Jacques Fourie jacques.fourie at
Fri Feb 27 06:57:21 PST 2009

>> Mark Tinguely wrote:
>> > The NEO1973 qemu source gets as far as inflating the kernel and then gives
>> > an error (3) and then says something like the boot code had been over written
>> > and has to restart.
>>  Sometime last year u-boot code was changed to prevent an uncompressed
>>  kernel from being written over. I think that is the error you're
>>  getting. If you use an older copy of u-boot, then you should be able to
>>  get the kernel to boot. Or check out this link which has a patch to
>>  u-boot that restores
>>  the old behavior -
> Thank-you, that looks like the error. I will try an 2007 u-boot from the archive.
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If I compile my gumstix kernel without ARM_CACHE_LOCK_ENABLE
it boots under qemu-0.9.1. It seems as if qemu doesn't emulate all the
CP15 register 9 operations, as can be seen by looking at the
helper_set_cp15() function in target-arm/helper.c.


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