Suggestions for arm build for qemu?

Brian J. McGovern mcgovern at
Mon Jul 11 22:47:42 UTC 2011

> The 194609 change is also in FreeBSD 8.2 elf_trampoline.c. When it was 
> in the kernel, qemu would just sit there in some loop.
> With option ARM_CACHE_LOCK_ENABLE compiled into the kernel, qemu will 
> give an illegal instruction error.
> --Mark Tinguely

I saw that, but when you commented about hand-editing additional changes
in to the file, I figured there was "more" that I hadn't picked up yet.
As to ARM_CACHE_LOCK_ENABLE, I commented it
in /usr/src/sys/arm/xscale/std.xscale, and that seems to removing it
from the kernel. 

At this point, I'm still running in to a:

"qemu: fatal: Trying to execute code outside of RAM or ROM at
0x300080e0" after having used an example at for mkimage with QEMU 0.14.1

I remember there being a patch to allow for compressed kernels, so I
need to dig that out when I get back to trying this again.

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