
o [2003/09/05] ports/56512 dburr       x11amp bus error
o [2003/09/06] kern/56513              panic in ugen w/ moused -p /dev/ugen0
o [2003/09/06] ports/56518 trevor      [patch][non-maintainer] update checksums 
o [2003/09/06] ports/56536 ports-bugs  New Port: www/CGI-Application-ValidateRM 
o [2003/09/06] bin/56549               [patch] rtld.c - give more info on missin
o [2003/09/07] gnu/56554   re          add Cc: maintainer feature to send-pr
o [2003/09/07] bin/56558               [PATCH] locate(1) cannot be safely used w
o [2003/09/07] ports/56562 anders      [update] www/mod_sqlinclude: update to 1.
o [2003/09/08] docs/56584  hmp         Updates for VOP_GETPAGES(9) and VOP_PUTPA
o [2003/09/08] ports/56585 ports-bugs  distfile problems with port sysutils/rc_s
o [2003/09/08] ports/56597 ports-bugs  bad startup perfomance of mpg123 with pcm
o [2003/09/08] bin/56606               df cannot handle 2TB NFS volumes
o [2003/09/08] kern/56617              Hang on boot w/neomagic audio on Dell Lat
p [2003/09/09] bin/56622   jmg         Wrong debug message in usbd
o [2003/09/09] ports/56641 portmgr     [PATCH] support for SHA1 and
o [2003/09/09] bin/56646               [patch] getgrouplist()/setgroups() argume
o [2003/09/09] bin/56648               [PATCH] enable rcorder(8) to use a direct
o [2003/09/09] bin/56649               [patch] More spurious semicolon removal
o [2003/09/09] bin/56653               [patch] Removal of non-standard void * ar
o [2003/09/09] ports/56658 ports-bugs  Convert security/amavisd startup scripts 
o [2003/09/09] kern/56664              bad file# in MTIO status buffer after MTE
o [2003/09/09] ports/56671 eik         Update port devel/cmake to 1.6.7
o [2003/09/10] ports/56677 nbm         qmailanalog port does not install to corr
p [2003/09/11] bin/56696   johan       atacontrol core dump (sscanf on unintiali
o [2003/09/11] ports/56699 seanc       net/openreg needs to move to dns category
o [2003/09/11] misc/56715  darrenr     ipmon starts too early and exits immediat
o [2003/09/11] misc/56720              Resolver UNICODE support
o [2003/09/11] kern/56726              [PATCH] patches for if_bfe (Broadcom BCM4
o [2003/09/12] conf/56736              [PATCH] rcNG: enable packages to particip
o [2003/09/13] docs/56745  doc         Some suggestions for the Bibliography cha
f [2003/09/13] ports/56756 edwin       bogus patch on emulators/twin
a [2003/09/14] ports/56859 portmgr     [patch] minor fixes for ports/Tools/portb
o [2003/09/14] ports/56864 ports-bugs  sdl12 fails in joystick/bsd
o [2003/09/14] docs/56883  doc         Inadequately-documented charter for freeb
o [2003/09/15] docs/56903  doc         [patch] articles/fonts: add application t
o [2003/09/15] ports/56909 roger       cannot compile openh323
o [2003/09/15] docs/56911  hmp         Document for VOP_OPEN missing the last pa
o [2003/09/16] bin/56914               ftpd ignores default umask settings
o [2003/09/16] docs/56915  doc         [patch] articles/fonts: update links
o [2003/09/16] ports/56928 ports-bugs  jce-aba port should install to $JAVA_HOME
o [2003/09/16] docs/56932  doc         [patch] articles/releng-packages: add "no
o [2003/09/16] conf/56934              rc.firewall rules for natd expect an inte
o [2003/09/16] docs/56936  doc         [patch] articles/java-tomcat: add applica
o [2003/09/17] conf/56940              pccard.conf entry for PCET10-CL causes sy
o [2003/09/17] ports/56951 roam        [PATCH] add ignoreip2 patch
o [2003/09/17] conf/56952  re          Floppy install error
o [2003/09/17] kern/56954              [PATCH] fix typo in comment of sys/cam/sc
o [2003/09/17] conf/56956              xterm-ic from termcap is not included in 
o [2003/09/17] bin/56961               [PATCH] pkg_install: match package versio
o [2003/09/17] ports/56969 ports-bugs  New port: mail/mail-notification, a GNOME
f [2003/09/18] ports/56977 mat         net/p5-Net-Server assumes wrong setuid se
o [2003/09/18] ports/56980 portmgr     unprivileged user, extracting of tarballs
o [2003/09/18] docs/56981  doc         man terminfo(5) from libncurses does not 
o [2003/09/18] kern/56985              Fix for OEM Proxim Harmony PCMCIA wireles
o [2003/09/18] bin/56989               [PATCH] pkg_install: -v doesn't work on p
o [2003/09/19] misc/56999              FreeCom USB CD/RW problem on FreeBSD 5.1
o [2003/09/19] ports/57010 kris        Update port: x11/wdm to 1.26
o [2003/09/19] ports/57016 portmgr     sysutils/pkg_install: left over files in 
o [2003/09/19] bin/57018               [PATCH] convert growfs to use libufs(3)
o [2003/09/19] bin/57024               a new option for xargs(1) -- only treat \
o [2003/09/19] bin/57026               [PATCH] Therer is no way to know the labe
o [2003/09/19] bin/57029               [PATCH] pkg_install: make more robust aga
o [2003/09/19] ports/57031 dougb       upslog started with incorrect command lin
o [2003/09/20] bin/57045               trpt(8) option -t was disabled on -curren
o [2003/09/20] kern/57046  njl         Add usb quirk for Sigmatel USB Flash MP3 
o [2003/09/20] kern/57050              Add IBM USB Drive support
o [2003/09/21] bin/57054               let test(1) compare the mtime of a file t
o [2003/09/21] conf/57058              NO_MAILWRAPPER in make.conf not completel
o [2003/09/21] kern/57065  jmg         core dumps with NODUMP flag
a [2003/09/21] ports/57067 portmgr     add imake and pthread detection to Tools/
o [2003/09/21] ports/57074 ports-bugs  mail/postfix pkg-message needs additional
o [2003/09/22] bin/57088               [PATCH] for a possible fd leak in libcam.
o [2003/09/22] bin/57089               "w" does not honor the -n option
o [2003/09/23] ports/57122 obrien      ncftp3: !command doesn't work
p [2003/09/23] kern/57123              SMBFS incorrect LFN & 8.3 bad character h
o [2003/09/23] i386/57125  i386        Comment to IPSEC_FILTERGIF in LINT is now
o [2003/09/23] i386/57131  i386        Device ID for Intel 82801DBM IDE Controll
o [2003/09/23] i386/57133  i386        PCI device ID for Intel 82801DB/BAM/CAM a
o [2003/09/23] ports/57143 ports-bugs  modules in flash shell broken
o [2003/09/24] ports/57151 tobez       Port lang/perl5.8: use.perl fails to modi
o [2003/09/24] ports/57152 ports-bugs  pear-* ports: simplify path to devel/pear
o [2003/09/24] docs/57153  doc         S_IRWXU missing in fstat(2) man page?
