Porting to Cortex A9.

Ben Gray ben.r.gray at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 17:11:51 UTC 2011

Hi Giorgio,

     I'm working on a Pandaboard port (OMAP4400, dual core cortex-A9), 
it's at the point where it gets to the init process but no further.  The 
source is in a git repo setup by Damjan Marion here


     I've been helped by others on this list in terms of armv7 support. 
And I've added basic hacks to get the pmap and a few other bits and 
pieces working with ARMv7, but I believe others are adding proper 
support and I'm hoping to pull in their efforts when it's done.

     I'm also hoping to update the gitorious tree this weekend to bring 
in the OMAP3530 support I've been working on and also fix up some known 
bugs with the L2 cache controller and DMA.


> Hi all,
> is there any significant effort for porting to Cortex A9?
> Cheers,
> Giorgio.

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