Porting effort towards TILERA massive multicore CPUs...?

Patrick Oeschger paketix at bluewin.ch
Sat Sep 25 21:54:03 UTC 2010

there is a rather new processor from TILERA (100 core chip) which is
most certainly already known here at FreeBSD ARM mailing list.
the processor/platform is targeted towards:
- high performance network security platforms
  - firewalling/vpn
  - utm
  - l7 deep packet inspection
  - network monitoring and forensics
- cloud computing
  - web application (lamp)
  - data caching (memcached)
  - database applications
  - high-performance computing

chris metcalf from TILERA did the current linux port and i was in
contact with him about two weeks ago.
it was chris who brought me in contact with the director of sales for
the EMEA region.
at this time QUANTA computer is starting to offer a 512 core 2U box
with an impressive performance/watt ratio (400 watts only for 512

i guess those massive multicore chips would enable bleeding edge
high performance solutions based on FreeBSD.

- anyone interested in porting FreeBSD/ARM towards TILERA?
- is there already some ongoing porting effort?
- porting for this chip already discussed in this mailing list? 

many thx

some links for those who want some more details:
company homepage:
64core processor:
100core processor with hardware packet (pre)processing
sample architecture for network appliances:
512core system from QUANTA computer inc. (available Q4-10/Q1-11):
development system from TILERA:

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