o [2003/09/24] ports/57155 ports-bugs  make devel/pear-PEAR and other pear-* por
o [2003/09/24] ports/57162 ports-bugs  The latest stable release of DansGuardian
o [2003/09/24] ports/57167 edwin       [REPOCOPY WAITING] news/inn-current: Deve
o [2003/09/24] ports/57183 linimon     Removal port: chinese/abiword
o [2003/09/24] java/57192  java        linux-ibm-java1.4 freeze
f [2003/09/24] ports/57198 ports-bugs  multimedia/xmms fix to work with CDDA und
o [2003/09/25] kern/57230              [patch] psm(4) incorrectly identifies an 
o [2003/09/26] amd64/57250 obrien      Broken PTRACE_GETFPREGS and PTRACE_SETFPR
f [2003/09/26] ports/57259 portmgr     Building a port as root using an NFS-moun
o [2003/09/27] ports/57289 ports-bugs  teamspeak-server port is broken in 3 ways
o [2003/09/27] standards/57295standards   [patch] make does not include cmd line va
o [2003/09/27] docs/57298  blackend    Using compact flash cards
o [2003/09/28] ports/57319 nork        archivers/lha has a newer version
p [2003/09/29] ports/57349 knu         [PATCH] port sysutils/portupgrade: typos
o [2003/09/29] kern/57350              kernel panics when using old monocrome pr
f [2003/09/29] ports/57383 ports-bugs  [PATCH] sysutils/idled 1.16
o [2003/09/29] ports/57384 dougb       [PATCH] mail/p5-Mail-SpamAssassin 2.60
o [2003/09/29] ports/57385 mharo       [PATCH] ftp/proftpd 1.2.8_1
s [2003/09/29] ports/57386 edwin       [REPOCOPY WAITING] www/apache21: Add Apac
o [2003/09/29] docs/57388  doc         INSTALL.TXT enhancement: mention ok promp
o [2003/09/30] ports/57394 smace       net/libnet-devel: install doc and example
f [2003/09/30] bin/57407   bms         [patch] Better NTP support for dhclient(8
o [2003/09/30] ports/57408 ports-bugs  linux_nwndata and linux_nwnclient ports p
o [2003/09/30] kern/57422              MT_TAG usage are not reported
o [2003/09/30] kern/57428              a couple of new sysctl to toggle which IP
o [2003/10/01] misc/57464              Boot process:  loader(8) seems to confuse
o [2003/10/01] kern/57468              Quirk for Quantum LPS540S
o [2003/10/01] kern/57469              Quirk for Conner CP3500
o [2003/10/01] ports/57475 ports-bugs  devel/sdl12: upgrading to 1.2.6 + some fi
o [2003/10/01] ports/57476 ports-bugs  correcting paths in net/netsaint plugins
o [2003/10/01] ports/57485 ports-bugs  ghostscript-gnu-7.07_3 portupgrade - unab
o [2003/10/01] kern/57487  sound       Sound stops working on my Thinkpad 560X a
o [2003/10/01] ports/57490 okazaki     bus error troff running. need to version 
o [2003/10/02] ports/57498 portmgr     HEIMDAL_HOME should be defined in src or 
o [2003/10/02] ports/57502 eik         ports that define USE_* too late
o [2003/10/02] ports/57503 ports-bugs  New Port Submission www/mod_auth_mysql41_
f [2003/10/02] ports/57509 pav         New port: arabic/duali
o [2003/10/02] conf/57517              add parameter for /etc/periodic/daily/210
o [2003/10/02] ports/57521 ports-bugs  New Port - databases/py-sybase
o [2003/10/02] kern/57522              [PATCH] New PID allocater algorithm from 
o [2003/10/03] ports/57525 ports-bugs  New port: databases/katalog, data CDs cat
o [2003/10/03] docs/57541  trhodes     Some suggestions for the Basics chapter o
o [2003/10/03] i386/57546              Adding VIA C3 capability printout in i386
o [2003/10/04] docs/57569  doc         error on gensetdefs(8) man page
o [2003/10/05] bin/57630               lptcontrol gives "device busy" if device 
o [2003/10/06] bin/57641               [patch] missing option in mdmfs (mount_mf
o [2003/10/06] ports/57652 ports-bugs  [patch] www/apache-contrib: Let the user 
o [2003/10/06] ports/57661 naddy       [new port] www/mod_log_data: Module for A
a [2003/10/07] kern/57696              NFS client readdir terminates prematurely
o [2003/10/07] bin/57715               tcopy enhancement
o [2003/10/07] kern/57721  sound       Dell built in SB Live not detected (patch
o [2003/10/07] ports/57726 trevor      upgrade cvslines to 1.6.8
o [2003/10/08] misc/57748              [patch] doesn't allow for -a i
o [2003/10/08] ports/57759 ports-bugs  New port: net/ayttm, a very function im c
o [2003/10/08] ports/57768 tobez       [patch][non-maintainer] update devel/p5-C
f [2003/10/08] ports/57775 linimon     [non-maintainer] mark graphics/quat-gui a
f [2003/10/08] ports/57779 lev         Update devel/subversion to 0.31, with per
o [2003/10/08] i386/57783  i386        UINT32_MAX is missing from FreeBSD 4.X
o [2003/10/09] ports/57789 ports-bugs  New port of converters/asr10, access to E
o [2003/10/09] bin/57791               dig option -x incorrectly produces
o [2003/10/09] ports/57823 kbyanc      PATCH: obey portlint warnings
a [2003/10/10] sparc64/57856sparc64     sparc64: IDE Raid controller no detect di
f [2003/10/10] ports/57858 ports-bugs  New ports: graphics/vtk* 4.3.0 instead of
o [2003/10/10] ports/57860 ports-bugs  New port: science/ovt: Orbit Visualizatio
o [2003/10/10] ports/57861 taoka       [PATCH] ports/japanese/*fpw*: `make deins
o [2003/10/11] ports/57865 ports-bugs  New ports: www/mod_watch4
f [2003/10/11] ports/57880 ports-bugs  [patch]update irc/ircd-hybrid to 6.4.1
o [2003/10/12] ports/57883 edwin       [REPOCOPY WAITING] Update port: deskutils
o [2003/10/12] ports/57885 ports-bugs  New port: devel/agide
o [2003/10/12] standards/57911standards   fnmatch ("[[:alpha:]]","x", FNM_PATHNAME)
o [2003/10/12] ports/57924 mat         Update port: www/p5-Apache-Peek 0.9501 ->
o [2003/10/12] docs/57926  doc         amd.conf.5 poorly format as it has both m
o [2003/10/12] ports/57930 ports-bugs  [patch] sysutils/xmbmon: enable ADM9240 h
o [2003/10/13] ports/57943 ports-bugs  isc-dhcp3 port broken with lots of interf
o [2003/10/13] ports/57952 tobez       Update port: p5-XML-DT from 0.20 to 0.26
o [2003/10/13] kern/57969  sos         MFC request for new ata Intel PCI id
o [2003/10/13] docs/57974  doc         man page apropos for select macros (FD_SE
