Introducing EnhanceRAID R6 D2D/D2D2T Multi-I/O Rackmount Storage Solutions

Enhance Technology marketing at
Wed Nov 7 20:00:26 PST 2007

   R6 2U  6-Bay Multi-I/O RAID Storage System
   The most cost-effective 2U    for backup and data archiving 
   The EnhanceRAID R6 Series is a professionally  engineered line of
   storage systems embedded with award-winning  EnhanceRAID™ engines.
   The R6 has a sleek 2U rackmount design that    disk drives into one RAID protected volume. Built with    5.25” drive bay opening for additional storage devices such as    optical  disc drive, tape drive, or removable hard drive with[3]     Enhance IS210 as offline backup storage. It can be configured    either  as [4]Disk-to-Disk  (D2D) or Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T).
   With a host option of    iSCSI, the R6 system drives data  transfer over an amazing 240MB/s
   speed and meets the IT    video editors for speed and    EnhanceRAID R6 ]

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