CNS211XX (again)

Yohanes Nugroho yohanes at
Fri Feb 4 16:49:00 UTC 2011

Dear All,

About a year ago, Stefan Bethke donated me some money to buy a device
from dealextreme so I can port FreeBSD to that device. The device uses
Cavium Econa CNS21XX. I have finished this port since last July year
and I have asked for some input in this list. Some people have tested
it, and everything seems to be working fine. Mattia Rossi just sent me
a patch today to add support for another SPI chip used in NS-K330.

I have cleaned up my source code, and is almost ready to commit to
HEAD. I am currently studying FDT and are planning to convert my port
to use FDT. The reason for the long delay was that we just had a baby,
and right now he is almost 3 months old, so I can start to do other
things again.

My source is available at:

I don't use patch file, because I didn't change any code outside that
directory (the FA526 support from CNS11XX port that was commited to
HEAD is enough for CNS21XX).

Some have reviewed the code for CNS11XX, and now I have merged the
code with CNS21XX. Here are some notes to make it easier for anyone
interested to review the code:

econa_spi.c: new code, CNS21XX SPI (used in flash spi)

if_ece_cns21xx.c: new code, for CNS21XX ethernet

econa_misc.c: new code access to misc devices in CNS21XX (yes, it is
called 'miscellaneous devices' in the datasheet).

econa_pmc.c: new code unify cns11xx power management with cns21xx

if_ece.c: small changes for CNS11XX (only change mii_phy_probe to
mii_attach so it can compile)

ehci_ebus.c: small changes (added #ifdef for CNS21XX)

ohci_ec.c, timer.c, uart_cpu_ec.c, uart_bus_ec.c: unchanged

Hans Petter Selasky said the "The OHCI USB interface file looks OK."

And the support for the SPI flash is at

Last year I was offered commit bit, but at that time I was still very
busy and didn't follow up on it, may be I can get one now?


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