o [2003/10/13] kern/57976              simple kernel DDB enhancement
o [2003/10/13] docs/57978  doc         Type miss of GPIB in Hardware Notes
o [2003/10/13] ports/57983 mat         Update port: net/p5-Net-Netmask from 1.90
o [2003/10/14] ports/57987 tobez       Update port: lang/p5-Scalar-List-Utils fr
o [2003/10/14] ports/57988 mat         Update port: www/p5-HTML-FromText to 2.05
o [2003/10/14] ports/57992 osa         [PATCH] Utilize %%DOCSDIR%% macro
o [2003/10/14] misc/58008              sysinstall postfix installation problem
o [2003/10/14] ports/58011 portmgr     Formalization of WITH_/WITHOUT_ Makefile 
o [2003/10/14] bin/58012               Multihomed tftpd enhancement
o [2003/10/14] ports/58015 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/apache-forrest: A tool for
o [2003/10/14] conf/58016              [PATCH] Can't load speaker.ko kernel modu
o [2003/10/14] ports/58025 ports-bugs  [New port] x11/xterm: xterm built with 88
o [2003/10/14] www/58029   www         [patch] news/press: correct capitalizatio
o [2003/10/14] kern/58045              [patch] to add PNY Attache Flash Drive to
o [2003/10/14] ports/58051 ports-bugs  New port: chinese/cdrtools
o [2003/10/14] ports/58052 ports-bugs  New port: chinese/chm2html
o [2003/10/14] ports/58053 ports-bugs  New port: chinese/ftpd
o [2003/10/15] ports/58071 tobez       p5-Log-Dispatch portversion upgrade patch
o [2003/10/16] ports/58108 ports-bugs  Update port: textproc/xhtml-1.1 (use xmlc
o [2003/10/16] docs/58111  doc         Handbook 12.4.3 Rebuilding ATA RAID1 Arra
a [2003/10/16] ports/58115 ports-bugs  courier and pf, both want UID=62 fix eith
o [2003/10/16] www/58122   www         [patch] publish: update "BSD mit Methode"
o [2003/10/16] ports/58123 kuriyama    Update palm/palmos-sdk (non-maintainer)
o [2003/10/16] bin/58133   mdodd       back port libmap.conf feature for 4-stabl
o [2003/10/16] misc/58134              ntpdate documented as obsolete, and shoul
o [2003/10/16] ports/58146 anders      [non maintainer update] www/mod_auth_exte
o [2003/10/16] ports/58149 portmgr     [patch] Mk/ Make CONFLICTS co
o [2003/10/17] ports/58158 nork        replace install directory for
o [2003/10/17] i386/58163  i386        puc driver doesn't recognize MOXA C104H/P
o [2003/10/17] ports/58184 linimon     port textproc/latte installs latte.el in 
o [2003/10/17] ports/58185 skv         update ports/textproc/p5-XML-Sablotron to
f [2003/10/18] ports/58196 roam        update ports/net/p5-Net-IPv6Addr to 0.2
o [2003/10/18] docs/58202  kensmith    handbook doesn't mention kldload'ness of 
o [2003/10/18] bin/58206               [Patch] 460.status-mail-rejects incompati
o [2003/10/18] kern/58214              [patch] Align smallbits properly in poll(
f [2003/10/18] ports/58234 perky       Slow memory allocation in python on 5.1-C
f [2003/10/19] ports/58246 pav         Update graphics/gqview-devel to 1.3.2
o [2003/10/19] ports/58249 ports-bugs  [new port] www/mod_ntlm: Implements NTLM 
o [2003/10/19] ports/58250 ports-bugs  [new port] www/mod_ntlm2: Implements NTLM
o [2003/10/19] ports/58251 ports-bugs  [new port] www/mod_vdbh: Allows mass virt
o [2003/10/19] ports/58252 ports-bugs  [new port] www/mod_mya: Allows basic auth
o [2003/10/19] ports/58253 ports-bugs  [new port] www/mod_limitipconn: Allows yo
o [2003/10/19] ports/58255 ports-bugs  [new port] www/mod_clamav: Scans content 
o [2003/10/19] ports/58256 ports-bugs  [new port] www/mod_cfg_ldap: Allows you t
o [2003/10/19] ports/58263 ports-bugs  New port: misc/sonytv
o [2003/10/20] misc/58272              [patch] rc.d/diskless detection, dhcp reb
o [2003/10/20] ports/58289 dirk        www/httrack port fails with Floating poin
o [2003/10/20] bin/58293               vi replace with CR (ASCII 13) doesn't wor
o [2003/10/21] ports/58343 ports-bugs  New port: sysutils/dc42wrap
o [2003/10/21] ports/58360 orion       port mbone/rat has an update available
o [2003/10/22] ports/58365 pat         port security/gtk-knocker update
o [2003/10/22] misc/58373  mckusick    ufs inconsistency between 4.9-RC and 5.1
o [2003/10/22] ports/58385 cy          [PATCH] misc/screen: Utilize EXAMPLESDIR
o [2003/10/22] ports/58386 ume         [PATCH] sysutils/gkrellm2: Utilize EXAMPL
o [2003/10/22] ports/58387 mharo       [PATCH] security/sudo: Utilize EXAMPLESDI
o [2003/10/22] bin/58390               bsdlabel fails to display an error messag
o [2003/10/22] ports/58399 ports-bugs  New port: java/phpeclipse - PHP Eclipse a
o [2003/10/22] ports/58400 ports-bugs  New port: java/phpeclipse_sql - PHPEclips
o [2003/10/22] ports/58401 ports-bugs  New port: java/phpeclipse_tidy - PHPEclip
o [2003/10/22] ports/58402 ports-bugs  New port: java/phpeclipse_phphelp - PHP a
o [2003/10/22] ports/58407 tobez       upgrade p5-Template-Toolkit to 2.10
o [2003/10/23] ports/58415 mharo       [PATCH] Support for Mysql4client and Open
o [2003/10/23] ports/58417 ports-bugs  New port mail/postfixadmin
o [2003/10/23] ports/58440 cjh         korean/ami: fix libintl dependency => avo
o [2003/10/23] ports/58451 ports-bugs  Update port: print/foomatic-db to 2003102
o [2003/10/23] ports/58459 cjh         ports/net/ztelnet build problem
f [2003/10/23] ports/58460 linimon     Update port: print/foomatic-filters to 20
o [2003/10/23] ports/58469 ports-bugs  [Update] Port: net/dclib to 0.2.20
o [2003/10/24] ports/58479 ports-bugs  mSQL does not compile using bison(1)
o [2003/10/24] bin/58483               [PATCH] allows type special or node relat
f [2003/10/24] kern/58491              Kernel panic when loading amr driver
o [2003/10/24] kern/58497              sysctl knob to return current process' ji
o [2003/10/24] ports/58501 roam        Maintainer update: cc65 port updated to 2
o [2003/10/25] ports/58512 mat         Update port: www/phpnuke
o [2003/10/25] kern/58515              [patch] Header fixes for !__GNUC__ compil
f [2003/10/25] ports/58516 ports-bugs  Update port: devel/asmutils
f [2003/10/25] misc/58529              Patch for RDWR bpf in pcap.
