Atmel at91sam9261-ek support.

M. Warner Losh imp at
Mon Mar 23 14:07:31 PDT 2009

In message: <164b4c9c0903231301p754eebb7k84ea2b22d7b60dc1 at>
            Sylvestre Gallon <ccna.syl at> writes:
: I've got an access to an at91sam9261-ek. This board have a
: at91sam9261 soc that is near the at91rm9200, so I start a
: little port of it into FreeBSD. So I work 3 days on it and that
: results in a Big patch that allow the board to boot.


: This big diff contains :
:   - an AT91SAM9261EK conf file.
:   - an std.at91sam9261ek file.
:   - a begin of dme driver (dm9000 ethernet chip driver). I
:     will work this week on it to send you another diff that
:     complete this driver :)
:   - a board_at91sam9261ek.c file.
:   - an include for at91sam9261 registers.
:   - a new watchdog driver (at91_wdt)
:   - a new smc driver (static memory controller)
:   - a new pit driver (periodic interval timer)
: There is a lot of little modification on the at91 existing
: sources.


: As you can see in the diff I work for the moment on a
: define way to separate the two soc code that differ. But I
: think that in the future a .c for each soc should appear.

We definitely need a much better way to cope with all this.  The
board, SoC, and core are all smushed together right now and we need to
properly layer them out...

: You can find the dmesg here :
: and the patch here :
: If you had any questions on this diff or on the at91sam9261-ek board
: you're welcome :)

Way cool.  I've been wanting to do something similar, but haven't had
the time :(


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