Installing FreeBSD 4.8 on an NT 4 System

Mark Valentine mark at
Wed Aug 20 19:57:42 PDT 2003

> From: veltman at ("Harry Veltman")
> Date: Wed 20 Aug, 2003
> Subject: Installing FreeBSD 4.8 on an NT 4 System

> After doing so, it displays a "$" sign and a blinking space which waits
> for me to enter a command,

Congratulations on your successful installation of FreeBSD!

> but I have no clue


> what it wants me to enter.

That's a bit like "Liv Tyler walked into my home, took all her clothes off
and lay on my bed, but I have no clue what she wants me to enter."  ;-)

> If I enter / is states "permission is denied."

Try this command instead:

  $ echo crezvffvba tenagrq | tr '[a-mn-z]' '[n-za-m]'

> I have installed Windows NT 4 many times, and it works.

Lucky you.  I had to install a third party package called "Cygwin" before
I could even get it to display the "$" sign, and even then it worked very



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