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On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 3:49 AM, Torfinn Ingolfsen
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> Hello,
> In a surprise move (not even I did see it coming) I was able to get a Cubieboard (bought it secondhand locally) today.
> It is the 2012-09-09[2] revision, according to the text on the board itself.
> Naturally, I want to run FreeBSD on it (well, it is natural for me).
> - is there a how-to or a writeup somewhere on getting FreeBSD running on the Cubieboard?

A10 SoC support is in HEAD, but in beginning period. As for running
FreeBSD, there are some netboot tips for Hackberry (uses same SoC A10
as cubieboard) and some scripts files that should work for cubieboard
too. Please check those at:
FYI, I run my cubieboard loading/booting kernel from SD card.

> (everything from install on what? usb stick, microSD, sata hard drive - to which bootloader? - to do you need a serial connection?)
> - are there ready-made FreeBSD images available somewhere?
> I tried googling, but didn't get much

For very quick testing you can grab kernel from: and try to boot
from net/SD card using files (script, uboot, spl etc) at
Kernel assumes you have rootfs on usb stick's second partition (like da0s2)

There is no SATA driver yet as well as SD and NAND drivers.
usb works (2 host usb interfaces), so I only tested mounting rootfs
using usb stick. There is no ethernet driver yet too.
So basically board support is in beginning stage but in pretty good
shape. Also uart related diff is sent for the review.
For test however you can use usb connected devices like maybe
ethernet, hard disk etc.

If you need rootfs I can send you the link off the list, where you can
download the image.
You can also build your own rootfs using Tim's scripts
(, you can build for
BeagleBone and use its disk image)

hope this helps,


> References:
> 1)
> 2)
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