Pairing a Sony Ericsson T68i to FreeBSD 5.2.1

Paul A. Hoadley paulh at
Wed Mar 24 19:20:54 PST 2004


I just upgraded a machine to 5.2.1 to do some Bluetooth
experimentation.  I am trying to communicate with my T68i.

My USB dongle is connected:

ubt0: vendor 0x0a12 product 0x0001, rev 1.10/5.25, addr 2
ubt0: Interface 0 endpoints: interrupt=0x81, bulk-in=0x82, bulk-out=0x2
ubt0: Interface 1 (alt.config 5) endpoints: isoc-in=0x83,
isoc-out=0x3; wMaxPacketSize=49; nframes=6, buffer size=294

The phone is discoverable:

> hccontrol -n ubt0hci inquiry
Inquiry result, num_responses=1
Inquiry result #0
        BD_ADDR: 00:80:37:79:bf:e9
        Page Scan Rep. Mode: 0x1
        Page Scan Period Mode: 00
        Page Scan Mode: 00
        Class: 52:22:04
        Clock offset: 0x540
Inquiry complete. Status: No error [00]

Now I want to pair with the phone and do some service enquiries.  I
have this entry in /etc/bluetooth/hcsecd.conf:

device {
        bdaddr  00:80:37:79:bf:e9;
        name    "T68i";
        key     nokey;
        pin     "1111";

I run 'hcsecd -d', and try to initiate pairing from the phone.  Now
the T68i asks for a "Passkey", but I assume it wants the PIN.  Upon
entering the PIN, it thinks, then reports "Bluetooth connection
failed".  I get no message from hcsecd.

Have I missed a step here?  Has anyone else got a T68i working?

Further to this, and assuming I get it working at some point, I cannot
seem to find the SDP tools---do I still need to download and compile
the sdp-1.5 package?

Thanks for any help!


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