o [2003/10/25] ports/58545 joerg       devel/avr-gcc: fix libintl and libiconv d
o [2003/10/25] ports/58553 ports-bugs  New Port: www/web-traceroute
o [2003/10/26] misc/58557              Summer/Winter-time change causes daily cr
o [2003/10/26] ports/58566 ports-bugs  New port: net/scr-ipfm
o [2003/10/26] ports/58569 markp       Update port: sysutils/ndir
o [2003/10/26] ports/58576 ports-bugs  new port editors/nxml-mode, mode for emac
f [2003/10/26] ports/58578 ports-bugs  new port: misc/kbedic, Bulgarian to Engli
o [2003/10/26] gnu/58583   kan         gcc.1, cpp.1 and gcov.1 manpages are outd
o [2003/10/26] docs/58586  doc         [patch] ng_one2many interface status requ
o [2003/10/27] conf/58595              Default NTP configuration
f [2003/10/27] ports/58601 pav         version bump for audio/xmms-pipe
o [2003/10/28] docs/58615  doc         update for Vinum chapter of Handbook: des
o [2003/10/28] kern/58634  phk         [PATCH] memory leak in geom_fox
o [2003/10/28] ports/58635 anders      [non maintainer update] www/mod_auth_pam:
o [2003/10/28] ports/58644 jedgar      Update emulators/sim to 3.0-2
o [2003/10/28] ports/58646 ports-bugs  New port: www/urchin, web traffic analysi
o [2003/10/28] ports/58653 trevor      [Ports Update]:: audio/fest* 1.4.1 -> 1.4
o [2003/10/28] gnu/58656               gdb not ready for prime time
o [2003/10/28] ports/58659 eik         mysql ports should set CONFLICTS
o [2003/10/28] ports/58661 ports-bugs  New port: www/mozex, external programs in
o [2003/10/28] ports/58662 ports-bugs  New port: www/preferential, GUI interface
o [2003/10/28] ports/58675 jedgar      non-maintainer-update: mail/grepmail to 5
o [2003/10/29] standards/58676standards   grantpt(3) alters storage used by ptsname
o [2003/10/29] conf/58680  dougb       [PATCH] RCNG: shouldn't ldconfig be start
o [2003/10/29] ports/58695 ports-bugs  new port: textproc/docbook-420
o [2003/10/29] bin/58696               /sbin/natd feature request & possible pat
o [2003/10/29] ports/58705 tobez       update net/p5-NetAddr-IP from 3.14 to 3.1
o [2003/10/29] ports/58707 ume         upgrade net/p5-Socket6 from 0.10 to 0.12
o [2003/10/29] ports/58709 ports-bugs  New port: net/ksambaplugin, a KDE 3.x Con
o [2003/10/30] docs/58710  doc         killpg(2) contains an error regarding sen
p [2003/10/30] ports/58715 sergei      [REPOCOPY] port MailScanner / new version
o [2003/10/30] ports/58716 jesper      ports/net/p5-Net-SSH-Perl fetch hangs
o [2003/10/30] bin/58730               [patch] "fortune -l ..." loops forever.
o [2003/10/31] ports/58767 ports-bugs  New Port: multimedia/eMovix, a mini linux
f [2003/10/31] ports/58774 mharo       Non-Maintainer-Update: ftp/proftpd update
o [2003/10/31] docs/58783  doc         crontab man could mention MAILTO supports
o [2003/10/31] i386/58784  i386        ATA DMA fails and vx0 creates panic
f [2003/10/31] ports/58785 ports-bugs  qcad build breaks
o [2003/10/31] ports/58786 portmgr     unbreak WANT_AUTOCONF_VER
o [2003/11/01] kern/58803              kern.argmax isn't changeable even at boot
p [2003/11/01] bin/58813   tjr         Incorrect behavour of sed(1)
o [2003/11/01] ports/58828 mita        patch to fix build of japanese/vflib
o [2003/11/02] ports/58839 ports-bugs  [PATCH] add gtk2 ability to games/freeciv
o [2003/11/02] ports/58847 ports-bugs  New port: french/mozilla-flp - Mozilla Fr
o [2003/11/03] bin/58893               OPIE implementation bug
o [2003/11/03] ports/58894 jmz         Fix of support for textproc/no-ispell, No
o [2003/11/03] misc/58900  schweikh    termcap is broken in 4.9-RELEASE
o [2003/11/04] ports/58924 tobez       Update port: devel/p5-Clone
o [2003/11/04] ports/58926 obrien      latest port of editors/vim has problem dr
o [2003/11/04] bin/58939               dumb little hack for /etc/rc.firewall{,6}
o [2003/11/04] ports/58945 ports-bugs  [PATCH] www/jetspeed: use apache mirrors
o [2003/11/04] ports/58946 znerd       [PATCH] www/jakarta-jmeter: update to 1.9
o [2003/11/04] ports/58948 sergei      new port: sysutils/apan, a tool for integ
o [2003/11/04] ports/58952 cy          [PATCH] Unbreake security/pam_krb5 with h
o [2003/11/05] ports/58954 billf       Update port: net/ethereal to 0.9.16
f [2003/11/05] ports/58968 petef       An update for the mail/maildrop port
o [2003/11/05] bin/58970               truss coredumps for the no significant re
o [2003/11/06] misc/58992  fenner      libpcap has BIOCGDLTLIST stuff but no DLT
o [2003/11/06] ports/58993 demon       ports/net/rrdtool does not need USE_GMAKE
o [2003/11/06] ports/59024 mph         math/xgfe: update to 2.1 and improve on 5
o [2003/11/07] bin/59036               Possible patch for PR's bin/56166 and bin
o [2003/11/07] docs/59044  doc does not properly handle a
o [2003/11/07] ports/59047 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] multimedia/freevo: Freevo is a
o [2003/11/08] ports/59058 portmgr     [PATCH] cleanup
o [2003/11/08] ports/59059 ports-bugs  New port: x11/silo: a simple X11 launcher
f [2003/11/08] ports/59060 ports-bugs  New port: deskutils/karmack
o [2003/11/08] ports/59061 ports-bugs  Error in NeverwinterNights install
o [2003/11/08] kern/59067              [patch] PS/2 mouse unstable
o [2003/11/08] ports/59070 portmgr     [PATCH] unexpected features 
