per-user send-pr defaults: ~/.send-pr.rc?

Mark Linimon linimon at
Thu Apr 29 09:28:51 PDT 2004

On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, Ceri Davies wrote:

> I'm slightly uncomfortable with allowing users to specify a default
> priority and severity, but those fields are becoming useless anyway so
> this may not be too much of an issue - I need to think about that a bit.

Many people assign unsuitable values to these fields.  Unless someone
wants to do some kind of enforcement effort (code to say "if Foo says
it, it's really a priority, if Bar says it, it's not") these fields
should just be suppressed.

DES has argued that they are meaningless at this point and should just
be dropped.  I disagreed with him when he last posted it but at this
point I've changed my mind -- the time spent trying to bring sense to
the current state of these fields in the database would be much better
spent just fixing the PRs.

The only alternative I would see is to go through and reset everything
to, e.g., non-critical, and start enforcing people to choose appropriate
values as they come in.  I'm not volunteering for this, I have too many
other projects, and unless someone comes forward pretty quickly to do
something like that, I'd just say drop 'em.


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