Bluetooth audio (once again)

Iain Hibbert plunky at
Wed Oct 8 18:03:00 UTC 2008

On Wed, 8 Oct 2008, Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:

> 2) license issues. bluez is gnu, which could be a problem. we could
> take a look at what netbsd does.

Well NetBSD has no A2DP support as yet

There is bthset(1) which is a small utility to talk to the command
part of a Headset profile, but the audio part is handled inside the kernel
by a btsco(4) audio device driver (so in effect, you can just use
/dev/audio1 to play audio). However, I don't think that is very easy to
port to FreeBSD because our audio(9) API is different. (Also bthset uses
libevent :)

Something that may be of more immediate use is a port of the hstest
program from BlueZ that I made when I was writing the SCO support for
NetBSD. It is attached for what its worth (GPL warning) and it should be
able to copy audio data in and out.

Another thing that might be of interest is the proof of concept bthfp
program I wrote to talk to a Handsfree profile (source at which alas also
uses libevent though I wrote a version that used select and the NetBSD
audio device directly (attached) but that doesn't always work properly
because our audio device framework won't properly handle errors from the
devices (eg disconnects)

So in summary, what NetBSD has is probably not of great use but may be
of some interest :)

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