o [2003/11/08] ports/59071 pat         [PATCH] games/q3server-ut: FIX BROKEN. ma
p [2003/11/09] bin/59078   re          [patch] Fix greek support in sysinstall a
o [2003/11/09] ports/59083 petef       [PATCH] ftp/p5-Net-FTPServer: Fix for per
o [2003/11/09] ports/59091 adrian      [PATCH] www/squid: major overhaul and upd
o [2003/11/09] ports/59094 ports-bugs  [new port] www/mod_extract_forwarded2: mo
o [2003/11/10] ports/59114 ports-bugs  New Port: net/gyach, a Yahoo! chat progra
o [2003/11/10] bin/59144               [patch] Allow a trailing / for mount -u t
o [2003/11/10] i386/59147  i386        USB active extension cable not recognized
o [2003/11/10] ports/59153 cy          [PATCH] x11-wm/fvwm2 cannot correctly dis
o [2003/11/10] ports/59154 cy          [PATCH] x11-wm/fvwm2-devel cannot correct
o [2003/11/10] ports/59157 ports-bugs  [New Port]:: www/moregroupware
o [2003/11/10] ports/59162 portmgr add-plist-info executes too 
o [2003/11/10] ports/59163 edwin       [patch] www/mod_dav - fix symlink problem
o [2003/11/10] ports/59165 cy          fvwm2 port glitches/bugs
o [2003/11/11] ports/59168 ports-bugs  ports/lang/gauche does not install info f
o [2003/11/11] kern/59169  joe         ulpt is missing read operation
o [2003/11/11] ports/59171 dirk        [non-maintainer] delete port databases/xm
o [2003/11/11] ports/59176 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/zope-archetypes
o [2003/11/11] ports/59180 krion       [NEW PORT] net/arpwatch-devel
o [2003/11/11] ports/59194 portmgr     proposal of two new port CATEGORIES: loca
o [2003/11/11] kern/59205  grog        vinum doesn't check whether strip size is
o [2003/11/12] bin/59207               uustat list limit of 201 jobs
o [2003/11/12] kern/59208  matk        sound patch to reduce pops and crackles a
o [2003/11/12] ports/59213 ports-bugs  [PATCH] simplify pear-* ports
f [2003/11/12] ports/59216 marcus      UPDATE PORT: zenity
o [2003/11/12] ports/59218 demon       x11-wm/afterstep-stable fails to be insta
o [2003/11/12] bin/59220   obrien      systat(1) device select (:only) broken
o [2003/11/12] ports/59221 ports-bugs  New port: news/fidogate-ds. A fresh branc
o [2003/11/12] ports/59226 portmgr     [patch] two small additions to ports/Tool
s [2003/11/12] ports/59239 ports-bugs  new port audio/tse3, a midi library
o [2003/11/12] ports/59242 portmgr MYSQL_VER - beautify with ".
s [2003/11/12] ports/59243 ports-bugs  new port audio/anthem, a KDE midi sequenc
f [2003/11/13] ports/59254 eik         ports that write something after bsd.port
o [2003/11/13] ports/59272 portmgr     [patch] add errortype column to bento "ne
o [2003/11/13] ports/59273 lioux       multimedia/goggles 0.56 port not configur
o [2003/11/14] kern/59289              [PATH] ioctl METEORGBRIG in bktr_core.c f
o [2003/11/14] kern/59291  deischen    [PATCH] pthread patch committed earlier i
o [2003/11/14] ports/59292 demon       dvips one line paper sizes broken?
o [2003/11/14] ports/59293 ports-bugs  New port: deskutils/journal is a tool for
o [2003/11/14] ports/59297 x11         RADEON 7500 Warning message
o [2003/11/15] docs/59305  doc         [PATCH] The basics chapter of the Handboo
o [2003/11/15] www/59307   www         [patch] xml/xsl'ify & update publications
o [2003/11/15] ports/59313 mbr         [patch] Update to graphics/jpgtn port
o [2003/11/15] ports/59315 portmgr fix RANDOMIZE_MASTER_SITES=y
o [2003/11/16] bin/59320               Using ls -h (on FBSD 5.x) causes unaligne
o [2003/11/16] misc/59347              Add Bacula to /etc/services
o [2003/11/16] ports/59357 linimon     [repocopy request] several ports to move 
o [2003/11/16] ports/59358 tobez       Update port: math/p5-Statistics-ChiSquare
o [2003/11/16] ports/59362 portmgr     [patch] add new Makevar DEPRECATED to bsd
o [2003/11/17] ports/59370 edwin       sysutils/xw: Schedule for removal
o [2003/11/17] ports/59371 ports-bugs  new port: net/smb4k, KDE SMB network brow
f [2003/11/17] ports/59391 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] www/mod_perl2: update to 1.9
o [2003/11/17] ports/59392 portmgr add filesize field in distin
o [2003/11/17] ports/59401 seanc       [MAINTAINER] databases/postgresql-tcltk: 
o [2003/11/18] ports/59416 ports-bugs  New port: www/mod_limitipconn2
o [2003/11/18] ports/59422 ports-bugs  new port:  ports/sysutils/coreutils
o [2003/11/18] bin/59423               [PATCH] ps: show 'sid' keyword in '-j'
o [2003/11/18] ports/59426 ports-bugs  [Fix Port]:: net/psi Fix the support of g
o [2003/11/18] ports/59428 ports-bugs  New port: misc/pcgen (Java-based RPG char
o [2003/11/18] ports/59445 ports-bugs  snort bug: "make WITH_MYSQL=yes" appears 
o [2003/11/18] ports/59453 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] german/de-geonext: Interactive
o [2003/11/19] ports/59454 sergei      [REPOCOPY] mail/MailScanner-devel: A powe
o [2003/11/19] kern/59455              lock order reversal
f [2003/11/19] ports/59460 ports-bugs  Update port: mail/dcc-dccd to 1.2.14
o [2003/11/19] docs/59477  doc         Outdated Info Documents at
o [2003/11/19] ports/59479 ports-bugs  Build depends not checked properly for
o [2003/11/19] ports/59485 sergei      [NEW PORT] net/nrpe2: Nagios Remote Plugi
o [2003/11/19] ports/59489 ports-bugs  sysutils/pear-Log: upgrading to 1.8.0.
