The Bluetooth over Ambicom BT2000 CF adapter debug

Martes G Wigglesworth wigglesworth02 at
Wed Apr 20 14:16:25 PDT 2005

Hey, Makism:

I tried the extra device, "card" and it caused a bad compile, so I left
it out.  I added pcic, since that was the only attribute not present,
and have restarted.  

I have edited the appropriate sysctl options:

#> sudo sysctl -w hw.cardbus.debug=1
#hw.cardbus.debug: 0 -> 1
#> sudo sysctl -w hw.cardbus.cis_debug=1
#hw.cardbus.cis_debug: 0 -> 1
#> sudo sysctl -w hw.pccard.debug=1
#hw.pccard.debug: 0 -> 1
#> sudo sysctl -w hw.pccard.cis_debug=1
#hw.pccard.cis_debug: 0 -> 1

After plugging my adapter into the machine:

"Please reference attached text file, titled:
BT2000-post-sysctledit-with-device-inserted-with-messagesout ."

After editing the rc.bluetooth script, as prescribed by you, I came up
with the following errors:

The messages come so quickly that I am unable to stop them fast enough
to get the entire sequence, so I just picked an arbitrary place, prior
to the Timeout, and copied it.  

I hope this helps.  


No luck with pccard dumpcis.  I get the following output:

#> sudo pccardc dumpcis
#0 slots found


Martes G Wigglesworth, CEO
WiggTekMicroSystems, Inc.

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