OMAP3 patch

Mark Murray markm at
Mon Apr 25 17:30:11 UTC 2011

Andrew Turner writes:
> After the script has built FreeBSD copy ${KERNEL_FILE}.boot to a FAT
> formatted sd card as uImage. e.g.:
> 	cp ${KERNEL_FILE}.boot /mnt/uImage
> ${KERNEL_FILE}.boot is printed at the end of the build script. U-Boot
> should load FreeBSD without any input from the user.
> The root file system is loaded off USB from /dev/da0s1. It is a
> standard buildworld/installworld with TARGET=arm.

I presume that the USB is in this case also FAT formatted? I'm
wondering how the installworld will deal with links etc.

Have you tried any CortexA8-specific compile options?

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