Mark Tinguely tinguely at
Thu Feb 26 06:08:54 PST 2009

I checked the archives and to this question and since Sep 2008, the answer
is no, but ...

Is there any easy environments that supported in ARM QEMU? I notice the
GUMSTIX complains on memory range issues. I did a little looking in
sources for qemu and they do use a different ROM/RAM range than we use.

The NEO1973 qemu source gets as far as inflating the kernel and then gives
an error (3) and then says something like the boot code had been over written
and has to restart. I tried to strip down the kernel by taking out the
debuggers, but the much smaller kernel does the same sequence.

I was going to test a small rewrite of sys/arm/arm/swtch.S.


--Mark Tinguely.

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