Keyboard - how?

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sun Dec 27 18:22:23 UTC 2009

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            Iain Hibbert <plunky at> writes:
: On Sun, 27 Dec 2009, M. Warner Losh wrote:
: > What finally made it work was stupidly simple...
: >
: > On my apple keyboard, I turned it on, typed 9 8 7 6 return and then
: > things started working.  I'm typing this right now from the keyboard.
: Heh, I've been away but was just going to suggest that reading your
: mails..
: btw a few words on security (though the scenario where somebody uses this
: information and tracks you down to interfere with your system seems pretty
: unlikely :)
: - now that you have posted the PIN you used and bdaddr of your device, you
:   might want to re-pair with a different (more secure) PIN as I think the
:   link key may be derivable

Actually I faked both when I posted it.  Most devices don't have c0:ed
at the end, and my certainly don't :)

: - Not sure but I think that the keyboard will probably force auth and
:   encryption when making connections. The FreeBSD stack does not have a
:   way to do this except globally so unless you have the auth or
:   encrypt flags set (see hccontrol(8)) then a remote device can
:   break right in

That's good to know.  I think that I have these set...

: - IMO the PIN should be ephemeral and use-once so when you are paired you
:   should remove it from the config file or at least comment it out

The whole pairing thing is kind of ugly atm in FreeBSD.  I used big
hammers, I think, to make it work.  In other OSes, I just see what is
discoverable, click a couple of times, maybe enter a PIN and I then
promptly forget about it until I have to 'unpair'.

: > Now, I guess the next step would be to find the bt mouse I have and
: > try to get it going as well...
: that is probably fixed pin 0000 if not in the documentation

Yes, it is :)  The default is to no pin, so it wasn't authenticating.

: > This is my second favorite keyboard ever.
: How is the keypress feel?  I've not had a go on one of those, but I have
: an original apple bluetooth keyboard (white with clear undershell, full
: sized with num keypad) that works well though a smaller one might be
: interesting.

It is ok.  Not as good as the happy hacking keyboard, but certainly
nice enough to use.  Better than most to my feel, but ymmv.

btw, is there some way I can easily list the paired devices?


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