o [2003/11/19] ports/59496 ports-bugs  New Port: x11/gtk-smooth-engine
o [2003/11/20] ports/59527 ports-bugs  [New Port]:: net/wistumbler2   WiStumbler
o [2003/11/20] bin/59530               strange bug in /bin/sh
o [2003/11/20] ports/59537 mat         update port: net/p5-Net-CIDR
o [2003/11/21] bin/59551               Problem with GDB on latest -CURRENT
o [2003/11/21] ports/59553 demon       teTeX installs texdoctk without depending
o [2003/11/21] www/59555   www         News item for addition
o [2003/11/21] bin/59564               Added an option (-S) to from command to a
o [2003/11/21] docs/59565  doc         [PATCH] FAQ doesn't cover definition of g
s [2003/11/21] bin/59569               nullfs gives fts_read problem with du(1)
o [2003/11/21] ports/59571 znerd       improvements of www/jakarta-tomcat4[1] Ma
f [2003/11/21] ports/59573 ports-bugs  outdated version of audio/id3lib
o [2003/11/22] ports/59588 sergei      [NEW PORT] sysutils/userneu-devel: Accoun
o [2003/11/22] ports/59599 dwcjr       Update add conflicts to the samba-* ports
o [2003/11/22] i386/59600  i386        [PATCH] Improved us.emacs.kbd mapping
f [2003/11/23] ports/59603 ports-bugs  [maintainer fix] www/mod_layout: (hopeful
f [2003/11/23] ports/59607 sergei      Update port: devel/cxxtest  3.0.1 -> 3.7.
o [2003/11/23] kern/59624              [PATCH] HightPoint HPT371 support for Fre
o [2003/11/23] ports/59626 portmgr     [PATCH] more informat
o [2003/11/23] ports/59628 ports-bugs  [non maintainer] multimedia/beep-media-pl
o [2003/11/23] ports/59630 ports-bugs  lang/php4: PHP configuration options add 
o [2003/11/23] ports/59632 ports-bugs  lang/php5: PHP configuration options add 
o [2003/11/24] ports/59637 ports-bugs  [patch] emulators/generator: Force use of
o [2003/11/24] ports/59643 lioux       add more function to qmail mailer.conf
o [2003/11/24] ports/59646 ports-bugs  Update port: graphics/sane-backends to 1.
o [2003/11/24] docs/59649  doc         Outdated 4.4BSD Documents at http://docs.
o [2003/11/24] ports/59651 portmgr     Remove last remaining COMMENT files from 
a [2003/11/24] ports/59657 trevor      emulators/linux_base-8 cpio for install w
o [2003/11/24] ports/59664 ports-bugs  New Port: japanese/xlockmore - Xlockmore 
o [2003/11/25] docs/59669  doc         gethostbyname2() man-page states that onl
o [2003/11/25] ports/59670 ports-bugs  Update port: emulators/linux-ePSXe to 1.6
o [2003/11/25] ports/59671 ports-bugs  Update port: emulators/linux-peops-softgp
o [2003/11/25] ports/59672 ports-bugs  Update port: emulators/linux-peops-spu to
o [2003/11/25] ports/59673 ports-bugs  Update port: emulators/linux-pete-mesagpu
o [2003/11/25] bin/59674               typo in contrib/tcp_wrappers/socket.c
o [2003/11/25] ports/59675 mat         Maintainer Update: net/p5-IO-INET6 to ver
o [2003/11/25] ports/59678 ports-bugs  [new port] games/ssamtse - Serious Sam: T
o [2003/11/25] ports/59682 knu         portupgrade uses ports when you want it t
o [2003/11/25] ports/59692 jmz         The download location for igerman98 in is
o [2003/11/25] ports/59695 ade         [PATCH] devel/gmake: add two patches to a
o [2003/11/25] ports/59696 portmgr change `ls' with `pkg_info -
o [2003/11/26] kern/59698              Rework of ukbd HID to AT code translation
o [2003/11/26] ports/59699 demon       [PATCH] databases/mysql-navigator: fix bu
o [2003/11/26] ports/59706 nobutaka    [non-maintainer] fix multimedia/libxine t
o [2003/11/26] bin/59708               [patch] add sSMTP support for Mail select
f [2003/11/26] ports/59717 pav         extended Daemon theme
o [2003/11/26] ports/59720 ports-bugs  www/apache2: ab fails with Undefined symb
o [2003/11/27] ports/59724 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] net/aMule (supersedes ports/59
o [2003/11/27] ports/59726 pav         [MAINTAINER] net/roadrunner: Mark as BROK
o [2003/11/27] bin/59730               isdnd crashes with signal 11 if cannot cr
o [2003/11/27] ports/59731 mikeh       irc/lirc daemon "could not assign address
o [2003/11/27] kern/59732              acpi causes boot to hang
o [2003/11/27] ports/59734 ports-bugs  [patch] clean orphaned ports in misc cate
o [2003/11/27] docs/59735  kensmith    Adding a reference to Icelandic Rsync
o [2003/11/27] docs/59736  kensmith    Updating size of archives
o [2003/11/27] kern/59739              rmdir(2) and mkdir(2) both return EISDIR 
o [2003/11/27] ports/59744 knu         Patch: Convert 8 Ruby Gnome2 ports to use
o [2003/11/28] ports/59757 ports-bugs  Update port: japanese/xshodo
f [2003/11/28] ports/59767 ports-bugs  Update print/phppdflib to 2.6
o [2003/11/28] bin/59768               patch: devfs_link in rc.subr creates link
o [2003/11/28] bin/59772               ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: support for tcp_wrappe
o [2003/11/28] bin/59773               ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: IP address of the clie
o [2003/11/28] bin/59774               ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: syslog facility may be
o [2003/11/28] bin/59775               ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: incorrect reply for "u
o [2003/11/28] bin/59776               ftpd(8)/FreeBSD 5: PAM "session" code is 
o [2003/11/29] ports/59788 knu         sysutils/portupgrade ignores line breaks 
o [2003/11/29] ports/59793 ports-bugs  New port: chinese/mingunittf
f [2003/11/29] ports/59795 ports-bugs  [maintainer update] deskutils/dragstack t
o [2003/11/29] standards/59797standards   Implement C99's round[f]() math fucntions
o [2003/11/29] misc/59799              New locale: zh_HK.Big5HKSCS
o [2003/11/29] ports/59802 linimon     [patch] make devel/py-ncurses depend on d
o [2003/11/29] i386/59806  i386        [patch] Suspend/resume breaks em0
o [2003/11/29] ports/59807 petef       [patch] add mysql support to maildrop
o [2003/11/29] ports/59811 portmgr     speed up GNU configure ( patch
o [2003/11/29] ports/59813 sergei      New port: mail/mixmaster anonymous remail
o [2003/11/29] kern/59814              FreeBSD mknod refuses to create pipes and
o [2003/11/29] ports/59815 ports-bugs  Update port: japanese/cal.rb to 1.16
