procom aal0 mode

Thomas Gellekum Thomas.Gellekum at
Fri Jun 27 01:27:26 PDT 2003

Harti Brandt <brandt at> writes:

> I'm working on the driver just now, but it's rather based on my 77211
> driver (perhaps they can be merged at one point).


> Are you aware of other 77252 cards?

Apart from IDT's own reference designs, no. The've been declared
obsolete, too, but there's a copy of the old IDT web pages at
The "data sheets" aren't really helpful, though.

> Yes, as far as I understand they should work (they could use
> another wiring for the CS pins I suppose and they surely will have another
> EEPROM data format).


> Even the PCI vendor ID should be the same, because it
> comes from the chip.

Of course, sorry, I was thinking of the subvendor ID.


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