USB Dongle

Maksim Yevmenkin maksim.yevmenkin at
Thu Apr 21 09:14:39 PDT 2005


please read bluetooth chapter in the freebsd handbook

all your questions and more are answered there.

> Max, thank you for your reply.  As you state, I must
> be doing something wrong because when I connect the
> dongle all I get in /var/log/messages is:
> Apr 21 04:39:37 toshi kernel: ugen0: 3Com Bluetooth
> USB dongle, rev 1.10/5.26, addr 2

well, you did not load ng_ubt(4) driver. ugen(4) is a *generic* usb 
device driver. it will attach to *any* usb device if no other driver 
claims it.

> As to rc.bluetooth in /usr/local/etc, I have no such
> file/script.  Must be I have something missing from my
> system that I have not installed?  Please point this
> out if it is the case and what steps I have to take to
> get it to work.

i just copied /usr/share/examples/netgraph/bluetooth/rc.bluetooth 
script. this is a generic script that will work for most bluetooth users.


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