o [2003/11/30] ports/59817 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] irc/srvx: Srvx IRC services
o [2003/11/30] ports/59819 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: deskutils/gdesklets-sensor-psi_
o [2003/11/30] ports/59820 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: deskutils/gdesklets-sensor-psi_
o [2003/11/30] ports/59821 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: mail/gdesklets-sensor-psi_popma
o [2003/11/30] ports/59822 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: net/gdesklets-sensor-psi_ping-0
o [2003/11/30] ports/59823 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: deskutils/gdesklets-sensor-psi_
o [2003/11/30] ports/59824 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: sysutils/gdesklets-sensor-psi_m
o [2003/11/30] ports/59825 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: deskutils/gdesklets-sensor-psi_
o [2003/11/30] ports/59826 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: deskutils/gdesklets-sensor-psi_
o [2003/11/30] ports/59827 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: deskutils/gdesklets-sensor-psi_
o [2003/11/30] ports/59828 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: sysutils/gdesklets-sensor-psi_d
o [2003/11/30] ports/59829 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: sysutils/gdesklets-sensor-psi_c
o [2003/11/30] ports/59830 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: deskutils/gdesklets-psi_themes-
o [2003/11/30] ports/59831 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: deskutils/gdesklets-psi_display
o [2003/11/30] ports/59832 seanc       Upgrade of jabber-aim to version 20030314
o [2003/11/30] docs/59835  doc         ipfw(8) man page does not warn about acce
o [2003/11/30] ports/59837 erwin       Update graphics/p5-Image-Info to version 
o [2003/11/30] ports/59842 mikeh       Update port: comms/lirc
o [2003/11/30] ports/59850 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] devel/cpan-upload: Script for 
o [2003/11/30] ports/59852 tobez       [PATCH] devel/p5-BSD-Resource: update to 
o [2003/11/30] i386/59854  i386        System panics when AGP device is loaded
o [2003/11/30] ports/59855 billf       [PATCH] ethereal-0.9.16 uses adns
o [2003/11/30] ports/59859 scrappy     [PATCH] converters/p5-Convert-ASN1: updat
o [2003/11/30] ports/59860 mharo       [PATCH] security/p5-Crypt-RSA: update to 
o [2003/11/30] ports/59861 ports-bugs  New port: net/mu-conference, jabber-mu-co
f [2003/11/30] ports/59862 ports-bugs  update sysutils/LPRng to 3.8.23, also fix
f [2003/11/30] ports/59863 ports-bugs  [non maintainer] Unbreak graphics/evolvot
o [2003/12/01] ports/59867 znerd       change port revision of java/linux-ibm-jd
o [2003/12/01] ports/59871 ports-bugs  Maintainer update: security/doscan to ver
o [2003/12/01] ports/59872 obrien      bash2 should permit the user to install d
o [2003/12/01] ports/59874 ports-bugs  New Port: sysutils/luma, GUI for LDAP ser
f [2003/12/01] ports/59875 ports-bugs  ports/misc/gnuls -l failed with "Segmenta
o [2003/12/01] bin/59883               divert cannot be renamed in FreeBSD m4
o [2003/12/01] ports/59884 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] devel/py23-omniorb: update t
o [2003/12/02] docs/59900  kuriyama    out of date README.txt and .message files
o [2003/12/02] ports/59902 ports-bugs  Update port: emulators/quasi88 (0.4.5 => 
o [2003/12/02] kern/59903              "pci_find_device" returns [only/at] the f
o [2003/12/02] ports/59906 dirk        port dns/ddclient ' stop' comm
o [2003/12/02] ports/59907 sergei      New port: dns/updatedd -- Dynamic DNS Cli
o [2003/12/02] ports/59909 portmgr     patch to obviate many PLIST files
o [2003/12/02] ports/59915 pav         New Port: audio/audacity-devel (Developme
o [2003/12/02] ports/59916 sergei      New port: sysutils/pipemeter
f [2003/12/03] kern/59917  sos         ata reset update in ATAng
o [2003/12/03] ports/59918 sergei      [maintainer update] security/fwbuilder to
o [2003/12/03] bin/59922               Toshiba Portege hangs with Eicon DIVA T/A
o [2003/12/03] ports/59926 sergei      maintainer update postfix-current
f [2003/12/03] ports/59927 pav         [Port Update]:: graphics/blender-devel 2.
o [2003/12/03] ports/59928 pav         Maintainer-update Gurlchecker 0.6.3
o [2003/12/03] ports/59933 mita        update misc/magicpoint to 1.10a
o [2003/12/03] kern/59934  acpi-jp     Cardbus won't work if ACPI is enabled on 
o [2003/12/03] kern/59937              spelling mistake in mount_nullfs(8) manpa
f [2003/12/04] ports/59941 pav         [update] graphics/gqview-devel
o [2003/12/04] ports/59953 nbm         [Update] misc/achievo to 1.0.0
o [2003/12/04] ports/59955 cy          net/ntp improvements
o [2003/12/04] ports/59956 sergei      ports/devel/porttools depends on ports/de
f [2003/12/04] ports/59960 pav         [PATCH] net/naim: update to
o [2003/12/04] ports/59961 seanc       Jabber deamon won't run if hostname is mi
o [2003/12/04] ports/59964 linimon     Update and take maintainer-ship of all cl
o [2003/12/04] ports/59968 nbm         Update port: databases/phppgadmin New ver
o [2003/12/05] www/59972   www         [patch] press: add article
o [2003/12/05] ports/59976 ports-bugs  upgrade ports/print/t1utils to 1.29
o [2003/12/05] ports/59984 ports-bugs  [update orphaned port] net/pygopherd: upd
o [2003/12/05] ports/59985 pat         [PATCH] mail/wmmaiload: update to 0.10.0
o [2003/12/05] ports/59986 pat         [PATCH] x11-clocks/wmclockmon: update to 
o [2003/12/06] docs/59991  doc         diff manpage lacks a return value section
o [2003/12/06] ports/59992 ports-bugs  Version update to hevea port
o [2003/12/06] ports/59996 ports-bugs  [New Port] Cacti 0.8.4
o [2003/12/06] ports/59998 sergei      [maintainer update] security/libfwbuilder
o [2003/12/06] ports/60000 pat         Update port: x11-clocks/wmclockmon
o [2003/12/06] ports/60001 pat         Update port: mail/wmmaiload
o [2003/12/06] ports/60002 pat         Update port: sysutils/wmmemload
f [2003/12/07] ports/60019 linimon     The ports devel/py-orbit2 and devel/py-om
o [2003/12/07] bin/60026               [patch] Fix typo in malloc() size computa
o [2003/12/07] ports/60031 ports-bugs  [New Port] www/emp [Supercedes: ports/585
