PRs recommended for committer evaluation by the bugbusting team

FreeBSD bugmaster bugmaster at
Mon May 28 12:25:37 UTC 2007

This is an experimental weekly posting from the bugbusting team containing
PRs that we think are ready for evaluation by any interested committer.
The idea is to try to match up people who are interested in going through
the PRs with committers that are interested in helping.  It is generated
from the file /home/linimon/public_html/recommended.prs on freefall.

This is intended to be a low-volume posting to see if we can get more people
interested in bugbusting without being overwhelmed by the other weekly

Please give feedback on this report to linimon at  Thanks.

   25986 andre    kern     patched   serious   high     current-us Socket would hang at LAST_ACK forever.
   70610 freebsd- kern     open      non-criti low      current-us [speaker] [patch] spkr(4): hardcoded assumption HZ == 100
   84740 tjr      kern     patched   serious   medium   current-us [libc] regcomp("\254") fails
   88486 freebsd- bin      open      non-criti low      current-us [patch] make periodic(8) quiet (configurable) when no output was generated
   98015 freebsd- kern     patched   non-criti low      current-us [bfe] [patch] bfe(4): double free in error handling path.
  102211 sos      kern     open      serious   high     current-us [ar] [patch] detach raid member and reboot will cause panic (ICH7)
  102653 andre    kern     patched   serious   medium   current-us [tcp] TCP stack sends infinite retries for connection in LAST_ACK state
  104875 sos      kern     patched   non-criti low      current-us [ata] unsupported intel Desktop Board DG965WH
  105964 rodrigc  kern     patched   non-criti low      current-us [msdosfs] Make MSDOSFS_LARGE a mount option
  112089 freebsd- kern     patched   serious   medium   current-us [re] [patch] re(4) only works after a lot of patching on ASUS P5B motherboard

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