TUKLIB_FAST_UNALIGNED_ACCESS must not be defined in src/lib/liblzma/config.h on strict alignment architectures

Olivier Houchard mlfbsd at ci0.org
Mon Sep 13 09:08:38 UTC 2010

On Wed, Sep 08, 2010 at 01:37:20AM +0200, crest wrote:
> I noticed that /usr/bin/xz crashed with signal 10 on a Feroceon 
> 88FR131 rev 1 CPU and traced back to an unaligned 16 bit memory access 
> in liblzma. This is enabled by TUKLIB_FAST_UNALIGNED_ACCESS in 
> src/lib/liblzma/config.h. Uncommenting this line fixed the problem. 
> This may cost some performance on non strict aligment architectures 
> (e.g. x86, most ppc). Passing it via CFLAGS instead of config.h based 
> on architecture would fix this problem.


We define __NO_STRICT_ALIGNMENT in machine/_types.h for machine which can do
unaligned access, so maybe defining TUKLIB_FAST_UNALIGNED_ACCESS only if
__NO_STRICT_ALIGNMENT is there would do the trick ?



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