Two problems with 4.8

David Schultz das at FreeBSD.ORG
Tue Apr 8 18:40:52 PDT 2003

On Sat, Apr 05, 2003, Robin Carey wrote:
> 1) There are quite a few warnings produced when compiling a
> Kernel, which is surely a Bad Thing (tm).

Most of them don't represent real problems, but it wouldn't be a
bad idea to clean some of them up.

> 2) I don't know a lot about ``ISO C99'' but according to
> Slackware-8.1 <stdint.h> is part of the standard; FreeBSD-4.8 only
> has <inttypes.h>. And from what little I know about ``ISO C99''
> the uint*_t types defined by FreeBSD-4.8 <inttypes.h> should
> actually be defined in <stdint.h>. That's how its done on
> Slackware-8.1.

FreeBSD 5.0 and higher have a C99-compliant stdint.h.

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