playstation 3 remote

Kevin Downey redchin at
Sat Jun 21 07:15:31 UTC 2008

Ok, it seems like I wasn't holding "start" and "enter" down long
enough. Now I get output in
hcidump and hcicontrol. (I have remote in the bluetooth hosts file)

% sdpcontrol -a remote browse

Record Handle: 0x00010000
Service Class ID List:
	Human Interface Device (0x1124)
Protocol Descriptor List:
	L2CAP (0x0100)
		Protocol specific parameter #1: u/int/uuid16 17
	HIDP (0x0011)
Bluetooth Profile Descriptor List:
	Human Interface Device (0x1124) ver. 1.0

I cannot seem to keep the link up or pair or whatever. I get the
remote into "discoverable"  but
as soon as the "discoverable" times out sdpcontrol doesn't see it
anymore. I get the following in dmesg

 Jun 21 00:02:22 eskarina kernel: ng_l2cap_lp_discon_ind: ubt0l2cap -
unexpected LP_DisconnectInd event. Connection does not exist,

I am running 'hcsecd -d' and the only output is the Dummy device.

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