o [2003/12/07] ports/60036 znerd       [maintainer update]www/jakarta-tomcat5 to
o [2003/12/08] ports/60042 ports-bugs  New port: Text manipulation and autodetec
o [2003/12/08] docs/60044  doc         [patch] Add signal numbers to signal(3)
o [2003/12/08] docs/60049  doc         [patch] suggestion for advanced-network/c
o [2003/12/08] ports/60053 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER UPDATE] New versions of sprea
o [2003/12/08] docs/60058  doc         [patch] handbook: correct wrong reference
o [2003/12/08] ports/60059 ports-bugs  the permission of /var/log/maillog on 5.2
f [2003/12/09] ports/60063 ports-bugs  Port Update: netmask-2.3.7 to netmask-2.4
o [2003/12/09] ports/60064 linimon     [maintainer] Update graphics/hpoj to 0.91
o [2003/12/09] ports/60067 dinoex needs to check for /lib/li
p [2003/12/09] docs/60068  dds         stat(2) man page does not mention sticky(
o [2003/12/09] bin/60079               realpath(3) accepts zero size symbolic li
f [2003/12/09] ports/60086 pav         fix for lang/schemetoc
o [2003/12/09] ports/60087 ports-bugs  New port: iiimf-*
o [2003/12/09] docs/60088  doc         [PATCH] add additional MLINKS for rman(9)
o [2003/12/09] kern/60089  scottl      UDF filesystem appends garbage to files
o [2003/12/09] ports/60093 ports-bugs  [New Port] Perl module : sysutils/p5-File
f [2003/12/09] ports/60095 pav         [maintainer update] net/wmnet2
o [2003/12/09] ports/60098 eik         [NEW PORT] databases/db42: The Berkeley D
o [2003/12/09] kern/60099  jmg         Fix suspend and resume on USB ohci contro
o [2003/12/09] conf/60106              /etc/hosts mentions AfriNIC which does no
o [2003/12/10] docs/60107  doc         [PATCH] update sample code in PCI driver 
o [2003/12/10] ports/60108 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] devel/ace+tao: The Adaptive Co
o [2003/12/10] ports/60113 ports-bugs  [maintainer update] prelude ports suite (
o [2003/12/10] ports/60123 ports-bugs  mplayer won't compile on -CURRENT
o [2003/12/10] ports/60130 ports-bugs  Update ports: japanese/yc.el
o [2003/12/10] kern/60131              Page fault on disconnect of USB device
o [2003/12/11] ports/60134 anders      www/mod_auth_pam marked broken but does c
o [2003/12/11] ports/60150 ports-bugs  Update: to net/cricket to version 1.0.4 (
o [2003/12/11] ports/60151 steve       [patch] devel/pmake: Update to 2.1.36
o [2003/12/11] kern/60156              patches for aue usb ethernet driver to re
p [2003/12/11] docs/60158  maxim       [PATCH] correct spelling in ata(4)
o [2003/12/11] ports/60162 linimon     Update of Icarus Verilog to 2003-12-02 sn
o [2003/12/11] ports/60164 ports-bugs  New Port: quftp-1.0.7
o [2003/12/11] ports/60166 ports-bugs  New Port: readline-4.3
o [2003/12/11] ports/60173 knu         [non-maintainer update] japanese/ruby-mec
o [2003/12/12] kern/60174              debugging a kernel module in load/attach 
o [2003/12/12] ports/60179 ports-bugs  update port www/mod_fastcgi
o [2003/12/12] ports/60181 petef       update to dailystrips port
o [2003/12/12] kern/60183              No WCCPv2 support in gre
o [2003/12/12] ports/60185 ports-bugs  [New Port] www/w3-emacs21 WWW browser bas
o [2003/12/12] docs/60186  doc         [patch] Addition of new section to mail c
o [2003/12/12] ports/60188 ports-bugs  [maintainer update]: www/notftp support f
o [2003/12/12] ports/60192 ports-bugs  games/pinball: upgrading to 0.3.1.
o [2003/12/12] ports/60195 ports-bugs  New port: pear-HTTP_Session: OO interface
o [2003/12/12] ports/60196 ports-bugs  New port: pear-HTTP_Upload: Easy and secu
o [2003/12/12] ports/60197 ports-bugs  New port: pear-HTTP: PEAR miscellaneous H
o [2003/12/12] ports/60198 ports-bugs  New port: pear-HTTP_Header: PEAR OO-Inter
o [2003/12/13] ports/60203 ports-bugs  [japanese/emacs21-emcws] emcws patch is u
o [2003/12/13] ports/60204 ports-bugs  [New Port]:: www/drupal 4.3.1 Update & Fi
o [2003/12/13] kern/60218              [PATCH] HPT302 ATA133 Support for 4.9-STA
o [2003/12/13] ports/60220 ports-bugs  Update port: graphics/linux-ac3d
o [2003/12/13] ports/60223 ports-bugs  New Port: mtxorbd
o [2003/12/14] ports/60225 ports-bugs  New port: japanese/wikicker
o [2003/12/14] ports/60227 gnome       [UPDATE] Update x11-toolkits/gtk-sharp to
o [2003/12/14] ports/60228 gnome       [UPDATE] Update lang/mono to 0.29
o [2003/12/14] ports/60233 dirk        [patch] cdrtools: priority conflicts with
o [2003/12/14] ports/60242 ports-bugs  New port: A server for the linux network 
o [2003/12/14] misc/60243              Problem in calling kpathsea library from 
o [2003/12/15] kern/60248              Problem with USB printer HP LaserJet 1300
o [2003/12/15] ports/60253 ports-bugs  problem with compiling gnokii port (portu
o [2003/12/15] ports/60254 ports-bugs  net/samba-devel port with libiconv troubl
o [2003/12/15] ports/60255 ports-bugs  net/ethereal 0.9.14 -> 0.10.0a & GTK2 (pl
o [2003/12/15] ports/60257 krion       New port: net/silc-toolkit
o [2003/12/15] ports/60258 ports-bugs  Maintainer Update: games/ninix-aya to 2.4
o [2003/12/15] ports/60261 ports-bugs  [maintainer update] devel/libvanessa_*: u
o [2003/12/15] ports/60262 eik         fetchmail-6.2.5 with APOP: "cannot get a 
o [2003/12/15] ports/60263 ports-bugs  [maintainer update] mail/perdition: updat
o [2003/12/15] ports/60264 ports-bugs  [maintainer-update] remove workaround for
o [2003/12/15] ports/60265 krion       Update port: audio/abcmidi to 2003.12.07
o [2003/12/15] ports/60266 krion       Update port: games/gltron to 0.70
o [2003/12/15] ports/60267 krion       Update port: graphics/gifmerge
o [2003/12/15] ports/60268 krion       Update port: graphics/gnofract4d to 1.9
o [2003/12/15] ports/60269 krion       Update port: graphics/imlib2 to 1.1.0
o [2003/12/15] ports/60270 krion       Update port: graphics/panorama
o [2003/12/15] ports/60271 krion       Update port: graphics/sdl_gfx to 2.0.10
o [2003/12/15] ports/60272 krion       Update port: misc/aclgen
o [2003/12/15] ports/60273 krion       Update port: net/everybuddy to ayttm 0.4.
o [2003/12/15] ports/60274 krion       Update port: x11-toolkits/gtkstep

2458 problems total.

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