Puzzled about /etc/rc.d/bluetooth

ml-vic at de-martino.it ml-vic at de-martino.it
Fri Mar 23 10:13:47 UTC 2007

1) I read the handbook pages on how to configure bluetooth
and, going deeper into the subject I detected, as well as
the /etc/rc.bluetooth of the official docs, also a
/etc/rc.d/bluetooth file, used in the same way as the
/etc/rc.d/bluetooth start ubt0 

Which of the two should I use in 6.2?

2) Furthermore in a mail of announcement of introduction of
bluetooth integration into freebsd 6 I found that you can
configure also a device specific file whose template is in
/etc/default/bluetooth.device.conf to be modified and put in

ubt0.conf OR bluetooth.ubt0.conf? Which one?


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