procom aal0 mode

Vincent Jardin vjardin at
Wed Jun 18 15:11:35 PDT 2003

> I tried this out on FreeBSD 4.8 with a Procom 155B and it works great
> with the minor patch below (since aux doesnt exist in the 4.8 mbuf anymore)

I agree about this patch. Moreover I think that the test of the aux field 
could be removed because we do not care.

> One question: I'm trying to access the device in AAL0 mode, to gain access
> to the raw 48-byte payload.  Does the procom driver support this?  Comments
> in the driver suggest not.  I've tried a quick natm program, and that also
> failed.

Yes, it could be possible, see the function proatm_process_rcqe(). It should 
process the raw cells, however, up to now, it does nothing.

Besides, the interrupt handler calls proatm_rawc() when IDT_RCTE_RAWCELLINTEN 
is set (see proatm_init(), and proatm_connect_rxopen() ).
You can see that you need to define RCQ_SUPPORT in order to enable the Raw 
Cell Queue.
Enables receipt of erroneous cells, or receipt of cells from non open VCs. So
far we do nothing with these cells but an empty function is provided where you
can write your own processing.

For more infomation about the Raw Cells, the OAM cells, ... see the IDT 
chipset documentation. 

> Could someone suggest a good way to do AAL0 on a Procom card?

Can you use the raw cells for this purpose ?


PS: Why do you need to receive or to send an AAL0 cell ? Unfortunately, it is 
not well supported by the HARP stack ;-( (there is no AAL0 ATM socket).

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